Up for Debate: Election Day 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012 at 10:45pm

So this is it. Make your final predictions. Who will be elected as the next president? How will the popular and electoral votes end up (roughly)?

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By: yogiman on 11/6/12 at 8:50

Tell me, bfra,

Considering your remark at 0754, Why should I, or any of the other "troll" read your, and your fellow "boasters" , (i.e. 'know it alls') a recommended reference? You all apparently are too smart to read any reference I, or they, might make.

But, you know, it's funny, none of you have ever given me any information I've asked for. Why, don't you know it?

By: slacker on 11/6/12 at 8:55

My internal polling shows.. that my liver is in a sad state, and that Mitt pulls out a nail-biter 54 / 48. The 2% is for the Acorn crowd that voted multiple times.

By: yogiman on 11/6/12 at 8:55


Don't you think this "gridlock" could have been aborted if congress had done their job and brought Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama to the table and demanded he prove himself Constitutionally eligible for that office?

Doesn't it make you wonder why they let him pull his usurpation off?

By: govskeptic on 11/6/12 at 8:59

Loner: I must say a dimel bag in upstate NY sure must provide visions we don't get in our fair state for the same price, thankfully. The quantity of polling in this race has got to set a record for a Presidential contest. Many national polls show Romney by a point or so, with most individual state polls showing the President by a point or more. The
very interesting question is how close, correct, or totally off the mark these polls will
show in the finale. Just as important will be who supported/paid for those that are off the mark by the widest margins. Second in importance will be if Mr. Romney should
win will Chris Matthews and his co-horts at NBC along with Ex-Regean voter Mike
Burch's heads all explode if this should be the results. America wants to know!

By: Moonglow1 on 11/6/12 at 9:00

Moonglow1: Will we vote for a plastic man and cult leader or a real man?

The middle class will propel Obama to victory!

Prepare for fraud though (don't trust the voter machines which could be rigged like they were during the Scott Walker recall).

Tea zealots and rabid evangelicals love Bishop Romney and the mormon cult. I hope the middle class will see through all the bull & vote Obama.

I agree with the comment that Michelle Obama represents the role of the First Lady with class and intelligence. Ann Romney looks to me like an angry spoiled mormon woman. Neither she nor her plastic husband have a caring bone in their bodies. They are for the 1% and members of their cult.

Most countries in the world are pulling for Obama. They are appalled at the stupidity of the American public.

The USA is already # 25 in world standing (health care, education, standard of living).

Prepare to live in the dark ages if Romney wins. For our sake and that of our planet, our very survival depends on an Obama win.

By: brrrrk on 11/6/12 at 9:00

bfra said

"Just a woman's point of view: Michelle Obama looks & acts more like First Lady material than Ann Romney."

Is it me, or does Ann always look like she's smelling something bad when she among the rabble?

By: Loner on 11/6/12 at 9:02

Mike, Fast & Furious fizzled, so the desperados on the right are trying to exploit the tragedy in Benghazi for political gain.

Only the most deluded righties actually believe that the President deliberately and willfully left that outpost in a vulnerable position, in the face of a known and imminent threat.

Certainly, the President regrets what happened on his watch; I believe that Obama's expressions of grief are genuine and heart felt. The POTUS has lots of stuff on his/her plate....regrettably, mistakes are made...hopefully we learn from those mistakes.

By: yogiman on 11/6/12 at 9:03

Wrong again, B2. Unlike you, I do want the truth. I want to know who that man is that's been sitting in my Oval Office for the last four years. But you and your fellow posters don't care who he is or what his goal is. And the only reason you have given in supporting him is the race factor. And y'all are the only ones that have mentioned the racist crap.

How about upping you brilliance a little and learn what you think you know.

By: Loner on 11/6/12 at 9:05

I know nothing about no dime bags...I roll my dimes.

By: dargent7 on 11/6/12 at 9:06

Aloha from San Jose.
I sure as hell hope Obama wins.
His 1st term might havebeen a larning curve, but he has the hang of it.
Romney is all fake plastic, heartless
proven time and again.
Who'd vote for that faux caring?

