Up for Debate: Dean's proposed budget

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 12:36am

Breakdown Mayor Dean's proposed budget? What about it do you approve of? What don't you approve of? Is taking for the rainy day fund acceptable, a good idea? Did you think Metro Schools would have received more of its requested budget?

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By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 4:42

Good morning, Nashville.

Dean's budget reflects his administrations priorities and its targeted victims....most budget items were fully funded, or received an increase in funding; but three items are on Dean's fecal roster and they are being slowly starved financially, to the breaking point....that's Dean's intent, of course....IMO, here's the significant line in the main article:

Council members also seized on the administration’s decision not to propose any operating subsidies for the Municipal Auditorium, the Nashville Farmers' Market, or the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, despite requests from the struggling facilities.

There it is...the Dean giveth and the Dean taketh away...so it is written.....amen.

looks like somebody is not playing the kick-back and sweetheart contract game....and now, those 3 programs are moribund.....No play = No pay.....that's governance, Tennessee style.

By: yogiman on 5/1/13 at 5:59


Can you swear you live in New York? You seem to know more about Tennessee than most Tennesseans?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 6:00

One of the things I had learned about any budgets (private or government) is that if you don’t spend all that is given to the department for the year, the next year will be less. I have always thought that this was a lousy way to do business.

Another thing I have found to be true; is if there is less money (taxes) then there will be fewer services. It is like if a private employer cuts the employees wages, that employee has leas to spend. The ripple effect (trickle down effect) is long lasting.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 6:11

Good morning


By: yogiman on 5/1/13 at 6:14


What do you think of your man Barry giving the US away?


When will Congress make him move out of the White House? Or will they?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 6:19

This is hard to watch, so be warn.


By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 6:52

Good morning, Captain...and good morning, Yogi. Let's try to play nice here today...thanks.

Yogi, I suggest that you move to Wrangell Island in the Aleutian chain and take your arsenal with you...you can defend the island as a lone patriot, on a mission from Jehovah or whatever....go out with a blaze of glory....we'll take up a collection to help pay for your one-way move....git those commie Russki bastards, Yogi...it's your destiny.

By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 6:59

By: yogiman on 5/1/13 at 6:59


Can you swear you live in New York? You seem to know more about Tennessee than most Tennesseans?

It's a global village these days, Yogiman....you are free to move about the planet, in a cyber sense....I post all over the globe....you can too.

I happen to love Nashville, TN and I love this NCP online product and its community of posters, therefore, I keep abreast of local events in TN and its capital city.

Not having a dog in the hunt gives me the freedom to call things as I see them...an outsider's unsolicited opinion can have great value....I try.

By: bfra on 5/1/13 at 7:15

Loner - Great responses to yogi! Let me know when the collection starts for his move & I will help campaign for the collection, also.

By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 7:18

When the Up For Debate board is duplicating another board's topic, as it does today, there is a temptation to take this board off on a new tangent. I couldn't resist.

Is the US congress heading in this direction:

Venezuela Lawmakers Brawl Amid Election Tensions

By JORGE RUEDA Associated Press
CARACAS, Venezuela May 1, 2013 (AP)

Venezuelan lawmakers punched, kicked and shoved one another as a post-election conflict between President Hugo Chavez's heirs and rivals blew up into a brawl on the floor of congress.


By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 7:21

Bfra, maybe we can get moneybags to pick up the tab...you know, the Grey Poupon stained one....maybe they could go on the buddy system; there's not much human diversity on Wrangell Island, the Rasp could rule...while Yogi drools.

By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 7:36

I'm working this other BINGO card too:


Anyone can play....the WaPo boards are pretty fast moving at times and there is a long list of forbidden words, acronyms, names, ideas etc. and that list is top secret...wrong word and your post does not appear.....other than that, it's a good site.

By: BenDover on 5/1/13 at 7:49

Looks like Imajihad over in Iran is getting slapped down by the Mad Mullahs.


By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 7:54

This card too:


By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 7:57

Ben...your link timed out on the attempt to contact...page not found. I'll try again.

By: bfra on 5/1/13 at 7:58

Loner - I very seldom try Ben or yogi links, they rarely work.

