Up for Debate: 'Win-win' deal for Metro, Renaissance?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 1:24am

Do you agree with Finance Director Rich Riebeling when he calls the proposed deal between Metro and the Renaissance Hotel over the Nashville Convention Center a "win-win situation"?

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By: slacker on 2/26/13 at 9:39

''Don't you leave.. until you hose me...

By: Loner on 2/26/13 at 9:46

Hey, Slack!

That's right, Ben is probably enjoying a meal aboard an airliner right about now....wishing he could have brought his Glock along for the ride....but looking forward to some fun in the sun....Ben and I seldom agree on political things; but we have been hammering on each other for so long now that I miss the guy when he's gone...no, this is no bromance brewing; it's just that I respect his views and he articulates them well and he respects my views as well....and he has a great sense of humor....ergo, I love him, like an online brother.

By: slacker on 2/26/13 at 9:54

Yeah.. Loner.. I'm betting Ben had a fellow NRA member.. bury a Glock under a coconut tree, in the vacant lot, near his hotel. You never know when you gonna need some ''heat.''

By: Loner on 2/26/13 at 10:01

Slack, years ago, I produced a small batch of protest T-shirts..shirts that I designed myself....your post brought it back to mind....it was contract negotiating time, between the National Rural Letter Carriers Association and the USPS...1992, I believe....we conceded a 20% pay cut on our letter-sized mail volumes...a substantial pay cut. So, I made up some of these protest T-shirts and wore one at the next union meeting....and it caused a big flap.

On the front of the shirt, the text read: Chosen For The Hosin'....the Postal Eagle was manning the hose nozzle...the Rurals had been hosed....our union had let us down. The back of the shirt had this text: Take my union....please.

I was shouted down in the meeting...but later, in the hallways, everybody wanted to buy one of those shirts....true story.

By: Loner on 2/26/13 at 10:07

Your 9:54 post sounds about right, Slack...maybe an NRA sympathizer on the hotel's housekeeping staff puts a loaner-Glock in a big Zip-loc baggie and places it in the toilet tank, in his hotel suite....expecting a generous tip, of course.

By: slacker on 2/26/13 at 10:18

That's hilarious Loner. Ben intends to protect at all costs.. his Don Ho tickets, he purchased from a sidewalk scalper. lol

By: budlight on 2/26/13 at 10:20

Cohen is a liberal and he was never married....and he is not one of those born-again preachy types, so there is not so much hypocrysy here; but, since Cohen is a Democrat, I am surprised that the Tea Baggers did not excoriate him.

Did I miss the local coverage? - The above was used by Loner.

ANSWER: No, you didn't miss the local coverage. He is a democrat and no media in the world covers democratic indiscretions. Hence, Obama gets by with anything and everything.

But Cohen is a big boy, unmarried with a daughter out of wedlock. But unlike others, ie, the low end of the totem pole who father children and abandon them to the government, Mr. Cohen is supporting his daughter and I thought his tweet was innocent and sweet, even when the media was blowing it up as salacious. (some media)

Then he presented the "truth" and everyone shut up. So why does it even matter?

OK, enough of my rambling. I'm going to surgery the 4th of March. All is well and will be well.

And listen, just cause I'm going to surgery, I think I noticed some slack on beating me up daily. GEE WHIZ people. It's OK to be mean to me. It give me something to build character on. LOL Have a nice day.

And don't pick on Yogi; after all, he's had a great long life so God must be showing him favor.

By: budlight on 2/26/13 at 10:28

More US News
“Feds' loan changes hamper black college enrollment
ATLANTA (AP) — Ariadne Partlow dreamed of graduating Spelman College and moving on to medical school, but instead of studying biology this semester, she worked at a fast-food Chinese restaurant.
The Jackson, Tenn., native was among thousands of students who unexpectedly either had to stay at home, transfer to a less expensive school or find new money when the U.S. Department of Education quietly changed how it evaluated the credit of parents applying for a federal PLUS loan.
The greater scrutiny affected families and schools everywhere, but historically black colleges were hit particularly hard because so many of their students come from low-income families dependent on PLUS loans. In recent years, as many as a third of all black college graduates had used PLUS loans, a proportion twice as high as the rate for all schools, according to one estimate.
"All I've known is school, so this is weird not being in school all the time," said Partlow, who would've been a junior this year at historically black Spelman in Atlanta. Partlow attended Spelman last spring with the help of a PLUS loan, but her application for the fall was rejected.”

