Up for Debate: Subway death photos

Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 2:10am

A New York Post photographer and the paper itself are being criticized for running a photo of the man killed by a New York subway train, showing him trapped in the path of the train just moments before he died. There are also photos of the man on the platform with the man he was arguing with before that man pushed him into the path of the train. What is your reaction to the publication of the photos? What are the reasons to publish or not publish them? Do you blame the photographers?

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By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 12:25

Blanket - Your last 2 comments are like a breath of fresh air after the stupid, dumb, ignorant yogi & his never ending idiotic comments.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 1:12

Thanks, bfra! This is a good sign - bringing back some manufacturing jobs to the U.S.

By: yogiman on 12/6/12 at 1:16

Loner, me boy, In answer to your 0926 question (presuming you're still a 'used to be' GI). my question is: What would be the question? Romney was a well known American natural born American citizen. If Obama couldn't usurp the election, what difference would it make if he was or wasn't.

So no, you kids would have something else to find a fight about.

By: Captain Nemo on 12/6/12 at 1:31

yogi has no mirrors in his house because if he did he would drive himself crazier, saying dumb ass to himself all of time.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 1:31

Republican U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, a tea party favorite who has bucked party leaders to back challenges to centrist veterans he didn't view as conservative enough, said Thursday he was resigning to take the helm of a conservative think tank.

The South Carolina lawmaker said in a statement he was stepping down to become president of the Heritage Foundation. His office said his resignation is effective Jan. 1.



By: Captain Nemo on 12/6/12 at 1:33

yogi say he is a dumb dumb ass. This is a true statement.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 1:35

Nemo, there's no hope for his dumb ass.

By: Captain Nemo on 12/6/12 at 1:36

yogi says if you read what I said, the you would know I'm not as smart as I think I am

By: Captain Nemo on 12/6/12 at 1:38

Blanket I wonder if there is more to the resignation,then what was said?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 1:41

I wondered that too, Nemo. That's one less teaparty freak in Congress!

By: yogiman on 12/6/12 at 1:55


You argue Obama's birth certificate is legitimate. Tell me, what year did a black person's race become African? Was you born in 1961? I was taught Negro was the race of the black people. And correct me if I'm wrong, but it shows his father was born in 1934. I don't know what Kenya showed as his father's race on his birth certificate, but when I started to school in 1936 we were taught Negro was one of the four races over the world. When did the Negro race change to African?

Again, why did he say he couldn't show his birth certificate because the Hawaiian government would not allow him to provide it. But all of a sudden he came out with a short form certificate with only his name, his parents names, his mother as a Caucasian and his father as a African. Why didn't it show the hospital where he was born or the doctor that delivered him.

Why did he refuse Donald Trump's offer of a 5 million dollar donation to his choice. Hell, he could have given it to his Muslim faith with no questions asked. Or even sent it to his homeland of Kenya. No questions asked.

Why did he court marshal Lt. Col Lakin when he was questioned on his CIC status? Yet he came up with "birth certificate" in just a few days on Trump's challenge.

When and why did Hawaii decide to let it be shown? Or did they? Why couldn't the current Hawaiian governor find it when he went in office like he swore he would?

Could it possibly be because it got lost and they had no record of it; or could it possibly be because it never existed?

And what is the explanation the hospital he wrote thanking them for "delivering" him didn't exist under the name in he addressed them in 1961?

Why does he refuse to show his college papers. What is he ashamed of? I though he was an excellent student. Hell, wasn't he a "fesser of the Constitution? Could it be because he was a foreign student.. perhaps? Could it be he's forgot what he taught? Sure looks like it, don't it?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 1:57

No one cares about your silly ass speculations.

By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 2:02

Why did?, When and Why?, Could it be possible?, What is?, Why does?, dumbass, do you not know anything?

By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 2:05

Yogi is so dumb, if he had been at Obama's birth, he would argue the babies had been switched in the womb and although he would be in Hawaii, he would swear it was Kenya.

By: yogiman on 12/6/12 at 2:05


As a professor (as he claims) of the Constitution, and McCain didn't fall under the 1401 (a) section of the law, why did Obama question his legal eligibility? And why did he refuse to "identify" himself?

