Up for Debate: Obama takes recess

Friday, January 6, 2012 at 12:30am

What do you make of President Barack Obama's recess appointments? Fair play or "unprecedented power grab" as House Speaker John Boehner put it?

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By: Captain Nemo on 1/6/12 at 2:27

By: Loner on 1/6/12 at 1:14
Enough of the birther crap already...it's stinking up the place...nobody is buying it...only an A-hole would continue to annoy folks with flung poo....that, or a masturbating primate on monkey island, at your local zoo.

Don't feed the troll.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/6/12 at 2:41

By: yogiman on 1/6/12 at 2:08

If NCP tells me to get off this site, I will without question. But until they do, I'm going to continue my "argument" until the truth comes out. And by that, I mean the truth that will make you all look like a bunch of damn fools of loosing socialists.

I have heard things like this before from yogi. I will stop the day Obama shows us his birth certificate. Want to bet that he want keep his word about this.

By: yogiman on 1/6/12 at 2:45


If Loner has disavowed Obama, why is he keeping up on his comment about me?

By: frodo on 1/6/12 at 3:10

I guess his regret over voting for Obama doesn't mean he agrees with you on many things. But I should let him speak for himself.

By: yogiman on 1/6/12 at 3:14

Captain Nemo,

I don't know about you, but I've always been a man of my word. Name one post on this site where I have not kept it.

And yes, I said if Obama showed a legitimate birth certificate that proved him to be in that office legally I would accept it and apologize. I don't believe I have to worry about that.

You made a comment about the certificate he showed. That was nothing more than a computer programmed certificate and you don't have to be an expert to edit the letters and numbers shown on it.That is especially after the Medical Department head stated half of his birth certificate was printed in pencil.

It also doesn't explain why the E-Verifier will not accept his SSN. It also doesn't explain why his document number was higher than the number of two twin girls born after him in the (so called) same hospital.

Do you have any explanations of the differences?

By: frodo on 1/6/12 at 3:21

All good questions, yogi, but you will receive no answer here, because there is no answer except to infer that you are a nut-case...which you may or may not be...but that doesn't change the questions that beg answers.

If I could add one more bone about the appointments that some here still fail to see for the brazen extra-constitutional act that it is...some of these nominees were not even presented to the Senate until December 15. Obama had absolutely no intention to let the Senate consider the nominees. His game from the get go was "screw the constitution."

By: yogiman on 1/6/12 at 3:27


I agree with you, everyone should speak for themselves. But I, for one, agree to let anyone offer any evidence of a difference of opinion. When they do, I look into what they offer and if they are right, I readily acknowledge I'm wrong.

I guess I, like others, don't believe I'm wrong. But I also believe I've offered efficient evidence I'm right and the fact that Obama refuses to prove he is whom he claims to be should make everyone wonder just who he is.

Has anyone on this site looked into any evidence I have offered? If they have, they have ignored it if they couldn't show me to be wrong.

By: govskeptic on 1/6/12 at 4:43

Loner: man, you are on a role 32 of the current 107 postings and it's only
Fri afternoon at this point!

By: Loner on 1/6/12 at 8:43

Yeah, I should charge by the post, Gov...consider yourself lucky to have the benefit of my commentary for free.

So, you actually went through and counted all my posts, I'm so flattered...but really, you need to get out more, Gov.

By: yogiman on 1/6/12 at 10:09

I see where courts in Alabama and Georgia have agreed to hear cases regarding Obama's eligibility to be placed on their state ballots. I understand there are several more cases being offered in other states and Obama's team is being denied their causes not to hear them. He must prove his qualifications.

By: yogiman on 1/7/12 at 12:25

Interesting. Is Michelle the first lady or co-president? According to a new book "The Obamas", it appears she thinks "the President" needs a new team of advisers.

By: pswindle on 1/7/12 at 6:51

When you have a do nothing Congress, you have to take matters into your own hands. Congratulations, President Obama!

By: yogiman on 1/7/12 at 7:51

January is going to be an interesting month, pswindle. Possibly one you will not like. But going by today's farces, you may love it.

A judge in Alabama is going to hear a case on Obama's eligibility Monday, the 9th, and a judge in Georgia is going to hear one on January 26.

I'm real curious on their findings.

By: pswindle on 1/7/12 at 9:41

That does not matter what the right-wing nuts say or rule on.

By: yogiman on 1/7/12 at 11:44

What will matter is if the left wing nuts findings are their ignoring the Constitution.

By: yogiman on 1/8/12 at 10:55

Snow White & One Dwarf

The seven dwarfs always left to go to work in the mine early each morning. As always, Snow White stayed home doing her domestic chores.

As lunchtimes approached, she would prepare their lunch and carry it to the mine.

One day as she arrived at the mine with their lunch, she saw there had been a terrible cave-in. Tearfully, and fearing for the worse, Snow White began calling out, hoping against hope that the dwarfs had somehow survived. "Hello... Hello!" she shouted. "Can anyone hear me? Hello!"

For a long time there was no answer. Losing hope, Snow White again shouted, "Hello! Is anyone down there?"

Just as was about to give up hope, she heard a faint voice from deep within the mine, singing; "Re-elect Barack Obama, vote for Barack Obama..."

Snow White fell to her knees and prayed, "Oh thank you, God! At least Dopey is still alive."

By: pswindle on 1/8/12 at 12:36

When everything else falls flat for the GOP thaey start shouting the Constittution. They would not know the Constotution from a hole in the ground.

By: yogiman on 1/8/12 at 1:35

You apparently don't know the Constitution, pswindle, when you are so willing to accept someone whom you know nothing about as the President of our nation.

By: yogiman on 1/8/12 at 2:01

A friend recently gave me an excellent description of all the political doubletalk we're getting on our economic deficit. It puts it into a much better perspective and is the same for many countries in Europe. It explains why the U.S. has been downgraded:

U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
Fed. budget: $3,820,000.000.000
New debt: $1,650,000,000,000
National debt: $14,271,000.000.000
Recent budget cuts: $38,500,000,000

Now, let's remove 8 zeros and pretend that's a household budget.

Annual family income: $21,700
Money he family spent: $38,200
New debt on credit cared: $16,500
Outstanding balance on credit card: $142,710
Total budget cuts: $385

Got it????

Now lesson #2; Here's another way of looking at the Debt Ceiling:

Let's say you come home from work and find there has been a sewer backup in your neighborhood and your home has sewage all the way up to your ceiling.

What do you think you should do..., raise the ceiling,or pump out the crap?

You've got until November 2012 to make your choice.