Up for Debate: State flexes curfew muscle

Monday, October 31, 2011 at 12:24am

Have state officials overstepped their bounds by enforcing an overnight curfew on Legislative Plaza or is the enforcement necessary?  

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By: tomba1 on 10/31/11 at 12:42

Just leave them alone. The powers that be might consider setting up some stages, bringing in some rock bands, liquor, and drugs and call it Woodstock, Bonnaroo or The Music City Curfew. Figure out a way to charge admission and it might become a revenue generator and bring in millions of tourist dollars for the city. And that doesn't even touch the TV advertising potential. Gotta broaden the vision here and not miss out on an opportunity.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 4:45

I think they've made their point, whatever that was. Corporate greed?
But, voting for the right public officials, Congress, up to the President is more effective.
Setting up tents, food stations, medical, Port-a-Potties on public land is a little too much.
A march or two with signs worked.

By: govskeptic on 10/31/11 at 5:38

Whether removed or not, this group has made their point
about as well as possible and have received extensive
press to assist with that effort. At this date if anyone should
freeze to death they would sue the state for not providing
enough heat!

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 6:58

Good morning, Nashville.

Governor Haslam claims to be a limited government conservative; but when a handful of peaceful sign-carrying protesters occupied the Legislative Plaza campus, he freaked out and it the panic button. New rules, new regulations more in your face government....and the police are summoned in a panic.

Haslam sent in his goons...75 SWAT and K-9 unit officers arrested 25 sleepy protesters at 3:00 AM. Haslam is a scaredy cat governor who panics very easily...can you imagine what the guy would do in the event of a major catastrophe? He's a Cornholio type of leader, or so it appears....."ARE YOU THREATENING ME??!!" In real life, it's not so funny.

Haslam should have went into the born-again bigotry ministry, as he wanted to do as a young man; this political leadership thing is foreign to his basic nature....he's a greedy, gun-loving Jesus freak....a frightened little man holding the reins of power.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 7:04

Check out the LTE's and comments over at The Tennessean.
It's a field day. Half positive, half accusatory and negative. (typical for that crowd)
I still say, time to move on, folks.
I was caught in a "march" down Church St. a week ago and thought it was pretty cool.
But, sleeping in a tent when it's 32 degrees outside and using the gardens as a toilet has outlived it's usefulness.

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 7:06

I knew it, my crystal balls indicated it....here it is:



During Herman Cain’s tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, at least two female employees complained to colleagues and senior association officials about inappropriate behavior by Cain, ultimately leaving their jobs at the trade group, multiple sources confirm to POLITICO.

The women complained of sexually suggestive behavior by Cain that made them angry and uncomfortable, the sources said, and they signed agreements with the restaurant group that gave them financial payouts to leave the association. The agreements also included language that bars the women from talking about their departures.

Yep, this guy is another Clarence Thomas...he's got a string of Anita Hill types out there getting hush money to keep their traps shut. This could be Cain's undoing...let us hope so anyway, we do not need another sexual sleaze bag in the White House.

So, the Pizza Pie-man tried to peddle his pepperoni to staffers....please, GOP-TP, throw this sleazy bum out.....family values my @ss.....you have been had, once again.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 7:08

I miss California when the Hare Krishnas used to march and chant downtown every Friday/ Saturday.
They created a lot of noise too, but it's called freedom of religion.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 7:13

Yeah, L'ner, but the "90's" are over 20 years ago.
How Clarence Thomas still got membership into the Supreme Court is beyond me.
Anita Hill was absolutely telling the truth.
Cain is a weirdo and has demons and skeletons lurking that we don't even know about.
He'll never be President.
But, in contrast, Perry is as weird and Bachmann is from Mars.
No offense to Martians.

By: Kosh III on 10/31/11 at 7:13

"But, voting for the right public officials, Congress, up to the President is more effective."

Didn't seem to work under Jim Crow. It took years of civil disobedience; the OWS has only started. It took years for the banksters to ruin the country, it will take time to reclaim our country and it's now shattered principles.

But we should be grateful to Haslam for showing his true beliefs and practices.
We now know he like arresting people at 3am; just like the KGB.
Clearly Francisco Franco the Fascist is alive and well.

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 7:19

Darge paste a URL for the Tennessean board, thanks.

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 7:36

Darge, the statute of limitations may have run out, Darge, but the guns are still smoking. No doubt, this guy is still hitting on women in inappropriate ways; maybe those who have not received hush money will now come forward. I suspect that a cocksure, cocky cocksman like Cain has had many sexual encounters and contacts over the years..only his pharmacist knows for sure.

