Up for Debate: Field of candidates for state primaries shapes up

Friday, April 6, 2012 at 2:39am

What do you make of the list of local candidates that's shaping up?

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By: dargent7 on 4/6/12 at 5:14

"Who are those guys...?" Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

By: Kosh III on 4/6/12 at 5:29


By: Captain Nemo on 4/6/12 at 5:34

Ditto Kosh.

By: Kosh III on 4/6/12 at 6:03

Maybe we could talk about the many many jobs bills the Legislature has passed.

O! sorry, there are none. "Never mind."

By: yogiman on 4/6/12 at 6:14

As long as they are legally eligible for the race, so what? Let'um run.

By: dargent7 on 4/6/12 at 6:16

Ferdinand Porsche just died. He developed the VW Beetle and the 911.

By: yogiman on 4/6/12 at 6:16

When did it become part of the legislature's duty to pass job's bills?

By: Loner on 4/6/12 at 6:17

Good morning, Nashville...still waiting for the Saggy, Baggy Pants topic to come up here...that is one very serious and pressing issue in Tennessee....how can the NCP continue to deny the significance of that major piece of legislation? (JK)

The Republicans gerrymandered several Democrats into throwing in their political towels....mission accomplished.

Redistricting, to insure incumbency and easy uncontested elections, is an old trick that goes all the way back to the beginnings of this nation. Politicians soon learned how to defeat the system that the Founders had created...Redistricting - or gerrymandering - is one of the most powerful tools that democracy-hating political parties have in their bag of tools.

When it comes down to deliberately defeating the purposes of our democratic institutions, the major political parties have become very expert over the decades....the Democrats loathe democracy and the Republicans are not small "r" republicans...both parties are built upon undemocratic models and they operate like thugs and fascists, not small "d" democrats.

By: dargent7 on 4/6/12 at 6:20

Ed. Note: The Porsche that died is the grandson, born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1935.
Newsweek regrets the error.

By: dargent7 on 4/6/12 at 6:22

"saggy, baggy..." pants? I'm personally looking forward to those "cavity searches" when I get pulled over for Texting or not wearing a seat belt.

By: Loner on 4/6/12 at 6:24

Yogi has checked the birth certificates of all the candidates...as he always does for every candidate, regardless of their race, creed, color or national origin...and he has pronounced them all fit to run and "eligible"...Yogi is a stickler for the rules....Must be the Yogi-approved candidates are all white guys?

We can only imagine how Yogi, as a prison guard, treated incarcerated people of color...if there is any Karmic justice, one of his former victims will read these NCP boards and figure out who Yogi is and proceed to exact some revenge....that would be poetic justice for a racist like Yogi....what goes around comes around.

By: treehugger7 on 4/6/12 at 6:28

You say redistricting; I say gerrymandering...let's call the whole thing off...sagging pants are a much more important problem...jobs? Who needs 'em?

On another note, I owned two VW bugs and a karmangia--best cars ever!

By: Loner on 4/6/12 at 6:33

A young black mother was pulled over in LA for texting while driving, with her 1-year old daughter on her lap, and 2 other kids unrestrained in the car, as it sped down the LA Freeway...turns out she has a history of MVA's, tickets, non-appearance etc.

They should have let Darwin's Laws take care of the situation? Now the kids are in foster care....the taxpayers are picking up the tab, of course.

Here's the story:


By: Loner on 4/6/12 at 6:45

I owned a 1970 VW convertible...brand new cost = $2,400. Loved that car...with the top down, the wind hit you from behind...some sort of swirl pattern...with my long hair, it was hard to see where I was going at times....those were the days.

By: BenDover on 4/6/12 at 6:47

To clarify, the legislature undid many gerrymandered districts... not the contrary.

And philosophically to a conservative a job's bill is a contradiction in terms because conservatives know government can't provide something to one person without taking away from another so that always turns into a zero sum game where the friction provided by government overhead drags it down to a net loss.

By: Loner on 4/6/12 at 6:55

I see, the Tea Baggers merely restored justice to a Democrat-engineered inequity....gotta hand it to Doctor Dover, he is a spin-meister.

So, if government cannot create jobs without taking away a job from someone and giving that job to another - according to Dr. Dover - then the GOP is also restricted to merely shuffling jobs around, not creating new ones, right?

Government cannot create jobs, according to Dover's Law. Mitt Romney is promising us new and better jobs and prosperity; he is a bold-faced liar, if Ben's theory holds water.

