Up for Debate: Harwell opposes arming teachers

Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 1:40am

What do you think about House Speaker Beth Harwell's comments regarding arming teachers and moving forward on gun bills in the Tennessee General Assembly?

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By: Captain Nemo on 12/20/12 at 10:42

Old Roy raised better idiots that your folks could ever hope to do.

Kyle Pyle-

Now see what you started, Blanket. ;-)

By: frodo on 12/20/12 at 10:44

Captain, I don't know about Paradise Ridge...had to look it up to find where it is. But now that I see the location, I wouldn't be much surprised if what you suggest is true. I asked a good man from North Nashville to come up to Joelton to do some work for me. The poor guy was shaking like a leaf, afraid he'd turn into the wrong driveway and be blown away with a shotgun. Makes me sad. But he did a great job, and I hope he'll be brave (and safe) enough to come up the hill past Paradise Ridge again.

By: bfra on 12/20/12 at 10:45

g - That is the only way he can get any notice. He would have to be the stupidest troll on this Earth to believe what he post. On second thought, he has proved that again & again.

By: Moonglow1 on 12/20/12 at 10:45

Moonglow1: If the tea nuts think teachers should be armed then following that flawed logic so should the clergy, nurses and doctors, the mailman, the school crossing guard, the grocery store clerks, and Santa Claus...

These NRA Tea gun nuts are just that: NUTS. The whole world is watching the USA and thinking "wow, they really are crazy."

The NRA has hoodwinked the people. Their agenda is to increase gun sales for gun makers. And they do so by employing the "Second Amendment Tactic. " And it works because obviously the American public is dumb. Plain and simple.

By: Captain Nemo on 12/20/12 at 10:47

I have met a few of those nutty people up there myself, frodo. It is best to have friends that know there way around. LOL

By: Moonglow1 on 12/20/12 at 10:55

Moonglow1: Budlight 9:10 post
You must be joking right? You are giving the Huckabee logic if it can be called logic...God really?? No prayers in schools so God commanded that kid to shoot his mother and then shoot little kids at a school.

Come on Bud...are you really that dumb.

We need to ban semi automatics. I should be free to walk around without crazies shooting at me.

According to you, if a person hasn't gone to church or is an aethiest then someone with an assault rifle can "take the person out." Wow, you and others like you are crazy. " I hope you are not "carrying. "

By: Captain Nemo on 12/20/12 at 11:14

Moonglow, bud is that dumb and then some.I’m sure she is carrying. Now if she is legal to carry, is another question.

Amend and pass the ammo, must be tattoo on her butt.

By: Moonglow1 on 12/20/12 at 11:56

Moonglow 1: LOL Captain!!

By: dargent7 on 12/20/12 at 1:05

This is such a mundane sophmoric topic for discussion.
Newton, Conn. happened, just 1 week after another, 4 weeks after that one, and 2 months after the CO. one.
The NRA has a "major announcement" slated for tomorrow....
Guess what?
A hundred bucks LaPeirre says the recent spate of mass shootings PROVES all Americans need to be ARMED....extended clips, 9mm semi-automatics, assault rifles, sawed off shot guns.
Any takers on that bet?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/20/12 at 1:08

I'd say that's a pretty good prediction, dargent. The wackos on this site are defending the guy in FL that had a concealed weapon permit and shot a person at a pizza restaurant for being disgruntled.

By: gdiafante on 12/20/12 at 1:25

I have no idea what the big announcement is, but surely they can't be that stupid. Not with the outcry concerning assault weapons, most from gun owners themselves.

If they wanted to present themselves as part of the discussion and not just a mouthpiece for the lunatic fringe, they would acknowledge that some weapons have no business being owned by civilians.

