Up for Debate: Boston bombing suspect arrested

Monday, April 22, 2013 at 1:10am

What's your reaction to how the Boston manhunt ended with the arrest of suspect number two, and how do you think investigators and prosecutors should move forward?

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By: Ask01 on 4/22/13 at 4:32

How is this even a question?

We have laws which must be followed, so we need to proceed accordingly.

The suspect needs a fair trial before we put the needle in his arm.

Naturally, I expect the conservative faction to scream loudly about just executing him now, saving the money, (I actually agree on one knuckle dragging level,) but I'm sure those same folks would exercise every legal option were they the ones in custody accused of the same heinous act, guilty or not.

We need to get as much information from the future inmate as possible, and use that to root out others like him and his brother.

Even if he cooperates, he should never breathe free air again, and if he takes the other route, we should cut our losses and help him assume room temperature.

Doing so, however, we need to be ready for his elevation to martyr status, and becoming an inspiration to other like minded domestic terrorists.

So perhaps keeping him alive and miserable might prove the better option.

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 5:35

Good morning, Nashville.

This story had been dominating the news for a week now; every analyst, journalist, pundit, talking head, politician and talk show host has weighed in on this one. Now, the NCP asks its posting community to do the same.

This appears to be a case that proves the old adage: "You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy". All the Westernization in the world could not remove the time-honored hate that formed the souls of these sadistic Jihadists.

Since the alleged perp is a US citizen, he is entitled to due process, in spite of what Senators McCain, Graham and Ayotte are demanding. The war-mongering Jewish lawmakers, regardless of political party, all seem to want this kid tried as an enemy combatant....another Gitmo deal.....they want the kid treated like they treat non-Jews in Israel.

The Great Theocratic Wars of the 20th & 21st Centuries are underway.....Armageddon Dead Ahead.....Holy Wars Suck.

By: Rasputin72 on 4/22/13 at 6:06

Anytime, I see deviant atrocities committed in this country I look for the genetic discord in their families. I think these brothers were loaded with genetic discord. I see where their Mother was convicted of stealing 1600.00 in merchandise from Lord @Taylor.

Both parents (the father and the thief mother) have a value system lacking in personal responsibility.

After the authorities extract whatever useful onformation the boy has the judicial process should handle it the same way they handle the Jody Arias trial.

The fat woman with the low IQ and who cannot dance will add some garbage sidelights.

All I get out of this carnage is proof that diversity will create more carnage.

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 6:28

Speaking of the Great Theocratic Wars, Chuck Hagel, US Sec of Defense, is now in Israel; proving that he is not anti-Israeli, as his Israel-loving critics have alleged.

Chuck as anti-Semite? On the contrary, Chuck is happily announcing a new 10 billion dollar military aid package for the apartheid Jewish state in Palestine....(this is in addition to the mandatory 3 billion per year in State Dept aid to the Jewish state)...the new package includes US-made airborne refueling tankers, this will give the Israeli Air Force the capability to attack many more Iranian targets than they normally could....this is not just the green light to attack Iran, we are providing all the missing elements needed to instigate a war with the Persians..

Prime Minister Netanyahu is pleased....his "red line deadline" is fast approaching; now, he'll have the airborne-refueling capability necessary to devastate numerous Iranian targets....that lack of airborne refueling capability had been the major sticking point in the master plan....Israel has the US-provided missile shield and it has the nukes...now, it has the increased range for its air force....the stage is now set for the Holy War against the Iranians.

Hagel, like his boss, BHO, is fully on the take to the War Super Lobby: Defense, Israel & Energy....his confirmation dust-up was pure theater....Hagel has got his mind right, boss....he's been vetted and is now a zealot for Zionism.

Read all about it here:


By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 6:37

Yeah, Rasp, if there was no diversity...if everyone was exactly like you....the world would be a heavenly place...no doubt about that...Earth would known as "the planet of the megalomaniacs".

No matter what, the rasp has to schlepp in his stale "diversity" ravings....he's a one-trick pony....as we have witnessed, his own genetics are quite inferior, aren't they?

Rasp, if good genetics was the primary criteria, you would fail to make the cut....you suffer from mental illness...your genes are faulty, man....so, give your racist rant a rest, please....thanks.

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 6:42

Let me rephrase that; if every earthling had the same genetics as Rasputin, planet Earth would be known as "the planet of the megalomaniacs"....space travelers would avoid the place, like the plague.

