Up for Debate: Manning Mania descends on Nashville

Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 1:36am

Could Peyton Manning really end up a Titan? Should he? Would that be good or bad for Jake Locker — not to mention Matt Hasselbeck?

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By: bfra on 3/15/12 at 2:01

yogi said - I didn't know we had that kind of feeble minds in Tennessee.

You got to be kidding! Right?

By: Captain Nemo on 3/15/12 at 2:09

Shut the HELL old fogi.

By: gdiafante on 3/15/12 at 2:20

Feeble minds...in Tennessee???

I see that the state legislature wasted taxpayer money today passing a resolution that Peyton should sign with the Titans...

By: yogiman on 3/15/12 at 2:21

Damn! I'm sorry, bfra, I forgot about you.

By: brrrrk on 3/15/12 at 2:26

gdiafante said

"Feeble minds...in Tennessee???

I see that the state legislature wasted taxpayer money today passing a resolution that Peyton should sign with the Titans..."

HOLY SHIT!!! I thought you were kidding!!


By: gdiafante on 3/15/12 at 2:28

Brrrrk, I never kid in regards to the stupidity of this state...

By: yogiman on 3/15/12 at 2:31

Who's afraid of whom? For the first time in history the US Secretary of Defense, currently Leon Panetta, ordered the Marines coming to his "meeting" on a trip to Afghanistan come in unarmed.

Doesn't he trust those men? So why should they trust him?

By: dargent7 on 3/15/12 at 2:33

Interesting Division:
Yesterday, I called the soldier, in Afghanistan, who went house to house at mid-night, and shot 9 children in their heads, then tried to set the houses on fire, then returned to his baracks, an "Asshole". I typed it, A**hole.
The Tennessean, "banned me for life" because of that characterization.
And people complain it's a, "leftist propaganda machine..."
Yet, TN will vote for Rick Sanitarium.

By: gdiafante on 3/15/12 at 2:36

Speaking of stupidity in Tennessee...Yogi, I suggest you look up the term "Tinderbox" and then think about the situation in Afghanistan.

And if this still doesn't light the dimmed bulb above your grape you can search for conspiracy theories on the net and leave the serious discussion for the adults.

By: yogiman on 3/15/12 at 2:36

Tennessee isn't alone in stupidity, gdiafante. I'd say you could just take your pick and there wouldn't be much difference in any of them.

We don't have too many intelligent people in politics, you know.

By: gdiafante on 3/15/12 at 2:37

It was the astericks, darge. It confused them. They thought you were speaking Muslim.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/15/12 at 2:53

Shut up yogi, you are going to trip over your nose.

By: bfra on 3/15/12 at 3:04

Never understood all the hype over Peyton! He finally won 1 superbowl, could not win the title for TN, plays like there is a chip on his shoulder & every error is somebody's fault but his. Brother has the same mo, but so did daddy Archie when he played.

As for the Manning resolution, that's just our politicians showing their ignorance.

By: bfra on 3/15/12 at 3:06

It was the astericks, darge. It confused them. They thought you were speaking Muslim.

By: brrrrk on 3/15/12 at 3:06

bfra said

"As for the Manning resolution, that's just our politicians showing their ignorance."

It shines like a bright light for all the world to see.

By: BenDover on 3/15/12 at 3:23

The ** is a universal sign for t!tt!es. Since it's not breast awareness month you were snipped d'arge. A pair of tIttIes in the @$$ word is beyond pale.

It's part of the back-lash against the War on Women. Don't feel bad they castrated Bill Maher too.

First they came for the foul mouth comedian; and I did nothing because I'm not a foul mouthed comedian.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/15/12 at 3:39

I have been hearing about UT offering hims a job. Go Green Bay!!!

By: Loner on 3/15/12 at 3:55

Welcome back, Captain Nemo....you've been gone for a few days.

Darge, I am officially banned on the Jerusalem Post and unofficially banned on every other Israeli site. Israeli trolls follow me on every Disqus board.

Banning unpopular views is a hallmark of police states and government-controlled media....a lot of that censorship stuff is creeping into our American values system...we are becoming like the Israelis - full of fear, loathing and righteous indignation....religious zealots willing to sacrifice liberty and freedom for the illusion of safety.