So, Ben, which liar will you vote for?

By: Kosh III on 4/6/12 at 6:59

Yogi: "When did it become part of the legislature's duty to pass job's bills?"

Ramsey said he was "focused like a laser on jobs" (sic) and Haslam and other GOPers during the 2010 elections harped on how they would fix the economy and bring jobs to the state.
Meanwhile, Scott County has an unemployment rate of 19% and over half of all TN counties are over 10% official unemployment.

By: dargent7 on 4/6/12 at 7:00

I bought my 1st Porsche in 1983...a 924.
Last year of production. Had an Audi 4 cyd. engine, only 156 hp, everyone made fun of it....except the chicks who liked the smell of leather in the front seat.
That's if I could get them out of the back seat.

By: slacker on 4/6/12 at 7:18

Rich Corinthian leather, mixed with a midget wearing Hai Karate.. yes those were the days
-R. Montalban

By: yogiman on 4/6/12 at 7:18


You seem to know me better than you know yourself. You call me a racist because I question Barack Obama being the the Oval Office because its obvious he isn't Constitutionally qualified for the position. When did I mention his race? Isn't he a white man? Hell, I voted for a black man instead of John McCain because I couldn't see any difference between him and Obama politically.

So..., why did you vote for Obama? What did you know about him that he earned your vote? What do you know about him today?

The one thing I know about him today that I knew when he was in the race is he's still in that office illegally.

It seems to you I'm a racist on the Obama issue but its okay for you to throw Israel over the hill because you don't like them. If your feelings toward Israel isn't 'racism', what is it, just nation hater?

I would gladly challenge you to find one inmate at the prison where I worked that would claim me to be a racist. If I was a racist, why did they stand with me when another black inmate made an issue with me?

Who was the racist[s]; me, him, or them?

By: BenDover on 4/6/12 at 7:19

Government can create jobs to the degree it gets out of the way and eliminates uncertainty about what the employee will cost an employer loner. That's Mitt's plan I believe. Also putting US tax policy on the same playing field as competitor countries would be a step in the right direction... not that it would create so many jobs as, instead, it would bring some of those that have fled back to our shores.

Coddling the unions has also had a negative effect on our society (short term gain for the unions, long term cost to our society... at the expense of inflation in the cost of the products or services of American companies in the world market and as a hidden tax to our consumers). Monopolies are bad loner... even monopolies of labor when used to ratchet up the salaries far over what the market will bear.

By: Loner on 4/6/12 at 7:25

Right now, I'm scouring the local junkyards looking for a functional VW front axle beam (the whole shebang: torsion bar tubes, shocks, spindles, tie rods, steering box, hubs, bearings, brakes & wheels)...the whole unit is held onto the VW bug's frame by just four bolts...I want that front axle assy. for a project vehicle...2 wheels up front, single rear wheel...Morgan Three-wheeler type of configuration - a tricar.

I plan to use a 4 cylinder Honda 750 motorcycle (sans front fork & wheel assy.) as the motive force. I will use a Formula Vee type tube frame to connect the front end with the business end...the result will be an amidships engine type of single-seat cyclecar.

I have built 4 human-powered trikes using that 2 up front configuration over the years...now, it's time for a trike that can do highway speeds....the lone one is not getting any younger...time to actualize the fantasy?

BTW, here is what a Morgan Three-wheeler looks like...my all-time favorite classic "car":


With a machine like that, you are welcome at car shows and bike shows...I have had the pleasure of sitting in a few Morgan trikes at the Watkins Glen Vintage car race and car show...never got to drive one though....the controls on the vintage ones are very complex, by today's standards...spark advance, manual choke, manual compression release and manual transmission, of course...talk about the ultimate wind-in-the-face sports car...this is it.

By: yogiman on 4/6/12 at 7:25

You're right about one thing, Loner. Yes, I am a "go by the rules" guy. What are rules made for; so men like you could say "to hell with these rules, I'm gonna do it the way I want to"?

Wasn't you taught to "obey" the rules in service? What kind of Army was you in?

Every political office has rules and qualifications for eligibility. Why should they be ignored for one person.

What do you do after they leave office, go back to the official rules department?

