Up for Debate: Arizona immigration law undermined

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 12:40am

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer lashed out at the Obama administration on CNN following an announcement that the federal government would not support the enforcement of Arizona's immigration law — an announcement that followed a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that parts of that law were unconstitutional. Do you agree with the court, the administration or Brewer? Also, are you surprised the court left alone the right of police to check immigration status while enforcing other laws? Do you believe that too may be in jeopardy?

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By: dargent7 on 6/26/12 at 4:19

All these state Governors have gotton too big for their britches. Or, in Brewer's case, bitches.
Brewer stuck her index finger in Obama's face on the tarmack.
Now, she's mouthing off again.
Chris Christie thinks he can walk on water, inspite of weighing in at 350#'s.
These governors are like a center on a football team. That's all.
The President was elected to run the entire country, like the quaterback runs the football team by calling the plays. Shut up, follow the leader, Obama, and just play ball.

By: Ummm... on 6/26/12 at 4:32

Herr Scalia, who wanted to uphold the entire law, wrote of his concerns for the "soveriegnty" of the state of Arizona. Since when does a state's "sovereignty" trump that of the federal government??? Scalia and his yes-man, Thomas, who have been frequent guests of the infamous Koch brothers, should be impeached.

By: dargent7 on 6/26/12 at 4:56

Good point. How Thomas got approved for that court is beyond belief.
Anita Hill nailed him to the cross and he still passed.
And Bork was denied...I can't even remember why.

By: gdiafante on 6/26/12 at 5:08

Ummm, I believe the issue about "soveriegnty" was regarding whether a state has the right to act if the Feds won't. Case in point: Arizona being overrun by illegal immigrants and drug violence and the Feds not reacting.

But Arizona is happy...the one provision that seems to undermine the 4th amendment was left alone. WTF has happened to the USSC?

But I agree with you, this states rights crap was solved in 1865...why are we still debating it?

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 5:24

Good morning, Nashville.

The Bush family has left us with a democracy-hating legacy on the high court.

The SCOTUS kept the most odious part of the AZ intact.. That should have warmed Gov. Brewer's nicotine-stained heart. You gotta wonder, "Is Gov. Brewer actually a transgendered male?" Not that there is anything wrong with that...just sayin".....oy!

The SCOTUS also summarily overturned a Montana law dating back to 1912...the law was enacted to get the copper barons out of state and local politics....the court felt that the law was blatantly unconstitutional, so they did not even review the case law concerning it.

Scalia's family did not fight in the US Civil War, so he can be flippant about states rights....my family sacrificed greatly, I take that issue very seriously.....as GD said, the matter should have been settled in 1865....now Italian immigrants are supporting the Old Confederacy....and today even an uppity Negro, the Bush oreo on the high court is also a big fan of states rights.....he's following the Italian's lead....git a rope!

By: yogiman on 6/26/12 at 5:29

Why does the federal government refuse to control the illegal aliens coming into this nation? Why are they opposing the states for their attempts to control illegal aliens entering their states? If the federal government is to control the nation, why do we need states?

The states are meant to be united, not separated. If the government isn't going to uphold a law, why pass it?

What president before Barack Obama has issued executive orders to override state laws? Obama should be tried for treason.

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 5:39

States rights, when they are used to fight robber barons is "unconstitutiuonal"...but when states rights are invoked to harass and terrorize society's most vulnerable members, it is "constitutional".....that's a rather queer way to view things, IMO.....reminiscent of of the old USSR and its courts.

I guess that this is a form of situational constitutional ethics.....it's not about the rights of states, it's all about the right for states to strip individuals of their freedoms and liberties; that's the real incentive for this right-winged monstrosity of a court.....it's an anti-freedom agenda....I have nothing but contempt for this court.

By: gdiafante on 6/26/12 at 5:44

Why does the federal government refuse to control the illegal aliens coming into this nation?

Well, deportations are up. Credit the Feds or the bad economy, I don't really care. The numbers seem to say the Feds are doing something.


Why are they opposing the states for their attempts to control illegal aliens entering their states?

