Up for Debate: Romney's 47 percent

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 1:03am

What is your reaction to presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments, which were secretly recorded at a fundraiser where he spoke, about nearly half of the country voting for President Barack Obama because they are "dependant on government" and "pay no income tax"? What do you think of his explanation Monday evening that his comments were "off the cuff" and "not elegantly stated"? Finally, how do you feel about how those comments were secretly recorded and distributed?

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By: Rasputin72 on 9/18/12 at 1:31

Romney is a beaten man. He is however not saying anything that I have not recognized jjust by joining and posting on this site.

I think the only way to beat the free stuff and little effort people is by winning the majority in the hose and senate.

The general populace is angry and the underclass population is soaring out of control.

Depending on your age and outlook this is eirher a good time or a bad time to be wealthy or part of the productive class.

Since time on this earth is short anytime is the right time to be smarter and luckier and halthier and more financially productive than the 47%.

By: Rasputin72 on 9/18/12 at 1:31

Romney is a beaten man. He is however not saying anything that I have not recognized jjust by joining and posting on this site.

I think the only way to beat the free stuff and little effort people is by winning the majority in the hose and senate.

The general populace is angry and the underclass population is soaring out of control.

Depending on your age and outlook this is eirher a good time or a bad time to be wealthy or part of the productive class.

Since time on this earth is short anytime is the right time to be smarter and luckier and halthier and more financially productive than the 47%.

By: dargent7 on 9/18/12 at 3:30

It was a beautiful day in Nashville yesterday. First, Shawn White, The Flying Tomato, gets arrested for being drunk and disorderly on West End and then tv stations play Mittens blowing his Presidential campaign wide open.
This guy has always come across as a rich a$$hole and now it's apparent just how much.
Who, or what would vote for this arrogant, stuck up, out of touch POS?
Staunch Republicans will think and say, "Well, he's just telling the truth..."
As a businessman, fine. "I enjoy firing people". I'm not worried about the poor and middle class..., there's that safety net" ( that I'll take away...)
As President of the United States? Get lost.

By: Ask01 on 9/18/12 at 4:10

Willard likely uttered his first honest words of the campaign, although not intended for consumption of "you people," and exposed his true nature.

His utter contempt for anyone not in his tax bracket is showing and will not be easily hidden again.

Beyond the issue of welfare fraud, my main concern is the fair treatment, with adequate pay, for the 99% who actually performed labor which earned the money Willard and his cohorts so jealousy hoard from their workers.

Between this and Mrs. Willard's comments, I believe, unless the less than discrete attempts at voter disenfranchisement are successful at keeping "undesirable legal voters," such as students, the elderly, minorities, and common laborers away, we are witnessing the last days of a failed campaign.

The Kennedy's were rich, the Clinton's also had substantial money, George Bush also had a silver spoon, (for what, we won't discuss) but they could relate to the common man without behaving toward them like some pre revolution French aristocrat.

Those who are cheating the system will, as stated, vote for the president and any other Democrat. Those who depend on earned social benefits for survival, who, if I recall correctly, outnumber by percentage those who don't, will also vote for President Obama and perhaps a straight Democratic ticket.

Those who have lost their jobs and spent years seeking any employment while Willard and friends scold them for being lazy, stupid, and worthless will also likely vote for the Democrats.

In the end, the fascination with big business and the wealthy may prove the undoing of the Republican party, bringing about their finale demise as a party of any consequence for years to come.

Don't you just love the political special olympics?

By: yogiman on 9/18/12 at 5:08

Let's face it, Congress is the cause of the devastation of our nation today. Time in congress is a career instead of a temporary service to the people. Congress is now working for the lobbyists instead of the people. Their staffs are running their offices while they are running for re-election.Our government has become such a way because so many people love being "given to". Why work and pay taxes if your government will take you into their loving arms and "take care of you" in their "I'll give to you" programs?

It isn't odd that Romney would be privately recorded to detriment his run for office. That's equal to the point Obama wants Romney to show his tax returns for ten years but it's okay for Obama, himself, to refuse to show his personal identity to prove he is Constitutionally eligible to run for the office.

I understand Fox news is going to broadcast a show Obama won't like to see Sunday evening at 8PM.

By: dargent7 on 9/18/12 at 5:14

Yogi: "google": Barack Obama, and you can learn about, "just who is this person in the White House?"
Then "google": Paul Wade.
The difference is startling.

