Up for Debate: TSU and Fisk hear from SACS

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 11:53pm

What is your take away from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools announcements regarding Tennessee State University and Fisk University? Does it represent a positive impact from Dr. Portia Shields at TSU? Does it further link Fisk's viability to an arrangement to monetize part of its art collection?

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By: dargent7 on 12/7/11 at 4:50

I have no idea what the question here is asking.
I'll be in the "Waiting Room" until "yogi", aka, Paul Wade, chimes in that Obama is an "usuper" of the Oval Office.
Whatever that means.

By: Loner on 12/7/11 at 5:59

Ditto...who knows and who cares....mornin' Darge.

Today, according to the Jerusalem Post and Reuters, Mitt Romney will announce his intention to visit Israel as his first state visit, if he gets elected POTUS....he will be addressing a group of fat cat Jewish Republicans. Mormons think that they are members of the Lost Tribes of Israel and they call non-Mormons, "Gentiles". Mitt would be a willing and submissive vassal to the Israeli Prime Minister....Romney has visited Israel several times over the years....he is a Jewish wannabe's Jewish wannabe.

Ed Koch defected to the Tea Party last November...the GOP-TP could steal the Jewish vote and get all that Jewish cash....Mitt would eagerly sell us out to the Israelis, to get the Jewish vote and all that money.

By: dargent7 on 12/7/11 at 6:22

L'ner: I'd take Romney over Gingrich any day.
Everytime that smarmy bloated catfish talks I change the channel.
85 ethics violations...only got nailed on one. A $300,000. fine. For nothing?
Holy Wars don't suck...Congress sucks!

By: Kosh III on 12/7/11 at 7:26

Hey Darge, I saw your LTE at the Tennessean, good for you!

But which GOP wannabes are pretending to understand how to live on a budget or how to live paycheck to paycheck? They are all born into wealth and I haven't heard any of them do much of this pretense.

As aTSU alumnus, I am glad it was recertified. I just hope Fisk can survive.

By: Loner on 12/7/11 at 7:34

Well, Darge, IMO, they both suck.

I've got my trusty, all-purpose, protest sign already built and field-tested: HOLY WARS SUCK....you can stand next to me with your sign: CONGRESS SUCKS.

If we can get a third person with a third "_______ SUCKS" sign standing with us, that would constitute a "movement". Patriot Act safeguards would be triggered.

Homeland Security would be alerted and soon our ranks would swell with all the undercover agents and agents provocateur...entrapment money would flow into our "SUCKS movement"....we'd eventually be arrested for domestic terrorism....sent to Gitmo and waterboarded....and that would really SUCK.

We joke about stuff like that, but in Syria, right now, protesters are being tortured and murdered by a despotic tyrant.....a man who "inherited" the power from his dad. The trouble is, when these tyrants fall, Islamic theocratic elements seize the opportunity to fill the power vacuum.

The "Arab Spring" could be an Islamic Indian Summer, as the Muslims continue to recede into their frozen 7th century mindset...a long, cold winter of eternal holy war could be setting in....bundle up.

By: dargent7 on 12/7/11 at 7:41

K-3: Do you post over @ The Tennessean?
The new Facebook format is cool.
I also post at USA Today and San Diego Union, Detroit Free Press ( have to keep in touch wth the 'hood and my Lions).
A lot of people are bitchin' about Facebook. Socialism, Marxist Zuckerberg's a Nazi...
But, before, anything goes..."I'm an asshole?...You're the asshole..." stuff like that.
When people have to show their names, it quiets down.
Even our own dysfunctional "yogi" was outed there yesterday. Paul Wade.
Guess what? His first post he called Obama an "usurper" and the topic was the long lines at Walmart during Christmas.

By: Loner on 12/7/11 at 7:49

Mornin' Kosh.

Romney has royal family bona fides...remember George Romney? I do. Mitt has been out of government for quite some time now; is he up to speed? He looks like an empty suit...ready, willing and able to comply with his instructions. The Israelis like Romney.

Gingrich is a rich politician-turned-lobbyist-turned-politician. Another Dick Cheney....except that Cheney shoots farm-raised pheasants for fun, Newt, on the other hand, fool's around with the ladies...testosterone imbalance & narcissism, I suspect.

