Up for Debate: State fair lease negotiations

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 12:29am

State fair organizers are at an impasse regarding a deal on where to hold the 2013 fair. What do you think should happen with the fair? How do you feel about the fair possibly not being held in Davidson County this year?

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By: Ask01 on 2/5/13 at 1:31

There are probably better sites for the State Fair to be held. The location of the Fairgrounds and Speedway facility make access a little dicy at times.

I support, as I always have, using the area as a combination museum and recreational facility.

The theme of the museum function could be two fold. One part dedicated to the history of racing at the site and the contribution of the facility to the development of motor sports. Besides exhibits of racing memento, rides around the track could be offered and racing exhibitions could be held, all for a fee of course.

A second museum theme could trace the history of old time county fairs as well as the Tennessee State Fair. Exhibits tracing the evolution of fairs from strictly rural affairs to the present more urban atmosphere could be displayed with associated meorabilia. Some livestock, perhaps akin to a petting zoo could be on site as well as displays of how to milk a cow, for example to shearing sheep so city kids could get an idea from where these items originate besides a shelf at the store. Year round permanent rides, side shows, and the usual amentities associated with those events could round out the offerings.

If the MCC works as plans, this could be billed as a chance to celebrate Tennessee's past along with visits to the many other local landmarks, say The Ryman, The Opryhouse, perhaps even Greer stadium, highlighting baseballs role in Nashville, and Fort Negley to educate visitors about Nashille's Civil War history.

Just so long as Mayor Karl Dean doesn't get his way, I'll be happy.

By: yogiman on 2/5/13 at 7:42

Couldn't you come up with an answer on Obama's boo boo on not being able get proved OK on the E-Verify system, bfra?


By: bfra on 2/5/13 at 7:49

Ask01 - Every suggestion you make sounds good & could be very profitable for Nashville. However, it involves too much logic & probably wouldn't produce as much profit for Karl & his cronies.

By: Rasputin72 on 2/5/13 at 8:00

Finally NCP has come up with subject matter the villagers and simpletons should be able to handle.

I bet Karl Dean will be just as willing to get their opinions as I am.

Can you imagine having AskO1,Blanketnazi.Nemo and Brrrk on the Fair Board?

In fact, can you imagine them in any position of financial responsibility?

By: BigPapa on 2/5/13 at 8:01

Get rid of the state fair and race track, sell it to the highest bidder.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 8:05

When NASCAR was here with two Races a year, the city made money with very little cost. Then they got greedy and wanted more, so they made the promoters of the race track pay for repairs. Soon the promoters were losing money and the track declined to what we have now.

It seems that the city has not learned a thing

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 8:07

4. A little narcissism is healthy. You have to ask, "Healthy for whom?" Narcissism is basically never healthy for other people. It tends to work out OK for the narcissist in the short term, but in the long term, they end up messing up their relationships at work and at home, and they end up depressed later in life.

Raspy old boy get help.

By: bfra on 2/5/13 at 8:08

Raspy - Everyone you named would be more productive serving on any board than you. Anyone, like yourself, living in a fantasy world is of no good to anyone.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 8:10

By: Rasputin72 on 2/5/13 at 8:00

In fact, can you imagine them in any position of financial responsibility?

Just as much I we can you, Raspy old boy. LOL

By: bfra on 2/5/13 at 8:10

BigPapa, Nashville would be better off without people like you, that think their opinion is the only one that should count.

By: rickmuz on 2/5/13 at 8:12

Move it to Wilson county and hold it at the Super-Duper-wasted money speedway.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 8:13

“All I want is my own way in everything”
Ray Coldier.

By: yogiman on 2/5/13 at 8:14

I see where the boy in Alabama is "back home" with his parents and having a good time. At his age, he probably won't remember too much on the event.

I just wonder, thought; The man had to be killed in from of the boy. Hopefully, he was asleep and won't remember how it happened.

By: yogiman on 2/5/13 at 8:18

So what makes you think you're smarter than BigPapa, bfra; A bigger brain or just a different way of thinking?

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 8:19

I remember how you use to manage money, Raspy old boy. You managed to steal money from others.

By: yogiman on 2/5/13 at 8:20

WOW! Only one cup of coffee. s/h/b I just wonder, though; the man had to be killed in front of the boy...

