Up for Debate: Graphic photos of NYC shooting

Friday, August 24, 2012 at 5:40pm

Two people were killed and several others were injured following a shooting outside of the Empire State Building in New York Friday morning. In the process of reporting on the shooting, The New York Times ran a graphic photo of one of those shot dead on a sidewalk — a submitted photo that showed blood spilling from the apparent targeted victim of the shooting. Click here for a Poynter article discussing the choice to publish the photos, complete with an explanation from the paper. The Times also ran a photo, though more abstract, of the suspected shooter, who had been shot and killed by authorities. Reuters also ran a slideshow of similar photos on its website Friday.

What are your thoughts on the decisions to publish these photos? Do they add to the public discourse (on gun control, for example), or simply grab attention? Does publishing the photos do a disservice to the dead and their families? Would you have published them?

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By: gdiafante on 8/27/12 at 1:01

Darge, I think his two sons were killed in 2003 or something. As far as Saddam, wasn't the footage from a phone? Not sure how you would blame Bush for that getting out...I don't see that any different than the photos of Mussolini hanging upside down and then being dragged around the streets. Not many baby boomers were upset about that...

Maybe we've just become overly sensitized wusses...

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/27/12 at 2:14

I remember watching a documentary about the Vietnam War and that part of the reason why there was such outcry is that it was the first major war that had been televised. It's good for the public to see what is happening. Showing flag covered coffins is a far cry from showing dead bodies on a battlefield.

By: yogiman on 8/27/12 at 2:28

Well, bfra,

I believe your buddy Barry still has us in war since the day he went it office... even though he said he was going ta end the wars. Why hasn't he?

Want to know a little more about him? go to dailycaller.com/2012/08/26/leaders-with-ginni=thomas-anita-moncrief-acorn-whistle-vlower/

This young woman tells is like it is on Obama. And by the way, she's a young black woman.

By: yogiman on 8/27/12 at 2:31

Hell, dargent7,

What do you think you can do with 2 being dead? Are you as dumb as those guys?

By: yogiman on 8/27/12 at 2:34

That's whistle-blower/. Hit the wrong key.

By: FaceBook:Emmett... on 8/28/12 at 1:10

The perpetrator only shot the person he meant to shoot, The cops shot 9 other people. And I've heard stories that this wasn't a grudge over the guy losing his job but it was a "jilted lover" thing. If that's so, they don't want that to get out I don't think.