Up for Debate: Moving forward on animal control

Monday, June 3, 2013 at 1:28am

Do you believe Metro Animal Care and Control's spending of the animal education and welfare funds to this point has been appropriate? How do you think Metro should move forward to not only protect the public from stray pets and animals, but also increase the adoption rate and reduce the euthanasia rate?

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By: Captain Nemo on 6/3/13 at 5:51

It is all about having enough money to do the job right.

By: Loner on 6/3/13 at 6:28

Good morning, Nashville.

Since the concept of human rights is so foreign to so many people in the red states, it's quite surprising to learn that there is any awareness of animal rights at all in those states.

Securing funding for pet spay and neuter programs is tough in the red states...securing funding for spaying and neutering certain human beings, would be a much easier sell.

If more people were aware of the horrors of these gas chambers for unwanted pets; there would be a greater demand for spay & neuter programs....since the ongoing pet holocaust is out of our view, it could go on forever.

They should make more videos of yelping animals being stuffed into the gas chambers and then buy ad-space on TV, to air the graphic videos...to better educate the public about the scale and degree of this tragic situation.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/3/13 at 6:33

We are a island of blue in the red state, Loner and in the 21st century.

By: Loner on 6/3/13 at 6:59

Educating adult pet owners, by educating their children, seems like a round about way of doing things; why not educate the adults directly?

Airing graphic videos of pets being put down and running a daily tally of euthanized dogs and cats in the local newspapers would cut out the middle-man and directly engage the adult pet owners in a powerful and emotional way....sadly, sometimes people need to be shocked into action.

By: Loner on 6/3/13 at 7:02

I like that Image, Captain...a blue island in a red sea....marooned liberals, hoping there's no tsunami on the way.

By: Loner on 6/3/13 at 7:12

This topic hits home...I had to put my dog, my best friend, Buddy down, on Memorial Day weekend. Cats and dogs have minds; therefore it behooves other sapient beings to respect that and act accordingly.

Unwanted pets are innocent victims of human carelessness; a truly humane society would try to reduce and prevent this needless suffering.

It's good to see this topic being discussed openly here....it's one area of concern that liberals and conservatives might agree on....we all love our pets and we all abhor animal cruelty....its our shared common ground.

By: Loner on 6/3/13 at 7:45

We humans are an odd lot...we can read a headline chronicling the deaths of hundreds or thousands of our own kind and shrug it off....but a headline in which horses or dogs are the victims will disturb the joy juice in our gizzards.

The IRA war of terror in the British Isles a few years back illustrated my point....people were becoming jaded to reports of people being killed in the senseless struggle; but, when the British mounted royal guards were attacked by IRA terrorists, in Hyde park, in 1982...and 7 horses were killed or had to be put down, people everywhere became outraged....the IRA lost support, even at home...it was the tipping point in that conflict.....here's a backgrounder on that, seems like one of the bombers is just now facing justice.:


By: yogiman on 6/3/13 at 7:50

Dogs and cats are seen as different animals in nations all over the world, Loner. In many nations they are considered delicacies to eat.

That's like horse meat. How many people do you know that eats horse meat? Beef from a cow is delicious but horse meat? Ugh.

But if you're old enough to remember WWII, horse meat was eaten back then because so much food was rationed.

All animals are eaten in different parts of the world.

By: Loner on 6/3/13 at 8:05

True that, Yogi...in some places on this mudball, a hot dog is actually hot dog.

Muslims generally consider dogs to be unclean...like hogs. That could be part of their problem...a dog-hating religion has to be based on questionable dogma.

From Wiki:

Religious impurity

The majority of Muslim jurists consider dogs to be ritually unclean, though jurists from the Sunni Maliki school disagree.[27] However, outside their ritual uncleanness, Islamic fatāwā, or rulings, enjoin that dogs be treated kindly or else be freed.[29]

Muslims generally cast dogs in a negative light because of their ritual impurity. The story of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus in the Qur'an (and also the role of the dog in early Christianity) is one of the striking exceptions.[30] Though dogs are not recommended as pets, they are allowed to be kept, especially if used for work and protection, such as guarding the house or farm, or when used for hunting purposes.


By: Captain Nemo on 6/3/13 at 8:58

If not for the dog, I not sure that human migration would have ventured across the world as fast as it did.


By: BenDover on 6/3/13 at 9:20

Sorry you lost your buddy Loner. Do I remember he's a basset hound?

By: BenDover on 6/3/13 at 9:21

I think your advice about publicizing the numbers would be very good. I think the euthanization graphics might be a little too far though; only because it might emotionally give this cause disproportionate weight over important metro priorities for scarce resources.

You know how it works... they never cut the fat do-nothing bureaucrat making you wait in an endless line at the tag office while he finishes his box of donuts. Instead they'll use it as an opportunity to cut teacher aids or rape investigations... things they can use to justify raising taxes.

By: dargent7 on 6/3/13 at 9:36

"Catch, Spay & Neuter, and Release" is BIG out here in Calif.
The cat feral population accounts for 5 billion bird deaths a year (Nationwide).
Our cat in Sylvan Park was always killing Cardinals and Blue Jays...horrible.
We had the freakin' bird feeder up 15' and she still nailed 'em.
Cats are hard wired to kill. But, not squirrels, stangely enough.
If you watch a vet "put down" a dog, cat....if you don't cry, something's wrong with you.
And in San Diego alone, 50,000 a year...who could do that job?

By: dargent7 on 6/3/13 at 9:47

This just in....Michael Douglas, 66, claims his throat cancer was due to giving "oral sex".
Not his 50 years of smoking and drinking.
You just cannot make this up.

By: BenDover on 6/3/13 at 10:03

That Zeta-Jones vag is deadly stuff, D'argent

By: budlight on 6/3/13 at 10:09

D7, what is he basing this revelation on?

