Up for Debate: Romney takes round one

Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 12:40am

Mitt Romney appeared to handily win the first of the 2012 presidential debates against President Barack Obama. Discuss the main points scored by each candidate. What were the weaknesses of each candidate? Where did their rhetoric stray from facts? What adjustments do you see each candidate making for round two?

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By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 10:30


By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 10:31


By: Loner on 10/4/12 at 10:35

Doodoo Economics is a modern variant of Voodoo Economics.

Like "Trickle Down", Doodoo Economics posits the premise that feces flows downstream.....it's a form of Excrementitious Economics, a theory that dates back to the days of Charles Dickens.

Bishop Romney would take us back to Trickle Down & Doodoo Economics.....haven't we had enough of that crap?

By: yogiman on 10/4/12 at 10:42


Why should Romney lay everything out on the table before the election if it's okay that Obama never makes a mention of what he's going to do or explain what he's already done?

I'd call that discrimination, wouldn't you? Didn't think so.

By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 10:56


By: yogiman on 10/4/12 at 11:05


Your constant comments against us (birthers) regarding Obama's legal eligibility makes me wonder what kind of American you are. All I, or anyone else in that "program", want to know is if he is legally, Constitutionally eligible for that office.

(And bfra, don't throw that race crap out at me. You know more about blowing in the wind than you do about me).

You keep ridiculing us but you have never offered any sort of proof except through your ridicule of me and others.

With your arguments (you and others) on this issue, why have none of you ever offered any evidence of his eligibility? Could it be because you don't have any?

I'll repeat, by law, even if you win the majority of the votes on a campaign, you cannot win that election if you aren't legally qualified to run in it.

So, again, why has Obama continued to refuse to identify himself? You don't even know if he's ever been an American citizen, yet you back him all the way to the Oval Office.

If he was born in Kenya, as he has said on the internet, and advertised for 16 years as his birthplace, when did he become a US citizen? In 1961, at her age, his mother could not pass her American citizenship down to him.

So, is that a Kenyan sitting in our White House?

Sorry, Loner, to me than is plain ignorance. I want to know whose sitting in that office. After all, it's my damn money he's spending.

Think what you wish, just prove me wrong.

By: gdiafante on 10/4/12 at 11:17


By: brrrrk on 10/4/12 at 11:22


By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 11:22


By: Captain Nemo on 10/4/12 at 11:46


By: Captain Nemo on 10/4/12 at 11:50

Mike if Romney was to show what he had to offer now, he would surely lose.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/4/12 at 11:51

Mike if Romney was to show what he had to offer now, he would surely lose.

By: yogiman on 10/4/12 at 12:08

You know, children, it's funny none of you can prove me wrong, but you continue to insist I am.

Is that the mentality of a scapegoat? Barry's got a bunch of suckers, hasn't he?

By: gdiafante on 10/4/12 at 12:11


By: yogiman on 10/4/12 at 12:13


Why do you suggest Romney should show what he has to offer but it's okay Barry shouldn't? Aren't they running for the same job? If they are, shouldn't both of them go by the same requirements?

By: gdiafante on 10/4/12 at 12:17


By: yogiman on 10/4/12 at 12:19

I have another stupid question, bfra:

If, as you claim, my argument about Obama is because I'm a racist, what is the reason you voted for him in 2008 when you didn't even know who he was? You know, like his official name?

Could it be because you're a racist and you voted for him because of his race? Sure looks like it to me.

By: gdiafante on 10/4/12 at 12:19


By: BigPapa on 10/4/12 at 12:28

When I say he makes people feel good, it's not in the same way as a Regan or Clinton did. They did that though building confidence in people, making them feel good, bring the country around to their position.. actually you know LEADING. He (Obama) makes people feel "progressive", so whether he actually does a good job or makes good decisions is irrelevant.

By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 12:33


By: gdiafante on 10/4/12 at 12:41

I see, it makes them feel like we're moving forward (pun intended).

Now, you can go several ways with this. Either you're acknowledging that the same, tired, tried-and-failed policies of supply-side economics are archaic and that people understand this, or you're saying that people only vote for Obama because he's African-American and it makes them feel like they've progressed past race.

There's too many dolts out there that still think voodoo economics works to make the think the first option has any merit. Or at least they've had that beaten over their head long enough to make them believe it.

