Up for Debate: Carr wants to block feds

Friday, January 18, 2013 at 12:36am

What do you think about state Rep. Joe Carr's bill that would block federal agents from enforcing U.S. gun laws in Tennessee? Does it have a shot at passing — or standing up in court?

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By: Captain Nemo on 1/18/13 at 12:00

It has no chance in hell. This is a waste of time and tax money.

As loner would say, "get a rope"

By: Captain Nemo on 1/18/13 at 12:01

Shut up yogi.

By: Rasputin72 on 1/18/13 at 5:43

All this bill does is to call attention to the fact that we have a democracy in real trouble.

This little forum made up of roughly 16 people with divergent views so strong that the site is now contaminated is another barometer of a democracy being destroyed by too much diversity.

It has gone too far to be saved I am afraid,but one law change could bring this country uprigtht.

A simple change in the voting law is all that is required.

A person 18 years and older may vote until he or she is 25 years of age without paying any federal income tax. A person he or she age 65 or older may vote without paying any federal income tax. All other persons he or she must show proof of paying a federal income or be a dependent of a person paying a federal income tax (wife)(husband) for instance.

This would then bring the nation into a democracy of and for productive society.

By: Ask01 on 1/18/13 at 5:52

Good morning, Captain Nemo. Putting the troll repellant out early this morning, I see. I hope the tactic works, but there is a significant infestation here.

I propose a compromise for the gun enthusiasts.

No new gun laws, but we will begin enforcing, to the maximum extent possible, existing laws. There is one small concession, however, to put extra teeth into those laws.

Anytime an owner's weapon is stolen, or otherwise misused because of improper storage, the owner will be just as liable as the perpetrator for prosecution.

If the improper storage results in the death of a child playing with a loaded weapon, the charge shall be first degree murder.

Retailers must keep perfect records of all sales. Failure to do so, with the weapon used in the commission of a crime, will result in long jail sentences, very heavy fines, forfieture of retail assets and loss of license forever.

Even private individuals must keep immaculate records of sales to other private individuals, or face equally harsh sanctions.

The net result is no loss of firearms rights, but we will severely punish those who are not responsible gun owners or dealers.

That is what you have been whining for, isn't it?

I further propose mandatory psychological testing for prospective gun owners, paid for by them, of course. This should also include immediate family, since they could have easier access to the weapons than the crminal on the street, also paid for by the applicant.

This would address the mental health aspect whined about by the NRA and other suspect groups.

I know, this all has no bearing on Representative Carr's insane bill.

His treasonous move will almost certainly be applauded by the secessionists and racists who can't stand having a legally elected African American president.

Despite claims to love, respect, and even worship the U. S. Constitution, Representative Carr and his ilk seems to have no problem ignoring sections with which they have issues. They are quick, however, to insult. curse, and berate anyone who voices an opinion contrary to theirs about the only amendment they know by heart.

I consider Carr a fool, and those who elected him dupes. If they re-elect him, they are worse fools than him in my opinion.

Honestly, the federal government should give serious thought to investigating Carr, other legislators, and law enforcement around the nation who have declared they will not enforce federal laws.

At the very least, we could increase the prison population and create employment for federal prison guards.

By: Ask01 on 1/18/13 at 6:09

One additional thought before I head off to work.

If the federal government, tired of these provencial upstarts, does impose tighter gun laws, Carr and his fellows could become the revolutionary freedom fighters they feel themselves destined to be.

This would be an excellent method to purge the gene pool.

Have a good day folks.

By: yogiman on 1/18/13 at 7:04

Well, Ask01, please allow me to return your idiotic comments.

You say you consider anyone who voted for Carr dupes. I consider anyone who voted for Barack Obama damn fools. Carr has not tried to hide his identity but your man Barry has placed his identity under lock and key. Why? Is he ashamed of who he is? Doesn't he want us to know he was a foreign student in the USA?

Really, Ask01, has he ever became an American citizen who became naturalized from Indonesia? What law allows a naturalized citizen to become president of the USA?

By: yogiman on 1/18/13 at 7:05

KMA, dumba$$.

By: Loner on 1/18/13 at 7:54

Pure grandstanding.....Carr ought to be arrested for promoting sedition....git a rope!

By: bfra on 1/18/13 at 7:54

Po' ole raspy & yogi! No matter how hard they try, every comment is just as inane as all their others.

By: Loner on 1/18/13 at 8:02

This discussion cannot get off the ground without our resident idiot-asshole bringing up President Obama's eligibility to serve as POTUS....it's as if he was possessed by the devil....it's all he can think about....morning, noon & night....what a pathetic excuse for a human being. All that we can do is ignore him and hope that he gets so frustrated that he ends his own miserable existence....without taking anyone else with him to hell.