By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 2:07

A chlorine gas leak that sickened nearly 200 people at a Tyson Foods plant in Arkansas last year happened because a worker who couldn't read the English-language label on a barrel of chemicals inadvertently poured bleach into it, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report released Thursday.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 2:10

I didn't know yogi worked there.

By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 2:11

Mother Jones (“Exclusive: Dick Armey Quits Tea Party Group in Split Over Direction“):

In a move not publicly announced, former Rep. Dick Armey, the folksy conservative leader, has resigned as chairman of FreedomWorks, one of the main political outfits of the conservative movement and an instrumental force within the tea party.

Blanket - A lot of rats a jumping off the sinking ship.

By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 2:14

yogi is too dumb to work anywhere except maybe empting slopjars or bedpans somewhere.!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 2:14

Wow, bfra. I didn't see that one! Interesting.

By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 2:18

Blanket - More on the subject:


By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 2:29

Raspy must be semi-hiding today, painting his fingernails or sucking his thumb.

By: yogiman on 12/6/12 at 2:31

Sorry, bfra, I don't want to take your job away from you. You must be fast at it. Do you check this site out between beds?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 2:31

Ann Coulter: 'We Lost The Election,' Give In To Obama On Taxes


Is hell starting to feel a bit chilly? LOL

By: yogiman on 12/6/12 at 2:37

A show Barry's pets might like.


By: yogiman on 12/6/12 at 3:09


May I ask you another dumb question? I'm sure one of you Obama experts knows the answer.

Records show twin sisters were born in the hospital Barry says he was born in. The were born August 5, 1961. Barry says he was born August 4, 1961. Yet the twin's certificate numbers are numerically lower than Barry's.

According the Hawaiian registrar, Susan was born at 2:12pm on August 5 and the registration number her certificate was given was 151-61-10637. Her sister Gretchen was born at 2:17pm... only 5 minutes later. The registration number her birth certificate was given was 151-61-10638.

Yet Barry's certificate shows he was born August 4, 1961 (the day before) and the registration number shown on his record was 151-1961-10641, three numbers higher than the one of the youngest girl even though he was born the day before.

And note the year number shown on their certificate was 61 yet Barry's year number shown was 1961.

Now the date shown as being registered at the Registrar's office shows the twin being filed on August 11, 1961 and the date shown as Barry's registration was August 8, 1961.

Can you explain why his BC number is higher than the twin yet he was registered 3 days before they were with lower numbers, even though they were born a day after him?

I'm curious.

By: Captain Nemo on 12/6/12 at 3:10

. "Sorry bfra I don't want to take your job away from you." yogi's come backs are getting worse.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 3:12

By: yogiman on 12/6/12 at 3:09


May I ask you another dumb question?

No, you met your quota a while back. I really don't give a **** about your silly conspiracies.

By: Captain Nemo on 12/6/12 at 3:13

yogi you don't have to ask . If you are typing or your lips are moving, it is a dumb qusetion.

By: Captain Nemo on 12/6/12 at 3:16

Raspy does want to out shine yogi on stupidity, bfra. He think that if yogi say enough dumb ass question, no one will see how stupid he is.

By: dargent7 on 12/6/12 at 3:16

Buenos tardes....
yogi and other mental defectives are "concerned" why Obama's Hawaiian BC used the term "African" instead of Negro. Or his personal favorite, "******".
Tell me, oh brain-dead one, how did they categorize Samoan, Tongan, Porteugese, Phillipino, Chinese, Korean....did they lump some into 'Pacific islander" or "Asian"?
Mine says Caucasian. When did mine and Mitt's start saying, "White"?
And for the 100th time, Mitt's dad as born in Mexico. Mitt fled to France to do cult studies, as Obama went to Indnonesia to study. Neither action cancelled their American citizenship.

By: Captain Nemo on 12/6/12 at 3:19

Buenos Tades is one of Rasputin's vacation get away, dargent. LOL

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 3:21

This is a probable explanation for Obama's non-sequential birth registration number which is sequentially higher than registration numbers for births occurring after his. His number was assigned based on a registration which originated in a regional office or location not used to register births occurring at Kapi'olani. Obama's birth registration may have been a "walk-in" registration which relied upon a doctor's signature after examination of a newborn Obama, but not a birthing physician's signature present at the time of birth.

