Up for Debate: Full audio or push for state income tax?

Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 2:01am

The state GOP is using an audio recording to raise concerns that a Democratic candidate, who claims her remarks were taken out of context, is supporting a state income tax. Which side do you believe? Bonus question: What's your reaction to news of a deal between the NFL and its locked-out officials?

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By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 8:33

Blanket -Trolls will post any & everything to try to get attention, then when truth backfires on them, they try more tales to cover up the first ones.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 9/27/12 at 8:34

Yeah, like bud who can't keep a job and is sue happy.

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 8:36

Loner - LOL - I will start watching for a grey poupon stained ascot when I travel that area. I have wondered if, those stains are from drooling or just sloppy eating.

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 8:39

Blanket - If she has worked all that many jobs, as claimes, but never long enough to draw much SS, now that she is old enough, that would really rub a troll the wrong way.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 9/27/12 at 8:41

It's funny that those are the two that are crying so much over the "47%." What a couple of hypocrits.

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 8:43

That's what Romney seem to draw!

By: yogiman on 9/27/12 at 8:43


Not that it's any of your business, I worked for the government 38 years (counting my 7 year in the Navy). You have to pay into social security for 10 years to earn in. If you're old enough you should know the government employees had a different retirement program than the civilian employees back them.

When they placed everyone (but themselves) on the social security program the government employees had a choice: Stay with what you have or transfer to Social Security. I chose to stay on my federal retirement program.

After I retired from the guvmunt I went to work on civilian jobs. I had paid too damn much in the SS program to give in to people like you. So I went back to work to keep it for myself.

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 8:44


By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 8:44

Bfra, there is a little woods where Whorley Drive and Priest Lake Drive meet....behind the Lakeview Elementary Design Center....check that area for discarded, empty, Grey Poupon jars...that's Rasp's dining area....the overpass lair is where he beds down for the evening....after a satisfying meal of fish sticks, Grey Poupon and rotgut gin....but for the grace of G-d, there go you or I.

By: yogiman on 9/27/12 at 8:46

Yep, B2, I get a job security I worked 38 years to earn. How many years have you worked to earn your handout?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 9/27/12 at 8:48

Nice try, but I don't accept nor need handouts. What about your subsidy payments? Did you forget about those? Would you like me to show you to remind you?

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 8:51

Loner - You know more about that area than I do, LOL

Will keep a look out!

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 8:57

Hypocrites? FOX News is now praising the NFL for coming to its senses and ditching the owner's union-busting scheme.....they now sound almost like advocates for collective bargaining....FOX has a vested interest in seeing the integrity of the NFL maintained....FOX is no fan of labor unions....unless it benefits their bottom line.


Notice however, that the story's headline makes it look like it was the refs, not the owners who were staging the lockout...this spins a lockout to look like a strike....typical of FOX....unfair & unbalanced.

By: budlight on 9/27/12 at 9:01

Loner, the Bell Road overpass is on Bell Road (Duh) and it runs under I24 which is miles from Priest lake Drive.

Wrong again!

You know blanket, you are the typical democrat; I honestly can't figure out why you would want to even explore a link showing where people received payments. Unless of course, you are evil. Bingo!

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 9:04

Well Bfra, I used my crystal balls to locate Rasp's "residence".....my crystalline spheres of clairvoyance are more accurate and informative than Google Maps.....I should host a site on which I put my balls to work....earning top dollar for my sage advice....then I could join the one-percenters....But no, my balls will only be used for the good of mankind, not for mundane and selfish pecuniary gain.....I have my standards.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 9/27/12 at 9:06

I can't stand liars, thieves and hypocrits.

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 9:08


By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 9:09

Loner - Your expertise is appreciated!

By: brrrrk on 9/27/12 at 9:10

budlight said

"No one collecting what they have been told they would collect are getting charity. They paid into it.

It's the people who never contributed who are the hypocrites."

That's right.... all those children receiving Social Security because they had a parent pass away (like Paul Ryan I might add) and all those people who are severely disabled receiving Social Security..... they have no business collecting benefits.

