Up for Debate: Preds stare down offseason

Monday, May 14, 2012 at 1:55am

What do you think will happen to the Nashville Predators in the offseason? Can the team remain strong? Who will be gone? Who will stay?

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By: dargent7 on 5/14/12 at 5:39

Who will be gone? Start with that coach Toltz.
He sat out/ benched two star players for "disciplinary reasons"?
I don't even know what they did, but fine them and let them play.

re: Burch's editorial...
Excellent, spirited post, people.
But, for the life of me, I have no idea why you people argue with "yogiman".
His comments regarding gays are more absurd than his yammerings about Obama.
He always trumps himself in shear stupidity.
"Scooter" and "Moron" running the local meth lab are more coherant.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 5:57

Good morning. I was at my daughter’s graduation on Friday. She looks so good and proud of her achievement as she held her diploma. I am one happy farther.

Go Preds next year.

By: Rasputin72 on 5/14/12 at 6:03

Captain Nemo......Putting aside any political and socio disagreement we may have, I too am proud of your daughter.

By: gdiafante on 5/14/12 at 6:04

If you don't know what they did, then you're not informed enough to have a valid opinion. As I said last week (apparently to deaf ears), the team was 1-1 without these players and they played in the final game, which was a loss, so where is the evidence that they lost the series for that reason?

A knowledgable fan would understand what the game 1 OT loss changed the dynamic of the series, not the suspensions.

And you'd have better odds of convincing yogi that Obama is legitimate than firing Trotz...

For the topic at hand: Weber will be back. Suter? Probably not. Toots is gone. Gaustad is gone. They may resign Gill. AK is gone. SK will likely stay. They'll probably make a run at Parise, but with the Devils in the conference final, not sure he'll leave.

Other than that...who knows.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 6:08

Thank you Rasputin.

By: Rasputin72 on 5/14/12 at 6:08

I have just read all of the details concerning the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes and their sale. It appears that there is a groundswell by city governments to subside the selling price of ice hockey teams in bad locations.

With that said I am assuming that Davidson barring any election of people like me to the Council and the Mayorship that ice hockey for a minority of people will continue in this city.

Now that we have come to terms with ice hockey. I expect big changes in the personnel. There are two people that have been the foundation of building this team and their good citizenship when they are in Nashvillle Poile and Trotz are the cornerstones of the franchise and I hope the management does not take the whining of lesser people who are fans as a reason to dismess their achievements.

Hockey players come and go!

By: dargent7 on 5/14/12 at 6:11

gD: Ok, then WTF did they do? How bad behavior was it? Rape a child? Or, break a curfew?
My "valid opinion"? They LOST. They're out of the play-offs. Home, sitting on their butts while the Coyote Ugly are playing the LA Kings.
Their, coaches, incompetance cost the City of Nashville probably a million dollars in revenue, had they reached the Stanley Cup finals, much less won that.
All I read about is the Preds LOOSE money, year after year.
The Arena sells-out, so, what's going on?
Bridgestone has to pay a hefty sum to have their name on the building.

By: gdiafante on 5/14/12 at 6:24

They were out drinking past 4am on a gameday and were visibly, I repeat, visibly hung over during the game. And yes, they did violate curfew.

If you follow the Preds, you'd realize that they had more problems in the series than those two. One of them being that Phoenix was just better.

By: Loner on 5/14/12 at 6:24

Don't know...don't care.

By: Loner on 5/14/12 at 6:27

Congrats, Captain, Nemo, you have a lot to be proud of..

By: yogiman on 5/14/12 at 6:29


When you have rules for a team, and two of your team members feel those rules don't apply to them and break those rules and you let them play after they disobey said rules, why even have those rules?

To let them play after intentional disobedience is saying they're more important to than you. The coach was right and if those guys don't feel guilty about their team's loss, how many of their teammates want them kept on their team?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 6:30

Hello Loner. You can go to the Burch site and read yogi's dribble. He is still ranting and making stupid nonsense. It is moderately entertaining.

By: gdiafante on 5/14/12 at 6:30

You cared enough to say you don't care, Loner. As George Carlin once said, saying no comment is still a comment.

By: Loner on 5/14/12 at 6:31

So, we have this and Burch's letter from Friday? Leftovers and stale scraps?