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 5:20

We've debated this on here, true enough Raspy, but it seems that some still just don't get it. Now, for them, and Mr. Romney, pay attention to the following material closely...

60% of non-income tax paying households paid federal payroll taxes (SS/Medicare).

62% paid more in payroll taxes than income taxes (all American households)

Of the 18% that paid neither income tax nor payroll taxes, over half were seniors (people who paid both taxes in the past).

People who don't pay income taxes pay gas taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, sin taxes, etc.

The reason the number of people who are paying income taxes has fallen is because of tax credits given to working families (child credit, EIC).



Notice that the conclusion is that wealthy and non-wealthy should pay more (tax reform). I've said it before and I'll say it again, repeal the Bush Tax Cuts in its entirety.

So, Mittens, maybe next time you should think before you run off with the mouth, huh?

By: yogiman on 9/18/12 at 5:27


I'm still wondering, just who in the hell is Barack Obama? Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama identified himself in his autobiography as being raised as a communist in the Islam faith. Why do the people accept him as a christian when he said he was a Muslim in an interview?

When did he change his political beliefs to become a democrat? Why, in less than four years he has issued 900 executive orders in giving himself more power? Why is he in the process of forming an army for himself equal to the power of our national army?

Why has he created a staff instead of using Congress as his "leaders"? A bigger question is: Why has Congress let him get way with his procedure when he won't even identify himself and they don't really know who he is?

By: parnell3rd on 9/18/12 at 5:29

comming accross as an a$$hole and being an a$$hole like d7 is 2 different things.
All he did was speak the truth. And you all can not handle the truth.
Another thing, it shoes how biased the NCP is when they won't put up opinion pieces when demoNcrats get caught on tape. Hypocrits!
And gdia gets numbers out of the air like a mediocore magician.

By: parnell3rd on 9/18/12 at 5:32

Here are the sad facts, when America fails as a country, historians will not point out that the fault lies with the idiots who voted the idiots into power.

By: parnell3rd on 9/18/12 at 5:33

ops shows not shoes! there i go again!!!!

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 5:34

I cited the source, parnell. Can you read?


By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 5:36

Is that all you Righties can do is whine like little lost puppies? Yogi's perfected it to the point he should where a cute little pink dress, Parnell is a close second.

Wake me up when you two grow a pair.

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 5:39

Here is another source that supports the first one I posted:


Any questions?

By: dargent7 on 9/18/12 at 6:01

Romney cannot hide the fact he's a cold hearted, ultra-rich millionaire.
He was born into privelige and never left the scene.
At least the Kennedys, also rich, CARED about the less fortunate.
Romney only cares if the 4-car elevator he's installing in LaJolla, CA can squeeze one more Caddy into it.
All the "safety nets" he acknowledges exist he will abandon, cut-back, or cancel.
The poor, the middle class, aren't going away in your lifetime. They are increasing in size.
You make humans desperate enough, they will attack you, your home, your family.
Pay now, or you will pay later.
Romney wouldn't last 2 minutes on the "Survivor" show. He's a wimp who only knows how to fire people. Big deal. Take away his Magic Underware, superiority complex, arrogance, wealth, family name and ties, and you've got nothing. No character, integrity.
I don't want "nothing" in the White House.

By: Loner on 9/18/12 at 6:26

Good morning, Nashville.

Bishop Romney has really stepped in it this time....and he's tracking it in onto the GOP carpet.

In less than two weeks, Willard has succeeded in proving that he is a hot-head, on the foreign policy front and he has also shown that he is an arrogant ass,on the domestic front.

Unless Bibi Netanyahu can help his buddy out, Willard is toast.

By: dargent7 on 9/18/12 at 6:26

Additionally, Unemployment benefits are taxed on your Federal Return at 25%+
You can take the EIC at $5,800. but it's subtracted by the other major hit.
The Unemployed are not "double-down" and getting money back from the government as Republicans love to say (lie).
Foodstamps are not taxed at all.
Note to the rich: you really want to cut Americans off of food while spending $2. billion a month in Afghanistan? The Foodstamp budget is $60. billion. The military budget is $670. billion.

By: yogiman on 9/18/12 at 6:27


First, there is many men named "Paul Wade". And they are all different. I don't know how you picked my identity because you don't even know me. What's my middle name?

Second, google doesn't give any evidence of proof on Soetoro's aka Obama's identity.

So I repeat: Just who in the hell is this guy?

By: dargent7 on 9/18/12 at 6:27

s/h/b "Bishop TuTu Romney".

