Up for Debate: Diminished Democrats

Monday, May 28, 2012 at 11:18pm

Will Tennessee Democrats ever parallel their once formidable power in the General Assembly or has the shift in state political power permanently turned Tennessee from blue to red? How long will the current Republican power continue as is?

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By: brrrrk on 5/29/12 at 10:03

Rasputin72 said

"DARGENT7.........I remember in June of 1999 my first experience with WAL-MART. I bought a condo in Palm Beach complete with all the furnishings. After closing I had dinner and went back to the condo to relax with a brandy and watch a re-run of the days activity at the US Open golf championship. The Television would not not work and it was around 9 P.M. The only place I could think of that would sell me a televsion after 9 PM was WAL-MART.

I traveled over to West Palm Beach and found a WAL-MART. After locating the television department I found one that I wanted. I had no idea that the culture at WAL-MART was different than the stores I was accustomed. I finally saw a WAL-MART person and said to him. " I would like that one" He looked at me as though he he had seen a gargoyle and said "Well get it then" and walked off. I finally got someone to help me bring down the TV. I got a cart and managed to lug the TV via the cart to a check out counter. I was perturbed but could help but find humor in a world that I was not familiar.

I still have that television set and have made three or four other trips to WAL-MART since then.

I am sure you are familiar with the clientele that shop at WAL-MART. P.T.Barnum would have been trying to hire many of them for his side shows."

Freud and Jung would have a field day with this post.....

By: bfra on 5/29/12 at 10:07

brrrrk - IMO, most of the people on this board, did also! LOL

By: brrrrk on 5/29/12 at 10:17

bfra said

"brrrrk - IMO, most of the people on this board, did also! LOL"

Frankly I'm surprised Rasp would lower himself to the level of shopping somewhere that doesn't have valet parking and a concierge. Gosh, that must have been scary!!

By: bfra on 5/29/12 at 10:21

brrrrj - Hey, the new super WalMart at Nolensville Rd & O H Blvd, does have valet parking, concierge - No.

By: yogiman on 5/29/12 at 10:28

Well, children,

Back when Rasputin72 bout that TV, the regular stores were closed well before 9PM. Place yourself in his shoes: It's 9PM and you want a TV to watch something that night. What would you do, wait until tomorrow?

Gimma break, guys. Try a little thinking. That is, if you have any.

By: bfra on 5/29/12 at 10:33

Where did Rasputin say he had a bout with a TV?

By: slacker on 5/29/12 at 10:37

Rasp is on a roll today, rapid-fire slum posting with us serfs. Rasp, you should have sent some of the help to fetch you a tv in Palm Beach. You could have pulled a muscle in your royal arse. The butler was probably shagging the upstairs maid, while you were in route to Walmart in the Rolls. Don't be so generous to the servants Rasp.

By: brrrrk on 5/29/12 at 10:38

Well, with Rasp around, Ben now has a "Scooter" to his "Biff".....

By: bfra on 5/29/12 at 10:38

Had I been at the "bout", I would have put my money on the TV! LOL

By: brrrrk on 5/29/12 at 10:41

yogiman said

"Back when Rasputin72 bout that TV, the regular stores were closed well before 9PM. Place yourself in his shoes: It's 9PM and you want a TV to watch something that night. What would you do, wait until tomorrow?"

What!?! And miss the re-run of the days activity at the US Open golf championship!?! Are you insane? Nothing's more important than that!!

By: dargent7 on 5/29/12 at 10:51

In 1999 I lived in (or on) Maui, Hawaii.
We had a Costco that offered a "6 month Return Policy" on all tv's and electronics.
So, I returned my computer every 6 months for a new one that had a newer version of Windows.
Dishonest? Maybe.
But, so is Mitt Romney.
The only other family to strap their family dog to the roof of a car is the Griswalds in, "National Lampoon's Summer Vacation".

By: slacker on 5/29/12 at 10:57

Darg, Mitt was just pacifying the dog. The dog keep barking..roof, roof.. roof.

By: Beernazi on 5/29/12 at 11:15

that's hilarious, slacker!