By: dargent7 on 9/27/12 at 9:10

BF: I am very familiar with the Detrot area. Hoffa was last seen eating at a restaurant in Bloomfields, MI which is very close to Romney's Cranbook school where he hazed students. 15th and Telegraph and Cranbrook is Long Lake, (18th)and Vaughn Rd.
Let's see the Birther's attack that statement.

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 9:10

Bud, I'm talking about where Bell Rd. overpasses Priest Lake Drive....near Whorley Drive, not where Bell Rd and I24 intersect....my balls do not lie...go to your friend tonight...take Grey Poupon, cheap gin and halibut-flavored fish sticks....my balls say that if you do this, you will enjoy a romantic evening, with intimacy and carnal pleasure.

Now, the orbs grow dim....that is all the spheres have to say....take it, or leave it.

By: budlight on 9/27/12 at 9:11

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 9:39
Blanket - If she has worked all that many jobs, as claimes, but never long enough to draw much SS, now that she is old enough, that would really rub a troll the wrong way.

Actually dinkwad, my check is quite hefty for someone who didn't hold a job. The irony is that in 2008 through 2012 I held the highest paying job I've ever had and the SS amount did go up. However, I am not on SS; I don't go on SS Retirement until October 29 of this year. I have, however, been enjoying the WELFARE check for disability. Of course, I'd rather not be disabled. But am glad that I paid into the fund from the time I was 18 years old. Guess my 99 jobs have paid off very well.

And at least I wasn't bored all these years - drudgingly going to the same old, same old job day in and day out - minute by minute dreading every single excruciating hour and minute of my job. LIKE YOU, bfra!

Priest Lake Drive - hey get that Dance Studio Sign out of your yard; it's illegal. And tear down that fence; it ain't in the bylaws (unless you entered it illegally - as I suppose you did).

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 9:12

Blanket - Ditto on your 10:06 comment. Some people lie when the truth would suit better.

By: brrrrk on 9/27/12 at 9:13


If you've ever seen Bud, your orbs would indeed grow dim...... :-)

By: Blanketnazi2 on 9/27/12 at 9:14

Or at least you'd pray that they would.

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 9:15


By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 9:17

Wonder if bud has fever with those fits?

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 9:18

Thanks for the street smarts input, D7.

Hmmmm...the recently released from prison Jimmy Hoffa was last seen chowing down at a restaurant, near the exclusive boarding school that Willard "Scissors" Romney attended.....perhaps, the human skeleton that Cranbrook used, in its Biology and Anatomy classes, was Hoffa's skeleton? It was a union-hating, all-scab school. Let's check the DNA.

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 9:21

Thank you, Bfra for your 10:09....flattery will get you everywhere.

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 9:27

Thanks for the heads-up on Bud's orb appeal, Brrrk.....Miss December 1966 may now look like Miss Halloween 2012.....I know that I went from looking like James Bond to Willie Nelson....aging may not be all that welcome, but it's a whole lot better than the alternative.....T-shirt idea: Aging Is Better Than Decomposing.

By: Rasputin72 on 9/27/12 at 9:31

My housekeeper of three days a week takes great delight in hearing me chuckle after I read some of these comments. She said to me, "Mr.Rasputin you sho nuff gets a lot of delight from aggravating those peoples." "How comes you likes to aggravate those peoples"?

I said to her, "It keeps me humble to know that I am in concert with the future majority of this country." She probably did not understand, but she devotedly said, "I is sure you knows best." I then said, "You are too kind"

By: brrrrk on 9/27/12 at 9:41


Who the hell is your "housekeeper".... Butterfly McQueen?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 9/27/12 at 9:45

That's actually his home health care aid from Care All. The one his Medicare is paying for.

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 9:48

brrrrk - I think his housekeeper talk was more his usual speak, not the put on, pompous talk he puts on the board.

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 9:56

I used my crystal balls to get an image of Rasp's "Housekeeper"....I patched my balls into my PC, using a modified universal business adapter, I reconfigured the result into a jpg.......enjoy!


Now, with Grey Poupon.