Another "unintended consequence" of government meddling. What gets me is that the lady in this article said "All I've known is school . . . .". Listen, maybe when people get student loans, they should be required to hold down a part time or summer or between semester job so they can get a feel for the real world in real life time! I feel sorry for her and all that, but welcome to reality. We don't all get to breeze through on loans. Get a job and pay some of that money back.

By: gdiafante on 2/26/13 at 10:59

That's a good thing, Bud. Students are too dependent upon student loans and then when they graduate they can't pay them back. So if the government makes it harder to get these loans, the better.

And yes, there's an entire generation of kids out there who are professional students. Ridiculous.

By: Loner on 2/26/13 at 11:11

Good luck with your surgery, Bud....I agree, In Cohen's case there is no glaring hypocrisy...I've supported him for years...he once proposed legalizing Cannabis in TN...I'm surprised that he is still in office.

By: dargent7 on 2/26/13 at 1:24

Right here....the posts are so stupid and inane this am, I thought I'd sit this one out.
They'll have to remodel and build out the old Convention Center...too much expensive real estate.
But, it's archaic,out-dated and just a huge cement box.
Make a good prison or jail.

By: dargent7 on 2/26/13 at 1:42

I believe student loans to be a good thing. A necessity.
In the early 80's when I was in college, as well as two siblings, my dad paid for all of it.
Now, U-M is $50,000 a year.
Vanderbilt is $65,000 a year.
What parent can afford to put 2-3 kids thru college at the same time?
And most students get jobs that barely pay for their books/ computers.
Tuition costs have skyrocketed and out of reach for most w/o a gov't loan.
Obama is correct on this one.
Let's get the fuc!! OUT of Afghanistan and stop building these F-35's that will cost $400. billion. Then you need a carrier costing $180. million each for the damn things to land and take off from.
As if the F-18's couldn't win any war in 30 minutes or less.

By: gdiafante on 2/26/13 at 1:49

Exactly my point, darge, college isn't a right, it's a privilege. Not everyone should go there just because they can. Easy access to student loans has killed college education. Not to mention it's created thousands of worthless degrees just so colleges can keep up.

Not to mention how it gives Universities a blank check to keep raising tuition to meet the demand. Let's cut back student loans and if Johnny can't afford college, he might have to consider...**gasp**...a vocational trade...yikes.

By: Loner on 2/26/13 at 4:33

This board petered out quickly....just like the convention business itself? The bubble may have burst....time will tell.

By: dargent7 on 2/26/13 at 4:38

You said it. Yesterday, too.
I think everyone is sick of listening to "yogi".

By: yogiman on 2/26/13 at 4:49

Why should I believe your story is true, Loner? You don't believe anything I post is true... because you don't 'know it' yet..

By: yogiman on 2/26/13 at 4:54

One little thought on Cohen, budlight; how do you know he's telling the truth? He might even match Barry Soetoro on his 'lieability'.

By: yogiman on 2/26/13 at 4:58

Hey, budlight, don't stop them from 'picking' on me. They enjoy it so much and I do, too. The sad part is: When they find out what stupidity means they'll quit letting me have all of this fun.

By: yogiman on 2/26/13 at 5:08

What's going to make you sicker, dargent7, is when you eventually (hopefully) learn how to use that education you was taught and learn who Barry soetoro aka Barack Obama is.

Unless you're a fellow communist with him, you ain't gonna like it.

By: yogiman on 2/26/13 at 5:12

To better your political education, dargent7, go to:


Try it, you might not like it.

By: Rasputin72 on 2/26/13 at 5:34

Wha day! My golf partners took me for a few bucks, but I recovered most of it in the card ro
I have just enough time before I dress for dinner to play the little game that "you people enjoy
so much called "Let's Perceive.

I perceive LONER to have a goatee without a face and living on a pension of 46,000 dllars a ear.

I perceive Gdiafante to be a senior draftsman a
t an engineering firm who resents the fact that the graduate engineers get all the credit and he does all the work.

I perceive NEMO to be a black repairman with his first full time job and and the Dunlap dosease. His belly done lapped over his belt.

Is this not fun?

By: yogiman on 2/26/13 at 8:06

Fun? Are you trying to 'tell' a joke, Rasputin72? What makes you so sure you aren't telling the truth?