By: dargent7 on 12/20/12 at 1:33

The NRA will NEVER give into any type of ban. Of any type of weapon.
LaPeirre is currently on the air giving hints that all these mass shootings PROVES all Americans need guns, everywhere.
If he recapitulates and acknowledges America needs to ban assault rifles and extended magazines, I'll faint, then renounce my membership in Scientology and become a Hare Krishna.
Or worse, rededicate my faith in the Catholic Church.

By: yogiman on 12/20/12 at 1:34

Speak for yourself, gdiafante. You are one of the biggest "throw it at him" on the subject but you haven't given me an answer either. Why? Because you don't have one? If you did, I'm sure you would have thrown it down my throat at the beginning.

I'll ask the question differently and maybe you can understand it better: How can three men run for the US President's office, all three of them have fathers who were born in a foreign nation and the candidates themselves were all born in the US (We think. We only know of two that willingly showed their birth certificates). What law makes the one that refuses to show his birth certificate exempt from the other two?

Thanks in advance for your answer, gdiafante. I'm looking forward for it.

By: gdiafante on 12/20/12 at 1:39

sigh...speaking of people too stupid for their own good.

By: bfra on 12/20/12 at 1:39

gdiafante - Your comments have made the most sense about guns & assault weapons. There is no reason for an average citizen to own an assault weapon. It was a stupid move when they removed the ban.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/20/12 at 1:40

Indeed, g. There's still potential that he'll win a Darwin Award during Christmas.

By: bfra on 12/20/12 at 1:40

Blanket - He isn't even smart enough for that.

By: dargent7 on 12/20/12 at 1:41

Want proof the Earth/ World/ Universe may end tomorrow?
A Co. is selling 'Bullet Proof Backpacks" and body armor for 5 year olds....
BT Barnum, "A sucker is born every minute..." No offense, yogi.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/20/12 at 1:41

Go ahead and spoil my hopes on that, bfra!

By: bfra on 12/20/12 at 1:42

Neanderthal maybe?

By: dargent7 on 12/20/12 at 1:45

Let us not forget gD is a former Marine.
He knows how to fire a weapon. He has panache' when it comes to this discussion.
All know is how to open is a book.

By: yogiman on 12/20/12 at 1:57

It's funny, kids. It should only take a simple answer for you experts (as I use the term loosely).

You think I'm too stupid to want to know who is in the White House? Just because you don't don't know who he is and don't care who in the hell he is? I still want to know and you still don't have an answer. If you did, I'm sure you would have "throwed" that rock at me at the beginning.

And I'll compare my intelligence with y'all any time (except on computer operation). That is, unless you're all fellow communists with him. It's beginning to look like it.

By: gdiafante on 12/20/12 at 2:02

You've had the answer thrown at you many times, yogi. Even though it's a very simple answer, it's obviously over your head. So why should we care? You're old and stupid and you'll be that way until you die.

Who cares...

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/20/12 at 2:03

Too dumb to comprehend the answers that were repeatedly given to him. I don't give a rat's a$$ about some silly old redneck.

By: dargent7 on 12/20/12 at 2:15

At least Larry Hagman had the decency to check out of the planet at 82.
And he was somebody.
Yogi? Earth to yogi.

By: bfra on 12/20/12 at 2:24

A nobody, put on this Earth for no other reason than to be stupid must live forever.

By: yogiman on 12/20/12 at 2:26

The only answer any of you have given is he was born in Hawaii and Hawaii was a state and that made him eligible to run for the office. When was he relieved of his dual-citizenship?

If the hospital shown on his "birth certificate" didn't exist in 1961, how could it be shown as the hospital he was born in? Why hasn't the Hawaiian mayor shown his birth certificate as he said he would when he went in office?

If Obama was born in Hawaii (which you don't actually know, do you?) and he was eligible for the office with a British subject his father, why did y'all claim Romney and Santoram (who were born in other states of the USA) not eligible because their fathers weren't born in the US?

I'm still looking forward to your ignorant explanations.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/20/12 at 2:30

How many times have we answered this?! God what an idiot!

