Letter To The Editor

Tuesday, April 8, 2003 at 1:00am

Thermal site not best for stadium


While a new stadium may improve the Nashville Sounds' attendance, locating the new venue on the Thermal Transfer Plant site will have minimal benefit to downtown Nashville at best. It would be a facility only used around 74 days a year with no additional parking for when it is in use.

A minor league ball team is not a draw for tourists, and the site is less accessible to locals than the current location. Additionally, those attending would have to pay for parking.

Then there is the loss of potential tax revenue by the city owning the property while other uses would have a great positive financial impact on the midstate region. Among them is getting retail and residential locations downtown - two things Nashville and the region need. Retail will be the catalysis for increasing the "want" to live and visit downtown. With no existing critical mass of retail, one will need to be developed by a major center containing stores not found in suburban malls.

The Thermal property is one of the few locations meeting criteria for such a facility. Let's not lose it since the Nashville Convention Center and Municipal Auditorium are the two better remaining possibilities, and their availability potential is low.

Legislation to give sales tax credits to the Nashville Sounds for a stadium should allow expansion and renovation of Greer Stadium. This can be done at less cost during the off-season as demonstrated by similar projects at much larger sports facilities. Nashville taxpayers and its visitors will be better served by a continuously operated upscale mall on the Cumberland with housing and hotel towers producing much greater income than a rarely used stadium.



Bush conducts coalition of killing


Who knew that President Bush's campaign slogan, "Leave no child behind," meant the bodies of Iraqi children that are piling up along with the bodies of our own children soldiers. And who knew that during that same campaign, when he declared, "I am not into nation building," he meant that he was into blowing the hell out of countries that won't come to heel with the mighty miniature warrior.

This coalition of the killing is not making the world a safer place to live. On the contrary, it is sowing the seeds of much future hatred and attacks. How America fell for this dolt is beyond the pale. Bush consciously chose the gutting of a country when peaceful coercion was still in the cards. He did this to feed his own family ego and those whom he toadies for - the rich, the wanna-bes, and the hateful, bloodthirsty new breed of Christians that darken our homeland.

Bush and his administration of chicken hawks are not placing our children in harm's way to liberate the Iraqi people from a tyrant but to liberate them from the rest of their future.

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