By: dargent7 on 4/6/12 at 7:28

Anyone, including myself, who tries/ attempts to "argue" with "yogi" should go get their head examined.
There's so many pressing problems in America, and this jack-ass keeps up with the, "who IS this man, Barack Obama?...no one know's..." bullshit.
He gets his talking points, "usurper", from this nut case in Alaska. Then lies he's never heard of him. Both idiots talk the same story line. By coincidence?
I just hope Obama wins a 2nd term, if only to cause these idiots massive coronaries sitting in their Lazy-Boys with their pajamas around their ankels.

By: Loner on 4/6/12 at 7:33

LOL, Slack...Fantasy Island was huge..."Boss! De plane! De plane!"

They were always non-sexual fantasies...so I gradually quit watching....too sanitized for my decadent tastes....but the rich Corinthian "lay-ther" in the Chrysler Cordoba still resonates with the old one....Smell the rich, Corinthian layther...and pop open a Dos Equis, my friend....life is goood.

By: BenDover on 4/6/12 at 7:35

Sounds like a great project loner. I just walked away from a 50 dodge truck I wanted to rebuild because I just don't have the time right now.

Please put this one together and keep us posted on the progress.

By: Loner on 4/6/12 at 7:40

I had my head examined last night, Darge. Schweeeengg! Whoah boy! Again, life is good.

Activating Ignore Troll function......IT function activated and the green IT lamp is "on".

That should help...the image of these usurper nuts siting in their Lazy Boy recliners...with their PJ's down to their ankles is a strong image, Darge...I need another latte now....thanks.

By: yogiman on 4/6/12 at 7:45

Kosh III,

Finding companies to bring jobs into the state isn't the same as the government creating jobs in the state.

The only jobs the government should create are jobs necessary to operate the government. Otherwise, they can only create a job for one with the money from another because they sure aren't manufacturing anything to sell.

By: Loner on 4/6/12 at 7:46

Will do, Ben..thanks for the encouragement...on a deal like that, the details can be the biggest and toughest issues, or so it seems....this will take a lot of commitment.

Right now I'm restoring one of my human-powered trikes..the one that my grandson dubbed, "The Pimp-mobile"....chicks dig that machine, what can I say? It was my first attempt...built in Boise, Idaho in the late 70's, from old bicycle parts...it's rolling sculpture....it still draws a crowd, wherever I take it.

By: yogiman on 4/6/12 at 7:46

I meant to say "for a profit".

By: slacker on 4/6/12 at 7:53

Other than the government directly hiring a new employee, its only method of job creation is tax subsidies. Subsidies that are now being dealt out to large companies, and corporations, who in turn promise to expand employment. But nothing to the small businesses that actually drive the economy. Unless of course Solyndra is classified small. Maybe the govt. should just do schools, roads, defense, and a safety net for those that can't do for themselves.
The economy will remain stagnant until after the election. As Ben has pointed out, the big money guys are uncertain now of the costs of new employees.

By: yogiman on 4/6/12 at 7:59

You're right on one issue, dargent7. You should have your head examined for accepting Obama to begin with.

May I ask again: What did you know about him that convinced you to vote for him in the highest office in this nation except the color of his skin?

Wanna know what I think? Nothing, except he was claimed to be the first black president of the USA.

In the first place, he isn't the first black president. He is the first Mulatto in office and he certainly isn't in the office legally.

A major point you should see: He probably has killed any consideration for an honest black person to win that office in the near future.

By: slacker on 4/6/12 at 8:11

Loner, I'm sure you will remember the Cushman Eagle. The Eagle, and small Harley bikes, were supreme before the Japanese bike craze. I always wanted one, but couldn't afford it with my paperboy wages. I have a restored one now, but never ride it.
Its just sitting, covered in my garage.

By: Rasputin72 on 4/6/12 at 8:12

The best comment of the day by far was the very first one by Dargent7 at 6:14 AM

"Who are those guys, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"

By: BenDover on 4/6/12 at 8:16

The cronyism is just picking winners and losers for political gain slack. In truth it's the consumer who ends up paying all the taxes on a company if applied uniformly and competition keeps the price of goods in line.

Uniformity in our corporate tax rate with our world competitors would be a move in the right direction because currently we are at a disadvantage with our 35% rate compared to the international norm of around 25%. This also encourages the multi-national companies to realize as much of their income as possible in the more favorable tax jurisdictions overseas. It would be nice to repatriate those operations, jobs, taxes and capital to the US. That doesn't make as good of a sound bite as 'sticking it to the corporations!' though so I"m not holding my breath.