Back to my coffee now.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 8:22

Brain tease

By: yogiman on 1/26/13 at 3:13
dumba$$, you couldn't even pass a spelling test, let alone a test of intelligence.
Want to try one? Check on google or bing and take a test.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/13 at 3:33
I took the test yogi and a made a 100.

By: yogiman on 1/26/13 at 7:30
I feel so humiliated, dumba$$, to get beat by an idiot as ignorant as you.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/13 at 9:53
That makes you the dumbest dumb ass

By: gdiafante on 2/5/13 at 8:23

BigPapa, Nashville would be better off without people like you, that think their opinion is the only one that should count.

I agree with Papa. I wouldn't take my family there if you paid me. I'll keep going to Wilson or Williamson County fairs, like everyone else in Middle Tennessee.

At his age, he probably won't remember too much on the event.

Right...a five year old would never remember a bus driver being shot to death or being dragged into a bunker by a gun-toting nut and held hostage for days.

Not to mention the kid has Asperger's and ADHD already. The kid will need plenty of therapy for years. Just when I think yogi can't get any dumber...

By: yogiman on 2/5/13 at 8:31

Sit down for a minute and think (if you can), gdiafante; how much of your childhood do you remember when you was 5 years old even though you was a bight young boy?

By: budlight on 2/5/13 at 8:34

The fairgrounds is the best place to hold the fair. There are many people who probably ride the bus (public transport) and that is best for them. The fair is part of Nashville and usually State Fairs are held in the capitol city, aren't they? I vote for it to stay in Nashville right where it is.

Speaking of voting, I wonder when Obama is going to take credit for freeing that child in Georgia? I'm glad that child is safe. That man was insane. I bet it was PTSD from his Vietnam tour of duty. There's a lot of that going around. Sad but true. Our country needs to heal and focus on wellness.

By: yogiman on 2/5/13 at 8:36

I see where 14 retired generals and admirals have "let it be known" they don't think Hagel should be Sect. of Defense.

Just wondering: Will the Senate take their advice?


By: yogiman on 2/5/13 at 8:39

Sorry, that was supposed to be generals, not general. Damn, another cup of coffee, please.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 8:44

By: budlight on 2/5/13 at 8:34

Speaking of voting, I wonder when Obama is going to take credit for freeing that child in Georgia?

Now talk about a wild ride, bud must be tripping on some of the mushrooms from under her bridge. I wonder how she got from voting to Obama taking credit for the rescue.

BTW old troll it was Alabama and not Georgia.

By: BenDover on 2/5/13 at 8:46

The State Fair, last time I visited about 10 years ago, was covered up with thugs. I cannot imagine it has improved with the demographic changes in Nashville over the past 10 years. No right thinking father or mother would take their children there; especially after dark.

Williamson Co fair is a better choice and Wilson Co is now the de-facto state fair for Tennessee.

By: govskeptic on 2/5/13 at 8:46

While holding respect for the history of both the State Fair and the Racetrack, in my
humble opinion those days are over, in at least for a County like Davidson. I do, however, think this property should remain as a use for all of Davidson County residents in a few of the ways this property is now used. For instance, lots of small events that take place there annually because it's the only affordable venue, and I'm
not talking about just "Christmas Village". Many of these events bring visitors that
require overnight stays just like the MCC. Just like "Opryland" once this facility is
sold or transformed into private hands there will be no return.

Why not plan on enhancing the property step by step, versus using it to pay off some
existing project or for something else that winds up being a short term usage.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 8:47

I think Hickory Hollow Mall would be a good place to move the race track and the Fair too.

By: gdiafante on 2/5/13 at 8:48

Well, let's see, yogi...I didn't witness a murder and I wasn't held hostage...but yes, I do have memories of my 5th birthday (green banana seat bike), I remember my first day of school in 1st grade, I remember my teacher, Ms. Jackson and her bad, smoke breath...I remember the last day too because we got a dog (Irish Setter), I remember an Easter trip to relatives in York PA when I got to visit Gettysburg and the hall of presidents...

Wow, all those benign memories from a 5 year old...imagine if there had been some serious trauma in there...

