Up for Debate: New plans for Antioch

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 12:28am

Break down the announced plans for the old Hickory Hollow Mall area. Do you think what has been proposed is the best use of the area? What would you do differently?

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By: Captain Nemo on 6/19/13 at 3:39

I don't know if is the best or not. I just hope it will work.

By: BenDover on 6/19/13 at 5:20

I hope for an improvement too, Captain. The thugs basically ran everyone off from there in addition to large cut-off shopping centers being built in Smyrna and Murfreesboro. Then when liquor by the drink passed in Smyrna that pretty much dried up everything that was left in Hickory Hollow.

HCA made a big commitment building their new data-center in the Crossings and Nashville State has put up a satellite in the mall but people still don't like to be out after dark in Antioch anymore... 'cept the vampires.

By: yogiman on 6/19/13 at 5:24

Reverberating the Mall will be cheaper than building a new one. It will be better to reverberate the use the Mall instead of letting it fade into ruin, especially if money is being spent to maintain it currently.

By: BenDover on 6/19/13 at 5:25

Wow.... 6:30a and the site hasn't been fouled by lunacy or debased with vile perversion yet.

By: BenDover on 6/19/13 at 5:27


By: govskeptic on 6/19/13 at 5:30

The Mayor is spending money all over the city, yet uses up the Fairgrounds funds
and calls it a disaster that should be sold off. This Crossing's project will have a
larger library than the one about a mile away, but this Ice Center is another
assistance to the Predator's which is costing the city 7+ million dollars per
year in subsidy. Pity the next Mayor who will have about 20 dollars in bond funds
available before hitting a ratings ceiling.

By: HoundDog on 6/19/13 at 5:47

I think yogiman is onto something. With enough reverberation, earth tremors might be started that would level the entire Antioch area, and then builders could step in and create an entirely new neighborhood.

By: Kosh III on 6/19/13 at 6:15

I'm glad something positive is being done outside of downtown--now if they could turn their attention to other forgotten parts of the city like Jefferson St, Dickerson Pk, Donelson, Madison......

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 6:40

LOL, HoundDog.

I'm glad that there is attention being paid to the Antioch area and its residents. The developer who handled Nashville West is interested in the Antioch Target building. That's a good sign.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 6:41

Kosh is right. Other areas of town have been ignored for years and allowed to deteriorate. There's more to Nashville than just downtown.

By: Jughead on 6/19/13 at 6:43


By: Jughead on 6/19/13 at 6:44

Put a fence up and charge admission to view the apes.

By: bfra on 6/19/13 at 6:58

gov. is right on the Fairgrounds! If the money for the Fairgrounds had not been misused for other of Karl's pet projects, we could have a "State of the Arts" Fairgrounds, bringing in plenty of revenue all the time. There should be an independent audit and watch the heads roll!

By: bfra on 6/19/13 at 7:00

Blanket - HHM is now advertised as mixed use, just like any other strip mall up & down Nolensville Rd. IMO that doesn't make for a safe environment.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 7:05

bfra, I think there's only so much that zoning changes can do. At least mixed use is a better way to draw businesses into the area - the problem is making the area desirable for businesses.

By: Jughead on 6/19/13 at 7:12

There is no way to repair the Fairgrounds image. I just think of white trash, thugs, and smelly restrooms.

Tear it down, Mr. Gorbachev.

By: bfra on 6/19/13 at 7:15

Blanket - Most mixed use shops IMO are basically junk & rip-off joints. They don't draw the clintele it takes to make a desirable area for other types of businesses.

By: bfra on 6/19/13 at 7:16

Juggut then you should feel right at home there!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 7:19

However, having very specific zoning doesn't necessarily help - it limits the property which sometimes just makes it sit vacant for long periods of time. The area needs a better image to draw the type of businesses desired. There's only so much zoning changes can do.

By: Jughead on 6/19/13 at 7:32

bfra: Actually, I do. Thanks for checking! You are the best.

Now, go take the Popsicle out of your anus and try to come up with something funny.

