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Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 12:25am

To the Editor:

How could any middle-class working voter ever be coerced and brainwashed into voting for the right-wing Republican, would-be anarchists, who by their own campaign platforms fly in the face of every American who is not filthy rich?

How can a bloc of rich congressmen who already have made their fortunes and secured their family's health care free or at practically no cost campaign on a promise to repeal everything that President Obama has gotten done for the people?

They want to repeal Social Security, or impose huge cuts on the most needy of our citizenry, Medicare, health care reform and return complete control to the insurance companies that any idiot should know by now are not concerned with your health care but are a bunch of corporate thieves.

They want to repeal the stimulus and stop the slowly improving economy that the president is bringing about.

Along with this they want to repeal or amend the 14th Amendment so as to be able to take of control who is deemed a citizen and who is not whenever they get ready.

They also now want to invalidate freedom of religion by banning the building of more mosques in the United States. They want to deny civil rights to gays and lesbians. 

If all this is not enough, they certainly want George W. Bush's tax cuts for the very richest Americans to be extended.

If any sane human being can see anything in their own, self-indicting campaign promises, that will benefit any suffering American except the rich, then he needs to seek help.

If any working person is weak enough to post a Republican ballot, he deserves to suffer the wrath just as under Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush.

To paraphrase a friend recently when entering the voting booth, "It's simple as ABC, like driving a car: Put it in D to go forward and in R to go backward."

C.W. Clouse

Nashville TN 37209

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By: slacker on 8/13/10 at 1:39

nazi, that would be a good way pick up a little extra cash. Remember to break your fall, and stay away from the geek.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 1:41

well, if the shirt comes with a free helmet i may consider it. i ain't too proud - lol!

By: AmyLiorate on 8/13/10 at 1:48

oh no! cafe press requires a 2000 pixel image for best results... mine is only 150.

I'll have to do some more work :(

By: AmyLiorate on 8/13/10 at 2:03

OK, here it goes... get one NOW and be the first on your block!


By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 2:04

that's awesome, Amy. 8~D

By: Funditto on 8/13/10 at 2:06

I am currently looking at my cafe press sticker in the ad on this page. Can anyone else see it?

By: Funditto on 8/13/10 at 2:07

Love the design Amy but it looks like a baby.

By: AmyLiorate on 8/13/10 at 2:07

dammit, budlight must have been on my PC again!

Try this and see if it shows the logo or the generic "event staff" work.

I'll get it straightened out asap.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 2:07

no, i can't see it Funditto.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 2:09

By: Funditto on 8/13/10 at 3:07
Love the design Amy but it looks like a baby.

hmmmm. maybe she could add some pubes.

By: AmyLiorate on 8/13/10 at 2:11


I can't help that midget outlines look like baby outlines!

Here's the image I worked off of:

I added on the left side arm so it didn't look like we were the USAMTL - us amputated midget tossing league. < that is just wrong!

By: dargent7 on 8/13/10 at 2:12

The "Grand Mosque" is slated to be 13 stories high. It will be a "teaching/ learning/ fellowship" center for Islamic studies. It will cost $100 million. Where's that money coming from? Donations? Oh, I know, your buddies in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Egypt....all USA allies, right? They all love us.
It is 600 FEET from Ground Zero.
Why don't you go to Border's Books and buy a Koran. Open it up and read it. It's in Arabic, by the way.
Have it translated.
Know the facts, then shut your mouth.

By: house_of_pain on 8/13/10 at 2:13

Put it on a shirt, Amy. I know a few obscure musicians that would dig it.

By: AmyLiorate on 8/13/10 at 2:16

House just send them to

You can get it on a shirt or a cup
or a tote or a cap

Do you think it would sell better if I made a version for:
"TN state championship" "State Fairgrounds - Aug13, 2010"

By: gdiafante on 8/13/10 at 2:21

I bet on any given day a Muslim will actually walk within 600 feet of ground zero.

Maybe even two...

or three...

How'd they get in? Only white Christian folks are welcome there...

Darge is a freakin' moron times ten. Unfortunately, that is the new face of America.

Yes, it's circling the drain...

