Up for Debate: Council's health benefits

Monday, October 8, 2012 at 1:34am

The Metro Council is considering a bill that would eliminate a policy that offers former two-term council members the opportunity to continue to participate in the Metro health care plan for life. What are your thoughts on the policy and do you think if should be eliminated?

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By: bfra on 10/8/12 at 8:18


By: gdiafante on 10/8/12 at 8:18

Can you fake sincerity?

I'm married, what do you think?

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 8:21

Oh no, you didn’t say that!

By: bfra on 10/8/12 at 8:21

This insurance covers the councilperson & their entire family.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/8/12 at 8:21

lol, g!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/8/12 at 8:22

Ben, explain to me how you think single payer works.

By: slacker on 10/8/12 at 8:27

Imo, Obama's biggest mistake, was slamming another entitlement through congress, with the economy in shambles. Wouldn't a jobs bill have been more appropriate at the time?

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 8:28

Rasputin did you know any of the Demonbreuns in West Nashville?

By: Loner on 10/8/12 at 8:29

Our resident mad monk, Rasputin takes a swipe at the lone one: It would not surprise me to discover that you have been shut out of a number of forum sites. I base this strictly on the premise that no one in a rational state of mind having no connection to Nashville would be so prolific on this NCP site.

According to our Grey Poupon-stained psychoanalyst, anyone from NY state, who would post on the Nashville City Paper, on a regular basis, has got to be irrational, just on the face of it....therefore, such a person would be rightfully banned from posting on many sites.

Well, it so happens that this site was once a more globally-oriented site...I was attracted here, years ago, because the NCP would post Jonah Goldberg rants and then offer a comment board on those rants. The board then, as now, was a real-time, un-moderated affair and easy to navigate....back then, there were a lot more posters and they were often of a high caliber.

My connections to Nashville are right here on these boards...I have developed online relationships with many posters in Nashville, TN. I even visited the place, in 2004...as a result of my posting here....I sometimes get phone calls from some of these posters....my connection here is well-established.

Nashville is an all-America City and I am an American, ergo, I post here.

By: slacker on 10/8/12 at 8:31

Nemo, I lived in a cave on the mighty Cumberland, with Timothy Demonbreun. Hell of a nice guy.

By: bfra on 10/8/12 at 8:33

Loner - Raspy sounds more like a female everytime they comment. Men of means aren't usually that arrogant & repulsive.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 8:35

LOL slacker. Which end of the cave did you have?

By: yogiman on 10/8/12 at 8:38

Remember that phrase "irrational", Loner. You said it yourself and you post on this site every day. (pun intended, welcome to Nashville)

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 8:39


Some citizens of Nashville don’t realize that the French laid to Tennessee long before became US territory.

By: slacker on 10/8/12 at 8:39

Loner, you being president of the N.Y. chapter of the Boots Randolph society, automatically makes you a citizen of Music City. You should run for the Metro. council.
Rasp. is just ill, because they served ''s#@t on a shingle'' at the mission this morning.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 8:40


By: Loner on 10/8/12 at 8:45

Thank you, Bfra and Slacker for the kind words. I LOL'd on the ''s#@t on a shingle'' comment...even Grey Poupon cannot mask the nastiness of chipped "beef" on toast....once the Rasp washes it down with some cheap gin, he'll be back to normal.

By: slacker on 10/8/12 at 8:48

Nemo true that. Nashville has some fascinating history.

By: Loner on 10/8/12 at 8:48

Ben's crystal balls are telling him that:

Employers seeing the insurance costs rise will opt. for the government penalty.

Then it becomes another tax to support their ultimate goal of single payer.

Obamacare is designed to collapse into single payer.

Sounds like Ben's balls are wired for conspiracy theories....there's an app for that.

By: gdiafante on 10/8/12 at 8:53

You're right about one thing, slack. Obama should've put a jobs bill through when the Dems had Congress. Once the Teapukes got in, nothing was going to get done.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/8/12 at 8:54

"There's an app for that." LOL

By: Loner on 10/8/12 at 8:57

I think that the USA should emulate the Israeli health care delivery system...in Israel, a consortium of 4 insurance providers has teamed up with the Israeli government to provide universal health care to every Israeli citizen...no exceptions...and the system pays for abortions on demand.. it will even pay for "transplant vacations", in which Israelis go abroad for the surgery, but the state-sponsored system picks up the tab...they also include a great dental plan in the package.

Q: Why can't we emulate the Israeli state-sponsored health car plan?

A: It's the old "guns versus butter" dilemma. The US provides the "guns" for the Israelis, therefore, the Israelis can afford the best in "butter"....in America, we have no such foreign benefactor.

By: Loner on 10/8/12 at 9:05

Ben has a point. Obama let Nancy Pelosi and Hillary have too much influence in determining the nation's priorities at the time....when PPACA could not muster a single GOP supporter, the Dems should have kicked the idea down-field, instead of making a partisan stand on an issue that should be at least somewhat bipartisan....nothing has polarized Americans more than the "Obamacare" issue...the Dems scored a Pyrrhic victory....any more "victories" like that and the union of American states could come apart at its seams.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 9:06

It is fascinating, slacker. Before the French De Soto travel through the area looking for the Fountain of Youth.