You're such a douche.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 8:56

The gov makes good points and I agree with him. What ever takes place the area I can’t see where it will benefit the people living there now? Left alone they will continue to live in a depressed part of town and if changed to an upward component, they may not be able to afford to stay.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 8:58


Our trolls are the The Earl and Lady Douche Bag.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 2/5/13 at 9:02

I would still like to see the Sounds stadium moved there. The stadium could be used as a venue for other events when no games are scheduled. The flood zone area could be used for parking.

By: yogiman on 2/5/13 at 9:07

You must be brilliant to have entered the 1st grade at 5 years old. I had to be 6 when I started school and I can't even remember that teacher's name that bared my 'behind' and whipped my a$$ with a wood paddle.

And my son had to be 6 to start school almost half a century ago and he would have been 6 one month later.

By: yogiman on 2/5/13 at 9:10

Does any of you know why Iran is openly supporting Hagel to take over the Dept. of Defense? An enemy supports your 'leaders'? Unusual I'd think.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 9:13

Good morning Blanket. I can see the boats in the parking lot. ;-0

By: rldavenport@com... on 2/5/13 at 9:13

I would be ecstatic for the state fair to be somewhere else. It has been a JOKE for decades. For one thing, it is landlocked and there is no room for growth...that is one reason why the Kentucky and Indiana state fairs, etc. are more popular and successful. Second, several of the county fairs surrounding Nashville are far superior to the state fair. I could go on and on, but our state fair needs to move!

By: yogiman on 2/5/13 at 9:15

Are you all familiar with the drones Barry is using? Have you heard it's legal to use a drone to strike on "us" legally? I'd suggest you read that 'white paper' put out by the Dept. of Justice.


By: Blanketnazi2 on 2/5/13 at 9:17

I agree - it's way past due for it to move.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 9:20

Excellent points ridavenport.

By: bfra on 2/5/13 at 9:23

OH OH! Everybody duck, according to the dumb old troll, "the drones are coming", "the drones are coming". LMAO!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 2/5/13 at 9:24

Good morning, Nemo. ;~)

By: Captain Nemo on 2/5/13 at 9:26

I’m not worried bfra. They are just circling in yogi’s head.

Enough time on the old fool.

By: bfra on 2/5/13 at 9:39

Nemo - The troll & Raspy just serve for a good laugh ever now & then! Bud's bs is just bud's bs!

By: gdiafante on 2/5/13 at 9:39

Yes, yogi, you f*cking idiot, I started 1st grade at age 5 because of where my birthday fell within the school year.

By: bfra on 2/5/13 at 9:49

gdiafante - I missed starting at 5 by 6 days, but over 1/2 of the grade that year was 5. They just had to be 6 by the 1st. day of the year. It has been that way for years. Maybe not in cave man times, when yogi must have started.

And, I remember things, back younger than 5. Most people I know would agree.

By: gdiafante on 2/5/13 at 9:57

That's the way it was for me as well, bfra. Half the class was 5, half was 6. That's just the way they did it. It wasn't the issue then as it is now.

By: bfra on 2/5/13 at 10:03

gdiafante - Bottom line, judging by what yogi puts on this board, IMO, it 's doubtful he ever started or went to school. :-)

By: anjnew on 2/5/13 at 10:17

The race track promotor now has a lease for the next five years for racing so they may as well have the state fair there for 5 more years. Its the STATE fair its supposed to be held in the County seat of Davidson county, its to bad the city does not get behind it and promote it the way it should be. Instead they think putting up office bldgs. are going to make a difference in this area?? Who in the world would rent office space in this area?? It will be just like the rest of the vacent office space availble that cant be rented. Do soemthing sensible with this space, and make it an attraction that it was meant for for TN, something for families to actuially to do in Nashville.

By: BenDover on 2/5/13 at 10:52

If a justice department memo came out that outlined the legal use of drone strikes against US Citizens in the US had come out under Bush you guys would be apoplectic about it right now, bfra. Since your guy's got the Con. though... it's all, 'move along... nothing to see here'. No 'effin way should there be armed drones patrolling the skies over the US... no 'effin way.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 2/5/13 at 11:09

Ben, does it say anything about patrolling the skies over the U.S.?

By: slacker on 2/5/13 at 11:16

This Fairgrounds drama keeps coming up every year about this time. The state and metro should resolve the fairgrounds issues, and future use, once and for all.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 2/5/13 at 11:19

I completely agree.