Up for Debate: Vouchers rise again

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 12:06am

What's your take on school vouchers? Should legislators pass a related bill likely to rise again next year?

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By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 5:46

No "take" today, fellas.

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 5:47

Doctors discover cancer in Smokin' Joe Frazier on Friday and he's dead on Monday.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 6:27

Good morning, Nashville.

This is the same old crap in a new wrapper...once again, the born-agains want everyone to help pay for their bigotry. Too bigoted to attend and support public schools, these Southern crackers want the beleaguered taxpayers to fund their white supremacist, educational ministries.

Not much has really changed in the minds of the Southern whites since they abandoned the Democratic party and went over to the Republican side...their mantra is still the same a it was in 1964..."two - four - six - eight - we don't wanna integrate!"

Now, with the racist Tea Party running the show in Tennessee, these bigots have been re-emboldened and reinvigorated.

Your governor is a frustrated preacher boy; he'll do whatever he can to break down the wall of separation between church and state....Gov. Haslam is using his office to promote his filthy brand of Christianity. Throw the bum out!

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 6:39

Guys: Forget this topic.
Get over to the thread on "Urban Chickens" taking part right now.
It's hilarious!

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 6:48

TN = Tea Nuts....the rest of the nation looks at the Volunteer State and cringes...always the same theme: The South's gonna rise again....keep your hoods & sheets handy...Jim Crow is making a comeback.

The sons and daughters of the Old Confederacy are still slinging to their 19th century worldview....they would have us believe that Jesus of Nazareth was a weapons-toting, government-loathing, white supremacist. Such is the depth and breadth of their hate and ignorance.

Speaking of hate and ignorance, how about that pizza pie-man? The fool thinks he can "set the record straight" and move on, as if nothing had happened, Fortunately, the entire nation is not as stupid or gullible as the Tea Party is.

Cain is like a burnt pizza...black, it smokes and it stinks..... and only an idiot would buy it.

By: govskeptic on 11/8/11 at 6:54


Enough with the hoods already, a bigger threat is basement dwellers
with a keyboard and a head full of mush and prejudice toward all who
are not in the same environment!

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 6:54

L'ner: Since it appears we're the only one's up (sane)...Cain will HAVE to drop out today.
Once you lawyer up with "Gloria", you're toast.
It took 16 women to bring Tiger Woods down, and Cain ain't no Tiger.
He's a skirt chasing pig and I'm suprised all the Restaurant Association exec's aren't held accountable. They had to know. They were paying these girls a years salary to just go away.
They had to know he was a pig.
Look at the Penn State fiasco with the coaches fondling students in the locker room. Total bullshit.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 7:24

Gov, you are posting from your mom's basement? Step away from the keyboard, go up the basement stairs, go out and get a job. It will do you wonders...don't be afraid, somebody has a job that you can probably handle....give it a shot.

BTW, I'm fully retired...worked my @ss off for many years.

Darge, Cain is making members of the National Restaurant Ass. look like crime enablers and horny troglodytes...their attempt to put a black face on their lobbying group has backfired....instead of looking like tolerant, race-neutral, enlightened management, the industry group looks like a bunch of male Chauvinist pigs suffering from a testosterone imbalance.

Looks like Herman the Pie-man has a hankering for white ho's...Clarence Thomas - Tiger Woods style....screwing a white women must make those black men feel liberated....full equality etc. It may be more of an ego thing than a sex problem....they are getting even for the slavery and KKK thing.

By: Kosh III on 11/8/11 at 7:31

How to fix public schools:

Shrink class size to 15, 10 for special needs
Pay the teachers better
Let the teachers teach instead of having to be hall monitors, chaperones, and over-administrated.
Discipline the little buggers. Make them pay attention, say yes ma'am, no sir: dress properly, respect others: children should be seen and not heard.

Of course this will take money and the GOP would prefer to give welfare to lazy and dishonest corporate crooks who buy the politicians and fix the system to get unfair advantages so they can pillage and plunder the rest of society and push everyone else down to serfdom again.

By: treehugger7 on 11/8/11 at 7:35

You said it, Kosh! Couldn't put it better. You left out one thing--pay the teachers more than you pay convenince store help!

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 7:37

...and two unfunded, corrupt wars.
Brought to by your Republican Party of NO.

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 7:38


It must make you feel great to think you know things about the South you don't really know or have any idea about. If the South is still a racist part of our nation, why is there so many Obama loving racist on this site? Or are y'all just loving the white half of him?