By: Rasputin72 on 1/18/13 at 8:06

Bfra........what you are seeing and experiencing through your point of view is American diversity at work. What I am seeing through your posts is the decline of the American genetic pool.

By: bfra on 1/18/13 at 8:11

Raspy, what I see thru your posts is a poor simpleton wannabe, trying to create a presonna that he can never attain.

By: budlight on 1/18/13 at 8:14

By: Loner on 1/18/13 at 7:54
Pure grandstanding.....Carr ought to be arrested for promoting sedition....git a rope!

Referring to ropes can get you arrested; it is racist to say the least. And threatening to some.

Logical, law abiding citizens don't need interference from the federal government. It's exhausting to hear the constant rhetoric coming out of DC. Exhausting.

By: Rasputin72 on 1/18/13 at 8:15

LONER.........I have watched in bewilderment at 8 members of this board continue month after month after month to have dialog with a person called YOGI over one position statement.

YOGI states every day that Barack Hussein Obama is technically inelgible to be President of the United States because he is not a citizen.

8 of you scream in face month after month that he is an idiot.

What is the difference between the insanity of YOGI and the insanity of having dialog with a person you deem an idiot.

I fail to see the difference in the implied insanity of the dialog itself.

By: bfra on 1/18/13 at 8:18

Raspy - Being in the idiot catagory, you would!

By: Rasputin72 on 1/18/13 at 8:20

Bfra......It is in your intellectual best interest to believe whatever you wish. It is called mental masturbation and a soothing lotion for the warped station in life that you occupy.

By: Loner on 1/18/13 at 8:22

Carr ought to be arrested for promoting sedition. Same for Diane Black and the other tea-baggers in the Coonskin Cap state...round up these secessionist-friendly A-holes and incarcerate them in federal prisons...make object lessons out of these would-be Southern rebels.

The 2nd amendment solution to an oppressive government in Washington was tried in 1861....618,000 died as a result....these idiots in Tennessee want a re-match? Strip these jerks of their US citizenship then deport them....turn Tennessee back into a US territory...then subdivide and occupy it.

Perhaps, we need to have gun owners sign loyalty oaths to the US Constitution and to The USA itself, as a prerequisite for purchasing a firearm.....this requirement would screen out many of the psychopaths, the ingrates, the conspiracy theorists, the nut-jobs, the right-t-lifers, the homophobes, the Confederate sympathizers and the white supremacists.

By: Rasputin72 on 1/18/13 at 8:26

As a productive addict of fun and frolic and of course financial freedom to pursue this desire at the highest level I bid this forum adieu until I have satisfied my fun and frolic agenda for today.

May your pleasures be larger than they appear.

By: bfra on 1/18/13 at 8:27

Raspy - I completely enjoy my station in live. Unlike yours, mine is real! I don't have to create imaginary situations, I speak from experience.

By: bfra on 1/18/13 at 8:29

Raspy's MO - Squat, leave a pile of BS, then RUN!

By: bfra on 1/18/13 at 8:30

s/h/b - "station in life"

By: Rasputin72 on 1/18/13 at 8:31

LONER.......Your 8:22 is an excellent suggestion. I like you despise the diversity in this country.

By: BenDover on 1/18/13 at 8:31

No way you guys get your assault weapon ban this time. If you want to talk about grandstanding the most signification purveyor of the sport is BHO. He'll be lucky if the SCOTUS doesn't slap him back on the symbolic BS he's already pushing under executive authority.

What BHO has done though is revealed to the dupes that they were wrong to trust him. The conservatives will be the ones to make hay on this challenge. 2014 will be a good year for Repubs in the House and the Senate.

By: BenDover on 1/18/13 at 8:34

Division and polarization... that's the legacy of Barrack Obama.

By: yogiman on 1/18/13 at 8:38

Only to the fools who are reading them, bfra.

By: bfra on 1/18/13 at 8:40

Carr is grandstanding & pandering for votes. Note how the teabaggers on this board are wallowing in his statements. No wonder they lost the election!

By: BenDover on 1/18/13 at 8:42

"As a productive addict of fun and frolic and of course financial freedom to pursue this desire at the highest level I bid this forum adieu until I have satisfied my fun and frolic agenda for today."

Possible Translation:

"I'm leaving the library now to sling this stack of Contributors... then catch a bus to Dickerson Pike where I'll use my hefty roll of ones to woo some toofless crack ho".