By: bfra on 6/19/13 at 7:42

Blanket - Making it a mixed use mall is definitely not going to create a better image & I don't think zoning had anything to do with that. From what I have seen & heard from people in Antioch is, codes are not enforced at all. I have ask over & over, why do we still have a codes dept., they do nothing in residential areas.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 8:03

Yeah, Codes doesn't really enforce much at all. I think they must be understaffed. You really have to nag them to get them to do something. Do you know that you can log complaints online and they get assigned a case number? That's the best way to get resolution to a specific situation.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 8:11


By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 8:13


You can go here to see if there is already and open complaint.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 8:17

The folks in Antioch seem pretty organized (for which I laud them) and they have probably already done this, but inviting BIll Penn from Codes to your neighborhood meetings and giving him specific case numbers goes a long way toward resolution!

By: bfra on 6/19/13 at 8:17

Thanks Blanket!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 8:34

Sure! It's very helpful! You definitely get better results going that route and you can see where they are in the process. You can see when the next scheduled review will happen and if there are any court dates.

By: Rocket99 on 6/19/13 at 8:45

Certainly don't want Jughead in Antioch. They want improvement, not a mental facility. Between he and all his apes and his popsicles, people would most certainly avoid the area. They would feel as if they were back i the caveman era.

Nashville as a whole is a rather diverce city and area. Somehow we keep changing and reinventing ourselves for the better. While the economic impact hit everyone, Nashville and the surrounding areas came out better than most.

Antioch seems poised to be the next part of the changing/reinventing. It will get better and grow despite people like Jughead. May never be Green Hills but it will improve. Property values in the area are already on the rise. New businesses are already coming into the area. People in the area have a strong will for organization and change. There are lots of things in the works that never make things like NCP and other news outlets.

HCA building their new business center in the area will help. Whatever happens to the old Target location will also help. The Global Mall will most likely go through a few changes before it starts thriving again.

By: budlight on 6/19/13 at 8:47

I hope that this revitalization of the HHM does for our area what 100 Oaks did for their area (Berry Hill, etc). I've always loved the Berry Hill Community - their own police force and everything always looks so nice.

Pride of ownership is missing in Antioch and too many section 8 rentals. I have to drive past places that landlords (slum lords) let run down while they skim off the top and contribute nothing to the community.

There are a lot of very nice people in Antioch who care about their community. Hopefully the visionaries for the HHM will be successful. Mr. Freeland of Freeland Chevrolet has started the ball rolling along Hickory Hollow Parkway. There's a nice Farmers Market every 2 weeks on Saturday (it's growing) and some new businesses where Burlington Coat Factory used to be. The Sweat family opened up a restaurant that has music at night on some nights.

When you've hit bottom, the only way to go is up and I hope that for Antioch.

I agree the Karl Marx Dean has ruined the fairgrounds. I think the color of the convention center stinks.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 9:00

Vanderbilt was the driving force of the change in 100 Oaks. Hopefully HCA will bring some good change to HHM. At least there will be a good lunch crowd which will encourage some restaurant business and maybe some specialty retail. I wish all the best to the residents of Antioch - keep up the good fight!

By: BenDover on 6/19/13 at 9:04

Most people are not thinking about anal Popsicles, Jugs.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 9:04

Thank you, Ben! Indeed.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 9:06

Jug only knows what he's seen on a porn channel. Just like his Spanish comes from Free Translation. He obviously has no personal experience of either. Just a stupid little thug-wannabe idiot trying to act like he knows something.

By: Jughead on 6/19/13 at 9:06

BenDover: Noted. Erasing that image from my mind forever.

By: Jughead on 6/19/13 at 9:09

Nazi: Hurt me, Senor Cabeza de Basura.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/19/13 at 9:11

Ben your 6:20 post covered just about all that lead to the down fall of Hickory Hollow. There was also the opening of Cool Springs, which cause it to decline. The terrible intersection and road design I believe is another factor. The I-24 congestion is something that keeps me away from the area.