By: AmyLiorate on 8/13/10 at 2:28

yep GD, it seems to be so.

What can we do about it?

By: house_of_pain on 8/13/10 at 2:35

Nothing, Amy. d7 is dug in like a tick....

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 2:36

come on, house. your southernese is better than that. dug in like a tick on a fat hog.

By: house_of_pain on 8/13/10 at 2:39

Ticks don't generally dig in on hogs. Lazy coon dogs, now that's another story.

By: AmyLiorate on 8/13/10 at 2:39

Would you do this?


By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 2:40

yeah, i just googled that. so he's dug in like a fat tick on a lazy coon dog?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 2:43

wow, Amy. i remember when that story first came out. no, but i do give food.

By: house_of_pain on 8/13/10 at 2:44

Yep...a union tick, no less.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 2:47


By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 2:48

"SOB is dug in like an Alabama tick"
- Predator

By: dargent7 on 8/13/10 at 2:50

Until any of you idiots can read the Qu'rans Arabic let's all pretend all's well in Muslim America.
Why don't all you jackasses, go to Ground Zero, and have "town meetings" with the survivors of 9/11. They meet all the time, to "heal".
There were 2,875 killed on the spot. How many had a spouse and children. Maybe another 3,000 affected? Have a rally.
Tell them, looking them in the eye, you support a Grand Mosque being built 600' from what they consider sacred ground.
But, from what I gather, all you care about in these parts in carrying a fully loaded, semi-automatic weapon into a bar.
Now, that's important.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 2:52

i guess dargent is the only one who experienced 911.

By: house_of_pain on 8/13/10 at 2:53

d7, I think all churches are a waste of real estate.
Also, the twin towers should be rebuilt, in their original spot.

By: AmyLiorate on 8/13/10 at 2:58

Ah, that's right... I almost forgot the little asterisk by the 1st Amendment...

* unless one religious group has a radical faction - then you may ignore this right altogether within 20 miles of any strike by radicals.

By: dargent7 on 8/13/10 at 3:09

Personally, I do not understand you people, and I've been posting TCP for over 2 years.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 3:11

well, that doesn't make us all jackasses, does it.

By: house_of_pain on 8/13/10 at 3:20

"I like escalators...'cause they can never be broken. They can only become stairs.
Escalator temporarily stairs, sorry for the convenience."
-Mitch Hedberg

By: AmyLiorate on 8/13/10 at 3:20


I wonder how far of a stretch it is to think that someone might tell their lawyer about something that affects them... and be taken away in secret?

Our president is allowed to order a "hit" on any American citizen abroad (for now) without any trial.

Circling the drain GD, Yes we can... I mean Yes we are.

People should be much more concerned about all of this but instead more people are complaining about a proposed mosque! I feel the Coriolis effect...


By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 3:22

yes, that definitely deserves more attention, Amy. i agree with that.

By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 3:32

Kosh III on 8/13/10 at 8:23
Perhaps some American will pick lettuce but let me tell you about my brother's experience. It's not applicable to all and might be an exception so take it for what it is.
He used to cultivate an acre of tobacco as a way to make some extra money. Two years in a row he tried to get local help(this is rural ETn) and finally had to hire some hispanic aliens to help with processing the tobacco harvested. He finally stopped growing it as it was too much hassle for too little money.

Kosh, from 8 to 14 yrs. of age, I handed leaves in Virginia tobacco fields. Made 50 cent an hour until I was 10; then got some big bucks $1.00 an hour. Problem is that today's runty little spoiled brats can't work. Govment is protecting them. I loved it; got paid and learned a lot. BIG GREEN SPITTING tobacco worms are gross!

I hired a housekeeper; turned out to be illegal. I gave her the money for 2 hours she worked and said "get out of my home; I don't hire illegal".

By: BenDover on 8/13/10 at 3:36

Loner will be proud of today's 4:20. It starts with a 'dude... wow' point about the benefits of escallators and then proceeds directly into a bit of healthy paranoia. Me likes.