Since the birth announcements were published based on the order in which they were received from the main office of the health department, which assigned registration numbers based on the order they were received from regional local registration offices, it is reasonable to think that Obama's birth registration number was part of a smaller batch of registrations in that particular region. This is why the Nordyke twins birth were reported a week later. Their registration numbers, although lower in the sequence, came from largest region and the largest batch which required they be "carried over" into the following weeks column space in the paper.


There you go, dumbass. If you have enough brain left to comprehend it.

By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 3:27

Blanket - I really don't think yogi can read, except maybe a few words in a full paragraph. Then he tries to put those few words together to determine what it might say.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 3:28

Yeah, it's hard to give comprehensive answers to someone who has not reading comprehension skills. It's like trying to reason with a toddler but worse.

By: Rasputin72 on 12/6/12 at 3:43

Rat Nemovitz.aka Captain Nemo asks me if I am richer than Warren Buffet. Only a person with the IQ of a gerbel would ask an ordinary multi millionaire a question like that.

Modestly I reply that Warren Buffet has the same net worth advantage over me as I have over Rat Nemovitz.

I am leaving for Europe tomorrow so you turd heads will have to post your low income trash iwith me in absentia.

By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 3:47

Europians prefer bright hot pink nail polish!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/6/12 at 3:52

More like it's the holidays and he'll be in a drinking binge. Go one with your bad low-income self, Ray!

By: bfra on 12/6/12 at 5:29

Raspy, you are the Big Dog that eats poop, so I would say your are the "turd head".

By: Ask01 on 12/6/12 at 7:26

While Northern Europe can be very beautiful at Christmas, and the Christmas markets are always fun, the weather is often terrible. While I was living there, we endured the inclement weather and made the best of the situation. Given a choice, however, this is not a destination I would choose voluntarily. The last I checked, temperatures were at or below freezing.

Southern Europe can be more temperate, but considering the state of the national economies in the Med, I'm not sure I would opt for that location either.

Perhaps the Mad Monk merely made a hasty choice of what he hoped would sound like an exotic location.

By: Rasputin72 on 12/6/12 at 8:32

I would not dare set foot in Paris and Monte Carlo during the tourist season. Your chances of running into some nitshit like the "Simple Six"who has been saving for the trip since they were 20 years old.

Sking in Switzerland is an adventure one cannot enjoy in the summer.

You turds I know will keep me in your thoughts until my return.

By: Rasputin72 on 12/6/12 at 8:37

By the way, I understand that Rat Nemovitz got a little emotional as he took pictures with his Brownie Hawkeye camera. of the first Nemovitz to ever graduate from high school.

This truly must have been a five tissue moment.

By: yogiman on 12/6/12 at 9:10


Unless there has been a change in the number of races, there is only four. I don't know where you received your education, but I was taught they were (alphabetically) Asian, Caucasian, Indian and Negro. The names you give are the names of nations, not races. You know, like Africa is the name of a continent, not a race. African in a citizen of Africa.

I don't know, when did they start calling the Caucasians White as a race. If that's so, why don't they call the [former] Negroes Black as a race? Why don't they call the Choctaw Indians Choctaw as a race? So is your race Caucasian, White, North American or United Statun?

Mitt's dad was born in Mexico to American parents..., both of them. He was an American citizen. Mitt was born in the USA with a father and mother whom were both American citizens. He is a natural born citizen. And never hesitated to show his birth certificate. but your man Barry still refuses to. At least his official one.

I know its hard for you to understand. Just study it a little more.

Obama didn't go to Indonesia to study, he went there as a stepchild. And you don't know if Obama is, or ever has been, an American citizen. Why? Because he refuses to prove it. Can you think of a reason why he refuses to show his college papers? With his noted scholarship, I can't think of any reason for him to refuse to show his papers unless it's because they show him as a foreign student. Can You?

By: Captain Nemo on 12/6/12 at 9:38

It appears that I have ruffled Ratputin hairless tail and is making a fats trip out of the country. Have fun on your make believe trip old boy. We will enjoy the silence of your departure. How ever you can still stay in touch even with the time difference, if you get lonely for another verbal whipping from us.

By: Captain Nemo on 12/6/12 at 9:40

You still have no idea who I am and that is making you crazy. I love. Have fun thinking about who I have be.