By: bfra on 6/19/13 at 9:14

Nemo - Thugs was the "main" cause of the down fall of Hickory Hollow Mall.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 9:19

I've heard that part of the problem with HHM was that in the 80's they built a disproportionate amount of rental property and then when it aged it became lower priced rental and section 8 which brought down the surrounding area.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/19/13 at 9:19

LOL Hounddog to your 6:47 post.

Kosh, Jefferson Street has not been forgotten. There is Historic German Town, Salem, The Bi-Centennial Mall, Farmer Market and Hope Gardens. Jefferson Street is a work in progress.

By: BenDover on 6/19/13 at 9:27

I used to like Antioch a lot. Kind of a cosmopolitan area of Nashville where everyone seemed to get along well. Used to go to Friday's and The Courtyard a lot. Mostly middle class mix of young white and black families... a lot of whom moved from Memphis and some of the shadier parts of Nashville to escape the crime, etc.

For some reason though when their kids reached high-school and beyond around the middle 2000's everything went to hell, crime went through the roof, and it turned into thugville with all the kids trying to emulate their favorite gangster rapper... and trying to be as 'hard' and offensive and scary as they could be; like it was some badge of honor to intimidate whitey. [with even a lot of the white kids jumping in on the game].

The people not wanting to be part of that scene moved on as we always do, increasing the concentration of thugs making it even worse in Antioch. If the mall traffic does come back unless the little thugs are controlled it won't last.

By: budlight on 6/19/13 at 9:28

Yeah, Blanket there are a lot of apartment complexes on Bell Rd., Hickory Hollow Parkway, and surrounding area. Too many. But most of them are very well kept up and not running down. I agree with the Vanderbilt statement and Berry Hill/100 Oaks. I just hope it works out here with HCA and the new face of the mall. I am not so much a shopper at the little ethnic shops. They don't carry items I use, but I try to browse them occasionally and make a purchase or two. I know they are really trying to improve the area.

If I could sell my property, I'd move. Wish my hubby had the vision in the 90's when we lived in a rental on Belmont Blvd. that was for sale. He just didn't see it. Wanted LAND. So we have useless, worthless land that costs $75 a week to mow. Boo Hiss! I want a city lot with no grass - only flowers! He's the boss! So I'll just wait and now I have to go pull weeds out of the flower beds.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 9:30

Ben, I used to love The Courtyard back in the day.

By: bfra on 6/19/13 at 9:31

Blanket - Back to codes, immigrants flooded to the low rent area & treated the properties like where they came from. Yards not kept, laundry hung on shrubs, fences or anything they could, vehicles parked all over the yard, piles of dogs & cats running loose, trash & garbage all over the yards. Codes does nothing! Oh I forgot, painting buildings all & many different colors.

By: BenDover on 6/19/13 at 9:32

Must have seen Phil Vassar there a hundred times before he got famous.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/19/13 at 9:36

Hickory Hollow was on the decline before the Thugs. I like Nashville West, because it is the future in Malls. One of the reason Malls like it is popular is that it does not give teenagers the opportunity to gather and wonder the halls of an enclosed Mall.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 9:37

I'm not sure what all it will take to improve HHM. Codes enforcement and Neighborhood Watch are good but can only go so far. HCA making an investment will help and hopefully other businesses will follow suit. At least the HIckory Hollow neighbors are organized - that's a feat in itself!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 9:39

bfra, I was very disappointed that allowing chickens in the city was passed. That doesn't help struggling neighborhoods such as Antioch. We have plenty of Farmers Markets that supply fresh, local eggs. Farm animals should be in the country.

By: bfra on 6/19/13 at 9:43

Blanket - Agree on the chickens! IMO uneducated chicken lovers, wanted us in the bird flu contest. They might be getting their wish according to the news.

By: BenDover on 6/19/13 at 9:47

I wish I had chickens. I think my HOA bans it though.

By: Jughead on 6/19/13 at 9:47

What came first?