By: BenDover on 5/1/13 at 8:01

strange loner.. works fine for me.

By: BenDover on 5/1/13 at 8:05

I've always been afraid to try yogi links for fear I'll make some kind of watch-list.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 8:05

I am having the same problem, bfra.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 8:06


By: yogiman on 5/1/13 at 8:21

Naw, BenDover, don't worry.

The only ones I watch is Barry and his buddies in congress. I'm trying to figure out how this nation will wind up with Mr. Usurper in office.

Gotta go, kids. Have fun. You can make any commend you wish about me today; just tell the truth.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 8:28

Village idiot. And that is the truth!

By: bfra on 5/1/13 at 8:28

yogi - You can make any commend you wish about me today; just tell the truth.


By: bfra on 5/1/13 at 8:30

All: Guess yogi meant: comment! But with no brains, he could have meant anything.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 8:38

Knowing yogi he mend (sic) Commend. He is full of himself. LOL

By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 8:38

Breaking news:

(CNN) -- A Kentucky mother stepped outside of her home just for a few minutes, but it was long enough for her 5-year-old son to accidentally shoot his 2-year-old sister with the .22-caliber rifle he got for his birthday, state officials said.



By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 8:51

I have been to Burkeville, Loner. It is a nice place, but very out of the main stream of things. It is very country.

This is tragic and I personally think that a child should be 8 or 10 years of age before handling a gun. To leave guns in the reach of children should be a crime.

By: BenDover on 5/1/13 at 8:53

5 yo is too young for a .22 I think. What a tragedy.

By: BenDover on 5/1/13 at 8:56

I think I was 13 or 14 when I got my first .22

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 9:18

I was older than that Ben, when I got a gun. Ben. I could shoot a walnut out of the top of a tree, twenty years ago, but there has been too many people moved into my area now for me to do any shoot at home. Plus I have been too busy to have the time and I've lost interest now.

By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 9:21

So, the US guns & ammo manufacturers are going for the kiddie market? The "Little Crickett" rifle?.....probably not on the banned list.....but ought to be, IMHO.

If the kid had shot the one who bought the gun, there might be some poetic justice in this? Now, the little crickett has to live with this for the rest of his life...as does the gift giver....the manufacturer should be on the hot seal on the evening news tonight...but probably won't be.

The Second Amendment rights kick in at birth?

By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 9:27

From the CNN source:

"Caroline Starks' death comes in the wake of two other incidents in recent months involving young children shooting others. In early April, a 4-year-old boy in Tennessee shot and killed a 48-year-old woman, and just days later, 6-year-old Brandon Holt was killed in New Jersey after being shot in the head by his 4-year-old playmate."

By: Loner on 5/1/13 at 9:29

I guess that the 5-year old shooter's sister should have also been armed, if we are to heed Mr. La Pierre's advice....this is madness.

By: BenDover on 5/1/13 at 9:32

Yes... there are about 2 accidental gun deaths on average every day in the US, loner. It's a tragedy. This one seems to have been wholly avoidable.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 10:12

I still think this should be considered a crime. What will become of the brother? Dose he understand the consequence of what has taken place.

By: Kosh III on 5/1/13 at 10:19

The parents should be charged.

I was 14 before I was given a gun, a 30-06; and my father had already shown me how to use them.

Even a toy gun or BB gun should not be given until much later: "you'll shoot your eye out!"

By: BenDover on 5/1/13 at 10:20

Sometimes a tragedy is compounded by another tragedy, Nemo. I'm sure the mother didn't intend this to happen and sending her to jail could well do more harm than good.

Drownings are 5 times as frequent as accidental gun deaths and households with swimming pools are 1/100th the number of households with guns. Would it be more effective to ban swimming pools?

If you really want to get serious about saving lives we could reduce the speed limits to 20mph and enforce it with an iron fist.

Sometimes we just have to step back and say 'tragedies happen' ... imho this mom will suffer enough without the need of her fellow citizens piling on through the 'DO SOMETHING!' judicial system.

By: Kosh III on 5/1/13 at 10:29

Got statistics about swimming pools?


I went to nashville.gov
not a word about the budget :(

By: BenDover on 5/1/13 at 10:33

I just did a couple of google searches, Kosh. Here's the one on drownings.