Read the ruling. The Federal law trumps state law in this area. Being a strict Constitutionalist, you'd think you'd know this already.

If the government isn't going to uphold a law, why pass it?

Do you mean enforce? Have you forgotten the budget crisis? Have you ever considered that maybe they can't afford to enforce the law to your standards? (is it even possible to deport 12 million people?)

What president before Barack Obama has issued executive orders to override state laws?

Well, here's a list of W's executive orders...do some research and report back. Make yourself useful. Feel free to browse other President's EO's too.


By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 5:47

Darge, Thomas is still brooding about the pubic hair on his can of coca cola.....he never speaks from the bench, he just collects the big paycheck and votes however Scalia votes....gotta be the world's easiest job.....truly a no-brainer.....what a waste having that jerk in the "black seat" on the SCOTUS....he could have been a force for good; but he has sided with the white supremacists and the one-percenters....Thomas is a textbook "Oreo"....the Bush family sure knew how to pick 'em.

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 5:54

Gd is feeding the troll....it was done out of compassion, I'm sure....but the troll is a troll...why waste one's breath or electrons on a troll?

Of course, I posted a reply to the troll last night too.....mea culpa...I'll try to set a better example in the future.

The guns that were lost in the Fast & Furious SNAFU were bought at AZ gunshops and AZ-based federal agents concocted the scheme....was the failure of the plan a deliberate scheme to embarass AG Holder and President Obama? I would not put it past this treasonous bunch of secessionist-friendly white supremacists....they are that vicious.

By: dargent7 on 6/26/12 at 5:58

L'ner: I'm still trying to rent "Long Dong Silver" but Blockbuster is out of business.
Maybe we can all copy "yogi's"?

By: bfra on 6/26/12 at 6:05

Loner - In yogi's last response to you yesterday, he was rattling about a "gong", he must have been hitting the "bong". :-)

By: dargent7 on 6/26/12 at 6:06

This County Clerk, Arriola, resigned and walks away, free.
Pocketed $114,000 in "tips" for performing marriage ceremonies.
The lovely couple had to put $40. cash in an envelope as a "tip" for his service.
This is 100% bulls***. Think this putz declared this "income" on his tax returns?
The rest of us would be indicted by a grand jury, have an IRS tax lein, and face 10 years in prison.

By: bfra on 6/26/12 at 6:14

d7 - That's the perks of being in the "Good Ole Boys" click!
Pitiful but true!

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 6:22

Darge is talkin' dongs and Bfra is talkin' gongs & bongs....gotta love this site...I love the smell of fresh puns & the thwacking crack of verbal towel-snapping in the morning.

Bfra, the troll could use a toke on the bong....but then again, it could release his pent-up rape & pillage behavior....no, he better stick with the shine.

By: govskeptic on 6/26/12 at 6:22

The Court's ruling was about right on the 4 issues it had to decide in the
Ariz case. What is sad about the entire thing is the President's and AG
childish statements and actions after the decision was rendered. In effect:
Ariz law enforcement, don't call ICE about anything as your calls will be
ignored! How Presidential is that?

As to Arriola, AG Tory Johnson took his usual time and action in this
case. Don't think there's actually been a public trial of any official,
and there's been several accused , since the conviction of Sheriff
Fate Thomas many years ago. Tory has his own O.J. type slogan:
"If you will resign-we won't convict!" The council has given us the
last two crooks to head that office, let's await with beaded breath
whose next? Maybe the V-Mayor will give up child care for the job?

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 6:24

Did Arriola leave a tip when he left the room? That could explain much.

By: yogiman on 6/26/12 at 6:29


I can readily accept the first black president the people of this country votes in office. But he has to be running for that office legally. Your man Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama didn't run legally and wasn't elected legally.

What amazes me now is Marco Rubio is being placed as the front runner on the Republican ticket with Mitt Romney and Rubio is no more legally eligible that Barack Obama.

Has both parties decided, "to hell with the constitution"? Could Rubio be the reason the Republican party didn't bring Obama's eligibility question open to the public in 2008?

Unlike you guys, I will not vote for someone running for that office illegally.

