Up for Debate: Sandy, Benghazi and Obama

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 12:57am

Do you believe President Obama — as has been asserted — has benefitted from the news coverage of Hurricane Sandy while questions over the response to the Benghazi attacks continue to mount? Some have questioned not only the Obama administration's response to the deadly attack but also the most recent media coverage of what happened that night last month, implying some media outlets are ignoring reports of a "stand down" order to the CIA. What are your thoughts?

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By: gdiafante on 10/31/12 at 7:46

Ben Dover, on the other hand, can carry on a decent debate, on a wide variety of subjects...so, I don't think it's fair to lump the troll and Ben into the same category.

Conspiracy nuts are conspiracy nuts. Be it in regards to religion, politics or science and regardless of their articulation level. I see no difference.

By: joe41 on 10/31/12 at 7:46

The GOP is desparate since they have spent so much money and it is not moving the needle very much. This October surprise has thrown them for a loop and they don't know how to handle it. I guess it was God's will.

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 7:49

Loner - I will agree to disagree on the Ben/yogi comparison. The only difference I see, is Ben uses words better, but basically says the same thing.

By: budlight on 10/31/12 at 7:49

Rasputin72 on 10/31/12 at 4:36
All three are great tragedies!
Amen to that

By: Loner on 10/31/12 at 8:11
Keep the religions tax exempt...if you tax them, they will have a right to craft public policy..as it is now, they are encroaching on matters of state, let's not make that encroachment legal.
Loner there is no law stating that pastors and leaders of churches cannot speak about politics -- and from the pulpit -- on Sunday. The Constitution says that government cannot make a religion. It does not say that Churches cannot become involved in the political process.

Obama will probably try to railroad the election day. He does not understand or honor the constitution.

I love that Video from Virginia with his motorcade going through and all Romney signs and people in the parade - red, and yellow, black and white! He said that if he didn't get the job done in 4 years, he'd be a ONE TERM PRESIDENT.

Self-fulfilled prophecy! Good for him! It's the only thing he got right.

By: joe41 on 10/31/12 at 7:49

I think that the October surprise has thrown the GOP for a loop and they don't know how to handle it. Despite spending millions of dollars they haven't moved the needle enough to displace the President.

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 7:51

(flush) the bud troll

By: Captain Nemo on 10/31/12 at 7:55

I sometime disagree with BenDover, (especially when he is wrong…lol) but there is no way I would consider him in the same low class as yogi, bud, p3 of Rasputin. I think of Ben as a descent human being.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/31/12 at 7:57

Did you find you sign pointing to The Hoe Down business bud?

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 7:58

Nemo - He probably is, but his comments on this board go right along with the trolls you mentioned.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/31/12 at 7:58

shb your sign.

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 8:00

Nemo - That sign didn't blow away, they probably saw bud's picture & tore it down & burned it.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/31/12 at 8:04

So far the only troll missing is p3.

By: Loner on 10/31/12 at 8:06

Joe is right...Sheldon Adelson, a Zionists Zionist, for example, has sunk over 20 million into the campaign....and that gamble looks to be in jeopardy right now....the GOP is in quiet panic mode....Bibi Netanyahu did not come through with an "October surprise" that would benefit Bishop Romney...so the Bishop is now twisting in the wind.

If BHO gets re-elected, we can expect that the Mossad will try to engineer the assassination of our president....Obama is hated in the Jewish State...he is considered an existential threat to the Jewish State concept....when the Israelis feel an existential threat, they usually resort to murder....that's their modus operandi....may God preserve our president from these evil and perfidious people.

By: yogiman on 10/31/12 at 8:08

Try using that feeble brain a little, dumba$$... if you can. Don't you understand what it would make Obama look like if he showed his papers and he could throw 5 million to the benefits of those Sandy victims?

By: Loner on 10/31/12 at 8:12


By: Captain Nemo on 10/31/12 at 8:15


By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 8:16


By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/31/12 at 8:16

Romney, Scandal Bribed Olympic Bid Officials, With Fed Land In Utah


By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/31/12 at 8:17

Everything Mitt Romney has been involved with business wise has a history of some scandal of some sort it appears, gone unmentioned for some reason. Taxes, Banking Offshore, Bain Scandals , Auto Industry, American Jobs, Outsourcing, Deserting War Service to protect the Country first over religion, while others have to protect freedom,Democracy- life and liberty, on the battlefield., Bankrupting Companies as a investor speculator, than a businessman who builds his own Wealthy on building a Company from the Ground up, than being a fortunate Governor's son, who inherited his money to invest to later bankrupt for profit gains and outsource for profit gains.

By: Ummm... on 10/31/12 at 8:18

I have to agree with Loner that Little Bennie isn't in the same category as the eminently trollish yogi, parnell, brainedlight and rasputin- they are all as dumb as a box of rocks. Little Bennie however, is at least as intelligent as a box of hammers.

By: Loner on 10/31/12 at 8:20

Would Joe Biden give the Israelis a better shake than BHO?

If the Israelis believe that to be the case, then Obama's days are numbered....JFK had said, "NO", to Israeli nuclear weaponry...a grateful LBJ gave them the green light to proceed.....is Biden another LBJ? Of course he is...the guy has been a professional politician his entire life....he has no moral compass.

