Up for Debate: Power to the satellites

Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 10:05pm

Do you favor allowing Metro's satellite cities the opportunities to provide their own services such as courts and schools, or do you think doing so would be a regression?

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By: Rasputin72 on 3/8/13 at 1:48

There are a number of questions that need to be answered. The first is what is the motivation to have a satellite city? A second question is what are the benefits? The last question is what will the supreme court have to say?

If the first two questions are answered truthfully the Supreme court will become involved.

Again, if the questions are answered truthfully,the best solution is already in motion. Moving out of Davidson county or sending your children to private school and/or living in a gated and guarded community will provide the same benefit.

Now I will enjoy hearing all of the other phantom and facade reasons for embracing satellite townships.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/8/13 at 4:16

Now before our quack historian yogi come up with some hysterical history, I would like to explain the Metro Nashville is the oldest of such cities. And those other cities came to Nashville for guidance in organizing.

By: gwhillikers on 3/8/13 at 5:39

More participation in local government is always better than rule from the artificial "top"

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/8/13 at 5:42

Waiting for yogi to define "italianize" and use it in a sentence. TGIF!

By: gwhillikers on 3/8/13 at 6:13

I would always support home rule over becoming a step-child to the larger metro government.

By: Ask01 on 3/8/13 at 6:18

Metropolitan style governments such as Nashville Davidson county do offer some benefits by eliminating duplicated services and allowing more sparsley populated areas to enjoy some services not otherwise affordable.

Of course, if metro government decides to use the entire county as a piggybank for downtown projects, the outlying areas could begin to feel neglected. The result could be an eventual move to dissolve metro government.

A referendum created the mess, another could clean up the debacle.

Of course, Nashville should have no worries. We have been assured constantly that all the projects foisted upon the populace are self sustaining, so there should be no problem covering the expenses. The city can keep all the profits for themselves.

Perhaps it is time to consider dissolving Metro.

By: govskeptic on 3/8/13 at 6:56

To even think or discuss dissolving Metro after 40+ years of working to get it
to work is absolutely crazy by both Legislators and citizens. Can you just
imagine 5 or 6 totally separate cities reforming with their own little group
of power brokers and the number of new employees and politico's to
deal with and pay for. One would go back to paying separate city and county
taxes, along with all the other many many offices and task required.

Such a proposal would mean a lot more than just paying more, but the
politics of it all would be maddening. Metro is not perfect at this point, but
there's still a few items that were surrendered to put Metro together, but
can still be changed to make it better. First, to me, would be the reduction
of the Council, one of the largest in the nation, to about 20 members. That
alone would do a lot to reduce the current all powerful mayor to giving those
Council members and citizens they represent more say in the overall
development of Nashville. Very hard thinking would be a virtual impossible
task to ask of the citizens to consider before voting to dissolve this government.

By: yogiman on 3/8/13 at 7:07

Did you go to bed too early to read my reply last night, B2? Darn, I wish I was like you and never made an error.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/8/13 at 7:18

Reply again, yogi. Tell me the difference between "italianize" and "italicize." Or resort to your usual routine of ranting "usurper" and "birther" when you realize that you're wrong or not smart enough to come up with a conclusion.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/8/13 at 7:18

Oh wait - it's not you, it's your "puter." Dumbass.

By: Loner on 3/8/13 at 7:57

As for Metro Nashville, don't fix what isn't broken.

Local control can mean local sweetheart cronyism....with METRO, there is more transparency, more accountability.... as a result, you just might get more honesty, less corruption....good luck with that.

By: yogiman on 3/8/13 at 8:13

I gave you an answer when you asked for it, B2 in correcting my wording to "italicized" instead of "italianized". Go back to your question and find my answer. How many times do I need to give you an answer before you can understand it?

Darn, I wish I was as brilliantt as you think you are.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/8/13 at 8:18

yogi, I don't stay up at night waiting for your reply. I have better things to do. And yes, I'm sure you do wish you were not such a dolt.

By: bfra on 3/8/13 at 8:21

Denver has got a thong clad guy running around exposing himself. Maybe yogi or raspy went on a trip they forgot to mention.

By: Loner on 3/8/13 at 8:27

Hey...Jesus wore a thong.....sandal.