Obama should be able to beat either of those two clowns in the general, IMO...unless the Israel Lobby throws its support to the Republicans, or if Obama is caught up in some kind of scandal. Barring either of those two rather remote possibilities, President Obama should win re-election easily....after a brief flirtation with hope and change, he now has his mind right...he is pragmatic...he's following orders....he may be safe.

By: bfra on 12/7/11 at 7:50

d7 - Guess other boards don't put up with yogi's dumbarse comments! He is like the drips of a Chinese water torture.

By: Loner on 12/7/11 at 8:03

Facebook is Big Brother, as a young and fast-growing boy? As the Great Berra said, "Include me out."

Eventually, I will revert to being a loner, I suppose, as this universal comment board moderation and censorship service catches on with more and more mainstream media...they already wanted to farm the comment board duties out to a subcontractor and Facebook was there first, with the most to offer them. Brilliant, but fraught with danger, IMHO.

I'll just have to stick with sites like this one...but if the NCP goes with Facebook...I'm afraid I'll be forced to "leave town"...of course, some in Nashville, TN would rejoice if the lone one was excommunicated.

I like this site, just the way it is...it's as free and open as any site out there. Thank you, NCP.

Gotta make another run to Albany, NY this afternoon...rain/snow is in the forecast....can't leave til 1PM and it gets dark early nowadays....whaddya gonna do?

By: Loner on 12/7/11 at 8:09

True that, Bfra...I can hear each drop splashing on our internet foreheads...it makes a soft, muffled sound..."Usurp...Usurp...Usurp...Usurp...Usurp...Usurp...ad infinitum.


By: Loner on 12/7/11 at 8:19

Parting shot re: Herman Cain:

Who zoomed whom? Did Sperman Cain zoom the GOP, or did the GOP zoom Cain? Was it a mutual affair?

Cain got more rich and more famous (infamous), and the Republican Party, not the "Democratic Machine", managed to make Cain look like another over-sexed and uppity black man...adding evidence to support that stereotype...but was that the result of poor vetting, or was the Cain disaster intentional, to warn other black men who might want to be POTUS?

Was it ineptitude, or was it orchestrated?

By: dargent7 on 12/7/11 at 8:34

"yogi" doesn't get any "play" at reputable newspapers.
There are indeed nutz over at the Tennessean, but once Facebook stated, 75% slithered away. 1st Amendemt rights, citing 4th Amendment and gun control issues.
Most of his ilk don't know what "usurper" means, anyway.
I don't think he does, either.

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 8:35

Well, I guess I guess I must oblige you "educated" idiots.

The word usurp means: 1, a. to seize and hold (as office, place or powers) in possession by force or [without right]. b. To take or make use of without right. 2. To take the place of by or as if by force: To seize or exercise authority or possession wrongfully.

Idiot: A foolish or stupid person. A feebleminded person having a mental age of three years.

For anyone to accept a person for the highest office in this nation without knowing who they are; one who refuses to prove who they are, are idiots.

You feeble minded people are idiots for accepting Barry Soetoro as president of this nation.

By: gdiafante on 12/7/11 at 8:50

"You feeble minded people are idiots for accepting Barry Soetoro as president of this nation."

And what exactly have you done, besides whine like a little baby? Time to put up or shut your hole. Stop paying taxes and/or move to another country.

Chop chop

By: bfra on 12/7/11 at 9:14

Ever amazing, how someone that doesn't even know The Presidents real name, can call someone, anyone "dumb"! Go pester the sheep yogi, you offer nothing here or evidently any where else.

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 9:40


I'm not a gambling man but I'll bet you ten bucks to a donut that "Barack Obama"'s legal name is Barry Soetoro. Wanna bet?

If it isn't, when did he change his adopted name back to it's original status? If he did, why, in politics, did he not announce his change of name? And because he was adopted to make him eligible to go to school in Indonesia, when did he change his citizenship status back to American?

Question: Why is he so secretive about it?

By: Kosh III on 12/7/11 at 9:41

No, I have not posted over there in a long time, probably won't now. Too many other irons in the fire.