By: BenDover on 1/18/13 at 8:44

dang spell check

signification - shb -> significant

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/18/13 at 8:50

Alternative Translation:

"As an addict seeking financial freedom, let me leave to pursue another woman off whom I can mooch."

By: yogiman on 1/18/13 at 8:57

I don't recall saying Obama isn't an American citizen, Rasputin72. I do say we don't know if he is or isn't because he refuses to offer any proof that he is.

All I have questioned is his legal eligibility to be president of the USA because he refuses to prove he is. For some strange reason, no one seems to be able to offer such proof for him and we have a congress that doesn't seems to care if he is or isn't.

I might add now, unless you are a fellow communist in his move to dictatorship, you had better begin to wonder just who in the hell he is. You might also begin to wonder why no-one in congress has raised a question on him; like why he is creating a private army like Adolph Hitler did. Why did congress allow him to have czars who didn't have to answer to congress who are elected to represent us, not the president.

You might also begin to wonder why legislators from several states commented they was going to pass a law requiring any one to prove their eligibility to be placed on their ballots.., but none did. Why didn't any of them with the question about Obama's eligibility so loud?

By: Loner on 1/18/13 at 8:59

Ben, here is a list of the 291 Executive Orders that your hero, Junior Bush, signed into law:


Your outrage over the abuse of Executive power by the POTUS has been delayed up until this moment....why is that?

BTW, Bush's daddy signed 166 EO's in his 4-year term...you never complained about any of the Bush family's EO's....but now you are outraged?

Source for my figures:

BTW George Washington signed just 8 Executive Orders...Jefferson, Madison and Monroe each signed just one.

By: BenDover on 1/18/13 at 9:04

I didn't say I was outraged about BHO's executive orders loner. I said I don't think they'll all hold to constitutional muster.

If you want to be outraged about BHO consider the fact that he considers it within his right to pick and choose which laws he wishes to enforce and which ones he doesn't wish to enforce. Let that one sink in for a minute Loner.

By: slacker on 1/18/13 at 9:06

New laws will be passed, and when this happens again, more new laws will be passed.
So.. in the words of the brilliant philosopher Sonny Bono.. ''The beat goes on''

By: slacker on 1/18/13 at 9:07

Sonny Bono's last words.. is that a tre..

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/18/13 at 9:09

slacker, Sonny was just trying to branch out a little...

By: slacker on 1/18/13 at 9:09


By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/18/13 at 9:14

If you really want to get to the root of the matter.

By: BenDover on 1/18/13 at 9:16

Obama is talking about firing up his campaign apparatus to push for greater gun controls. He's not planning on funding that with taxpayer dollars is he?

By: slacker on 1/18/13 at 9:18

Why.. yes he is Ben.

By: yogiman on 1/18/13 at 9:21


You're an "expert" on computers. Look up a man named Wayne Allyn Root. He claims to have been a classmate with Obama in Columbia University. What do you think?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/18/13 at 9:21

I would rather my tax dollars go to gun control than churches getting a break as a "non-profit."

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/18/13 at 9:23

yogi, I'm tired of debunking your stupid chain mail BS. You should fact check yourself before you start spreading your crap. Wait, belligerant and stupid hillbillies like you don't care about facts.

By: bfra on 1/18/13 at 9:25

Blanket - Amen on your 9:21 comment.!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/18/13 at 9:26

Perhaps you should look up Sohale Siddiqi, Phil Boerner and Michael L. Baron. Also, Obama wrote an article for Columbia University that was published on March 10, 1983.


You really are a gullible, stupid redneck.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/18/13 at 9:27

Thanks, bfra. That one always chaps me, especially the churches that act like hate groups and get a tax break. That infuriates me.

By: BenDover on 1/18/13 at 9:39

So does that mean Bush would be OK to reward his campaign machine with a taxpayer funded anti-abortion initiative?

By: BenDover on 1/18/13 at 10:13

Someone please let me know if Burch puts another moronic and myopic rant out there today that needs to be addressed.

By: yogiman on 1/18/13 at 10:14

Actually, B2, facts are the only damn thing we "[belligerent] and stupid hillbillies" want: Is that man in our office legally? If he is, why won't he open his papers to "you the people" that put him in office?

I understand why he won't show them to we the people who didn't put him in there.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/18/13 at 10:15

I wish the republicans would spend as much time on trying to pass a jobs bill and cooperating on the debt issue as they do trying to invade people's sex lives and limitiing women's health issues.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/18/13 at 10:15

Good morning to you Ask01. There is no troll repellent that I know of, if there were it would have been used on yogi sometime ago. I just say it to irritate him.