By: AmyLiorate on 8/13/10 at 3:36

d7 i have several problems:

1. I like the right to own property.
(A Muslim person can buy your land if you offer it for sale)
Subsequently once you own the property you can pretty much do with it as you please unless you will be devaluing someone elses property.

2. If they want to build a big mosque and if there is reason to believe that something other than religious service is going on... then the place will be bugged by any number of agencies. Conspiring there would be about the most foolish thing a terrorist could do. Sure, it *could* happen, but so far they seem to be doing any bomb making, airplane training, etc. in some dark apartment. I doubt that will change. But having a big mosque may make it easier to follow the bad apples around.

3. We have real problems going on. Problems that affect 300 million people in serious ways. That is worth some focus. These problems could result in the collapse of our country. That might over shadow 3,000 dead people.


By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 3:40

By: slacker on 8/13/10 at 11:12
I thought the Hispanics conquered Antioch, so it was really the Muslims?

The secret is out.

Amy, I did not mess with your computer. I bypassed it and went straight for your new waterpic! Can you get some better, more earth friendly toothpaste please? I like Tom's.

By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 3:44

Amy said: "3. We have real problems going on. Problems that affect 300 million people in serious ways. That is worth some focus. These problems could result in the collapse of our country. That might over shadow 3,000 dead people. Sorry."

You'd have a hard time convincing the survivors, parents, grandparents, wives, husbands, sweethearts, lovers, children and other friends and relatives that anything might "over shadow 3,000 dead people".

While I'm sure they are almost all logical and caring people, their loved ones were slaughtered and burned to death in the largest mass murder ever on u.s. soil.

By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 3:45

P.S. AND Amy, they were ambushed with no forewarning.

By: BenDover on 8/13/10 at 3:47

Do you think the Mosque going in the theater next door to the Friday's in Antioch will devalue the Friday's property?

Islam commands that drinkers and gamblers should be whipped. There's certainly a bit of incompatibility in that neighborhood bar and grill. And mmmmmm... I bet our Muslim brothers will be lined up for those sweet baby-back ribs over there. And there are quite a few gays that frequent there. I'm sure they will be welcomed by the new neighbors with open arms.

Maybe they'll build a stoning pit out back for when the women get to haughty with their husbands or when an unmarried girl or guy in the 'neighborhood' fornicate.

And don't forget that criticizing the Quran or Muhammad results in death.

Yeah... Sharia law should be knitted right into the fabric of the Antioch Culture.

By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 3:49

Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 4:11
well, that doesn't make us all jackasses, does it.

No, not all of us, BN2; just well, at the risk of hurting yo feelins', just you.

Crap I worked all day and am posting to me-self!

By: BenDover on 8/13/10 at 3:52

Have a nice night everyone.

By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 4:33

Ben, it's the theatre next to the post office behind Kroger's not the one at TGIF.

It's the Bell Forge next to the condos at Bell Forge.

By: dargent7 on 8/13/10 at 7:02

Amy: Your posts are always shallow.
The 2,900 on 9/11, give or take, all had FAMILIES.
That's what you numbskulls cannot get.
Each one had a mother and father, son or daughter, probably 2 kids, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews.
Let's just say for argument, it's another 5 X (each dead) the 2,900.
That's 15,000 family members that have to see a 13 story mosque built next to where Muslims flew air planes into their workplaces.
You people in Nashville are insulated from that attack.
You had a flood in May. Think NYC gives a sh**t about you? No.
And the next time 19 Roman Catholics or Amish or Scientologists fly planes into buildings, give me a jingle and we'll discuss the merits whether building a "learning/ teaching center" from that group is appropiate.

By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 9:18

D7 obama has publically "endorsed" this mosque being built. Are we, as a society crazy, or what?

Do you think that a proposed lawsuit in NYC can stop it?

I heard on the news that once some nuns wanted to build at a site connected to Jews and NAzi's; don't recall what the event was. BUT the Pope spoke up and said it was "insensitive".
He's right.

Muslims are insensitive. Why would they even suggest such a slap in the face? A mosque within pissing distance from the 911 devastation area. They ambushed innocent people; burned and crushed them as if they didn't matter and now spit on their sacred ground.