When you can cite the specific laws that you allege are being ignored, when you can cite links to all your supporting "proofs" so that we can verify your information---then, and then only will we consider your inane ideas about the President.

McCain knows him. Hillary knows him. I've seen his long form BC online and on tv. That's sufficient for me. He provided more info about himself than his drunken-coked-up-war criminal predecessor ever did.

In short. Put up or shut up and talk about the topic of the day or the weather or the air-speed velocity of a swallow.

By: dargent7 on 12/7/11 at 9:55

"yogi", Why, you ask? Because nut cases like you are a dime a dozen.
Notice you didn't get any traction over at The Tennessean?
Even those sociopaths know Obama was born in Hawaii and therefore is eligible to hold the office of President. The convent you belong to and where you get your info. are nothing but tin foil hat wearing idiots.
Take you bullshit philosophy and run it by the "Reader's Digest" crowd. 88 year old crippled ladies love that kind of shit.

By: dargent7 on 12/7/11 at 10:01

"Too many irons in the fire". K-3
"Wish I was the only one who had his iron in the fire..." Said to my ex-wife after she filed for divorce.

By: bfra on 12/7/11 at 10:05

d7 - Even 88 yr. old crippled ladies wouldn't believe the BS yogi puts out!

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 10:09


Being born in Hawaii to a Kenyan father does not make him eligible for that office. I'm really surprised there is so many political idiots on this site.

Kosh III, I have given several articles about the issue but I have not received an answer on any of them. It amazes me you and your co-posters are so willing to accept someone as president of this nation that you know nothing about.

When Barry and his fellow cohorts wins his goal, you'll learn fast.

By: jvh2b on 12/7/11 at 10:13

Glad to know I wasn't the only one that IMMEDIATELY said that was yogi over at the Tennessean darge.

Besides, I would find it hard pressed to find 2 people that dang stupid in TN.

By: bfra on 12/7/11 at 10:13

yogi - you have NEVER posted 1 iota of PROOF of anything you post! Blogs, rumors, propaganda & lies are not PROOF!

By: jvh2b on 12/7/11 at 10:14

Uh yogi...BEING BORN IN HAWAII PERIOD makes him eligible for that office.

Quit smoking the opiates and come back to the real world here.

Oh wait here I go again...trying to teach the pig to sing...sorry.

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 10:16

I see quite a few stupid ones on this site, jvh2b.

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 10:26


It takes more than just being born in the US. If that is the case, then every child born to a illegal alien would make them eligible to hold that office.

If you would read a little about the laws of our nation you should at least understand when Barack Obama was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather he lost his American citizenship status. By law, once you give up your citizenship, you loose your natural born status, and once you lose it, you cannot get it back.

If Barry Soetoro applied to regain American citizenship, he could only become a naturalized citizen.

By: jvh2b on 12/7/11 at 10:39

No yogi...only insane one I see here is you.

And glad you can hold your opinion on the matter...just happens that the majority Conservative supreme court, and every legislative branch we have interpret the law diffidently (and correctly) than you.

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 11:11


I'll repeat a question I've raised before but haven't received an answer: Why did the Senate question John McCain about his legal eligibility but did not question Barack Obama? Why did Barack Obama refuse to answer questions on his eligibility?

I'm sure you have the answer why Barry's "birth certificate" is a computer made document giving different letter characters when they only used typewriters in 1961. I'm also sure you can explain why the number on his birth certificate is a higher number two than the numbers of a pair of twin girls born after him in the hospital he claims to have been born in. And why did his half sister say he was born in a different hospital than he claimed? Why doesn't the hospital he claims to have been born in get that free advertising?

Try reading :lonang.com/exlibris/vattel/vatt-199.htm and:


That's a start.

By: Kosh III on 12/7/11 at 11:13

"No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

This is all the information I need. He was born in the US, his mother gave birth naturally and she was a citizen born in Kansas.

Your allged laws that you will NOT cite or link to do not take precedence over the Constitution. Now put up or shut up!

By: brrrrk on 12/7/11 at 11:33

Loner said

"Romney has royal family bona fides...remember George Romney? I do. Mitt has been out of government for quite some time now; is he up to speed? He looks like an empty suit..."