If that's the case, then doesn't that give me the right to hate a usurper in office?

But I also understand why y'all hate Herman Cain, and it isn't because he's black. Its simply because he's a republican. Okay, I know, you're exempt being a Yankee

But you know, its funny, living in the South and North as a child I couldn't tell any difference in the racist situation in the 1930s and 40s. But then, I guess its all different today.

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 7:47

Sadly, we'll never "pay teachers better".
We'd rather pay 100 generals and the DOD , contractors, $685 billion A YEAR.
To, and for, what?
"Free the Iraqi people"? Who gives a shit whether their women are "free" or they can vote.?
Chase the Taliban across Afghanistan, all the while they're comfortably living in Pakistan.
Our priorities are unside down and will NEVER right itself.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 7:50

I doubt if Cain will drop out just yet...he'll work the race card some more and he may try to bring down the TP-GOP temple...Samson style....he's still hot for Delilah....if Cain can't have her, nobody can...we have yet to see the mean and virulent side of Cain's persona...he's not going down without a bitter fight....this is all so very entertaining.

The Niggerhead Mountain boys are probably pissing in their pants laughing...Cain's rage will be fierce. Meanwhile, Mitt, the magic underwear guy, is experiencing delusions of grandeur....he's already concentrating on the general election...he has the nomination all but sewn up...unless Perry can dig up serious dirt on the Mormon. Maybe we under-estimated Perry's ability to ruin his rivals.

Will Jeb Bush be forced to step in, to save the GOP?

Gov. Perry, the born-again Texas politician, is sucking up to Netanyahu and the Jewish supremacists, once again:


Governor Perry is giving Israel the green light to do what John McCain joked about doing...remember McCain's parody of the famous Beach Boys tune, "Bomb, bomb, bomb.....bomb, bomb Iran"? The Iranians were not amused then and they are not amused today. They are not powerless to retaliate.

If the militant, nuclear-armed, Chosen People of Palestine strike the Persians, gasoline will probably go to $8/gallon overnight...that would benefit the Texas oil industry robber barons....but it would probably wreck our economy...maybe Perry thinks that the best way to defeat Obama is to ruin the nation's economy and hope that millions of dumb-assed voters blame Obama.

Netanyahu is out of control...President Obama fears the little Napoleon wannabe...Obama, the POTUS is a willing, groveling vassal of the Jewish state in Palestine. I expect that the IAEA's trumped up and dubious report coming out this week will be the casus belli for more holy war at Israel's behest. Obama has now got his mind right, whatever Netanyahu demands, Netanyahu will receive....President Obama will play the role of Steppin Fetchit for our Jewish overlords.

By: BigPapa on 11/8/11 at 7:50

"Cain is like a burnt pizza...black, it smokes and it stinks..... and only an idiot would buy it."
And YOU call others racist??? Loner you need to look in the mirror dude.. hate is hate. Read you ranting raving posts.. you have some real issues.

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 7:52


its funny, Herman Cain is already known as a whore monger by accusation only. Why? Because he's running for the Oval Office?

So far there has been four accusations but not one evidence of proof. And after all, that young lady had plenty of proof against Billy Boy. Isn't it funny how he denied it until she proved it? Yet the democratic majority of congress gave him the okay in such a disgusted action of a man sitting in that office. I reckon that was more important to him than taking care of our nation.

Does that mean you are willing to take those "ladies" word for their accusations rather than Herman Cain's denials? And if memory serves me correctly, Herman Cain is the first man to be accused of sexual misbehavior when running for the office. Why, wasn't Billy Boy "running around" on his wife when he was running for the office? And really, I doubt if he slowed down while he was running.

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 7:52

"yogi "dunce" man: When Obama ran for President, not ONE allegation he was a skirt chaser.
Four, count 'em 4, women have come forward claiming Cain was a pig.
And, he was married.
I know to you Republican hypocrites being married is a detour and inconvience to engage in your superficial faux moral superiority, but Cain, like Tiger Woods, got CAUGHT.
Take your party's "Family Values" and stick it.

By: Kosh III on 11/8/11 at 7:54

I don't hate anyone and I am certainly not racist though I do not like ignorant, rude and arrogant people who think they are superior to others.

You are the one that defames and insults our duly elected President.

Cain's 999 plan is just one of several reasons not to support him. Do you really like the idea of 23% sales tax and zero % tax on capital gains and corporate "persons?"