Look at Cain's face and look at Clarence Thomas' face...same ethnic roots? Well-endowed Mandingo warriors? Testosterone imbalance? You make the call:

Clarence Thomas:


Herman Cain:


By: Ingleweird on 10/31/11 at 7:55

The state's flexed muscle has apeared to atrophy.

And yes, your honor, that IS a pubic hair on my coke.

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 8:06

They buried the John Edwards trysts and 'love child' story for three years and it would still be buried if not for the Enquirer tabloid breaking the story that the Washington media was happy to cover up.

Now two weeks into front-runner status and they're trying to pull a Clarence Thomas on this uppity black man who doesn' t pay proper homage to the institutional race bureaucracy.

Women and blacks who don't bow to the liberal dogma get it worst.

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 8:09

I guess the vagrants can now point to the first amendment to crouch and crap anywhere they want. Certainly we've got some case-law here we can rely on to start fire-hosing these mentally warped commie-hippies.

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 8:28

Good morning, Ben Dover, my old debating adversary...and friend, I see that you trotted out the moral equivalency argument (John Edwards) and you are playing the race card, as a proxy debater for Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas. To add to that disgrace, you infer that the Occupy Protesters are "Commies", defecating in public and need to be hosed down with high-pressure fire hoses.....60's style.

The moral equivalency argument is irrelevant; the race card defense is flimsier than Anita Hill's lingerie and "Dirty Hippie" charge is worn and tired....and patently false.

Other than that, Ben, we share a lot of common ground.....I mean we both dig hippie chicks, right?

By: Kosh III on 10/31/11 at 8:28

" start fire-hosing"

Ben must be channelling the spirit of Bull Connor, Orval Faubus and Lester Maddox.

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 8:30

"Operation Crouch & Crap" - the Hippie Communist's Revenge, a new documentary by FOX News? Send that idea in, Ben.

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 8:38

Seriously, Loner... it every vagrant in a doorway now protected by having some passer-by scribble him a sign that says 'Occupy-[whatever]' ?

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 8:40

Sounds a lot like Alabama Gov. George Wallace, Kosh...he used fire hoses, dogs, truncheons, billy clubs, tear gas...whatever it took to lay down whitey's law.

Ben Dover claims to be a limited government fan...but when it comes to addressing peaceful protesters, he's for calling in the SWAT units, K-9 units, hose-happy firemen and whatever it takes to lay down corporate-sponsored law.

Ben appears to favor goon-enforced free-speech zones, curfews and permits, as opposed to full rights of assembly and full free-speech rights. Ben likes democracy lite...not the full fat variety....I like the heavy cream variety.....butter, not guns....Ben Dover respectfully disagrees....Ben says, "Eat lead!"

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 8:40

The Washington media did bury the Edwards story for years loner. This is a fact.

Were they covering up for whitey and are a racist bunch of crud for the double standard against Cain?

Or is it just another in the long line of illustrations of their hard left bias?

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 8:42

Are you equating a bunch of commie hippies with people fighting for their civil rights based on race, loner? It would seem to diminish the Civil Rights movement loner.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 8:45

BenD: You Repubs conviently, or blindly, look at Bush & Cheney's invasion, bombing, and occuptation of Iraq with a blind eye. Make that two blind.
Those were war crimes. And the whole ensomble have written books and recorded DVD's hailing their 8 year tenure.
Rice is on this week's Newsweek cover and I cannot look at her. Make that Bush and Cheney, too.

Edwards tryst and love child, plus all the funneled campaign funds, has sunk his career as a politician and a human being on planet Earth.
Same punishment should be doled out for B & C but instead, one gets a Library.
Edward's is like the Madoff's who are currently on parade in front of "60 Minutes" and Today's Matt Laurer.
Edwards criminal trial is upcoming.
No "liberal" media organization is giving him a pass.
They'll all nail this guy.

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 8:47

Yes, Ben, sounds like a great UU ministry...I could go around writing "OCCUPY THIS" on old pizza boxes, using a broad tipped Sharpie marker and give these signs to every illiterate, stoned and/or drunk homeless person that I come across...a stellar idea, Ben...this could complement my "Wine for the Winos", Sunday morning UU ministry....it would dovetail in nicely with my other social work.

Thanks for the idea, Ben....I was thinking about passing out free, fake, Blue Tooth style earpiece phones...so that the homeless would not appear to be talking to themselves....any feedback on that?

By: yogiman on 10/31/11 at 8:51


Its one thing to be accused of something..., and another to know you are innocent.Why did these two "young ladies" wait until Herman Cain decided to run for the Oval Office?

Not only should common sense tell you Obama tell you Barry Soetoro is in the Oval Office illegally, it should also tell you if Herman Cain was guilty of their accusations they would have filed a law suit ASAP. Any liability lawyer would have welcomed them in their office.

