Up for Debate: Facebook's faceplant

Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 2:22am

As the Facebook I.P.O. hubbub plays out, do you smell a rat? Do you think average investors may have lost out on information provided to larger investors? Do you believe that when all's said and done the Securities and Exchange Commission will have reason to call foul?

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By: Loner on 5/24/12 at 12:49

AMC produced a big straight six with a 258 cubic inch displacement...and they built their own 327 CI , V-8 ...for the AMX, the Javelin and a special edition of the little Rambler American...the SC Rambler.....all quite fast...monsters by today's standards.

But the Pacer.....now that was something else.

By: dargent7 on 5/24/12 at 12:51

"5150": Romney is 65, Obama, 50. ( cir. 2012)
Obama was 10 during Vietnam. Romney was of a perfect draft age during the whole thing, from Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Carter, Ford, to Nixon.
Like Cheney, he had coutless opportunities to, "serve my country".

By: dargent7 on 5/24/12 at 12:54

Forgot about the Pacer. Even the bros. in Detroit wouldn't steal one with the keys left in the ignition and the car running.

By: slacker on 5/24/12 at 12:56

I just Binged it. The American Motors auto club, is having its convention in Sparks, Nevada, starting june 12th. Loner you should drive out, lotta mature chicks wearing glasses, and long skirts.

By: Loner on 5/24/12 at 12:57

Obama never dodged the draft, Willard did...vets should consider that when choosing our Commander-In-Chief. Willard is the last of the draft-dodging chickenhawks...he's a lot like Dick Cheney in many respects....none of which I respect.

By: yogiman on 5/24/12 at 12:58

I'm sure you guys are aware the US. goverment has filed a lawsuit against Arizona because of their protecting their border within the federal laws. At least, you swhould be. But have you wondered why they so willing took took Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chili, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru as co-sponsors of the case?

Our federal government suing a state with co-sponsors for abiding by our federal laws? Is our government for the UNITED states or the foreign nations who are providing so many illegal aliens through our borders?

By: yogiman on 5/24/12 at 1:06


We seem to have two different characters on this site: Fools... and damn fools. Which one are you?

By: Loner on 5/24/12 at 1:09

I'll be in Michigan on that date, Slack....I'll Google it and see if my DJ-5 would be welcomed there....of course, it's no longer in postal delivery mode....it's a one-seater...a flakeboard deck extends from the firewall to the rear door and includes the area behind the driver's seat....there is space under the deck for "cargo"....I keep a mattress and sleeping bag deployed on the deck at all times...passengers must ride prone.....some memorable hotties have had their asses hauled in that Jeep...it's a babe magnet...and I need all the help that I can get these days.

Inside the Jeep, I have tie-dyed curtains for privacy all around...tucked out of the way while on the road...the curtains quickly enclose the world's smallest motor home....built-in incense burner, of course....room for a cooler, 3@14 gallon totes, folding tables and assorted camping gear.

But if the Jeep is rockin' don't bother knockin'.....no room at the inn.

By: slacker on 5/24/12 at 1:11

IMO military service will not be an issue in the campaign. It will come down to the state of the economy then, and the debates.

By: slacker on 5/24/12 at 1:15

Well Loner, if they agree to get in, and lie prone, things are looking good.
Maybe put on some Sheb Wooly tunes.

By: slacker on 5/24/12 at 1:18

Better yet.. Fats Domino.

By: slacker on 5/24/12 at 1:19

I'm gonna walk you to New Orleans....

By: bfra on 5/24/12 at 1:55

Aint Misbehaving!

By: Loner on 5/24/12 at 2:09

I love Fats Domino...and that's one of his greatest hits, Slack.

I have no tunes in the Jeep....no radio...nothing....I may switch to a Iphone, so I can access the internet and the tunes there...one of those AC/DC Iphone docks with speaker deals, to amplify the tunage....or not.

"Hey Mister Postman" is another great tune....should be standard background music in that vehicle?

By: bfra on 5/24/12 at 2:19

OOPS! That's a Fats Waller song.

By: slacker on 5/24/12 at 2:23

Loner, the Jeep needs some device to provide mood music. Unless of course you have a chick that just damn grateful to be there. In those cases, dazzling her with bullshi* is acceptable. But never, ever, play any Bill Halley and the Comets, chicks hate the guy.

By: yogiman on 5/24/12 at 2:30

I hope that chick is your wife, Loner. Happily married men don't 'screw' around.

Question: Was this treason?

www.wnd.com/wnd_video/obama-and-treason/ Treason or just a good ol' boy to a friend?

By: slacker on 5/24/12 at 2:59

Besides providing ''birther updates every 5 minutes, yogi manages to give unsolicited advice. A multitasking ''birther'' indeed.

By: Beernazi on 5/24/12 at 3:02

Just think, he could be like the Dear Abby from hell! It would be hilarious if he had his own column! Can you imagine?

By: Beernazi on 5/24/12 at 3:05

Happy Birthday, Bob.

By: slacker on 5/24/12 at 3:12

''Forever Young'' with: The Band

By: slacker on 5/24/12 at 3:16

Dear Yogi, my wife is meeting a strange man every night. She says the man thinks The president is illegally in office. Do you think she's screwing around?

By: yogiman on 5/24/12 at 3:21

Nope, slacker, with her knowledge that man in the Office is there illegally she apparently knows of your ignorance and she can get away with "screwing around".

By: Beernazi on 5/24/12 at 3:42

Awesome - Dear Hypocritical Scarlett From Hell advice column!

By: Loner on 5/24/12 at 3:43

I like Trooper's, "We're here for a good time, not a long time."

By: dargent7 on 5/24/12 at 3:52

Love the name, "Fats Waller". Like Bootsie Randolph.
Muddy Waters.... Now all we've got is Justin Bieber.

By: dargent7 on 5/24/12 at 3:52

Forgot, "Cannonball Adderly".

By: slacker on 5/24/12 at 3:55

''Howlin Wolf''

By: yogiman on 5/24/12 at 4:02

Judging your lack of savory, Beernazi, you could use some sage advice. You wanna join my club?

By: Loner on 5/24/12 at 4:09

Boots Randolph...."Bootsie"?....No way.

Boots was my idol, BTW.

Eddie "Lock Jaw" Davis too.