By: Rasputin72 on 10/8/12 at 9:07

LONER...............You must tell me how many times you have been kicked off an internet forum for being a "nutjob"

Why would anyone post on a Israeli site with the sole purpose of offending their culture?

You have the "simple six" on this forum for non productive support but in the world of survival and dominance of the fittest you are a angry wannabee.

You sir, may not be a "nutjob" but you certainly have some "leanings"

By: slacker on 10/8/12 at 9:09

Yeah gdiafante, and the Repubs., seeing a jobs bill was gonna pass, would have jumped on the train to share any credit, if it was successful.
Obama used up his political capital, forcing a new entitlement on the taxpayers in an unsure economy.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/8/12 at 9:09

Junior is getting a little spunky this morning....

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 9:10

Speaking of simple Rasputin, you said the name of a person name Rat. What was his last name?

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 9:12

LOL Blanket.

By: slacker on 10/8/12 at 9:14

Rasp.. has a ''simple six'' engine, powering his reliable Dodge Dart.

By: gdiafante on 10/8/12 at 9:17

Well, I think we all know why he did it, slack. And frankly, many of the people who now complain about Obamacare do so because it didn't go far enough (public option).

The GOP has successfully painted it as Socialist, even though that's not the case. I think Mittens argument in the debate was more sound...the plan is fine if it's generated by the state, not Federal government.

By: slacker on 10/8/12 at 9:17

Nemo, are you familiar with the ''Nashville Retrospect'' monthly newspaper?

By: gdiafante on 10/8/12 at 9:17


By: bfra on 10/8/12 at 9:18

Judging from comments, Raspy is a "simple simon" with a "wannabe" attitude.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 9:19

No I am not salcker.

By: slacker on 10/8/12 at 9:22

Nemo, you can subscribe, or pick up a copy at various locations. I think you being a history buff, would enjoy it.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 9:22

I'm going to work now. It will depend how busy I get today, but I will check when I can.

By: girliegirl on 10/8/12 at 9:23

oh sure...take away the ONLY incentive for wanting such a thankless and demeaning job, yet scratch your head (and other parts) when all of the candidates end up being corrupt. LOL

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 9:23

Thanks slacke, I will.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/12 at 9:26

Well, well…bud litle twin show up.

By: bfra on 10/8/12 at 9:28

girlie - That comment is a hoot! They already are, for the most part. Their puppet strings, being pulled by Karl have been visible for a long time.

By: gdiafante on 10/8/12 at 9:28

If the job is so thankless and demeaning, there should be no incentive grand enough to entice a an honorable person. It sounds like it attracks people wanting a handout...go figure.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/8/12 at 9:29

slacker, I love the Nashville Retrospect!

By: gdiafante on 10/8/12 at 9:29

s/h/b attracts

By: bfra on 10/8/12 at 9:32

Nemo - I usually get that paper at Dotson's Restaurant in Franklin & a few places in Leiper's Fork has it.

By: bfra on 10/8/12 at 9:33

Blanket - Do you find it here in Nashville, if so, where?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/8/12 at 9:35

It's all over Green Hills. Most restaurants and Whole Foods has it.

By: Loner on 10/8/12 at 9:37

Rasp asks, "Why would anyone post on a Israeli site with the sole purpose of offending their culture?"

Again, Rasp has assumed the position.

I read the Israeli newspapers (online) and I occasionally comment on stories that relate to the "special relationship". I present my opinions in a logical and hopefully articulate manner. I obey the terms of service; still, many of my comments are banned or deleted...those that remain, draw virulent criticism from the Israelis and likewise from many American posters.

I am banned, apparently forever, on the Jerusalem Post. Too much truth & honesty for them to handle.

My goal is to provide the Israeli public with an alternative to the narrative that they normally hear...to let them know that America's sympathy and patience is not without end. ...and that the US Congress may be occupied Israeli territory, but the nation, as a whole, is not.

Another personal goal is to persuade more Americans, especially those who post on those Israeli sites, to question the efficacy and wisdom of the "special relationship".

Although I am routinely branded as an "anti-Semite", for expressing my views, my motivation is not hate-based...I simply do not want to see the US dragged into any more holy war, at Israel's behest.

Israel is not a state within our union of states; still, the Democratic National Platform mentions Israel more than a dozen times...no US state was mentioned at all.

The GOP is also in love with militant Zionism and its practitioners...support for the Jewish state is totally bipartisan ...everything else on the political agenda is deeply partisan....something stinks there....am I a "Jew-hater" for calling attention to the stench?

By: bfra on 10/8/12 at 9:41

Thanks Blanket!

By: Loner on 10/8/12 at 9:49

For the record, I do not always post on the Nashville City Paper, but when I do, I try to contribute to the discussion, in a positive way.

It is true, I post on many sites, all over the globe...and I comment on a wide variety of topics...still, I highly value the posting community that I have discovered here.

I don't always post on the internet, but when I do, I prefer to spend some of my time in these intellectual pursuits...if some call that "irrational", that is there problem, not mine...stay intellectually thirsty, my friends.