By: budlight on 6/26/12 at 6:30

By: Ummm... on 6/26/12 at 5:32
Herr Scalia, who wanted to uphold the entire law, wrote of his concerns for the "soveriegnty" of the state of Arizona. Since when does a state's "sovereignty" trump that of the federal government???

Ummmm, the problem I have with the whole matter is that the FEDS are not enforcing their own immigration laws. If they were, we would not be talking about this issue. It's illegal to come into this country without the proper papers and procedures. Just like it's illegal to go into your home or my home without the proper invitation or reason.

Obama is a jerk. He just wants to legalize a bunch of illegals to get their votes. Oh I pray that it does not work. And govskeptic is correct: How presidential is it to say "don't call ICE about anything as your calls will be ignored". I think that every legal person who did the "right thing" should send a letter, email or phone call to Odrama so that he knows what people are thinking.

By: gdiafante on 6/26/12 at 6:38

Surely you guys understand what Obama's doing and why...

Nevermind...I forgot who I'm talking to...

Obama is a jerk. He just wants to legalize a bunch of illegals to get their votes.

Wow, and here I thought that the Feds weren't enforcing the law and were complete incompetents...now they're going to get all these illegals registered to vote before November...

Note to Sid: http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/inside-politics/2012/jun/25/poll-obama-opens-wide-lead-among-hispanics/

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 6:41

We must never forget that Arizona fought tooth & nail against the MLK National Holiday Act....Senator John McCain led the losing fight for the white supremacists in Arizona....the fact that he was beaten by a black man in his quest for the Presidency must stick in the old geezer's craw....there should be a law that requires Presidential losers to quit politics for at least eight years.

I doubt if any visiting white tourists will be asked to show their papers to the AZ police...any non-Caucasian thinking about vacationing in AZ might want to rethink the idea....take your papers if you go...have your Embassy's pone number memorized...they will seize your phone when they handcuff you.

The word needs to go out....Boycott AZ.

By: yogiman on 6/26/12 at 6:42

Correct me if I'm wrong, gdiafarte. The aliens leaving the country are common workers that are going home because work has become hard for them to find. Too many "employers" are becoming aware they might get fined for hiring them.

And on the Bush EOs, Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see any that was made to override a state's laws.

I'm sure you can understand why Barry has issued more in three and a half years than George Bush issued in his eight years.

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 6:50

Scalia thinks of the United States as a giant pizza pie.....not as a whole pie, but as separate slices....pepperoni on this one...anchovies on that one....extra cheese on this one and so on.....Scalia knows that yous can make more dough selling pizza by the slice....he's a business man....and he knows pizza.

By: yogiman on 6/26/12 at 6:52


I doubt if the AZ police will arguably question people with Spanish heritage who speak English like their fellow Americans.

And in case you didn't hear his interview, Barack Obama thanked John McCain for not mentioning his religion. And he named his religion in that interview as Muslim. Was he lying?

That interview was with George Stephanopolous. And George "corrected" him quickly. Why did George "correct" Barry on his religion? Doesn't Barry even know what his religion is?

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 7:01

Instead of building a fence at the AZ-Mexican border, perhaps we should consider building a fence on Arizona's borders with neighboring US states....then we yank their membership in the union of American states and cede the land back to Mexico, as a goodwill gesture. Anybody support that idea?

By: slacker on 6/26/12 at 7:01

''When an eel bites your thigh like a giant pizza pie.. its a Moray''

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 7:05

BTW, the NCP's headline is not quite accurate, the AZ law was not "undermined"...its worst part was underpinned by this decision.....local police can ask folks to "see their papers".....it's creeping fascism.

The US Latino community is not happy about this decision....proof that the law was not "undermined".

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 7:13

Good morning, Slack....I laughed out loud at your opening post...."...bells will ring. Jing-a-ling-a-ling...you're in love" Thomas loves Scalia? Loving eyes can never see.

America is a sheet pizza...let's give Mexico a piece of the sheet...starting with Arizona...Mama Mia that's one thin crust down in Arizona....and dry, like Rosita's tortillas....but spicy, like cayenne pepper spray....Mexico, we got a piece of the sheet for you! Mangia! Mangia!