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 6:51

Here is an interesting article...the director of the Boston hospital treating the suspect is an Israeli....seems like several Israeli doctors are working on the alleged perp....one says that the kid may never speak again...throat injury:



"Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may never speak again, according to the Israeli director of the Boston hospital where Tsarnaev is being treated.

Tsarnaev, 19, was wounded in his throat, Kevin Ilan Tabb of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, told Ynet.

Tabb is a board member of Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem, where he studied medicine and completed his residency.

"Unfortunately, I have had a lot of experience with these types of injuries after years of treating people injured in terror attacks in Israel," Tabb, 49, told Ynet. "We have a few Israeli doctors in the emergency room, and the director of the ER is also Israeli. But most of the physicians at the hospital are not Israeli, and they functioned exceptionally well." (end snippet)

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 6:55

Consider the irony of the fact that Israeli doctors saved the Jihadist's life....life is sometimes stranger than fiction.

When they do the movie about this event, that point will not be missed....and shouldn't be.

By: yogiman on 4/22/13 at 7:00

You're a good joker, Loner. You make me laugh every day.

You feel you're justified to hate and condemn the Jews and Israel but I should not question Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama for his usurpation of the Oval Office.

And funnier, you have not offered one iota of evidence you're right on either case; only your opinion. You just keep posting I'm wrong, laughing makes my belly shake and I can loose some weight.

By: bfra on 4/22/13 at 7:05

yogi - When you was in the yard yesterday, did you paint that shack you live in. Some of the neighbors have been complaining. Did you mow that yard that is knee high or did you just abuse your livestock?

By: Rasputin72 on 4/22/13 at 7:21

LONER..........On this forum you only need one trick. Too many tricks confuse the income and IQ level. You deliver sermonettes and I deliver reality. Even reality is met with venomous displeasure.

A tip for you about the jews and myself. We both understand that the dollar moves mountains and brings forth a protective shield.

Being infuriated by reality and divergent opinion is not in keeping with a winning personality.

A peace nanny like you should turn the other cheek and press on with your sermonnettes less the acknowledgement of anger. I am but the rebuttal.

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 7:28

Again...let me simply say that, if I hated the world's Jews, I would support Zionism and the idea of every Jew moving to Israel...because concentration of any population into a tiny piece of contested real estate, especially in the nuclear age, enables and invites annihilation. The Nazis concentrated them, then exterminated them, right?

Since I have always favored the idea of inviting the world's Jews to come here, to the USA and assimilate as US citizens, the anti-Semitism charge falls flat.

I am against using US taxpayer monies to finance any theocracy, including the Jewish one....such aid violates the US Constitution...the Establishment clause.

I am against the idea of allowing the Israel lobby to bribe our US lawmakers.

I am against the idea of guys like Sheldon Adelsen, a dual citizenship Israeli-American, pumping over 20 million dollars into the US Presidential race.

I am against the idea of letting the Israeli Prime Minister decide if, when and how the US will be drawn into a war with Iran.

I vigorously reject the "anti-Semite" label...I am an American patriot who recognizes the danger of the so-called, "special relationship".

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 7:42

Remember Sheldon Adelsen?

Here's an excellent and revealing article and video...this guy actually says out loud that he "regrets" serving in the US Army and wishes that he has served with the IDF instead...his wife and his children are all Israeli citizens....Adelsen owns a right-wing Israeli newspaper.

No doubt, this very creepy guy will be pumping millions into the 2016 race....you gotta watch the video....Adelsen is an admitted Israeli agent..it's all right there in his own words...he is an ingrate American Jew who, in my view, ought to be be deported for national security reasons....and this guy would have dictated policy to President Mitt Romney....Oy!

Check out this Jewish American's mean and arrogant rant:


By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 7:48

Rasp sez, "I am but the rebuttal."

And the butt of the rebuttal...the butthead of the board....and that's the un-buttered truth.

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 7:58

I do like the ad hominem: "peace nanny"...creative name-calling is always preferable to the same old stuff.

If trying to restrain Uncle Sam from engaging in more Holy War makes me a peace nanny, than I embrace the title....Uncle Sam is out of control?

Actually, he's under somebody's control....he's controlled by the Defense, Israel & Energy lobbies...Uncle Sam is the Uncle Tom of the War Super Lobby.....he carries water for his masters....we, the people have no control over this crazy uncle.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 8:01

I am glad he was captured alive and now maybe we cab get some answers.

As for genetic deviancy, Rasputin is the results of a abnormal bloodline.