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 7:57

Yogi is back on the usurper pipe...stoned again....like a crack head, he has a single obsession.

That makes sense, Kosh...many people in TN are not used to using common sense...they obey their pastors, tithe and hate....that's a lot easier than thinking for themselves.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 8:00

I got a real issue for you, Big papa...RIGHT HERE!!

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 8:03

Clinton was just damn lucky Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones didn't sink him.
Monica Lewinsky was consentual, and it did scar him and his Presidency for life.
But, in comparison, Bush & Cheney launched two worthless wars costing over a trillion dollars and 4,500 dead soldier's lives. Countless scarred and maimed for life.
On balance, which is worse?
Lying about sex, or lying about war?
Take your time in giving your answer.

By: BigPapa on 11/8/11 at 8:04

Yeah, so much for the party of "tolerance".

You just get on here and start tossing Molotov cocktails and throwing haymakers. You can disagree with w/o the name calling and extreme vitriol. You actually hurt your position.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 8:08

Cain tries to play "Hide the Pepperoni" and when he is exposed as a power-abusing pig, he plays the race card...must be from the same ethnic group as Clarence Thomas...they seem to share common roots...they blame the victim while playing the victim....must be a genetic predisposition....where does the GOP find these jokers?

By: i.am.a.taxpayer on 11/8/11 at 8:12

The members of the Tennessee General Assembly are supposed to support and strengthen the public school system. The voucher system would start the process to diminish and destroy the public school system.

The legislators and every Board of Education SHOULD figure out what works and what does not. Instead of trial and error (mostly error) and changing things so frequently, look at school systems of similar cities that are SUCCESSFUL and figure out how they did it.

This is not that difficult to figure out, so why haven't the legislators and Boards of Education already done it?

By: Funditto on 11/8/11 at 8:12

Yes Kosh! The $5400 proposed doesn't go far. And if the child learns different? At least $20K at Curry Ingram. I'd gladly take it if the government doled it out. For now, we have to endure 30+ kids in a zoo-like atmosphere scorned by folks like Yogi who aren't much smarter.

By: Funditto on 11/8/11 at 8:13

Herman Cain makes GWB look distinguished.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 8:16

Hey, if the man is a pig, I call him a pig...I call a spade, a spade...pardon my honesty.

Cain is not carved out of Presidential timber...he's been zooming folks for decades and taking full advantage of the need for oreonic @ss-lickers in the republican fold.

Accuser number four has filled us in on the details of Cain's predation: In a cheesy maneuver, the pizza-pie man nudged her pie-hole towards his pepperoni...the job interview was now underway....You still want a scumbag like that sitting in the White House? No thank you please.

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 8:16

Funditto - I wouldn't go that far! I don't think anything could make GWB look distinguished. He always looks like "duh", where am I?

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 8:18

When I was in school in the 60's, classroom size was always 25-30.
15 is ridiculously too small.
If we didn't have at least 25 in a classroom, we told the Catholics to start breeding more.

By: BigPapa on 11/8/11 at 8:19

Ever heard of a guy named Bill Clinton? He had similar horndog issues..

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 8:21

bfra: Like your comments over on the "Urban Chicken" thread.
What's next for this state?
Allowing chimpanzes in your trees?
Of course, may be an improvement to the neighborhood's IQ.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 8:26

Big Papa channels Rush Limbaugh et al.: "Loner, Ever heard of a guy named Bill Clinton? He had similar horndog issues."

Moral equivalency arguments from the right highlight their hypocrisy. Cain is being forgiven, even before he asks for forgiveness...there was no forgiveness, mercy or empathy for Bill Clinton....effin hypocrites!

Two wrongs do not make a right...Southern crackers just don't get it.

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 8:28

re: Cain: Forget the sex issues.
If you run on the Repulican ticket, you better have a history of sqeeky clean behavior.
Because that's the party's platform.
Not be caught doing circle dances in Men's Rooms or chasing male pages around the desk.
Clinton was/ is white and his women were white.
Cain's 4th accuser is white, and that's a no-no.
This is America, after all.
He's DONE.
But, his stand on abortion and "gays" was atrophyed and archiac.
Good riddance.
Let's all embrace the other nincompoop, Romney, for Prez.