By: bfra on 12/20/12 at 2:34

Blanket - There is no cure for stupid!

By: slacker on 12/20/12 at 2:36

nazi, now you see why there is still a stigma against mental illness. lol

By: bfra on 12/20/12 at 2:46

The kook has threatened half the posters on here with his gun. In his mentall state, he shouldn't even be allowed to own a slingshot, with a permit.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/20/12 at 3:29

slacker, you definitely have a point! He knows he's been given answers, he's just desperate for attention. He's a needy a-hole for sure.

By: slacker on 12/20/12 at 3:50

Yeah.. I regret mocking him, but scrolling over his repetitious birther posts gets annoying.
I believe he seriously thinks he's engaging in debate. The poor soul's naivety is hard to grasp.

By: bfra on 12/20/12 at 3:56

For all the Teapubs on here:


By: yogiman on 12/20/12 at 3:59

B2, and you others,

If you all know you've given me the correct answer, and you feel free to boast of my ignorance, how about considering my ignorance and one of you giving me that answer again.

By: slacker on 12/20/12 at 4:13

I've got your answer..right here!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/20/12 at 4:30

slacker, I don't know if it's senility, naivety or just garden variety obnoxiousness.

By: yogiman on 12/20/12 at 5:06

Funny, isn't it, you call me ignorant because I ask a question. You claim to have answered it but refuse to repeat your answer to this "ignorant old man". If I'm as ignorant as you claim, why do you continue to refuse to repeat the answer you claim to have given me so this old man will finally get to know it? You know, repeat and you'll remember. Could it possibly be because you don't have the answer? Or could it possibly be because you can't remember what your answer was before and don't want to admit it.

I see you as one of two ways: You are ignorant on the issue or you are fellow communist with the man because you're using a communist skim to ridicule me. It ain't working, kids.

By: Captain Nemo on 12/20/12 at 5:58

Blanket it is a senile, naive, super obnoxious giant dumb ass

By: Ask01 on 12/20/12 at 7:20

Regarding our resident troll, Ron White expressed the sentiment best when he declared, "you can't fix stupid." Enough on that subject.

A total ban on weapons would be as successful as prohibition and the current war on drugs. Even I realize the reality of the situation.

Prohibiting the future sale of certain classes of weapons, ammunition, and magazines or clips for those weapons is more practical on the hardware side of the issue.

At the same time, I believe we need more intense training and stricter psychological testing for potential buyers. This should also include background checks for family members checking for violent episodes, a criminal past, or documented mental health issues.

That all said, I agree with Speaker Harwells opposition to arming teachers on the same grounds as my morning post. Not that women, being the majority of teachers, cannot or will not take the proper action, but I question the logistics of where to store a weapon safely among children while maintaining easy access if needed quickly.

Another concern is the certain confusion when first responders arrive and multiple people have weapons and are firing. Quick, pick out the bad guy!

I've said before and will repeat, both camps need to calmly discuss the issue. Gun enthusiasts need to accept changes are coming, and if they resist too strongly, the public will turn on them. Anti gun folks need to realize they will never see all guns taken away in America. That will never happen, but they can advocate for stricter requirements and increased access for the mentally ill.

Just my opinion.

By: yogiman on 12/20/12 at 8:05

I disagree with Ron White to a point, Ask01. You can fix a stupid person by educating them.

I do agree it's hard to fix a stupid person. That's why I'm finding so hard to teach you and your fellow posters how stupid you are by accepting a man as your president when you don't even know his legitimate name or where he was born. You don't even know if he's an American citizen, let natural born citizen with a Kenyan British subject. (stupid = lacking interest of point (you don't care)).

I'll repeat my stupid question(s): How did he become a natural born citizen with a British subject father? If he was a natural born citizen, how did he keep that status when he became an Indonesian citizen?

You all apparently like his secrets.

By: bfra on 12/21/12 at 7:04

Well I knew this new board had to get "SOILED" sometime!