Up for Debate: VU poll results

Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 12:15am

What do you think of the results of the Vanderbilt University poll released Wednesday?

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By: dargent7 on 12/13/12 at 3:46

Nice post, there yogi...typical hillbilly mentality.
"Let's all go out and shoot something, being Christmas and all..."
Why don't you erect chicken coops in your yard as a merit badge?
Play Ted Nugent songs in the backround, not Christmas carols, to fully round out another crop of mental defectives from your gene pool that will try to ruin the country.
Oh, and I've got your "unit", right here.

By: dargent7 on 12/13/12 at 3:52

Not to give away my age, but I was breast feeding when JFK was assassinated.
It was a woman with large breasts, I hope it was my mother.
But, when you're hungry, who cares?

Worst POTUS EVER was G W Bush.
Started Iraq knowing it was a total fraud.
LBJ did the Tet Offensive ( I believe), but didn't run for re-election.
Bush had the gall to run, twice.

By: Funditto on 12/13/12 at 3:56

NCP should also have a mobile app. That would most likely do away since trolls.

By: Loner on 12/13/12 at 3:57

A copy of the JFK letter to Ben Gurion can be found here, on this Jewish Library site...so, it's authenticity is unquestioned.




"Meanwhile, I have received from Ambassador Barbour a report of his conversation with you on May 14 regarding the arrangements for visiting the Dimona reactor. I should like to add some personal comments on that subject.

"I am sure you will agree that there is no more urgent business for the whole world than the control of nuclear weapons. We both recognized this when we talked together two years ago, and I emphasized it again when I met with Mrs. Meir just after Christmas. The dangers in the proliferation of national nuclear weapons systems are so obvious that I am sure I need not repeat them here.

"It is because of our preoccupation with this problem that my Government has sought to arrange with you for periodic visits to Dimona. When we spoke together in May 1961 you said that we might make whatever use we wished of the information resulting from the first visit of American scientists to Dimona and that you would agree to further visits by neutrals as well. I had assumed from Mrs. Meir's comment that there would be no problem between us on this." (end snippet)

Oh, but there was indeed a problem with that, Mister President.....you were an "existential threat" to the Jewish state.

Of course, all of what I am posting here has been marginalized as "conspiracy theory"....read the JFK letter...then decide.

By: Loner on 12/13/12 at 4:10

I think that this episode of Squidbillies comes pretty close to characterizing Yogi's family reunions:


There's a 30 sec ad before the 2 minute clip begins...it's worth it, IMO.


By: yogiman on 12/13/12 at 4:15

You must have went to school in Michigan, dargent7. What city, Detroit? Me boy, I've been a country boy all of my life except when I lived in the "cities" and worked normal civilian jobs. I didn't want to make any of my co-workers jealous so I acted (like Obama) instead of showing my normal life. But, of course, the 7 years I was in the Navy it was strictly military. Unlike Barry Soetoro with his hands clasped over his b@lls as a U.S. Senator, we saluted that flag and pledged allegiance to it.

Give Barry credit, he feels he's got it licked now and has pretty much quite acting.

I don't know how it was when gdafante and Loner were in their branches of service, but you can bet your posterior when I was in you took your orders based on the Constitution and the safety of our nation. In my generation, when you took that oath on entrance into service, you accept that lil' ol' idea 'til death do you part.

By: yogiman on 12/13/12 at 4:19

And by the way, dargent7, I'm not dead yet and I'm not going to quit this debate until I am or y'all actually prove me wrong. Don't just tell me what you think. Cite it from official papers.

By: yogiman on 12/13/12 at 4:38

That 410er was cute, Loner. Did that make that to honor you and your wife?

By: Loner on 12/13/12 at 5:14

Let me just summarize some key dates and events, while I'm on this particular rant:

September 17, 1948...Count Bernadotte is assassinated by the Stern gang (LEHI)...a terrorist militia, once led by future Israeli PM, Yitzhak Shamir.

December 13, 1949...PM David Ben Gurion forms the Mossad, assembling Israel's premiere assassination experts.

May 18, 1963...JFK sends letter to Ben Gurion, re: the Dimona nuclear reactor and nuclear WMD proliferation danger.

June 16, 1963...Ben-Gurion unexpectedly resigns as PM and goes into sudden obscurity.

November 22, 1963 JFK is shot and killed in Dallas, TX...LBJ's home turf.

November 24, 1963...Jack Ruby kills Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged triggerman in the JFK assassination.

LBJ assumed the presidency, oversaw a white-wash of the investigation into JFK's killing...then gave Israel the tacit OK to proceed on their WMD program. Inexplicably, LBJ later exonerated the IDF for any guilt in their prolonged and point-blank range attack on the USS Liberty, on June 8, 1967.

The IDF recently assassinated several Hamas figures in Gaza...they got it down to a science....since President Obama is so disliked in Israel, I fear for his safety...with allies like the Israelis, who needs enemies?

By: budlight on 12/13/12 at 6:32

dargent7 on 12/13/12 at 3:08
" Obama thinks our gun laws are insane..."
Just yesterday a 22 year old stole an AR-15 and shot dead two people in a mall in Oregon.
Then killed himself.
The USA has over 22,000 murders a year...every year.
I think Canada comes in 2nd with 8.
Tokyo, Japan with 18 million people, has 5.
So, to a Republican, the USA doesn't have a "gun problem". "It's a people problem"....

D7, can you tell me of one gun that ever just jumped up, loaded itself and shot someone all by itself? You are correct . . . it is a people problem. People kill people with their bare hands, clubs, knives, automobiles, other weapons and YES WITH GUNS. Taking guns from legal gun holders will not solve the problem.

OR if it will, then tell me HOW WILL IT?

By: Captain Nemo on 12/13/12 at 6:35

Blow it out your nose.

By: yogiman on 12/13/12 at 6:52

That sounds (and smells) better than what's coming out of your a$$, dumba$$.