By: yogiman on 4/22/13 at 8:02

Sorry, bfra,

I moved out of my "shack" when I moved out of your neighborhood in Nashville. My currant "shack" is only 3,000+ SF and has only 4 sleeping booths and 2 "slop jars".

But hey, tell my neighbors if they don't like the way my yard looks they would be welcome to run up the road and mow it. I'll even furnish them a push mower. Heck, I won't charge them a dine for the exercise. My animals get all they need to eat in the lower bottom with their fresh creek water. It helps them grow their bodies and brains.

Come on over, I'll let you graze in the back section of that lower bottom. It's hidden from the road so you won't be seen in there exposing your ignorance.

By: govskeptic on 4/22/13 at 8:08

Loner, excuse my butting in, ole boy. Here's hoping the boy/man survives and
can give more information about the entire background to this tragic event.
Apparent 7 yr older brother probably had a lot of influence over him, and was
also the one that had the built up hatred. The 6 months or so either in or
around Russia recently is of particular interest. The FBI might have some
questions to answer on their agencies tracking or lack there of some obviously
questionable suspects.

By: yogiman on 4/22/13 at 8:10

I can agree with you on your point, Loner. You don't hate the world's Jews, you just hate the ones you pick.

So how about agreeing with me, Loner; let me "hate" Barry for the reason I've been arguing. He is a usurper, not our president.

And by the way, I have never mentioned his race, only you have. And rest assured, I would have the same concern over any person, regardless of their race.

By: bfra on 4/22/13 at 8:10

yogi - You need to blow that to somebody that isn't familiar with your area! Barns are big but stalls are not called "sleeping booths".

By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 8:13

We all know that Rasputin and yogi are one trick trolls, Raspy with his fantasy riches and bloodline from the ghetto and yogi with his edited history and constitution. With the combine diversity of these simpletons, the country is spinning out of control. LOL

By: bfra on 4/22/13 at 8:15

Nemo - Another thing the Rasp & yogi have in common. They never heard of & have no idea what TRUTH is!

By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 8:15

LOL to Loner's 8:48 post.

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 8:16

Here is a link to an expose of sorts regarding Adelsen....great piece of journalism:


The creep went on to bankroll Mitt, when the Newt floundered.

By: yogiman on 4/22/13 at 8:18

Just heard a new modernized "Star Spangled Banner" in a modern mode. I like it, even being an old fool [to you].


Enjoy! That is, if the government allows it to be played that way.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 8:19


There truth is to make it up as they go to suite there twisted image of life. Both are racist.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 8:23

The old one trick pony’s catch line is “enjoy”, yogi wants us to enjoy his hate filled racist links.

By: bfra on 4/22/13 at 8:24

Nemo - Racist is only 1 of their faults, among MANY!

By: Rasputin72 on 4/22/13 at 8:25

NEMO...........I can understand why you think I am an anomaly. I am different from you. I don't live like you, I don't think like you, I embrace the world for what is and try to always be at least 7 or 8 million ahead of the next disaster to hit middle class America.

Nothing including a rebirth by you and bringing all your worldly experiences back with you would improve your lot in life. It is called genetic defiency. That coupled with motivation is the key to what you call abnormal and I call the top 2%.

By: Jughead on 4/22/13 at 8:26


By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 8:27

Gov...butt in at any time, my friend....I agree with your comment @ 9:08.

Too bad that the Navy Seals were unable to take Bin Laden alive....talk about the ultimate hi-value detainee....after some waterboarding at Gitmo, that terrorist would be terrified into singing like the proverbial canary...ain't that right, Dick Cheney?

The trouble is, after some waterboarding, this Boston perp will confess to having killed President Lincoln, or anyone else, for that matter.....torture-induced testimony is beyond "tainted".....it"s hideous.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 8:27

By: yogiman on 1/26/13 at 3:13

dumba$$, you couldn't even pass a spelling test, let alone a test of intelligence.

Want to try one? Check on google or bing and take a test.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/13 at 3:33
I took the test yogi and a made a 100.

By: yogiman on 1/26/13 at 7:30
I feel so humiliated, dumba$$, to get beat by an idiot as ignorant as you.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/13 at 9:53
That makes you the dumbest dumb ass

By: yogiman on 4/22/13 at 8:29

Sorry, bfra,

I know what truth is, but you obviously don't have any idea what facts are. Like you, Loner, and several others on this site, you can blame and claim, but you can't offer any proof of evidence of your argument. If you could, I'm sure you would have constantly repeated it.