Tax abatements by cities to attract employers can be a really effective tool especially if the company is selling or supporting a service to local consumers. In this case you get the jobs plus the local community benefits from a potentially lower cost of goods. This due to the fact mentioned earlier that companies don't really pay any taxes... it's just a hidden tax to the consumer (as are the tax and regulatory compliance overheads that also serve as barriers to entry against smaller new companies that help lower prices to the consumer with price competition pressure).

By: BenDover on 4/6/12 at 8:17

Cool looking bike, slacker.

By: slacker on 4/6/12 at 8:21

Rasp... Butch & Sundance were of the lower class. Common criminal ''nots'' that took from the ''haves.''

By: slacker on 4/6/12 at 8:24

Thanks Ben. I almost got my old, wrinkled arse killed while riding it, so I retired it.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/6/12 at 8:25

What does a 1 ton pig say?

Here yogi, yogi.

By: Rasputin72 on 4/6/12 at 8:33

sLACKER.......Butch & Sundance took from everybody themselves included. They did keep an eye open at all times for the "Haves". They said "That is who has the money"

A cousin of Butch one time asked him why he robbed pillaged and stole? He is reported to have said, " I do not like work enough to engage in that"

By: Captain Nemo on 4/6/12 at 8:33

Did anybody other than Loner read oldgulph post yesterday?

By: dargent7 on 4/6/12 at 8:33

The term, "Mullato" is clearly racist.
But, I guess calling him a "******" is too blunt.
After all, your relentless yammerings about, "who is this man?", is old, tired, and expired.
What will you yahoo's do when he's re-elected?
Keep the faith?

By: dargent7 on 4/6/12 at 8:37

TCP edited out my racial slur, the "N" word, Detroit style, yet let in, "yahoo's".
The Tennessean edits out, "honky-tonk" to describe a bar downtown, Nashville.

By: Moonglow1 on 4/6/12 at 8:37

Moonglow1: forget the corporate tax rate Multinationals are awash in cash. Instead of creating jobs they are spending $$$$ on super PACs. Why spend money on employees when they can spend it on lobbyists to influence legislation like favorable tax law.
Gimme a break: US companies are losing to a Communist Chinese government (free enterprise wink wink) system. It has nothing to do with taxes. Our companies cannot compete against low wage Chinese workers, Chinese subsidies to their companies, and all things Chinese govt including R&D which they steal from us.

Also no baggy pants because the TN yahoos (our esteemed legislators) are laser focused on sex and guns. They could be making policy decisions to foster job growth but they don't have what it takes. Oh yes, creationism is in their along with the sex and guns. Now if they could believe in creationism as a means to create jobs or improve the environment but no it's sex they love to discuss. Ya gotta hand it to them God fearing Bible thumping Teas.

By: Kosh III on 4/6/12 at 8:38

The tax rate is bogus. They don't pay those percentages; they pay little or none(e.g. GE, Exxon) because they have bought off Congress to give them special rights to avoid taxes. You know: loopholes, credits, off-sets, subsidies etc.

Plus, Ben and Yogi avoid my point: the GOP ran on promises to "focus like a laser on jobs" and the economy and they have instead focused on the the usual three" God, gays, and guns, plus now a 4th: sex.

By: Moonglow1 on 4/6/12 at 8:43

Moonglow1: so Yogi was a prison guard. Well he should know all about the Prison Industrial Complex. Did he work for CCA or for the state. Daron Hall our Sheriff likes to deport illegals. Perhaps Yogi could petition Daron to "investigate" our President and deport him to Africa or where ever Yogi thinks he belongs. I guess Yogi has conducted many cavity searches. And not talking dental!!

By: slacker on 4/6/12 at 8:43

Ben, of course a business passes tax costs on to the consumer. And the consumer can then rationalize .. well the govt. is giving tax concessions to Dolly, so I can go to the snow park paying a lower admittance fee. ''How lucky am I'' Ben, you know that's B/S
Wait till you see your new tax hike at the condo.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/6/12 at 8:48

Moonglaw1, yogi is an old boy scout, a weatherman…..

By: slacker on 4/6/12 at 8:48

Moonglow1.. yogi was the heel in the movie: ''The Green Mile'' his first acting gig doncha know.
''What happens at the Green Mile, stays at the Green mile.

By: BenDover on 4/6/12 at 8:50

It's the cat house that keeps killing me on taxes, Slack. It seems I'm the sole oasis in a desert of surrounding devaluation. For some reason in all of this housing collapse I keep taking huge hits with higher taxes on the net valuation reassessments.