By: treehugger7 on 9/18/12 at 6:32

I think this has done him in. Between wanting to voucherize everything and treating the electorate like they are stupid does not endear people to him. Actually insulting voters who have less wealth than The Mitt is no way to be elected. He is more out of touch than I thought. I feel better about the election every time he opens his stupid mouth!

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 6:34

That's the irony, darge. Mittens, and others, automatically assume that anyone who is receiving a tax cut/break are entitlement whores. Except if it's the wealthy, then it's nothing to see here, folks.

In regards to seniors, you work all your life to retire, once you do, you're the victim, according to Romney. Poor seniors...they should really get a job so they can pay income taxes...

I think the best bet for Romney is to have someone sew his mouth shut.

By: yogiman on 9/18/12 at 6:35


I guess I'll have to wait until Barry proves me right. If you and you NCP co-fellow posters are actually with the communist party today, I'll understand how you will shout loud and clear on Barry's full usurpation. But if you are communist, I'd like to see you cry when Barry takes over as dictator.

I'll laugh then.

By: dargent7 on 9/18/12 at 6:37

s/h/b "1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW"

By: treehugger7 on 9/18/12 at 6:38

Now what thinking people need to do is make sure everyone can get to vote. that is still the big problem with repubs demanding unessesary ID. With the default repug ballots we had in the local primaries, who knows what will happen?!

By: Kosh III on 9/18/12 at 6:39

More inconvenient facts about the slacker parasites Romney and Raspy hate:

SNAP aka Food Stamps

Over 50% of all recipients are CHILDREN
The next largest group are elderly on SS
Then Disabled
Then single parents with children
Then disabled elderly
Then finally, a tiny percentage are able bodied adults with no dependents.


Since Yogi is an old fart, he probably doesn't pay income taxes either?

By: treehugger7 on 9/18/12 at 6:39

I laugh every time you post, yogi!

By: Rasputin72 on 9/18/12 at 6:40

My friends (who are all Republicans were staunch in their predictions that Obama would lose this election because of the economy. I saw months ago that the issue for those that made less than $60,000 dollars a year and their underclass appendages was "class warfare."

Without a doubt the "most effective campaign strategy by a failed Presidency in my memory."

Most Republicans would look at the insidious and uninformed and bias comments made on this board and be rupulsed to the point of never looking again. I have read and participated because the 47% are so important in a national election.

Once one sees the abstract failure of these peoples lives and then look at the life that the Romneys and the upper class have had you can see the anger building to a crescendo.
Of course the welfare crowd is going to vote for anyone from Darth Vader to Mickey Mouse who promises more "free stuff"

The working stiffs who have no idea how intertwined this world his have rejected anything that looks like wealth and success. For the sixth time in three months it is Obama in a mild landslide. 54% of the popular vote.

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 6:44

Without a doubt the "most effective campaign strategy by a failed Presidency in my memory."

So, Obama's strategy is to let Mitt be Mitt...genius.

And...the Right whines some more. Too bad we can't tax whining, the revenue from this board alone could fund SS for the next 100 years...

By: yogiman on 9/18/12 at 6:47


There's a vast difference between Kennedy and Romney. Romney made his fortune through legitimate work, he didn't take his "start in fortune" from his father. Kennedy inherited his fortune from his father who made his fortune through illegal bootlegging. See the difference?

John Kennedy was a good man that loved the USA. Your man Barry doesn't fit that category. He does not love the USA.

If he did, why did he refuse to place his hand over his heart like true Americans? Why did he just place his clasped hand over his crotch? Why did he refuse to wear the American flag lapel pin until he was named as the Democrat nominee illegally?

By: yogiman on 9/18/12 at 6:48


I hate to tell you, but you're exposing you ignorance more every day. What school did you go to?

By: yogiman on 9/18/12 at 6:51


Tell me, are you paying any income tax or are you getting your income from welfare? Which do you prefer, work, of have it given to you?

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 6:52

Nah, he just doesn't love ignorant, inbred, morons who want the U.S. to fail...you know...


On that, I agree with the President.

By: yogiman on 9/18/12 at 6:58


You're claiming Obama has been identified: by whom? How can he be identified if the identifier hasn't seen any of his papers?

Who would you be if I introduced, and identified, you as Paul Wade?

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 6:59

Just ignore him. He's a broken vinyl record in the age of MP3's.