No mention of the Gateway Body Parts legislation? Too bad, TN is now the laughing stock of the nation....Sex Ed without mention of "gateway body parts" ...what a bunch of idiots.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 6:33

Thank you Lone, she is like her mother and I believe that she will be a good healer just like her mother.

By: gdiafante on 5/14/12 at 6:33

We stopped being the laughing stock years ago, Loner. I think the rest of the nation just shakes their head anytime something is mentioned of any Southern state. I know I do.

By: Kosh III on 5/14/12 at 6:35

Maybe the Predators should focus on being profitable and stop living on government welfare checks.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 6:36

Loner, this is the State that produced yogi. His parents should have drowned him.

By: gdiafante on 5/14/12 at 6:38

The ignorance of people in this city is staggering. But hey, like I said, I just shake my head...

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 6:38

Here is a great quote from the yog’nut.

By: yogiman on 5/14/12 at 2:29
I must differ with you, pswindle. Our President doesn't have to be Christian. We have had a Catholic as well.
Catholics are Christians. This one-dimensional individual has no brains.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 6:39

I'm hurt gdia.

By: gdiafante on 5/14/12 at 6:40


By: gdiafante on 5/14/12 at 6:40

Oh nemo, you know who I mean...

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 6:42

I just loved this little interaction form(sic) Friday.

new By: freddy on 5/4/12 at 11:02
Can any 12-year old log in here? You idiots have WAY too much time on your hands.

new By: BenDover on 5/4/12 at 11:17
Ahhhh... blow it out your @$$ freddy.

new By: slacker on 5/4/12 at 11:48
No ID required Freddy.. unless we're holding an election. Are you a 12-year old idiot? If so..welcome.

new By: brrrrk on 5/4/12 at 12:07
freddy said
"Can any 12-year old log in here?"
You did, so I suppose the answer is yes.......

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 6:44

Yes I do gdia and it gets worse the closer you get to the yog’nut lair. LOL

By: yogiman on 5/14/12 at 6:49


If you had the knowledge you seem to think you have, you would understand my arguments on Obama. As I have noted before, prove he is legally eligible for that job and I'll shut up.

Either you don't understand the Constitution or it doesn't mean anything to you.

To refresh your knowledge a bit on the natural born citizen status: If, and I repeat, if, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, when he lost his dual citizenship by his Indonesian adoption, he lost his natural born citizenship status.

If you feel the Constitution isn't that important, may I suggest you move to another country that doesn't have one like ours. The only reason any of you have posted in Obama's favor has been his race. You really know nothing else about him.

I can't wait to see the reactions of you posters on this site when it all comes out.

By: BigPapa on 5/14/12 at 6:51

If you're the ownership group you know you have like 12-14000 dedicated fans, others.. well it just isnt going to happen. Cynically you have to think those people will come watch hockey no matter what, so why spend big money on FA players?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 6:55

As a boy Mitt attack and cut the hair of a suspected gay boy and then as an adult Mitt tied his dog to the roof of the family car.

President Mitt would attacks and cuts the fur of a suspected gay dog and ties a male page to the top of Air-Force-One.

By: gdiafante on 5/14/12 at 6:58

If you're the ownership group you know you have like 12-14000 dedicated fans, others.. well it just isnt going to happen.

Except...they're averaging over 16K a game. And you spend money to make money.

By: gdiafante on 5/14/12 at 7:00

I can't wait to see the reactions of you posters on this site when it all comes out.

You've been saying that since 2008...if it hasn't come out by now, it's not going to. But who am I do ruin an old man's dream?

By: yogiman on 5/14/12 at 7:07

You're right, nimbo, The overall Catholic religion is Christian, but they're beliefs are so different they're considered so different than the Presbyterian,, Methodist and other Christian faiths.

Obama's Muslim beliefs are not Christian Christian beliefs.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 7:08

By: yogiman on 5/11/12 at 10:51

Unless you've noticed, (This is great grammar yogi) …the only ones throwing race into the picture are the Obama fans. And if their race ( does he think we are all balck?) is the only reason you (not you personally) vote for someone, please accept my sympathy. You get what you deserve. But I get mad when you're throwing it at me.