By: Loner on 11/6/12 at 9:07

The NY, TN, CA nexus is now operational...the NCP posting community is now nation-wide...good morning, San Jose!

By: Moonglow1 on 11/6/12 at 9:08

Moonglow1: brrrk-yes I agree-Ann whose tax deductible horse cured her multiple sclerosis does appear to be uncomfortable around the masses. She and plastic man show their distaste.

I hope the next climate change induced hurricane hits em where it hurts!! The Cayman Islands. Perhaps we can hope the fake banks take a direct hit.

By: Loner on 11/6/12 at 9:13

Ben Dover, there was an ad on the bottom of my screen earlier, for some National Movement to apportion the EC votes, to match the popular vote ..it's no longer there...if it pops up again, I'll go to the site and report on what I find there.

Moonglow & Mike Burch checked in too...we have the full gang here this morning...John Galt, I know you're out there.....do you have an election day witticism for us?

By: Loner on 11/6/12 at 9:26

Israeli PM Netanyahu has been on the talk shows again, check out this chilling, Holocaust-reminding quote from the brooding warrior:

"Any prime minister of Israel who cannot act on things that are cardinal to the existence of the state, to ensuring its future and safety and is dependent on the agreement of others, is not worthy of leading," he said, adding that before Israel was a state it had to beg for help from others when threatened with destruction.

"Well today we do not beg, we prepare," he said." (end Bibi quote)


Bibi is up for re-election on Jan. 22...he is expected to win easily. Will Bibi consider his re-election to be a mandate to attack Iran? What will Obama do to reign in this war-mongering, nuclear-armed extremist?

Or will a President Romney decide to pre-emptively attack Iran, at Israel's behest? Will Bishop Romney do the heavy lifting for his old buddy, Bibi? Sheldon Adelson is banking on it.

By: yogiman on 11/6/12 at 9:28


Information has been brought up Obama had been asked for security several times and refused. The SEALS were stationed at another post and were told to stand down but they ignored those orders and went to Benghazi to help.

It has been pretty well concluded his refusal to send help in was purely political.

By: pswindle on 11/6/12 at 9:30

I hope the country does not elect Mitt. I heard last night that if he wins, he will be the first to lie his way into the WH.

By: Loner on 11/6/12 at 9:30

I'm tempted to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate....Obama has NY in the bag, so he does not need my vote....and I would relish the situation, if Romney won the popular vote, but lost the EC vote....and of course, Johnson is in favor of states rights on Cannabis...that's one states rights argument that I support....I could go Libertarian in 2012.

By: bfra on 11/6/12 at 9:31

Hi D7 in San Jose' - I too hope you get your wish!

I never have commented on Tugg or Tagg Romney's wanting to punch Obama, but I would imagine, the little rich boy would have bit off more than he could chew. Obama strikes me as one that stays in Aone shape, unlike the little coddled Romney.

By: yogiman on 11/6/12 at 9:36


What do you think of Michelle making the statement she finally accepted the USA. In essence, she hated the USA until Barry was put in office. And haven't you seen her make the comment "just for that flag?" into Barry's ear?

What do you think about Barry standing at the National Anthem with his hands over his crotch instead of his hear; that is if he has an American heart. Why did he refuse to wear the flag pin until he went in office?

Ah yea, a good old American loving family. He should go back to his homeland of Kenya. They're building him a museum already.

By: bfra on 11/6/12 at 9:38


By: Loner on 11/6/12 at 9:40

One wonders what Obama's motives would be to deliberately and willfully let the Americans in Benghazi be murdered....of course, there could be no political gain for Obama in this tragedy...but the completely illogical canard, the BHO allowed the attack to happen, still makes its way across the fruited plain. Any dirt on the black president is quickly assumed to be the Gospel truth...we have not fully advanced to a color-neutral society.

John McCain is one of the ring-leaders in the plot to blame the POTUS for what a mob did in Benghazi...McCain's loss to a BLACK man still sticks in the old geezer's craw...McCain was the last hold out on the MLK Holiday vote....McCain is the biggest sleaze in Congress.