I don't doubt that some did vote for Obama for the second, probably about as many that didn't vote for him because he's African-American. I personally believe that a turnip could have ran for President as a Democrat and won because it wasn't named George W. Bush.

If Hilary had won the nomination, she would have been debating Romney last night.

By: BigPapa on 10/4/12 at 12:49

I wish she had won, and yeah.. the GOP pretty much sent the old soldier out there as cannon fodder last time, then he did himself no favors by picking that crazy woman from Alaska as his Veep. If not for Mcain we never would know of the Palin's and their white trash "look at me" family.

By: gdiafante on 10/4/12 at 12:53

We agree, Papa.

By: yogiman on 10/4/12 at 1:12

I just received this email from a cousin commenting Marlin Firearms is closing. If you believe in the 2nd Amendment, you might want to know who they are.

A company named Cerberus is the buyer. Several of the manufacturers they have bought out are Bushmaster, Marlin, DPMS, Dakota Arms and H&R.They are buying every gun manufacturer they can as well as the ammunition manufacturers.

If you own the manufacturers of the guns and ammunition, you control the people. Who owns Cerberus? A man named George Soros.

If you aren't familiar with him, look him up. He's a communist that has "invested" millions on Obama. Obama is simply puppet to him.

If you're an anti-gunner, just free to just ignore this information.

By: yogiman on 10/4/12 at 1:16

You shouldn't compare others to yourself, BigPapa. Especially when you don't even know them. "News" is full of crap, you know.

By: gdiafante on 10/4/12 at 1:19


By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/4/12 at 1:22



Another example of willful ignorance.


Recently, an old rumor regarding Cerberus--the private equity firm that owns Freedom group, a holding company that in turn owns a number of firearms manufacturers, including Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, and DPMS--was in some way tied to George Soros.

This rumor is completely false and baseless.

NRA has had contact with officials from Cerberus and Freedom Group for some time. The owners and investors involved are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and are avid hunters and shooters.

In reality, at no time has George Soros ever been a part of the ownership group of Freedom Group or Cerberus, and as a privately traded corporation, there is no possibility that he will be in the future.

This unsubstantiated rumor has caused a great deal of unnecessary concern for gun owners. NRA-ILA urges our members to take great care before repeating baseless rumors found on the Internet.

By: brrrrk on 10/4/12 at 1:27


By: brrrrk on 10/4/12 at 1:29

Romney lied last night just like Reagan lied during the 1980 debates....

By: budlight on 10/4/12 at 1:29

Thanks for 11:18 show of support Yogi. I appreciate that

And onward with my opinion.

By: BigPapa on 10/4/12 at 10:46
Romney could win every debate and make a great case but in the end that's not why people vote. Obama will win next month. He makes people feel good about voting for him, no matter what his qualifications or at this point, his on the job performance.

You are correct Big Papa. If it's an orgasm one is seeking, Barack is the quick fix. He's a premature shooter who has been shooting blanks for 4 years now. He is "impotent" and even if in his MIND, he is the most important man on the planet, people are waking up all over AMERICA.

I heard a guy at the grocery store (ALDI - German owned) on his cell phone. Mind you, he was on the job, but a slacker. He weighed in at about 380 lbs (Plus) and was not over 5'8" tall. His great big fat butt made it obvious he has not been listening to his mamma Michelle when it comes to diet and "MOVING". He was stark raving FAT. He was consoling a friend on the phone with these words of wisdom: "Yeah I know, he looked a little tired and didn't seem to be quite prepared, but he's tired and he has such a hard job to do . . . you know 'all the behind the scenes stuff' and he was probably thinking that this debate thing ain't anything anyway, but at the next debate he will kick some butt".

So there folks is one of the 47% who is "sort of working, but n ot really" and banking on the "free give away king" winning so he can stop stocking shelves at ALDI and get some real free stuff.

I saw some of the replays of the Debate. It's only a debate if both parties are able to engage in debate. Clearly the community organizer did not have his facts. One of his aids said that he "chose not to do fact checking during the debate". My guess is that he wouldn't know a "fact" if it bit him in the butt. He is oblivious.

And besides that he's arrogant and slick as owl poop!

By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 1:33

Blanket - Thanks! Everyone should know by now that yogi & his ilk have no understanding of truth or facts. Trolls just blow to hear their head rattle!