By: Rasputin72 on 9/18/12 at 7:01

Gdiafante.......I agree with you about the whining of my Republican friends, I hear it every day. There are a still a few of my friends who think Romney has a chance. These people do not have any association with other people other than their own kind.

For my entire life,I have adapted to the environment around me. I am planning to continue that practice and not only survive but prosper. Prosper may not take on the same meaning as I have known my entire life but prosper compared to my fellow man and the 47%.

By: yogiman on 9/18/12 at 7:05

I wish you was right that I don't pay any income tax, treehugger. Don't hug that tree too tight, it might make you f@rt too loud in that crowd as you expose your idiocy.

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 7:07

Raspy, can you not understand simple English? So I take it that you want seniors to not retire, so they can continue to pay Federal income tax? Is that what you consider being productive?

And again, you still have yet to explain to me why it's ok for some to receive tax breaks and not others. Why is one considered to be entitlement and the other not? The only difference I see is the income level of the recipient...and you keep thinking that class warfare is made up...har har har.

By: Rasputin72 on 9/18/12 at 7:20

Gdiafante......Of course I want seniors to retire. I want them to work and pay social security taxes and to provide for their 401K

You are not one of the "incapable" who dominate this board so I do not wish to provoke you with this question.

Before I answer your question about tax breaks, I would like for you to tell me what tax breaks you are speaking of that are not available to you.

I do not think class warfare is made up. I think Obama and his people seized upon the unrest of the working class and put it to work. He knew the welfare crowd and the underclass would be right along with him no matter what kind of chicken he promised for their pot.
No,I reiterate that I do not think that the class warfare theme was made up.

I can assure the world that if I felt that I was going to have to work my butt off and not be able to send my kids to private school,have a home paid for and never be able to enjoy anything other than day to day survival I would vote for anybody or anything that promised me anything. The only thing I might not do that most of the Obama working class does not recognize, is "I chose my life by own actions I am responsible for where I am" I probably would wish that I had the things that the productive class had but I would probably sigh and just say "I wish I could do it over again"

By: PKVol on 9/18/12 at 7:22

Obama to Putin - "I'll be more flexible come January." and we're not to be alarmed?

Romney 'off the cuff' - "there are 47% of the people that I don't have to fight for because they're dependent of the government." and we're to be alarmed?

By: Rasputin72 on 9/18/12 at 7:26

PKVOL.......Most of the posters on this forum are incapable of understanding your beautiful satire.

In two paragraphs you have made a summation about this election and this country that is akin to a 500 page research report about the condition of this country.

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 7:34

I'm not talking about tax breaks I do or do not qualify for. If you've read the totality of my posts, I believe in tax reform and a complete repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts. But, at the same time, I do not think that we should eliminate tax breaks completely, they should just make sense.

I also see absolutely no difference in tax breaks for the poor than in tax breaks for the wealthy. A tax break is a tax break. If you think the poor have their hand out, what do you call what the wealthy are wanting? We have the lowest tax rates in 50 years yet it's not enough.

I'm sorry, but that makes no sense, not when we're in a debt crisis. Taxes are going to have to go up, and everyone should share the burden. Just as entitlements are going to have to reformed, they're unsustainable.

Not that either candidate will say this, but it's what is necessary If you are serious about improving debt and the economy for the longterm.

Do you disagree?

By: Rasputin72 on 9/18/12 at 7:49

Gdiafante......I am not nearly in as much disagreement as you might think.

Tax Reform is needed but I am not sure that we have anyone sophisticated enough to write a reform that the house and senate will pass.

I will agree to an adjustment of the Bush tax cuts very similar to what Obama has proposed. I do not think that people earning $250,000 dollars a year are wealthy. In fact I do not think that people earning $500,000 dollars a year are wealthy. In order to get some legislation through I would certainly be willing to compromise at some level.

I am in favor of raising the capital gains tax to that of ordinary income on capital gains held less than three years.
I am in favor of raising taxes on dividends to 20% instead of 15%...There is just too much risk in the stock market not to have some advantage for this type investor. That includes you and your 401K if you have one.

Spending and welfare payments must be cut. The healthcare industry and the Wall Street brokerage houses like Goldman Sachs must be held responsible for any debacle that occurs using derivaties as an instrument of invdestment. I am talking individuals and directors.

I am in favor of raising the minimum wage to compensate for the reduction that I would ask for welfare and transfer payments.

I could go on and on but you can see that I am not totally against the working fellow just his ability to reason. I am sick and tired of the underclass welfare system.

