Up for Debate: Boy Scouts affirm ban on gays

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 1:41am

How do you feel about the Boy Scouts of America's affirmation on its ban against openly gay members? Is it a right, just and prudent decision, or should gays be allowed to join the organization?

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By: yogiman on 7/18/12 at 2:06

I see where GE is moving from Waukesha, Wisconsin to Bejing, China. That includes their headquarters. They'll invest 2 billion in China and train 65 engineers and create six research centers.

They made $5.1 in the US last year and paid no taxes, the same company that employees more people overseas than in the US.

Now, let's get this straight: Obama appointed GE Chairman Jeff Immelt to head his commission on job creation (job czar). He's supposed to create jobs, not transfer them overseas. Did Obama forget to tell him that?

By: yogiman on 7/18/12 at 2:08

Think all you wish, brrrrk.

Some day you might learn what you don't know today.

By: bfra on 7/18/12 at 2:24

Odd how an 85 yr. old coot thinks he can read everybody else's mind, when he doesn't even have one.

By: yogiman on 7/18/12 at 2:40

I'm sure it isn't as big as your, bfra (egocentrically) , but it sure is working better.

By: Beernazi on 7/18/12 at 2:51

yogi already admitted that he is "special needs" due to his brain surgery.

"Some day you might learn what you don't know today." That sounds like a John Handy Deep Thoughts quote.

By: yogiman on 7/18/12 at 3:03

The only special need I have today, Beernazi, is to get that usurper out of our office. And, yeah, that's your office, too (that is, if you're an American citizen), even though you admire the guy whom you have no idea who in the hell he is.

By: Beernazi on 7/18/12 at 3:06

yogi, why don't you go beat that dead horse somewhere else and try to practice your grammar while you're at it.

By: yogiman on 7/18/12 at 3:42

Well, Beernazi, I'm just too damned old to start all over. So why don't you educate me on why you have such admiration of Barack Obama even though you don't actually know who in the hell he is unless you're a member of his family?

And like my thoughts on Obama, I'll keep that dead horse at home until I can bury him.

By: dargent7 on 7/18/12 at 3:56

I brought up earlier in the day no women posted on this board.
Besides the usual transgenders, of course.
Beernazi makes an appearence, and numb nutz siezes on the opportunity to go after her like a shark does to chum.
There you go.
His, "no one know's who he is "(Obama) is way past borderline psychotic.

By: yogiman on 7/18/12 at 5:24

You swing at me, dargent7, and I'm going to swing right back at you.

You question my question on who Obama is: So tell me, just who is he? What is his goal for the USA?

I strongly urge you to go to www.youtube.com/user/thealexjoneschannel

If that's what you want in the USA, hang in there with Barry.

By: joe41 on 7/18/12 at 6:12

out the one in a hundred that 160 comments are too many to read. It is important for the boy Scouts to adhere to their policy. Like it or not, there are too many risks with having gay people in leadership positions in the BSA. I have many gay friends and certainly respect them. However, I don't want to have to worry a bout ANY inappropriate contact between adult and child. That is why the BSA has a two adult rule for any contact between adults and child. It just makes sense.

By: yogiman on 7/18/12 at 6:29

I fully agree, joe41.

One of the posters on this site mentioned earlier the possibility to create BSA posts for homosexuals. That cannot be done if the cause of the Scouts are to remain the way they were founded.

By: parnell3rd on 7/18/12 at 10:14

Lack of knowledge? Really? It's called propaganda. You use different words to make it sound better, okay, accepted. Just like how the President of the USA is making up lies because he cannot run on his record. "If we pass the Stimulas bill unemployment will stay below 8%. Ops. "We spend $500,000 on equipment for the DOE and we can't find the equipment." Ops "We have to shut down oil production in the Gulf, and send $3billion overseas for other countries oil production" Wait a minute! That means Obama sent jobs overseas after putting 18,000 American's out of work.

By: parnell3rd on 7/18/12 at 10:20

Well Kosh III I just looked the word gay up in webster's dictionary, the word was used in 1400, but not to define as homosexual. Proving my propaganda theory.