By: Kosh III on 5/1/13 at 10:46

Link didn't work but hey! CDC? Obviously a commie-pinko-treehugger organization with no credibility. :)

By: brrrrk on 5/1/13 at 11:25

BenDover said

"Drownings are 5 times as frequent as accidental gun deaths and households with swimming pools are 1/100th the number of households with guns. Would it be more effective to ban swimming pools?"

Yes, but in a rational society we all realize that that's not an option. Do we do nothing then? No. We put laws and regulations in place that helps to prevent drownings. We put fences around pools to make sure toddlers can't accidentally fall in and drown. We provide life guards in public pools to assist in the event something disastrous happens. We insist that small children be accompanied by an adult if a life guard isn't available. There all things that can be done.

And the same applies to guns....

Is the absolute ownership of a gun (in spite of the fact the Supreme Court has decided that there is NO absolute right to own a gun) more important than a human life?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 11:54

You put a fence around swimming pools to keep small children from harm, Ben. You locked up guns to keep children from harm too.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 12:04

Thanks for the link Ben, however that still does take away the responsibility of the parents of unsecured firearms out of the reach of children. This is nothing to do with gun control.

By: budlight on 5/1/13 at 12:52

y: Kosh III on 5/1/13 at 11:29
Got statistics about swimming pools?

Do not have statistics; but pools are dangerous if left unattended. And small children are only put in harm's way when left unattended. They get hurt or killed. It only takes a few seconds.

On channel 2 news, some woman's child was taken; he was asleep; so was she; no drugs. He got up; figured out how to unlock the door and went outside. BUT she is still being punished. My sister got out when she was three. Went onto highway 29 in Danville VA. Mother heard horns blowing. Little sis was standing on the highway and a Greyhound bus was stopped along with other cars. Mother ran outside in her undies and a full slip (remember those boys and girls). She scooped her up. Needless to say, locks got put up very high.

But then there was me, fascinated with matches; struck some and lit the new fire retardent drapes right up. Mom again to the rescue - put out fire and transferred it to my behind. That was one whopping I won't forget and I was 6. Almost got it blamed on little sister but housekeeper identified real perp. LOL

Things happen. I agree guns should be kept out of reach of anyone except licensed, registered, trained owners. Unfortunately we don't livve in a perfect world.

California is passing a new toilet law so boys who think they are girls or want to be girls and girls who think they are boys or want to be boys, can go into the bathroom of any sex they pick and they are requesting no doors on school bathrooms. Nasty, decadant. Who wants perps staring at you when you're in the toilet doing business? Only in California.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 1:05

bud, are you posting on taxpayers time?

By: BenDover on 5/1/13 at 1:07

I wouldn't want the mom of a toddler who crawled out a doggie door and fell in the pool to go to jail either Nemo.

Like I said. It's a tragedy. Sometimes they happen. No need to involve government in every tragedy in life because often times the only result is to compound the tragedy at great expense to society at large.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 1:18

Doggie doors can be locked, just like guns can be locked away. The big difference between this two are that guns can be locked and hidden from the reach of children, Ben. To leave guns in the reach of children should be considered a crime. Leaving swimming pools unlock to were children can just walk in, should be a crime.

By: BenDover on 5/1/13 at 1:33

I just have a hard time seeing the benefit of locking up a mom who due to a moment's lapse loses her child. Where's the humanity in that? How does it serve society? It might satisfy some carnal thirst for justice, but in the end we have not lost our child she has lost hers.

By: bfra on 5/1/13 at 1:45

Ben - It could serve to remind other dumb Doras to be more cautious & in the long run save other children's lives. It could also be a Red Light for any parent that has to boost their own ego by bragging that their small children have & use a gun.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/1/13 at 1:47

Guns should not be in the hands of children. Adults should be made accountable. Now if the mother’s punishment is jail time is not the point. The point is that the adults need to be held responsible. Just as anyone driving to fast and kills someone needs to pay for their actions.

If the gun had been in a safe place, then we would not be debating this.

I’ve got to go for now, but if need be I will pick id up later. Have a good rest of the day, Ben.