By: Rasputin72 on 9/18/12 at 7:55

Grdiafante.....I did not completely finish my thought about the healthcare industry. When the cost of healthcare is more than the ability of 65% of the citizens of this country can afford there is something wrong with the cost of healthcare. I would regulate the payouts by insurance companies to what is "reasonable for the populace" I would also not allow the doctors and health care people to charge more than my "reasonable rate"

If those of us who want Ritz Carlton health care we should pay for it. Regulating the medicare and Obamacare payouts would do the trick to bring costs more in line with what the general populace could afford.

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 7:56

Well what do you know, common ground...I too believe that Wall Street should have been held accountable. To think that no one was prosecuted for what happened is sickening.

I'm not sure about the minimum wage...

I think the problem with entitlements is that we can cut the costs by doing reforms, but people only hear the word "cut" and think that benefits will be slashed. Not necessarily true. They can streamline these programs, make it shorter for some (food stamps, housing etc), harder to obtain for otherss (SSI).

As for SS, the retirement age is going to have to be raised. They didn't count on the life expectancy increasing as it has. In the 40's, you'd be lucky to get to 70. Now, 80 or 85 is the new 70...things have to change. And Congress needs to keep their scurvy little fingers off the money (yeah right).

By: govskeptic on 9/18/12 at 7:56

This event was a fundraiser and apparently Mitt thought he was at
a staff meeting for closest advisers. While everything he said had
a great deal of truth to it for this race, it was a huge blunder with
the press reporting and is being even stretched further than was

I find so many of these northeastern candidates, no matter the party,
just like Mitt, doesn't seem to live in the same country a majority of
America experiences in their daily lives. Visiting only Florida or
Calif. doesn't seem to make one a Mark Twain, which is important.

By: MusicCity615 on 9/18/12 at 7:59

Is anything that Romney said not true?

By: yogiman on 9/18/12 at 8:01


There is a factual difference concerning Romney and Obama in the race. Romney is a known, proven, natural born American citizen. Obama isn't.

So I ask: Why does he refuse to identify himself. You may believe he is who he says he is , but you don't factually know. Really, how can you be so sure he's and American citizen? When did he repatriate from his Indonesian citizenship? Or did he? Is this an Indonesian citizen sitting in our Oval Office?

By: gdiafante on 9/18/12 at 8:04

Actually, yes, MusicCity. As with most statements, there should have been a qualifier. Yes, 47% don't pay income tax. Why is that? Oh, because most either have so little income as to not qualify, are taking advantages of tax cuts or are seniors.

The devil is in the details. What is going to alienate Romney is that many of the 47% are not entitlement seekers, but, like the 1%, taking advantage of a failed tax system.

And the point about not worrying about those people...the President should worry about every American citizen, not just the ones who vote for him. That's what makes Mitt a bad candidate.

By: Loner on 9/18/12 at 8:37

Willard's dad, George Romney, blew his chances for the GOP presidential nomination when he used the word, "brainwashed", to explain his reasons for voting to escalate the Vietnam War....he claimed that Pentagon brass had brainwashed him.

Romney the Younger has added the word, "victim" to the family's legacy of fatal gaffs

If it's class warfare that you guys wanted, it's class warfare you will now get.. From now on, it's personal....Romney has unbridled contempt for 47% of Americans....what a gaff.

By: MusicCity615 on 9/18/12 at 8:46


The main reason why I am not going to vote for Obama is because he thinks there's nothing wrong with 47% of Americans not being able to pay federal income tax. I want a president that teaches a man to fish, not gives him 1 fish, so to say.

Just giving ridiculous money and pensions to union bullies is the Obama way, and it's not sustainable. Is Romney perfect? no, but I have no problem wiht a president calling out problems like they are.

Now, Romney obviously has many flaws in his tax returns, which I detest, but so do the public unions, they also have accounts in the caymans. However, Romney could have given his entire wealth to the IRS, and there would still be 8+% unemployment for over 42 straight months.

That is failing as a president, let Obama is too worried about playing golf and going on David Letterman. Enough with that. He's a celebrity, not a president.

Unfortunately for the economy, I think Obama is going to win. Fortunately for gay rights, I think he is going to win.

I just hope immigration is reformed so that immigrants, like my mentee in my charity organization, that receive a college education, can much easily become an American citizen, as opposed to amnesty for all just because they want it. Our healthcare bills and welfare checks with bankrupt the country alone. Obama will do amnesty for everyone, which will be devastating .