Up for Debate: Huntsman bows out

Sunday, January 15, 2012 at 11:27pm

Does Jon Huntsman's announcement to get out of the race for the GOP nomination surprise you at all? How does the pack stack up now?

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By: yogiman on 1/16/12 at 7:44


I believe we have more phonies on this site than Obama can imagine. I used to think I was 'arguing' with some intelligent idiots until they convinced me I was wrong.

Anyone who can't see what Obama is and is doing can only be a fellow communist to him. But they aren't alone. We have a congress full of them.

By: ACitizen on 1/17/12 at 12:11

A Citizen
Sorry to see him go. Thought he was the best of the Republicans in terms of a reasonable approach to government and knowing what government should, and more importantly, should not do.

By: spooky24 on 1/17/12 at 8:20

Scott Peterson was a sociopath who, like all of them, never learn from their mistakes because in their mind mistake are something other people do.
Although he will never top the stupid Menendez brothers-"Hey-we blew daddy's head off now lets spent a million dollars of his money in six months"-Scott is in the top 5 in the stupidest murders for gain ever. Scott didn't want the child so in his mind it was OK to kill it-for which he got the death penalty for killing an unborn child.
Oh I forgot to mention that Eric and Lyle father deserved 6 shotgun blast to his head-most people think they should have gotten metals.


By: Moonglow1 on 1/17/12 at 10:47

Moonglow1: perhaps Huntsman dropped out of the race because his billionaire father and PAC man to his son's campaign thought that his son was a poor "investment."

Or perhaps the Mormon's held a pow wow and decided that Romney should be "the one."

Some deal was struck somewhere. He was a voice of reason amidst a sea of turbulent raging ego-lead fools.