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 8:59

They buried the story for three years all the while this guy was running for president of the US of A, Darge. It would still be buried if not for an un-respected tabloid breaking the story.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 9:00

"....a bunch of commie hippies..."
Ben, Ben, Ben. You're in the wrong neck of the woods.
Right wing Conservative Christian hypocrites MAKE A LIVING over at The Tennessea.
There's a nest of 10 of 'em who make my grandma's neck hair stand up.
You'll fit right in. They'll welcome you with open arms. (if your wallets also OPEN).

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 9:00

They let white guys off the hook, for sexual mis-cues, but not so with blacks? That's BS, Ben.

The media joined in on the excoriation of Bill Clinton...a white guy...when he got that BJ from Monica.

Plenty of white politicians have resigned over media-hyped sexual scandal...in New York, we had the Gov. Spitzer-hooker scandal, the Eric Massa gay-pillowfight scandal, the Chris Lee Facebook sex solicitation scandal and the notorious Tony Weiner "Weinergate" scandal...all white guys, Ben.

Media excoriation for sexual flub-a-dubs is bi-partisan and race-neutral...salacious, steamy, sex scandals are grist for the media mills...'twas ever thus.

Cain can't keep his pepperoni in his pants it seems...and he thinks smoking cigarettes is cool...oh yeah, this guy is the perfect choice for the value voters...Mister Hypocrite....good luck selling that crap to middle America.

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 9:01

I've given away my fair share of beers to our homeless brothers, loner. There but for the grace of God go I. These hippie/commie #occupy guys are giving them a bad name, if you ask me.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 9:05

The "story" was buried by his own people.
He was running for the VP slot and had 12 levels of "handlers".
He's got staffers, managers, advisors, consultants. I bet only two knew the truth.
The "love child" had just been born and even the "liberal media elite" didn't think this douche-bag would be having a child with a staffer while his wife was battling uterine cancer.
Sometimes even the "left" is fooled.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 9:06

What did you call the dead students at Kent State ?

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 9:11

Godfather Pizza should take this Cain sexual embarrassment story and exploit it...how about introducing "The Godfather Manly-Macho Pizza"? Stacked high with turgid pepperoni, dripping with cheesy sauce...with Viagra as an available topping (for seniors)....the Manly-Macho crust is shaped like a cartoon penis-scrotum....delivered to your man-cave by a submissive lass in a leather harness teddy...piping hot!

Any potential orders for such a pie?

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 9:13


By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 9:15

I'm not sure if a peperoni priapism would be pragmatic or preposterous, Loner.

By: brrrrk on 10/31/11 at 9:17

BenDover said

"Are you equating a bunch of commie hippies with people fighting for their civil rights based on race, loner? It would seem to diminish the Civil Rights movement loner."

So an economic system that is just is not a civil right... you really don't get it do you?

Oh, I'm still waiting for an example of a successful purely Libertarian society....

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 9:18

Happy Holloween...
Today also marks the 7 billionth human born on planet Earth.
Every hour 800+ new babies are born and 350+ people die.
The triple net is aound 500+ newbies.
Oh, and still only one "Yogi".

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 9:19

Amen, Brother Ben...when I was a young man, I hitch-hiked out to Idaho a couple of times. I met a homeless wino in one of the public parks in Boise, on my first night in town. I sprang for coffee at the Denny's... until the liquor stores opened (8:00 AM)...he showed me the way, across the back lots to the store...he came out with two bottles of Rhine wine, one in each hand...with a look of jubilation on his grizzled countenance, the old alkie announced to the world, "Twin tanks!"

We passed the bag that holds the bottle..... I hear you, Brother Ben....but for the grace....but for the grapes....in vino veritas est.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 9:19

...oh, that 800+ babies being born was just illegals in LA County.

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 9:24

'just' and 'equal' are two different terms, brrrrrk.

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 9:27

Yogi, go to the Politico link that I posted...read the story, then comment, thanks. The offended women were paid hush money, to keep their traps shut. A little digging around found multiple sources to back the claims up.

According to my crystal balls, there is probably a whole lot more in the line of sexual shenanigans with Herman the Pie-man....not every women has been paid off...there is blood in the water....sharks are circling the man and smoking a cigarette, to show the sharks that he ain't scared, will do the man no good....the sharks will go right for the crotch.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 9:29

Is that the same as, "organizing the truth"?

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 9:33

Thanks for the encouraging news, Darge...a net gain of 500 more humans every single day....and some still claim that human activity has not contributed to climate change, acid rains, holes in the Ozone Layer, greenhouse gas elevations, increased species extinction rates, contamination of aquifers etc.