Thanks again!

By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 1:36


By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/4/12 at 1:37

I can't stand this whole "willful ignorance" thing. They don't want to know the truth - they would rather believe lies that support their worldview. Totally messed up.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/4/12 at 1:37

Even the NRA was urging it's members not to distribute or post these type of inaccurate emails.

By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 1:44

That 2:29 comment is by someone that admittedly cannot keep a job, on SSI (guess she went to Aldi's in her wheel chair), threatens to sue every poster on the board, keeping a (de juge) folder on everybody & from the picture she bragged about on the internet, way back when, sure doesn't have anything near a models figure. So what other made up story do you have today bud?

By: brrrrk on 10/4/12 at 1:45

"Let me warn you and let me warn the Nation against the smooth evasion which says, 'Of course we believe all these things; we believe in social security; we believe in work for the unemployed; we believe in saving homes. Cross our hearts and hope to die, we believe in all these things; but we do not like the way the present Administration is doing them. Just turn them over to us. We will do all of them- we will do more of them we will do them better; and, most important of all, the doing of them will not cost anybody anything.'

But, my friends, these evaders are banking too heavily on the shortness of our memories. No one will forget that they had their golden opportunity—twelve long years of it." - F.D.R.

By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 1:49

brrrrk - Just goes "saying & doing" are two different things. They also, don't bother to say HOW they are going to do all of this.

By: brrrrk on 10/4/12 at 1:55

bfra said

"brrrrk - Just goes 'saying & doing' are two different things. They also, don't bother to say HOW they are going to do all of this."

Handing the reins of government over to the righties (and especially at this time) would be like going to a doctor, who doesn't believe in antibiotics, for an infection.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/4/12 at 1:56

The NRA is just as responsible for the crazed tea bagers and Neocons as the GOP for letting them getting of hand.

By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 1:58

brrrrk - Absolutely correct!

By: yogiman on 10/4/12 at 2:01

I humbly beg you pardon, B2, but as I've admitted before, unlike your childhood (I presume you're still in it) they didn't have computers when I was a child so I'm not the master of computers you feel you are.

But maybe you can refer me to where the NRA advised their members on that issue. I've been a member of the NRA and GOA for quite a few years and get their email every time they send one out, plus regular mail from them. I never received that "advice" you mentioned. Wonder why? Could it be because neither of them sent it? Or could it be because I'm not "donating" enough money to them?

And also by the way, was that email I received wrong when they said snopes was a "fan" of Obama's?

By: brrrrk on 10/4/12 at 2:02

Anybody catch this from Romney?

"I know that you and your running mate keep saying that, and I know it’s a popular things to say with a lot of people, but it’s just not the case. Look, I got five boys. I’m used to people saying something that’s not always true...... "

1) Mitts actually calling his sons liars... gee, what kind of "boys" you raising there gov?
2) It appears that the acorns don't fall far from the tree then....

By: yogiman on 10/4/12 at 2:06

You should listen with both ears, brrrrk. He said he has five boys and he's used to people saying something that's not always true. Where did he say in was his boys lying?

And by the way, haven't you ever told a "fib"? OK, OK, I know you haven't. Want another joke?

By: brrrrk on 10/4/12 at 2:07

Do they have mirrors at Aldi's now?

By: brrrrk on 10/4/12 at 2:08


By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 2:11


brrrrk - bud wouldn't know, she was too busy nosing into everybody's business & eavedropping, IF she even was in Aldis.

By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 2:14

Blanket - You just messed up yogi's apple cart. He probably spent all day, searching his trash sites and thought he had found a jewel & you just blew it in a matter of seconds.

By: BigPapa on 10/4/12 at 2:16

I think it just shows how ill prepared Obama is for the job. Maybe if he were older, or had actually done something he would at some point be or have been ready. I think he was pushed ahead too quickly and he is in waaaaaay over his head.

He got elected due to "bush fatigue" and some collective mindset that we needed an affirmative action hire to move past the race issue. We'll it's been a disaster, and honestly are race relations any better? I think not.

By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 2:20

Mitt really made a boo-boo about firing Big Bird!

By: bfra on 10/4/12 at 2:22

Raspy hasn't interjected any of his own problems here today. His last one evidently was maxing his card out at Flemings. He should know, don't order more than you can afford.