I hear Romney's campaign has decided that in order for Romney to be more appealing to the average voter he must come off a little more edgier. To that end, Romney has decided to actually drink a caffeinated beverage in front of a live camera.... Holy Crap!!! What a thrill seeker.! :-)

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 11:42

Kosh III,

It seems you only "see" my name and chose to ignore the question. Try reading:

news.investers.com/specialreport.aspx?id=516621 and


By: bfra on 12/7/11 at 12:51

yogi is on a blog, blog de blog rant! Anything new?

By: dargent7 on 12/7/11 at 1:03

Only Paul Wade can still stutter and stammer that Obama's daddy was Kenyan.
That argument is irrelevant as to whether a person can be eligible to hold the office of President.
I told the fool 1 year ago, it was a non-issue if Barack's mommy didn't even know who the father was.
She could of gone on Maury several times, DNA testing a dozen men.
Doesn't matter.
And Barry Sorento can legally change his name a dozen times and still be eligible to be President.

By: Kosh III on 12/7/11 at 1:40

Try reading :lonang.com/exlibris/vattel/vatt-199.htm and:


The first link resoves to the home page which, from a brief perusal, does NOT have anything about the President.

The second is some legal double-talk. If it was the sound basis for a lawsuit, someone, Hillary, McCain, Trump, would have filed a suit based on it already.
O! wait. There have been suits filed, and they have all be tossed out.

As to the President's half sister; that's not so authoratative, she could be half-crazy.
The hospital could have processed his later, bc's are NOT always prepared in chronological order of birth; I used to work in an OB/GYN clinic, I can assure you of that.
And newflash! typewriters were made with different fonts. Ever hear of pica and elite? Not to mention others in different brands.

Why not comment on TSU and Fisk. O wait! Those are HBCU's and probably usurper colleges anyway.

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 1:49

You are correct on one thing, dargent7, you can change you name as often as you wish to any name you wish; but you cannot change your natural born citizenship status and keep your original natural born citizenship status citizenship.

After you have become a citizen of a foreign nation, to become an American citizen again you can only become a naturalized citizen.

Me thinks you need to go back to school and study civics. And take you co-posters with you.

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 1:59

Your right, Kosh III,

They did have different brands of typewriters "back then", and I know they used different fonts and characters, but I never knew of anyone using several different typewriters on one document. Did you?

It still hasn't been pointed out why the number on Barack Obama's birth certificate was a higher number than the two girls born the day after him.

By: bfra on 12/7/11 at 2:08

yogi - They knew this, wee baby boy, would someday be President of the United States & wanted to give old dumb arses, like you, something to blabber about! Did those nurses have a really good laugh!

By: Kosh III on 12/7/11 at 2:17

Several different typewriters, one person could have started, another finished, both have different typewriters.
No conspiracy, no problem.
And I did suggest how the number was higher. Read again, it's obvious IF you think about it.

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 2:32


Maybe you should read Barry's ""autobiography" apparently written for him by his "neighbor" Bill Ayres. You may learn a little something on the issue. But I really doubt it.

You may should also read a book titled; "Change We Can Believe In". It is noted as Barack Obama's plan to renew America's promise with a foreword by Barack Obama.

You may should also read Jerome Corsi's book "Where's the Birth Certificate?" It is a highly researched and documented book.

By: BenDover on 12/7/11 at 3:49

geeezzzz ... these comments all start to run together and come back in circle. If they were lyrics you could sing them in a round and create some evil polyphonic torture device. I can't even read it anymore... it's like a liberal circle-jerk punctuated by yogi on a French Horn hitting the half beats with the blue note.

By: BenDover on 12/7/11 at 3:51

shb brown note...

By: bfra on 12/7/11 at 5:05

yogi - Do you mean the Jerome Corsi that's dubbed the "smear artist", the Jerome Corsi that had his book about Obama's birth certificate pulled off the shelves & a refund offered to anyone that had bought the book?

By: yogiman on 12/7/11 at 7:40

If Corsi's books have been ordered off the shelves, how can you still buy them?