The CNN site that I referred to this morning went ahead and removed nearly every post I left there....I had criticized the Israeli government and Rick Santorum's embrace of apartheid Zionism. Here's the URL for that:


Apparently, the censors at CNN did not appreciate some of my views and my quips: CNN = Cute News Now and CNN - News Jews Can Use.

No sense of humor at CNN....it's the Helen Thomas effect.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/15/12 at 4:00

Thanks Loner. My work has kept me very busie (sic)lol

By: Captain Nemo on 3/15/12 at 4:03

I just don’t understand some people Loner. I find you to most charming. ;- )

By: Loner on 3/15/12 at 4:21

Why shucks....now, I'm blushing....I appreciate the kind word, Captain....every poster here has his or her own "charm".

Off to the YMCA for my work-out...see y'all later.....(blame Romney for the resurgence of the "y'all")

By: govskeptic on 3/15/12 at 6:46

Kosh I'm afraid that TSU education has taught you a lot of history that might
be unique to their selected history books and point of view of the professors!
Your comments on the French Revolution, and other world history events
all seems to be slavery based! As to the Republican remarks they reflect
the same tired BS that you find on any democrat leaning TV station or
Nashville newspaper. Grow up, and diversify your source material !

By: Loner on 3/15/12 at 6:55

Govseptic lectures Kosh as to suggested reading material?

The septic one prefers works by 19th century Austrian intellectuals....like Theodor Herzl. Yeah, there's some substantive reading material....the Master Plan for Humanity on Planet Earth.....Divinely Sanctioned literature...that's for sure.

By: BenDover on 3/15/12 at 8:06

The fact that history is rewritten by the particular orator or teacher is an established fact. What's interesting now is that it's re-written as soon as it happens now. I'm dizzy from the spin cycle... and though I'm no brainiac, I'm not an idiot either; but it seems how quickly someone addresses their critics is more important, anymore, than absolute right and wrong.

By: Loner on 3/15/12 at 8:26

According to the Texas Board of Education approved "history" text books, thousands of blacks volunteered to serve with the Confederacy...they were that enamored with states rights....the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery etc.

Oh yeah, "history" is a complete crock.

The GOP is not just anti-women, anti-GLBT and anti-Hispanic....it's anti-science and anti-historical fact. Nixon's outreach to the Southern bigots has finally come home to roost....the Republicans are now buggered by their own hate....they hate Mormonism, so they cannot rally around the only GOP candidate with any chance to unseat President Obama...it's poetic justice....live by hatred, die by hatred.

Stand by for four more years of BHO!

By: BenDover on 3/15/12 at 8:57

loner... I don't have an ounce of hate in me... why do you pile-on criticize the way you do? You need another shtick... I'm a red-neck with African American grandbabies. I raised my kids color-blind. You are re-living the 60s over and over and it's not pertinent anymore. I love you brother but the frame of reference is a little off right here.

By: Loner on 3/15/12 at 9:12

I love you too, Ben....but you know that a lot of residual hate is still in the Old Confederacy....and Tricky Dick exploited that hate for political gain...and the Republican Party is now paying a price for their embrace of white supremacists and their perverted ideas of Christianity.

The Democrats are also filled with contempt for things conservatives hold dearly....no moral high ground on that. Hate is now out in the open....out of the closet....and morally justified.

Since there is no Fairness Doctrine in effect, the unchallenged and unabated, right-wing, media based, hate speech is now 24/7 and 365. There is no left-wing equivalent for Rush, Hannity, Savage, FOX News and the right-wing born-again media....the Clear Channel network is totally fascist in its worldview.

By: yogiman on 3/15/12 at 9:50


There has been, and still is, racists ever since God decided there should be different races on His earth.

I've lived in the South, North, Middle USA, West and Northwest, and I have known people who were racists everywhere I have lived. And that includes people of all races.

To declare one race as a racist over the others is racism in itself.

By: Loner on 3/15/12 at 10:10

No exclusivity when it comes to racism....all races have their bigots....birds of a feather flock together....xenophobia probably has had a significant a role in species formation and in maintaining homogeneity in a species.

But humankind must rise above our animal instincts and overcome our natural prejudices...or we will wipe each other out, because of stupid disagreements over nonsense....like whose God is legit and whose God is false.

Racial purity may be good for show dogs in competition...for human beings racial purity is contra-indicated....inbreeding is bad, diversity is good....hybrid vigor is a good thing....keeps the recessive genes out of the picture.