By: BenDover on 5/29/12 at 12:02

Good one Slack.

By: Loner on 5/29/12 at 2:07

Hey kids...I'm back for a quick check on the board....looks like the conversation stalled out when Romney's Roof-Rider incident became grist for the humor mill....Slack's explanation works for me...the dog requested the roof.

I plan to go to my summer retreat tomorrow...for a one-week stay...if the DJ-5 is ready...Jake's got it in the shop right now...."snugging up" a few bolts etc.....If Jake says the Jeep is ready, I'll take it down a new route this year...completely avoiding the Buffalo megapolis.....instead of going West to Buffalo and then South to the border, I'll take rural Route 98 South first, to the border, then head West on the Southern Tier Expressway....goes right into Sherman,NY, my destination....46 miles on the Expressway will be the test...will the old gal hold together....may have to take it up into the "yellow zone" on the speedometer....55+.

My people are texting me from Brushwood...."Where R U?" The hippies are flocking back to the breeding grounds....I feel like Mr. Spock, when the "rut" began on Vulcan....gotta join the "madness".

By: BenDover on 5/29/12 at 2:17

Have fun Loner. Keep us posted.

By: Loner on 5/29/12 at 2:19

Here is a rather frightening story, hot off the Israeli press.....I submitted a comment, but I doubt if they will post it:


Bibi is running out of patience...summertime is here...it's the traditional season for war in that region....and now the Flame virus is buggering Iran's internet sites.....it's an information-gathering worm....beyond Stuxnet.....gotta be an Israeli attempt to scuttle the negotiations....Israel will not settle for anything short of total nuclear shutdown in Iran.....not even the "capability" to build an Iranian nuke is the goal and compromise is out of the question.

And they say the Mullahs are nuts...Netanyahu is playing with nuclear fire....and he is now condemning the P5+1 efforts....Holy Wars Suck.

By: Beernazi on 5/29/12 at 2:20

Have fun, Loner!

By: Loner on 5/29/12 at 2:21

Will do, Ben.....what is our earthly mission? It simply is to have fun.

By: Loner on 5/29/12 at 2:23

Beernazi...you hit 4:20 New York time.....excellent timing....again, I am a man on a mission.

By: slacker on 5/29/12 at 2:26

Loner, have fun and take care. Don't forget the sunscreen.

By: Beernazi on 5/29/12 at 2:33

Just for you, Loner. :)

By: Loner on 5/29/12 at 2:42

Thanks for the reminder, Slack....I am, after all, I am just a scrawny pale guy......and BN, you make me feel special....thanks.

But while I am incommunicado, please remember that the lone one will be thinking of you guys and wishing you all well.

Maybe a little absence will make our hearts grow fonder...I gotta recharge my batteries, so to speak....my annual retreat to Amish country and the regional Hippie Havens there does the trick for me.

By: yogiman on 5/29/12 at 3:17

Have a great time, Loner. Try relaxing and letting your brain recuperate back to it's full function. It ought'a be good for a couple of weeks.

By: govskeptic on 5/29/12 at 3:43

If that dog on the roof was a yapping Yorkshire Terrier, that's were it belonged!
If well secured, and of the proper type (and I'm guessing it was) nothing cruel
about this type transport whatsoever! Such a silly-silly issue.

By: yogiman on 5/29/12 at 7:52

I agree, govskeptic. These buffoons obviously don't know how the dogs was put on the roof. and they obviously have never took their dogs for a ride.

Mine jumps into the bed of my pickup and is ready to go. And they are constantly looking around the cab. Is that just to see where they're going? I always though they loved the wind in they're faces.

By: spooky24 on 5/30/12 at 6:20

The subject of the State democratic woes is again lost in childish rhetoric and tit for tat senseless chatter that is always the case on this board.
However, the subject being State Democrats they need to realize, and many tell me they have, that Obama is not going to reelected and they need to plan on that fact.
Nothing the media can do can change the fact that the election is about Obama's first term and nothing else. Digging deep into his opponents past can't change what the American voters has seen and heard for themselves over the past 3 1/2 years.