And by the way, my old barn has tin siding; my old "shack" has brick siding... three bricks think. I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't be able to knock your way through my wall with a sledge hammer.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 8:32

By: Rasputin72 on 4/22/13 at 9:25
......I embrace the world for what is and try to always be at least 7 or 8 million ahead of the next disaster to hit middle class America.

7 or 8 million? Somehow I thought you had more money than me Raspy old boy. I stand corrected.

By: yogiman on 4/22/13 at 8:34

Just a thought, Loner: Why was Bin Laden "buried" according to his religion immediately after he was "killed"? And why did all of the Navy Seals involved in that "incident" die so soon after it was done?

By: bfra on 4/22/13 at 8:35

I'll take the word of neighbors that refer to the crazy ole fool that lives in the "shack" over anything you post yogi. You are not trustworthy & have proved that over & over!

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 8:36

Gilligan's Island at the NCP:

Thurston Howell III sez: " I embrace the world for what is and try to always be at least 7 or 8 million ahead of the next disaster to hit middle class America."

Meanwhile, the Captain swats Gilligan over the head with his captain's hat....making it the 114th time that he has done so in the famous sitcom's long-running history....later, Gilligan will sleep in a hammock, underneath the captain's hammock....and Thurston Howell III will howl at the full moon, once again.

By: Rasputin72 on 4/22/13 at 8:38

I can only surmise by being called a racist that there are an abnormal amount of welfare recipients on this site.

Obviously, the IQ level of these people use the word racist because their culture demands it

Now, it is off to attend to some business that allows these people to get their welfare because of people like me have paid over a lifetime millions and millions of dollars in federal income taxes.

By: yogiman on 4/22/13 at 8:42

Well, dumba$$,

Your constant repeating of that joke is proving the obvious. You, at least, think you know the facts so you keep repeating your ignorance, like your co-favorable posters.

With your [lack of] intelligence, how about convincing your fellow posters to act like you and keep repeating their "facts" along with their accusations?

By: bfra on 4/22/13 at 8:44

If Raspys spelling, construction of a sentence & grammer are examples of his IQ, it must be about 20, if that high.

By: yogiman on 4/22/13 at 8:45

I'm still waiting on proof you're right, bfra. Any particular reason you keep refusing to prove me wrong other than just your [I can't think of anything else"?

By: yogiman on 4/22/13 at 8:47

Well, bfra,

I don't think you should make such negative remarks about Rasputin72's construction of a sentence.

How about checking your own?

By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 8:48

By: Rasputin72 on 4/22/13 at 9:38
I can only surmise by being called a racist that there are an abnormal amount of welfare recipients on this site.

There you go again Raspy old boy. Your assumptions or based on what you see from your basement mind. I for one do not live on welfare and with the exception of you and yogi, I don’t believe anyone else on this site do.

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 9:06

We need more input, less poo-flinging...Doctor Dover...Doctor Ben Dover...please report to the Up For Debate Board....STAT.

Slacker, Dargent, Blanket, MamaG....House_of_Pain....BigPapa....Serr8d....John Galt even....are you in the room?

By: yogiman on 4/22/13 at 9:09

I'll give you absolute temporary control, Loner. I gotta go to town.

By: brrrrk on 4/22/13 at 9:10

A little over 5 minutes of video that says it all......


By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 9:19

What more do you want, Loner. I said that I am glad that he was captured alive and now maybe we can fine more about why?

By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 9:21

I tried twice bfra to get that link but it would not come up.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/22/13 at 9:27

Sorry that last post shb for brrrrk.

By: Loner on 4/22/13 at 9:27

Gotta love the way Chuck Hagel recites the narrative....reiterates the conventional wisdom.....and they said that this guy was no friend of the Jewish State.

From the NYT article that I cited earlier:

And two systems to be sold to Israel — a new generation of aerial refueling tankers and advanced missiles that hone in on radars to destroy air-defense sites — would be important in any attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Mr. Hagel said the weapons sales served as “another very clear signal to Iran.” But American officials also made it clear that the new arms should not be interpreted as tacit approval for Israel to accelerate planning for an attack on Iran.


Israel is a tiny country...it does not need aerial refueling capability to defend its airspace...it does need that, in order to strike Iran and to intimidate all of its neighbors....and still, we try to pose as honest brokers in these Holy Wars.

Defense, Israel & Energy...DIE...the irresistible force in the nation's capital...the War Super Lobby is in full control.