This is the position that a racist would take to deflect his own prejudiced of someone of another skin tone. The thought of a person with darker colored skin, being his President is more than this man of abhorrence can bear. (Not the bear animal yogi) For him to live in a world in which he was taught to hate, the birthplace of Obama is the only straw he can cling to justify his Aryan philosophy.

By: Loner on 5/14/12 at 7:08

Yep, the Predators lost in the playoffs...this is the "off season", yep....stuff is gonna happen , yep....some players will return, others may not , yep.....the team may stay in town and then again they could move.....yep.....shall we go into the details of all that?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 7:14

The overall Catholic religion is Christian… BUT. If he only had a brain LOL

By: Loner on 5/14/12 at 7:14

The Coyotes are for sale? Sell the Preds....buy the Coyotes.....problem solved.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 7:14



By: Loner on 5/14/12 at 7:16

Can't we come up with a discussion topic that does not include Yogi or pro sports?

A whole lot of stuff is happening out there...could we take this up a notch?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 7:20

Loner, there is no subject that we can discuss, that yogi will not see Obama’s skin tone.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 7:23

For example; that rock is different from the other rocks, by just the tiniest bit.
How do we know that rock is a American rock?

By: yogiman on 5/14/12 at 7:32


If you knew the facts that existed when Congress allowed Obama to run and "win" the 2008 election, with meany of them knowing he was not Constitutionally eligible, and the fact none of them have raised a question since, should shake you up.

I hate to say it, but by election time, six month should show everything on the table.

By: yogiman on 5/14/12 at 7:39

Okay, Loner,

How about this for a subject: Is it normal the news media can tell you so much about Mitt Romney's childhood days but can't tell you where Barack Obama was born? Or anything else about him?

So, start the ball rolling: Tell the world more about Barack Obama's youthful days. You know, like where he was born, who his father was, what religion he was raised in, what political beliefs he was raised in....

By: slacker on 5/14/12 at 7:42

Loner, European unrest over Merkel's call for austerity, is the big story. Everybody's broke, but wants to keep spending.

By: yogiman on 5/14/12 at 7:47


As a grammar expert, did you mean; "How do we know that rock is a American rock?" Or should it have been; How do we know that rock is [a]n American rock" Or am I to presume you know the difference between the rocks and made a typographical error?

By: Loner on 5/14/12 at 7:50

That is a big story this morning, Slack...the dollar is strengthening as a result....oil is dropping in price too.

How come we Americans can refuse to initiate an austerity plan and still get away with it?

We are setting a terrible example to the rest of the world....we borrow trillions to fight wars for others....then we borrow more, to pay for rebuilding what we destroyed.

Treasure flows from the conqueror to the conquered...we don't do Empire very well, do we?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 8:01

I was quoting you yogi, when I said "a Amercian rock"

By: Captain Nemo on 5/14/12 at 8:06

I paid $3.28 at mile marker 47 on I-81 I think it was at a Pilot stop coming home the other day Loner. $3.31 at Kroger’s in Mt. Juliet Thursday.

Price of oil goes up; GOP it is Obama’s fault.

Price of gas drops; GOP Obama has nothing to do with it.

By: slacker on 5/14/12 at 8:12

Loner sadly no. I'm thinking the ''Krauts'' will invade France again, its long overdue.
The ''Frenchies'' will surrender of course. The US military will come to the aid of France, and Obama will order a Seal team to wack Merkel. Obama's new campaign slogan will be: I done the Hun, we have won. Thunderous applause at the Democrat convention.

By: Loner on 5/14/12 at 8:12

We have a hot board here:


Once again, the drumbeat for war with Iran increases in tempo and volume....if the upcoming Baghdad talks fail - the new sanctions are making failure likely - Israel may strike Iran...using the hyped-up "zone of immunity" argument....that could really shake up the US elections...Romney, the draft-dodger, would grab a Pom-Pom and start cheer-leading for the Jewish state.

Obama would be caught in a serious political bind....the Republicans would demand US involvement...the 38 Jewish Democrats would join those hawkish Republicans...anyone who wishes to keep on getting AIPAC support will also go with the Republicans....Obama would be forced to go along....or else.

By: Loner on 5/14/12 at 8:16

LOL, Slack..."I done the Hun"....it would look good on a T-shirt.

By: slacker on 5/14/12 at 8:19

I've made another decision. Next tuesday every U.S. citizen will be required to buy a hockey stick.
-Joe Biden