I agree with your 7:59 post, Loner, We have a lot of feral cats here in our neighborhood. Recently we partnered with a group from Nashville to trap them; test them for feline aids & leukemia; if positive, they were put down. If negative, they were neutered or spayed and then released back to the area where they were found. It really does help to spay and neuter.

In Germany, my friends say that if a person cannot get their pet spayed or neutered or buy food or shots, the GOV-MENT DOES IT! Please, please, America don't go there. Enough people are on the dole; let's don't put dogs on it. If we do, will dogs get cell phones also?

By: bfra on 6/3/13 at 10:12

Golly bud, most dogs in my area already have cell phones! SMIRK SMIRK

By: dargent7 on 6/3/13 at 10:26

In Orange County, Dana Point, we had coyotes all over the canyon.
They ate every cat available.
Someone told me Sylvan Park had a large coyote population...never heard a single one in 6 years.
They yelp/ cry at night like a baby so you know the sound.
Did see a deer once on 44th and Dakota. 5 pts. Weird.
Our cats only killed. Never were eaten in Nashville.

By: yogiman on 6/3/13 at 10:45

Are you jealous, dargent7? Douglas got his cancer from cunnilingus..

By: dargent7 on 6/3/13 at 10:59

First, it was Angelena Jolie having a double mastectomy and the removal of her ovaries at 37 to "prevent cancer" at 55+.
Now, we've got this nut who says his unabated penchant for giving head to women caused his throat cancer.
What's next with these Hollywood types who have $50. million in the bank, get $20 million a picture, and are bored with their shallow lives?
"Can't Buy Me Love"?

By: brrrrk on 6/3/13 at 11:28

Loner said

"This topic hits home...I had to put my dog, my best friend, Buddy down, on Memorial Day weekend. Cats and dogs have minds; therefore it behooves other sapient beings to respect that and act accordingly."

I'm sorry to hear that Loner. All my dogs are in the geriatric stages of life so I know I'm in for a tough couple of years.

And you're right, we owe an amount of respect to our pets. In fact, some anthropologists believe that our advancement as a species owes a great deal to our long term relationship with dogs.

By: brrrrk on 6/3/13 at 11:33

"The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's." - Mark Twain.

By: dargent7 on 6/3/13 at 11:45

"Does your dog bite".. "No".
"I thought you said your dog didn't bite?"
"That is not my dog".
...Pink Panther..on YouTube.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/3/13 at 11:45

Loner, so sorry to hear about Buddy. I know how hard that is.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/3/13 at 12:31

I' ve had to put down so many of of pals over the years. It still hurts p, so I have some idea what you must fell Loner.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/3/13 at 12:42

The last cat I had to put down was my daughters cat. Rainbow was 14 at the time and my daughter was away at collage. Long distance good by s maybe harder than being there at the time of death.

By: dargent7 on 6/3/13 at 1:59

"I know how hard that is...."
"Ward, weren't you a little hard on the Beaver?"
June Cleaver

By: Loner on 6/3/13 at 2:38

Hey kids...just got back from running errands.

Thank you all for your sympathy regarding Buddy..yes, Ben, he was a basset and beagle mix...lived a long time...was a therapy dog in a nursing home for years....he now rests in peace under the shade of a Maple tree out back. I plan to have a modest granite memorial made for the World's Greatest Dog...he certainly earned it.

Good news on the Jeep...an outfit in Alabama specializes in Postal Jeep parts....they are sending me a pair of front wheel cylinders....should take 2-3 days to get here...once those babies are installed, the brakes are bled and the fluid level is restored, I'll be heading down to my Summer Retreat...hope to leave Thursday or Friday.

As for rebuilding braking system hydraulic slave cylinders, you need the right sized seals and the right hone...and a sand-blaster and a press, are also good tools to have when rebuilding those things, I believe....I'll probably take the old ones to a local shop and have the job done right, so as to have spares...this is the Jeep to keep.

By: bfra on 6/3/13 at 3:54

OH NO Loner - Are you sure those Southern parts will work on that NY Jeep? LOL

By: yogiman on 6/3/13 at 4:44

ISorry, Loner, but I've heard the Southern auto parts stores don't supply good parts for you (I won't use that word) Yankees even though they're owned by (that word) Yankee corporations.

By: bfra on 6/3/13 at 4:53

Loner - My comment in no way relates to the brainless old fool's comment of 5:44PM. That is the reason mine was followed by LOL.

By: bfra on 6/3/13 at 5:03

Loner, another thing, I'll bet the old fool's comment is just another lie and that he doesn't know the difference between a Southern auto part & a Northern & definitely never ever heard what he claims. The truth is not in the old fool LIAR!

By: Captain Nemo on 6/3/13 at 5:21

You are still stupid yogi.

By: Loner on 6/3/13 at 5:32

As for the Jeep parts.....I fella named, "Gary" called me this morning, to take my order over the phone...I had sent them an e-mail asking for help.

Gary was real nice, but it was a bit difficult to understand him....the dialect was that strong....I had disclosed the fact that I was a retired Rural Letter Carrier and that I was restoring a DJ5-L....Gary was very helpful...Rural Carriers get special treatment...Postal Jeeps are all that they do...talk about a specialty deal...I love 'em!

Here's their website:

Now, I got time for a ride before sundown...wearing my brand new Carolina engineer boots...again...a Southern deal...who says that Loner hates the South?

I love the South....from Nashville on out.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/3/13 at 5:38

Not all southerners are has stupid as yogi. Most are nice.

By: bfra on 6/3/13 at 6:50

Amen on that Nemo! No one in the entire World is as STUPID as yogi.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/3/13 at 7:44

There is one, bfra. yogi seems to out dumb him self daily.