By: pswindle on 9/27/12 at 10:02

Gov. Haslam stepped into a great situation , thanks to Gov. Bredensen. If we had not had a smart man in contol of TN, we woould have been in terrible trouble. Gov. Bredensen guided this state through a great recession without a state sales tax. No one wants a sales tax, and stop editing your litle dirty tricks to win an election. I hope that TN is waking up to the nuts and crooks that we have in this state.

By: budlight on 9/27/12 at 10:06

Blanketnazi2 on 9/27/12 at 9:48
Nice try, but I don't accept nor need handouts. What about your subsidy payments? Did you forget about those? Would you like me to show you to remind you?

Yogi, what did I tell you? Can you say "trust fund baby" three times without studdering. Her grandpa is her source of wealth.

D7, I just read on line that Florida is the first state to pass a law which say if one is on welfare, they must pass a drug test. Ooops! Now all those druggies on welfare in FL are going to move to TN. You are moving south at the right time cause I know you work.

By the way, your friend on Broadway who knows me said to tell you goodbye in case he/she doesn't see you.

Loner, Which side of Bell road do you mean? Where is the over pass? Start at Murfreesboro Road and Bell and direct me from there. Priest Lake Drive is off Anderson Road and Cuts Through to Smith Springs (or at least the one I'm talking about does).

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 10:08

If anyone wants to take it up a notch, we are discussing a Reuters article here;


The Headline is: Netanyahu to set "clear red line" for Iran in U.N. speech

The board's posters seems to be well-informed, articulate and on-topic.

Who is this pompous ass Netanyahu to think that he can set the trigger-mechanism for more Holy War at Israel's behest? This A-hole got 29 standing ovations before a joint session of Congress last year....Bibi, not Obama, will determine how this plays out.

Bibi is losing support at home...he could be desperate and he could foolishly order an attack on Iran, hoping to solidify his national support, as is usual in wartime.

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 10:09


By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 10:11

Loner from New York, enlighten poor ole bud, she doesn't know where she lives. No wonder she can't find a job.

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 10:15

Bud....I explained what my balls said...there is an overpass in the Bell Rd/Priest Lake Drive point of intersection....it's not a huge, palatial, interstate type of overpass...more of the "bungalow" level in under-bridge residences....look there and you will find your soulmate....my balls are now dark and cold...I shan't excite them again, simply to obtain the specifics on a troll's domicile....my orbs have spoken....now begone!

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 10:32

Raspy's 3 day housekeeper: Camelot should have a full staff, inclucing a jester, oh wait, Raspy is the jester.

By: bfra on 9/27/12 at 10:34

s/h/b = including

By: Captain Nemo on 9/27/12 at 10:40

Sorry I had a doctors appointment Blanket, but I am doing great.

By: Captain Nemo on 9/27/12 at 10:43

If we go by what bud recommends as middle class, then she is one low class troll.


By: Captain Nemo on 9/27/12 at 10:46

Loner your 9:32 post is just great. lol

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 10:48

My NCP screen has an anti-Obama ad in the upper right-hand corner. The ad claims that Obama "Won't Defend The Unborn". Anyone else have that on their screen?

Somebody ought to use that same tactic on Bishop Romney...he won't defend the unborn Israeli fetus, but he defends Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. Romney is a statist, not a right-to-lifer.

Romney defends an Israeli woman's right to choose....he does not defend an American woman's right to choose..

Romney's has visited Israel 12 times, he must know about the state-sponsored, Israeli abortion clinics and the estimated 50,000/year abortion rate.

A link to this Israeli right-to-life site should be in the anti-Romney ad:


Some Democratic Super PAC could run an ad like that...the Democratic Party never would.

By: Captain Nemo on 9/27/12 at 10:55

since we cut yogi off, budlight rushes in to fell the void.

By: Loner on 9/27/12 at 10:55

Thanks Cap'n....Bud is disputin' the domicile of Rasputin....could you kindly verify the veracity of my crystalline spheres of clairvoyance? Thanks.

By: Captain Nemo on 9/27/12 at 10:56

Rasputin pays his three day a week housekeeper to laugh at him. Now that is something to brag about.