By: yogiman on 6/26/12 at 7:17

With the world, and this nation, in the state they are in today, why would anyone resent identifying themselves.

I'll feel a lot better if I can think our streets aren't being crowded with illegal aliens here to harm us.

If the "government" can have the TSA agents (feelers) at the airports feeling people down before they can board a plane, and if the can feel babies and old folks down to authorize them to board a plane,why the big objection to asking people to simply identify themselves on the streets when they've been stopped for breaking a law?

And I understand they are putting their "feel" program in at the bus and train stations

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 7:22

Just in case of boredom...We are discussing Charlie Rangel (NY 13th District) and his gerrymandering-related vulnerability here:


Like I said yesterday, we already got sleaze in NY...we do not need that TN Ford family dude in the Empire State...maybe Rangel will retire to TN?

By: BenDover on 6/26/12 at 7:22

It's simple really. Arizona is a red state. Case closed.

By: Moonglow1 on 6/26/12 at 7:25

Moonglow1: The Supremes left the most contentious part of the law intact. And Jan Brewer is a joke. A shill for corporate interests including CCA whose lobbyists drove the Arizona law in the first place.

The Supremes are out of control and it started with Bush v Gore. That was the start of the corporate take over of the USA. Now multinationals and foreign companies own us so what's the big deal about immigrants. "Immigrant" companies will be calling the shots in our elections.

Poor Montana! The Supreme's @@rewed them. Montana had a law in place for 100 years banning corporate money in elections. Now this from the bought and paid for court. With Montana's natural resources, the foreign money will flow.

Face it! The United States of America is now The United Corporate States. The Congress, The Courts are all buffoons.

Monsanto is killing honey bees!! No more honey! No more agriculture. What is really in our food. It must be poison as demonstrated by Yogi idiocy.

By: Rasputin72 on 6/26/12 at 7:27

I am a child of the 50's. The political and social culture of this country has changed dramatically since my childhood and the culture that I was brought into,

I do not like most of the changes in culture. As a realist I and others like me must realize that this nation of mongrels is getting more "mongrelized". For now people like me can hide behind their money and their gated country clubs and gated communities and send their children to private schools that are pretty much devoid of the new "culture"

Democracies are the least static entity in human society. The United States is changing. TA new democracy is emerging. It will either stand or fall on a majority of commonality.

The commonality will not be what was acceptable to my generation and my parents and even my childrens generation. My guess is that commonality will not occur and that the country will either fall or be divided into separate countries sharing their own commonality.

An example of the cultural changes that I have seen is that I and my family and my friends saw nothing wrong whatsoever with the Arizona laws. The Supreme Court and our national government are doing their part to see that the country is more accepting of unatural cultures.

By: gdiafante on 6/26/12 at 7:44

As a realist I and others like me must realize that this nation of mongrels is getting more "mongrelized".

E Puribus Unum, baby.

The Supreme Court and our national government are doing their part to see that the country is more accepting of unatural cultures.

unnatural?? Are you sure you aren't from 1930's Germany?

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 7:48

I agree with Moonglow...foreign robber barons can now exploit America's natural resources, thanks to Citizens United...the Montana copper barons in 1912 are viewed as heroes to this court and its supporters? It's incredible, but true.

I think that the Supremes are under control...they are controlled by the special interests that landed them their jobs....we have the best SCOTUS that money can buy?

If Romney gets in, the court will go even further to the right...if Obama keeps his job, we'll get more of the Kagan ,Sotomayor type of so-called "liberal" judges....I'm not sure which is more odious.

By: gdiafante on 6/26/12 at 7:49

The USSC should be guided by the rule of law, not political ideology.

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 7:51

Achtung, Rasputin....vee only vant ze klean peoples in zer, ya? Rodent-frei.....Krabenfrei....Grey Poupon uber alles!

By: Rasputin72 on 6/26/12 at 7:51

gdiafante........I chose the word "unnatural" carefully. "unnatural meaning different from the culture that was bestowed upon me as a child and young adult.

By the way I loved your play on the word Pluribus. The choice of Puribus was so effective.