By: BenDover on 11/8/11 at 8:28

The fact of the matter is that the school will not be responsible for educating the student but will get 1/2 the money anyway. By example... if the school budget was $10,000,000 for 1000 kids if half the kids leave the school will have $7,500,000 to educate 500 kids.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 8:29

The three "C's" of Nashville: Christ, Churches and Chickens. Somehow, they all seem to dovetail together in Music City.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 8:33

Hey, privatizing the corrections, detention, security, surveillance, intelligence and law enforcement industries has worked wonders, right? Shall we continue down this road to self-destruction and privatize education too?

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 8:42

d7 - Thanks! My main issue is with the Bennett woman, upholding people breaking the law & being on the council. This doesn't speak well for the council. The "Chicken Woman" should resign.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 8:50

Sounds like the Council is being hen-pecked by Chicken Woman...there's a whole lot of clucking and bobble-headed strutting around...feathers are being ruffled...the pecking order is being established...and the proposed fee of $25 per year ain't chicken feed, for those poor folks who need to raise their own poultry.

Confined in tiny coops...no sex life...exploited for the eggs...that does not sound like an animal rights advocacy position....sounds like Chicken Auschwitz.

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 8:52

Loner - LOL

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 8:58


First, you don't know me. Second, you never will. But let me explain to your feeble mind: I am not a republican, nor a democrat. With a iota of intelligence you should have figured out by now I am as independent as hell. Much unlike you and your fellow posters on this site whom are obvious dumbacraps going by the title of democrats.

You and Loner and your other fellow posters keep trowing that race card at me. Again, on what knowledge? As I have posted before, you don't know me. If I was a racist as y'all depict, I surely wouldn't feel Herman Cain might be a good man for the office.

But, dargent7, try reading what you have posted. You state there has been a "claim". What if I "claimed" you had an affair with that woman that came into your bar? What if she "claimed" you had made an advance toward her even though you didn't (and I mean possibly didn't)? Would you be guilty?

Me thinks not.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 9:00

Just trying to introduce some levity...thanks, Bfra.

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 9:02


You state Bush got in two wars. Well, "Obama" now has us in six. Wich one do you consider the worst war monger?

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 9:11


Since you state you went to school in the 60s, you apparently don't know what this country was like before you even started school. Try a little history. It should tell you more about politics.

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 9:12

Maybe Bennett wants to keep yogi in her back yard, he doesn't do anything but "cluck"!

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 9:13

Speaking of lightweight humor, where is our resident Cain apologist, Serr8d?

I love to see guys like Serr playing the race card for their out-of-line, uppity, black Republicans...real humanitarians.

Go ahead, nominate the Pie-man...the president will slice him up like a high-speed pepperoni slicer....and then we can have four more years of gridlock, intransigence and partisan warfare, as the republic loses its credit rating and slips into sovereign bankruptcy.

If another great depression occurs, the fat cats will never feel a thing...they are internationally invested...America's demise will not negatively impact their portfolios...and there is always the aliyah option for the Chosen Ones.

By: Funditto on 11/8/11 at 9:14

There's a huge house on that street off Woodmont that cuts through to Green Hills. They have a pony in their yard. Is that legal?

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 9:15

By the way, since they didn't seem to be able to get anything going when the first three women making the claims against Cain were black women they must have decided they must come up with a white woman to make such a claim. It would through more wood on the fire, eh? So, low and behold, here she is.

By: BigPapa on 11/8/11 at 9:17

I'm no Cain supporter and Ive never listed to Rush Limbaugh. But it's just interesting that when it was Clinton the leftist said "that's his personal business" but not that it's a GOPer, he's a scum bag and according to Loony Lonar "a spade" (yikes). Cain needs Bill's old "nut-slut" defense. First you accuse the woman of being a nut, crazy, obsessed with you and/or fame. Then you drag out every detail of her sex life and make it public and make her out to be a slut-worked well for him.

I have no doubt Cain did what he's accused of doing, same with Bill C.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 9:19

Obama is giving Israel the go ahead to strike Iran's nuclear facilities...the man will do anything...anything...to get that second term...apparently he would not mind presiding over the last days of the American republic....the price of energy would be astronomical, if Israel goes nuts and unleashes its fury on the Persians....none of that seems to bother Mr. Obama...he just wants a second term...at any cost....he's a reneger....a squirming vassal to the Israeli PM.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 9:24

Yes, I do call a spade a spade...and Obama is a freakin' reneger...the man is as full-o-shit as a Christmas goose.

Both major parties are beholden to the same special interests...all the partisan rhetoric is theater...both parties have sold us out.