By: bfra on 11/6/12 at 9:43

Loner - Amen on that!

By: gdiafante on 11/6/12 at 9:47

The Benghazi story is a manufactured one from Fox...


"There were no orders to anybody to stand down in providing support," the senior intelligence official said, offering a passionate defense of the actions taken by the CIA officers on the ground during the September 11 attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

It goes on...

The Fox report also suggested that the officers on the ground urgently asked for military backup, but that the CIA also denied those requests. The official said that reporting was wrong. The military, the official said, provided drone surveillance and there were a couple of military officers as part of a CIA security team from Tripoli to assist.

Sorry sheep...

By: BenDover on 11/6/12 at 9:48

If that's the one I'm thinking of Loner they are trying to get states to pass legislation that well give all of their electors to whoever wins the national popular vote.

This, I would not agree with because of state sovereignty issues and the elimination of the state influence upon the executive branch of the republic.

Pro-rating electors leaves that to the states and requires no interstate coordination necessary.

By: yogiman on 11/6/12 at 9:54


There had to be a personal reason for refusing to send a security team to Benghazi compound when he had been asked several times. And I understand Hillary also asked for their help, but he refused. Why?

May I ask you a stupid question? What makes you refer to "Barack Obama" as a black president when it is know his Negro heritage is the least of his heritage... only 5%. Does that make him a "black" man? What does that 50% Caucasian heritage make him? And then bring in that 45% Arabic blood. What does that make him? Combine it all and his 5% Negro blood dominates, huh?

Understand, I'm not trying to promote a money making sale for Barry, but I highly suggest all of you Obama lovers read his autobiography (Dreams from My Father). It might tell you some things you won't want to know.

By: yogiman on 11/6/12 at 9:57

On my 0936 post I meant 'his hands over his heart. Note just so he could hear it, which obviously he didn't want to hear it.

By: Loner on 11/6/12 at 9:59

Lapel pins...Gary Johnosn does not wear one...I like that about the guy.

Obama wears the flag lapel pin...Romney weras a lapel pin that sources claim was given to him by the Secret Service...it reportedly has a 5-pointed star over the flag...here is a close-up of the lapel pin that sources claim that Mitt wears:


It looks like what he currently wears... I Googled "Romney's lapel pin".. Image search results are found here:


So, the presidential candidate is already putting images over the stars & bars...superimposing new symbols over old symbols....the Nazis did the same thing...just sayin'.....that lapel pin looks like it's endorsing law enforcement across our republic, as opposed to personal freedoms across the country.

I'm surprised that Mitt did not wear this lapel pin:


After he's sworn in, he might.

By: gdiafante on 11/6/12 at 10:00

[click] ..!.

By: bfra on 11/6/12 at 10:02


By: Loner on 11/6/12 at 10:03


By: brrrrk on 11/6/12 at 10:03


By: yogiman on 11/6/12 at 10:04


I hate to tell you this but Barry Soetoro has proven himself the biggest racist in decades. I'll repeat, read his autobiography.

By: brrrrk on 11/6/12 at 10:08

Gee, yogi might be right....


By: yogiman on 11/6/12 at 10:08


Our founders put the Electoral College in our Constitution for a purpose. I suggest you listen to Bill Whittlle on youtube. He can explain it the best I've beard... even in school.

By: Loner on 11/6/12 at 10:12

Ben still clings to the discredited "state sovereignty issues"....that debate should have been solved by the War between the states...like a rotting zombie from the 18th century, you just can't kill the creature.

I think that human rights trump states rights....therefore, the EC must go and the popular vote must be the deciding tally.

Others do not trust their fellow Americans to do the right thing, therefore they delegate the right to choose our POTUS and VPOTUS to a winner-take-all state delegation of electors, trusting in the state, as a collective, not in the individuals living in the state.

By: brrrrk on 11/6/12 at 10:23

Loner said

"Ben still clings to the discredited "state sovereignty issues"....that debate should have been solved by the War between the states...like a rotting zombie from the 18th century, you just can't kill the creature."