By: gdiafante on 6/26/12 at 7:54

Much as you misspelling unnatural, don't you think, Adolph?

By: Ummm... on 6/26/12 at 7:55

Poor Rasputin, digging in his heels to resist life's only inevitability- change. Intelligent people (even economically disadvantaged ones) learn to adapt and thrive in a changing environment. I guess we can't count Rasputin among those.

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 7:59

Rasputin wrote, "The Supreme Court and our national government are doing their part to see that the country is more accepting of unatural cultures".

He claims to have chosen the word carefully, but he did not spell it correctly in his original post...for a man of his breeding, intellect and education, the lack of a spellcheck when posting online is quite out of character.....just sayin'.....he can obviously afford the best in computer hardware and software....spends too much on the Grey Poupon and Country Club fees...not enough on his computer.

By: Rasputin72 on 6/26/12 at 8:00

gdiafante.....Yes, I think anything that brings the point across is effective. Without that word spelled incorrectly we could not be having this exchange. I can just see the anger as you read almost anything that I write. It is good for the "soul"

By: slacker on 6/26/12 at 8:01

This problem got out of hand, when companies like Gaylord in Tenn., started importing those folks into the southern, and mid-western states to become laborers in their hotels and other service industries. I recall that Gaylord was boarding them in a motel on Murf. Rd.
In 20-30 years Hispanic politicians will be running the entire Southwest, as they will out-number the ''Gringos.'' So its ''hasta la vista''

Neither political party wanted to address this problem while it was still feasible for correction.

By: gdiafante on 6/26/12 at 8:03

You must be blind. I'm not angry, and you're wrong on the discussion as well. It wouldn't matter if you spelled it right, it's the absurd content that is fueling the discussion.

By: gdiafante on 6/26/12 at 8:06

Slacker's right. This is all about companies exploiting cheap labor. You can whine and cry about the Feds not building the great wall of Arizona, but as long as companies hire them, they'll get them in.

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 8:07

Unnatural cultures? Sounds kinky to me.....

Slack: "Grey Poupon-stained aristocrat wanders into a gay piano bar....."

By: Rasputin72 on 6/26/12 at 8:07

LONER.........I do not use spellcheck because my education was such that normally my spelling is pretty much close to perfect. Expediency versus accuracy has been a point of debate for centuries.

I would however bet that my spelling ability would be in the top 3% percentile among public school seniors in Davidson County. I probably would not stack up well with the seniors at Franklin Road Academy,University School,Hume Fogg,MBA and Harpeth Hall however.

Just so you know that you and I have some "commonality" I like potted meat on a cracker. I know that is one of Gdiafante's staples for sure.

By: Loner on 6/26/12 at 8:13

Foie gras on French flatbread, Rasp?

By: yogiman on 6/26/12 at 8:13

I believe history shows nations are good only for a couple of hundred years and we've hit that two and a quarter century mark.

Having lived a "few" of those years I have seen a number of advances that have been made giving us an easier life. Living today is much easier and simpler than it was 3/4 of a century ago that I know of. Easier life became much better as we advanced.

But our national government has changed, also, in that 3/4 of a century. It has gotten worse instead of better.

I remember when our legislature was in office for 'we the people'. Our congress of today are in there for themselves, and of course the corporations that are financing them.

Congressmen used to stay in office a couple of terms then go home. Today's congressmen are in office as a career.

And it's a damn good career. They set their own salaries, their own medical benefits and their own retirement program. I'm still trying to figure out why they consider themselves so special they're justified to run the nation as company owners.

By: BenDover on 6/26/12 at 8:16

Comprehensive immigration reform and guest worker is the answer. Make it easier to do right than it is to do wrong and then you can focus your energies on those people who try to subvert a more reasonable system.

If I was Arizona I would develop a promotion that opened up a big free-pass corridor from I16 to I10 over to Los Angeles... City of the Queen of the Angels.

If the feds can decide which laws they wish to enforce then Arizona should be able to decide which travelers they do not wish to hassle... that would be those just passing through to the promised land, California. If they get more than 1/4 mile off the interstate in any direction... "Your Papers, please!"... otherwise let them pass through.