By: BigPapa on 3/8/13 at 8:31

I have to say initially I'm against this. It runs counter to the Metro form of government, and honestly these "cities" exist only due to the success of Nashville as a whole. The doughnut counties already leech off of Nashville, do we need cities within the county doing the same?

I'd have to see what the real motive is with these cities before I could be swayed. Personally I was glad to see Lakewood go away, I think Berry Hill and the others should go the same way.

By: slacker on 3/8/13 at 8:31

bfra.. a news crew just got video..


By: bfra on 3/8/13 at 8:33

Loner - But it's might cold in Denver & that is the 2 that I could think of that are dumb enough to scurry around in a thong. LOL

By: BenDover on 3/8/13 at 8:33

The promises of economy of scale almost never work in municipal government and school systems. You just get every larger and more untouchable fiefdoms.

Taxes are now higher in metro than Williamson (and the other surrounding counties) with our metro schools lagging far far behind.

Technology costs are no longer a barrier to local efficiencies.

I predict this thing will go nowhere though. Too many powerful people at the metro level to allow more direct accountability by the local cities.

By: bfra on 3/8/13 at 8:35

slacker - That linc gave referencre to a treatment center. That really fits yogi & raspy.

By: bfra on 3/8/13 at 8:36

oops! "reference"

By: bfra on 3/8/13 at 8:40

When Davidson Co. went Metro, businesses within the old city limits, still paid city & county taxes. Metro has always had a way of double dealing on a lot of regulations & then when Dean got in there, it has gone downhill ever since.

By: yogiman on 3/8/13 at 8:47

I just read an interesting article, bfra. It made me wonder which side of the street you was on. Which building was you in?

It was written where a whorehouse sued a church over a lightening strike. The whorehouse was being built across the street from the church and the 'churchers' didn't like it.

It seems a week before the "house" was to open it was struck by lightening and that destroyed it. Because the "churchers" were praying against the "house" the owner sued the church, its pastor and its members.

Well, the old judge read the plaintiff's complaint and the defendant's reply and then declared, "I don't know how the hell I'm going to decide this case, but it appears from the paperwork that we now have a whorehouse owner who staunchly believes in the power of prayer and an entire congregation that thinks it's all bull8888".

Which side of the street was you on, bfra?

By: Captain Nemo on 3/8/13 at 9:06

A good example of separate county and city governments can be seen in Cheatham County. Ashland City, Kingston Spring, and Pleasant View are in the 21st century, while the County is still in the 19th century.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/8/13 at 9:07

LOL slacker

By: Captain Nemo on 3/8/13 at 9:10

I just read an interesting note bfra that made me wonder which side of the Out House yogi stood in, but the conclusion was undesolved (sic). Where did yogi begin and where did the crap start?

By: bfra on 3/8/13 at 9:14

Nemo - yogi wouldn't be smart enough to be on the side of the out house, he would be in the hole, inside.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/8/13 at 9:42

Maybe that is why we can’t tell the difference, bfra.

By: yogiman on 3/8/13 at 10:12

Right, bfra. The only time I went on outside the outhouse was when I was working down in the field. Corncobs were good to use instead of carrying a Sear-Roebuck catalog with me.

But up on the hill I went inside the outhouse. What did you use, a slop bucket?

By: bfra on 3/8/13 at 10:23

10:12AM - Perfect example of pure stupidity!

By: Captain Nemo on 3/8/13 at 1:11

By: yogiman on 3/8/13 at 10:12

The only time I went on outside the outhouse was when I was working down in the field.

No wonder Roy kept is idiot son in the closet all of the time.

By: budlight on 3/8/13 at 2:58

Loner on 3/8/13 at 8:27
Hey...Jesus wore a thong.....sandal.

That's a flip flop, Loner!

Update: Surgery over; healing OK. Mean as ever! But love others as they love me!

By: BenDover on 3/8/13 at 3:47

Good news on the surgery, budlight! Glad you are recovering well.

By: dargent7 on 3/8/13 at 4:27

Bud: I'll see your surgery and raise you 2 ER visits.
My hernia was billed at $88,000. American.
Plus another $4,500. for the initial ER visit.
Add in the meds, and I'm into Calif. for over a hundred grand.
Only here for a week, too.
Glad the mafia doesn't run the state.
My legs would already be broken.
Did I mention to you guys I was a busboy at Macus Red Fox, the place Jimmy Hoffa ate his last meal?