Agreed, I'll grant states like Tennessee state sovereignty the very day they start paying their own way rather than balancing their budgets using Federal funds.... until then, screw 'em!

By: Moonglow1 on 11/6/12 at 10:35

Moonglow1: Loner, could be the Tea Nuts are correct. A new world order is near. However, it will be run from Israel with approval from Bishop Romney and the actual US President, Sheldon Adelsen. If Romney wins, Bibi will mobilize his nukes. His finger is on the trigger now.

As per the comment on Tagg Romney punching out Obama. I thought Ann Romney would have taught her kids better manners. Yup, I hope Obama takes him aside. Who names their kid Tagg? Tagg your it. What the h#ll?

By: BenDover on 11/6/12 at 10:35

We're a representative Constitutional republic under rule of law and not a mob rule democracy, loner.. My way gets us passed the problem without a Constitutional amendment that the majority of the states would be remiss to their own citizens to pass.

By: brrrrk on 11/6/12 at 10:36

Meanwhile you have states like New Jersey that routinely comes in last in the country when it comes to receiving Federal dollars versus Federal taxes paid. In fact, since 1981 Jersey has never received more than .72 in Federal funding for each dollar paid in Federal taxes.... with the lowest being .57 in years 2003 and 2004.

By: bfra on 11/6/12 at 10:37

brrrrk - A link well worth watching! Still laughing!

By: Ummm... on 11/6/12 at 10:40

Little Bennie says, "My way gets us passed the problem."

Loner, this is the guy you credit with having half a brain? "Passed" the problem???

Sounds like a typical uneducated Teapublican to me...

By: gdiafante on 11/6/12 at 10:40

I do agree with Ben on that argument. The EC may be outdated and in serious need of reform, but going to the popular vote exclusively goes against the very foundation of a Republic.

By: Moonglow1 on 11/6/12 at 10:40

Moonglow1: Loner, of interest TN is experiencing trouble with it's AAA bond rating requiring Haslam to make another trip to NYC (prior to Sandy) to beg for maintaining the bond rating. Why is TN's bond rating down. Precisely because of the state's reliance on federal dollars. This is the way of the Teas: complain about govt funding for the masses but grab dollars for themselves!!

By: BenDover on 11/6/12 at 10:41

I do always screw that one up Ummm. got me.

By: BigPapa on 11/6/12 at 10:45

yeah you are right.. nothing will change, but both sides will do nothing but bitch about the other.

By: BenDover on 11/6/12 at 10:49

Now that Ummm has fouled the discussion like a handshake after scratch-and-sniffing his sweaty unwashed balls, I think I'll be on my way.

Aloha too... darge.

You guys enjoy... Happy Tennessee Voting Futility day! First round on me if your vote for Obama in Tennessee has any effect at all on the national presidential election this year.


By: BigPapa on 11/6/12 at 10:50

Overstate much??

My god dude get a grip. If Romney wins I bet your life changes not one iota. I dont want Obama but other than higher taxes and a mess of a healthcare law, he wont affect me much at all either.

get a hold of yourself.

By: brrrrk on 11/6/12 at 10:53

Moonglow1 said

"This is the way of the Teas: complain about govt funding for the masses but grab dollars for themselves!!"

Exactly, the ONLY conservative state that consistently pays it's own way is Texas... and even that is barely. The definition of "Welfare State" should be changed to "any state that consistently votes Conservative".

By: brrrrk on 11/6/12 at 10:57

BenDover said

"You guys enjoy... Happy Tennessee Voting Futility day! First round on me if your vote for Obama in Tennessee has any effect at all on the national presidential election this year."

And once again Ben uses sleazy tactics in an attempt to suppress down ballot voting. Just because Obama doesn't take Tennessee that doesn't mean there aren't other elections just as important.

By: Ummm... on 11/6/12 at 11:01

Aw, don't go away mad Little Bennie- just go away. My advice would be for you to take a long nap and dream of your hero, Ronnie Raygun, then use your wishful thinking to put Willard's face on that image. Sweet dreams...