Up for Debate: Facebook goes public

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 1:00am

With Facebook shares on the verge of going public, what's your take on the company, its chief Mark Zuckerberg and all of the data amassed by the social network?

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By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 2:31

We'll have to read Isaacson's book, I suppose and make a decision then, I suppose.

In that one "quote" from Jobs, he seemed to denigrate philanthropy, as opposed to technological innovation....can't say that I agree with that notion.

By: brrrrk on 5/15/12 at 2:39

Here's what the religious right and Romney don't get..... "I protect my right to be a Catholic by preserving your right to believe as a Jew, a Protestant or non-believer, or as anything else you choose. We know that the price of seeking to force our beliefs on others is that they might some day force theirs on us." - Mario Cuomo, delivered September 13, 1984, as a John A. O'Brien Lecture in the University of Notre Dame's Department of Theology

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 2:48

Poor old stupid yogi is droning about me outing him. The only reason I know who yogi's aka Paul Wade is because the old fool told us all who he was and where he lived. So I guess that makes Paul aka yogi a dumb-ass idiot. LOL

I am on FB, but just like I do on this site or the e-mail, I never say anything that I would not say in public or anything I would not want the world to know.

By: gdiafante on 5/15/12 at 2:48

I didn't read it that way, Loner. I read it as more of Gates' guilty conscious.

And I thought it was common knowledge about the alleged rip-offs. Hell, I heard that one back in the 1980's...

By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 2:58

A lot of the ripping would be in arcane, esoteric terms, Gd...can't say that I'd have the savvy to judge who ripped whom.

Algorithms and such are about at the outer fringe of my math skills...Gates and Jobs would run circles around the Lone One.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 2:59

If you don’t want to have a FB account then that is up to each person. I use FB to keep up with friends and family almost every day, but I don’t get into anything as personal as when I go to the bathroom or any other personal subject matter. FB is fast and short and if someone goes on line and tells the world what they are doing, is a YOGI. LOL

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:00

Loner, are they as smart as yogi?

By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 3:04

Yogi is smarter than the average bear....not the average hominid., Captain Nemo....it's not nice to taunt the animals....leave the ursine usurpist to his slumber.

By: gdiafante on 5/15/12 at 3:10

Seems half the people think FB is a fad...


By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 3:13

Could be a fad...the value is highly inflated, IMO...could be like the Beanie Babies?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:16

That is hard to do Loner when every one including you takes swipes at him. I have been trying to get a hold of you by phone for a couple of days.

By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 3:20

Allowing for the time warp....it should be 4:20 in Music City right about now...Party On!

By: slacker on 5/15/12 at 3:21

I wonder sometimes if my ''Members Only'' jacket is a fad.

By: slacker on 5/15/12 at 3:21


By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 3:24

My cell phone oftentimes is not on my person....and it's an old horse-drawn model, I bought at an Amish lawn sale....goes right to voice mail quite often.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:25

I go to FB once a day to see what is going on. I kept tapes of Blanket and House this way.

By: slacker on 5/15/12 at 3:26

Nemo, how is the House-Of-Pain doing these days?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:27

That is what it has been doing. I going to try again.

By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 3:27

Slack..."Facebook Junkie stumbles into a gay piano bar while texting...."

By: slacker on 5/15/12 at 3:27

also the BN

By: yogiman on 5/15/12 at 3:28

Being in the "hole" isn't a vulgar word, Loner. It's just a small cell with a hole in the middle of the floor.

Are you just trying to convince your play mates on this site you've never been in one?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:29

He is good and still witty as ever.

By: slacker on 5/15/12 at 3:29

Loner... orders an ''Anus Burner''

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:30

voice mail again Loner.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:31

BN is good too and just as nice as ever.

By: slacker on 5/15/12 at 3:34

Nemo, please give them my regards.

By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 3:34

Speaking of holes.....the A of Holes....fills us in on a detail of life in the big house...he's nostalgic, obviously. Cool Hand Luke endured "the box"...Yogi liked to put 'em in "the hole"....until they got their mind right, boss.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:37

I sure will slacker.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:38

See what I mean Loner.

By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 3:39

Anus Burner Drink Recipe
Recipe Ingredients

dashes Tabasco Sauce
1 oz. Jose Cuervo Tequila
1 Jalopeno Pepper

Slice Jalopeno like they come on Nachos.Place slice of Jalopeno in shot glass. Add 1oz. of Tequila. Add dashes of Tobasco until deep red colour. (Best to be consumed with water nearby.) BOTTOMS UP!


By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:40

Loner I wonder if he licks them like he does his dog.

By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 3:47

One thing about "the hole", if you can get by the smell, you got it licked, Captain.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/15/12 at 3:51

TMI Loner.

I got to go. It was a long day for me.

BTW I told house you ask about him.

By: brrrrk on 5/15/12 at 3:53

Just heard a great line....

What's the difference between European workers and American workers?

European workers understand that they are workers while American workers have been convinced that they are temporarily inconvenienced millionaires.

By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 3:57

See ya, Captain...gotta get that phone into the Amish cell phone repair shop....the damn cinch belt came off....and the bit came out.

By: Loner on 5/15/12 at 4:01

Some truth there, Brrrrk.....folks are counting on the Lotto, a settlement, or an inheritance....or Divine Intervention.

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