This time around, the Israelis will make it look like an accident or an act of Islamic terror....the investigation will be short and swift...another Warren Commission white wash.....many Americans would cheer the Mossad on, if they decided to kill Obama; Obama is hated here too...especially by the Israel-worshipping born-agains.....and dumb ass birthers.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/31/12 at 8:23

Romney's Response to Sandy May Be the Campaign's Most Revealing Moment


By: yogiman on 10/31/12 at 8:23


Are you forgetting the President is the CIC? You would, or should, imagine he would be alerted to what was happening in Benghazi well before it took place.

Too much news has come out on it. Have you heard that young man's father. He was ordered to stand still after the attack was started but he refused and went to the Ambassador's aid. I've heard he targeted the attackers but they weren't eliminated.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/31/12 at 8:24

That is standard business practice, Blanket. Mitt will do the same with Russia and Iran. Bribe them into submission.

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 8:24

Ummm - I'll agree to that somewhat - per my 8:58AM comment.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/31/12 at 8:29

Some trolls are to stupid to know they are dead to the world.

By: gdiafante on 10/31/12 at 8:34


Romney will lie and misrepresent anything in order to win. They're not going to pull those ads in Ohio.

I'm with blanket, I cannot understand how anyone can support that guy.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/31/12 at 8:35

It's not just one scandal, it's one right after the other and the LIES. Everything he says is a lie.

By: yogiman on 10/31/12 at 8:38

Ah, Loner,

You say, "Hold you nose and for for Obama". Unless you want to welcome your co-posters into the USSA with they had better breath with relief and vote for Romney. But then, we still have until Jan 22, 2013. What will his attempt be in those 7 weeks?

If Romney proves not to be a good one, like Obama has proven himself, vote him out in 2016.

By: yogiman on 10/31/12 at 8:45


How about considering your comment about people blindly supporting Mitt Romney. Tell me, what do you know about Barack Obama that makes you support him so vividly.

I have two questions, just who in the hell is he? And how can you support someone whom you don't even know their legal name?

By: gdiafante on 10/31/12 at 8:51

[click] ..!.

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 8:53


By: yogiman on 10/31/12 at 8:56

I'm not trying to influence you, bfra. I simply trying to educate you. But regrettably, with such a small brain in your skull I don't have a chance. You'll just have to learn the hard way.

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 9:02


By: yogiman on 10/31/12 at 9:11

I must disagree with your comment Barry doesn't understand the Constitution, budlight. He understands it and he's using that knowledge to ignore it.

And as I've said before, Barry Soetoro is the least of our worries. Our biggest worries are Congress for allowing all of this to happen.

I saw a young black man on a internet site make the comment, "If he was white he couldn't have gotten that position." The young man was so right.

And by the way, children, "Obama" isn't the first black president unless Frank Marshall Davis was his father.

If Barack Obama [Sr.] was his father, he would only be about 5% black and 45% Arab and 50% white.

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 9:17


By: yogiman on 10/31/12 at 9:20

Welcome to the club, joe41.

You seem to be an avid Obama supporter. Since none of the other Obama fans on this site has been able to identify Obama to me, can you?

Like: what's his legitimate name, where was he born, whose SSN is he using, where did he get his registration number, who is his father. You know, just a few simple questions.

By: Rasputin72 on 10/31/12 at 9:22

The election is no longer in doubt in my opinion. The only absolutely pure cinch is that Mitt Romney will get over 80% of the votes in my precinct.

Barack Hussein Obama will get 90% of the votes in the Hadley Park precinct.

Class warfare at work with a few liberal class envies thrown in for good measure in my precinct.

By: yogiman on 10/31/12 at 9:26


Are you trying to identify yourself, dumba$$? Unlike your buddy Barry, you don't need to.
I already know.

By: pswindle on 10/31/12 at 9:27

Mitt must be the most bull-headed person around. The RedCross wants doantions of money, but Mitt went out and gathered can goods and the like. The RedCross has no where to store this type of items. Mitt could have opened his own pocketbook and taken care of the doantion, but he had people to bring in all of this stuff. The RedCross knows what to buy and they always ask for donations of money. What in the hell is wrong with Mitt Romney? He would not answer what he would do with Fema, what a joke.

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 9:30

(flush) yogi & raspy

By: yogiman on 10/31/12 at 9:32


I'm amazed you know so much about Mitt Romney you can rant like hell to discredit him..., but you don't even know the legal name or birth place of the man you favor.

You seem to be reasonably intelligent, B2, can you explain that?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/31/12 at 9:33

District 18 is not 80% Romney.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/31/12 at 9:34

pswindle, Hurricane Sandy highlights how much Romney is not qualified to lead.

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 9:34


By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/31/12 at 9:35

pswindle, did you read how he held up a line of donations - they had to wait to donate until he got there for the photo op. What a sleaze bag.

By: bfra on 10/31/12 at 9:36

Romney must have spent 24/7 in that blue checked shirt for photo ops!

By: Captain Nemo on 10/31/12 at 9:37

(Flush stupid)

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/31/12 at 9:39

You guys need to upgrade to Troll Be Gone 2.0.

By: yogiman on 10/31/12 at 9:40

Are you speaking of Obama in your 9:35 post, B2?