By: yogiman on 3/8/13 at 4:46

Glad to hear the good news about your surgery, budlight. It looks like the "Man upstairs" decided to give you a little help.

I hope everything goes well. I'll still 'throw your name in the pot'.

By: Rasputin72 on 3/8/13 at 5:57

Dargent7.......I hardly think a vagabond like you would have any health insurance. Did you have the hernia repaired in an emergency room paid for by the productive class?

By: Captain Nemo on 3/8/13 at 6:43

By: Rasputin72 on 3/8/13 at 5:57
Dargent7.......I hardly think a vagabond like you would have any health insurance. Did you have the hernia repaired in an emergency room paid for by the productive class?

In other words Raspy contributed nothing, d7.

By: bfra on 3/8/13 at 7:10

Raspy, according to his comment, knows how to get health care for nothing. No surprise!

By: Ask01 on 3/8/13 at 8:58

govskeptic does make some good points.

To actually abandon the metro government model would probably be very expensive on the front end, at least. As communities began setting up all the services Metro currently provides, the initial costs would bring sticker shock to the individual taxpayers and confusion would run rampant.

However improbable the desertion of cities from the Metro fold might be, I hope the prospect will cause the mayor and city council to consider paying more attention to the needs of the outlying districts. Every time a new project is begun, the beneficiaries seem to be businesses in the downtown area.

It should not then, come as a surprise if citizens wanted to take their money and spend it in their own backyard instead of allowing metro leadership to concentrate solely on one area.

I think the outcome, if a referendum on the issue were held, would be very interesting.

By: bfra on 3/9/13 at 6:53

Karl with fight hard to keep his whimsical stage (Nashville), with his puppets (the council) dancing on his strings. His legacy (at taxpayer's expense) is too important to him.

By: bfra on 3/9/13 at 8:23

s/h/b - Karl will fight

By: Ask01 on 3/9/13 at 8:50

bfra, you are, sadly, most likely correct.

Mayor Dean, in my opinion, will place his need to bolster his ego and pad his political resume above the needs of the many.

Metro Council will, for the most part, continue to dance when the strings are pulled. So long as they assure their benefits, I have the impression the wishes of the people they allegedly represent will be a secondary matter.

By: bfra on 3/9/13 at 8:55

Ask01 - IMO, Dean from the very beginning, used his wife's money to get elected and the office as a stepping stone for what he hopes will be bigger & better things. I sincerely hope enough voters realize this & squash any future elections he hopes to win.

By: dargent7 on 3/9/13 at 2:13

Not that I give a shit what you think, but hernias are not repaired in an ER.
It's a 2 hr. procedure in the OR.
Then 2-4 days in the ICU.
The ICU costs $1,500. a day.
All the pharma drugs they pump/ drip into you costs $5,000.
The 10 or so nurses checking your blood pressure, pulse, vital signs cost $1,000. a day.
Sticking a pippette in your weenie at 2:00am "to void" costs $500.00.
NO ONE tells you how much this shit costs.
When you ask them, even the Drs., they all say, "I don't know". "I have no idea".
Then the bill comes in at $89,000.
Someone knew. Should know.
Obama HAS to reform heath care in America. The Clinton's tried and failed.

By: Rasputin72 on 3/9/13 at 4:21

Dargent7........Who paid for all that shit?

I only ask because you do not seem the type that would pay for health care insurance.

By: yogiman on 3/9/13 at 4:25

Well I'll be darned, you made a mistake, bfra. How could that happen? Did you do that intentionally to see if someone would notice it?

By: yogiman on 3/9/13 at 4:30

We did, Rasputin72. It's called medicaid to the ones that won't, or can't, pay for insurance.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/9/13 at 6:45


If you have not alread figured it out, both Raspy and yogi comes from the same inferior gene stock. They could very well be father/son, brother/brother.

By: yogiman on 3/9/13 at 7:38

Do your mean the terrific two are smarter than your slick six, dumba$$. I'm glad your recognize it.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/9/13 at 8:39

Poor simple yogi thinks that two subhuman trolls are better. He has no idea when he is being insulted or how he is being insulted. He has no idea when his attempts at a come back is no less that a failure and only makes others think him the fool.