Up for Debate: New plans for Antioch

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 12:28am

Break down the announced plans for the old Hickory Hollow Mall area. Do you think what has been proposed is the best use of the area? What would you do differently?

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By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/19/13 at 1:40

LOL - we have a lot of retired folks in my neighborhood.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/19/13 at 1:45

It is a different situation for me being in the country, but the word gets out anyway.

By: budlight on 6/19/13 at 8:19

I get what you're saying Blanket. I once asked a guy "are you looking for a specific house" and he said no, not really. I told him to be careful cause when the turned the corner at the first house, that before he got past it, the entire neighborhood knew he was here. It sort of freaked him out. oh, heck. Didn't mean to do that.

July 4th there is a 19 acre horse farm across the street. They are having a family rodeo there. I'm curious to see how the neighbors take it. I'll be OK with it cause it sounds like fun and they don't plan to shoot off any fireworks cause of the dry fields. thank goodness. Don't want to lose my home.

Did you read about that couple in Colorado who's neighbors got the audio warning to evacuate and when they were leaving they saw the couple next door watching t.v. on their porch "monitoring the news about the fire" and then that very couple burned to death in their car in the garage trying to escape? OMG. I would have thought that if the neighbors were fleeing cause they got the evacuation notice, I should do something besides sit and watch it on tv. So sad to make such a fatal error.

OK, going to sleep now. Night all. Night Yogi.