Remember ZPG? Zero Population Growth? We worried about that in the sixties...but have since gone back to our collective slumber....we hit the snooze alarm.

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 9:44

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 9:42

Are you equating a bunch of commie hippies with people fighting for their civil rights based on race, loner? It would seem to diminish the Civil Rights movement loner.

Those are not "Commie hippies", so the question must be a humorous rhetorical.

Race is not a choice, but lifestyle is? OK, I'll concede that point; however we have the right to make choices and that right is as sacrosanct in a properly functioning, constitutional, republican democracy as is the right to be free from institutional discrimination based upon race, faith or national origin.

Religious affiliation is a choice, but Ben Dover would not challenge that right to choose. He is very picky about what choices ought to be protected by law. He has little tolerance for sign-carrying folks who assemble on public property....unless they are carrying signs that he agrees with.

Situational ethics, I suppose....we all suffer from it.

By: dargent7 on 10/31/11 at 9:51

And in Niger, Africa, who's government provides free birth control...the women average 7.2 children EACH.
Poverty, famine, drought, rape, incest.....
We should send Palin and Bachmann there, "We'll provide the counseling".

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 10:01

This is just a gathering of people most of whom, hopefully, will look back on this as an embarrassment to themselves and their families. Other, more shallow and less well rounded, types will make it their identity and will foster the next generation of stinky hippies railing against 'the man'.

FYI, America has 5% of the world population and 25% of the world's prisoners. Going after Wall Street is railing against the wrong 'man'. There's nothing a CEO of any of these companies can do to you that you don't want to be done. Lowly bureaucrats at every level of the government can ruin your life, inspect your underwear, lock you away for minor improprieties, and basically ruin the world we live in at their whim. Giving them all primacy over businesses who compete and react to our needs based on market demands is not only stupid but dangerous... demonstrably dangerous if you'll read past your pro-government propaganda of Keynes in Econ. 103 and study a little of the Austrian school that matches with the reality of experience.

Useful idiots.

By: BenDover on 10/31/11 at 10:04

Like Rachel Carlson's Silent Spring lie... Ehrlich's Population Bomb was, too, a bust.

How do you guys keep recycling these outright falsehoods as if they are proven science?

By: Loner on 10/31/11 at 10:06

Nigerians can't keep their pepperonis in their loin cloths, Darge...I remember the old Tarzan movies and TV series...and the National Geographic's graphic photos..."Tarzan", in Nigerian, actually means, "pale man with small penis"...Google it.

Palin and Bachmann could go over there and preach abstinence to the Nigerian men...wearing perfume, lipstick, pencil skirts and hi-heels.... Parade of the bimbos.

By: serr8d on 10/31/11 at 10:07

Heh. These 'Commie Hippies' are conflating themselves with the Civil Rights movement? Really?

When did the Civil Rights movement embrace rapists and wankers ?

By: serr8d on 10/31/11 at 10:12

Joe Lieberman...

"The way this Occupy Wall Street is expressing itself is not reflective of the majority of people in our country," Lieberman (I-Conn.) said on the Laura Ingraham show.

Lieberman also said that the anti-corporate protesters should mimic what the Tea Party did: form a clear platform and start participating in elections.

"This group ought to do what the Tea Party did," Lieberman added. "It formed a platform and it got into the election."

Critics of the protests have said Occupy Wall Street does not have a core set of complaints that make it a coherent movement.

These little turds and 'tards who make up the owwie movement are clueless morons. They think we've a 'Democracy' (aka 'Mob Rule') but what we have is a Representative Republic. They should try to elect better representatives instead of LeftLibProggs who are also neo-Marxists.

There is anti-Capitalist, anti-Semite and pro-Marxist rhetoric coming out of these 'encampments'. None of those sentiments are reflective of what most Americans believe.

By: yogiman on 10/31/11 at 10:16

Well, BenDover, While I agree our politicians are idiots, I certainly can't agree they certainly are useful idiots.

We don't need useful idiots at any level of government. They are only serving themselves by considering us as their true idiots for keeping them in office.

By: serr8d on 10/31/11 at 10:17

Herman Cain is a businessman first, which means he’s had plenty of sexual harassment avoidance training by necessity. When a man can get accused of supposed deviancy for complimenting a woman (“nice dress” or “love your hair”) or for holding a door ajar and smiling, one must learn quickly to carefully guard every utterance and prejudge every physical motion. And even then, after years of careful and controlled behavior, a ‘trained’ feminist can ‘pick’ whatever signal she wants to imagine, and can then build a case out of absolutely nothing, using smoke and mirrors. Happens every day.

The higher up in an organization one advances, the deeper one’s pockets are perceived to be, the better target one makes.

Oh, and was that pubic hair on a can of Coke or Pepsi ?