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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 12:02am

We need strict limits on the amount of time that can be spent in public housing — maybe somewhere around 18-24 months.

It should not be used as a permanent residence.

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By: brrrrk on 2/1/11 at 3:32

slacker said

"I bussed tables too darge. Its a large Fraternity, and a noble one."

To be honest, I've often given some thought to saying to hell with corporate America, moving into some little hovel outside of someplace like Aspen or Vail, and work as a waiter in one of the spiffier establishments..... a GOOD waiter can make some decent cheddar. To quote someone from a show called The Good Life that I used to watch on HGTV, "You'd be amazed at how many doctors and lawyers are waiting tables in Aspen".....

By: house_of_pain on 2/1/11 at 3:33

Okay...done with the clamp study & back at home...you guys have been busy.

By: Loner on 2/1/11 at 3:35

Antisocialite, did you drop an underscore in your username?

We stray off topic, I'll admit that; this place becomes a chatroom...we are only human.

As for my posts vis-a-vis the US-Israel Special relationship, I sometimes feel like a voice in the wilderness...or maybe like a crewman on the Titanic, who sees the iceberg, but can't get word to the wheelhouse.

I've been around, I'm not a young man. I see this nation being sucked into eternal holy war, at Israel's behest; that's enough to cause a little hyperbole in any patriot. The youth seems oblivious to the danger.

By: house_of_pain on 2/1/11 at 3:35

brrrrk, Aspen rocks. One of the best places in this country.
I learned to ski there, on Buttermilk.

By: house_of_pain on 2/1/11 at 3:36

Holy italics, Batman!

By: Loner on 2/1/11 at 3:36

HTML goof...sorry 'bout dat.

By: BenDover on 2/1/11 at 3:38

Malthus, Ehrlich, Gore, Chicken Little... they're all the same, Nemo. They've all been betting advancement and industrialization is going to out-strip Mother Earth of her life-giving good and tump us into chaos and mass extinction. A look around the world illustrates that it is industrial civilization that has given us, time and again, the tools to combat starvation and all other manor of our imminent demise. The climate hoax is a cult built around Mother Earth; with all the trappings of any other religious cult. In this case I'd advise my secular-minded friends to apply their same skepticism to the Gore’s of the world they do to the Pat Robertsons, Jim Bakers and Jerry Falwells. Follow the money.

By: AmyLiorate on 2/1/11 at 3:41

post hoc ergo propter hoc

Because today HUD allows people to live in public housing as long as they can, doesn't mean that the original intent was for that.

Overall that war on poverty has been going on for decades, and seems about as successful as the war on drugs. Mind you there could be parallels there.

Can we all agree that a parent's influence is the biggest factor in whether one will be an achiever in life?

Being poor is really a state of mind -

I used to go to church with a guy like Nick, only he couldn't even talk. But he can build you a website or a database. I would generally agree with House's comment about able bodied people, but in reality even disabled people can still do more than many people with full ability will do.

By: AmyLiorate on 2/1/11 at 3:46

"An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews."
— Joseph Sobran

By: Loner on 2/1/11 at 3:46

Ah, the old post hoc fallacy...I love it when the Latin kicks in. My old Latin teacher told me, there'd be days like this....I hope Mr. Smith is up there in heaven, he was a great teacher.

I gotta run, see ya!

By: Loner on 2/1/11 at 3:47

Wow, great quote, Amy.

By: AmyLiorate on 2/1/11 at 3:51

Whoa, what happened the other day Loner? I have been doing a lot of work and not had time for the NCP forum.

Loner, even we have had some discussions that got pretty tough, but in the end I think we both came away with respect and acknowledged differences are what they are.

Don't rehash anything from the other day, just know that this board will be bored without your insight and way with words.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/1/11 at 3:54

Ben you are so far off your rocker that you can’t even imagine that they could be on to something. You will have us to eat ourselves out food, than to admit that your math is wrong. We are over populated and the Catholic church is Hell Bent on going over the edge, with everybody.

By: brrrrk on 2/1/11 at 3:56


I get where you're coming from. Personally I think the Palestinians have been screwed, and screwed royally. From my perspective, the Jewish people have no more of a right to that land than any of the other groups that once populated that part of the world. But, let us not forget that prior to Israel, there was another legitimately existing country called Palestine.

By: house_of_pain on 2/1/11 at 4:19

Guys, I think the important thing to remember here is that a random comment(or well-crafted LTE: you decide), by me, has sparked no less than 4 pages worth of pure gold debate. You're welcome.

By: house_of_pain on 2/1/11 at 4:20


By: AmyLiorate on 2/1/11 at 4:21

look up my 4:20 rant on the drug bust story

By: AmyLiorate on 2/1/11 at 4:22

and thanks House. These random Comments to The Editor are lively.

By: slacker on 2/1/11 at 4:26

Some think the universe was created by a random comment.

By: dargent7 on 2/1/11 at 4:27

Oh, come on Loner. No other paper in existence does what TCP does.
Lifting a 'post" and call it a 'Letter to the Editor".
Not one paper in America.
Maybe al- Jezeera does or the Taiwan Daly News.
Personally, I post at USA Today, Huffington Post, San Diego U-T. Detroit Free Press, The Advocate, Out and About, and Criminals Quarterly.
The guys in Cell Block- C are particularily loquacious.

By: BenDover on 2/1/11 at 4:29

As some of you know, I've been letting a homeless family from Memphis live in my house in Lavergne for the last year. It was supposed to be a hand-up to get them back on their feet and give them a new start. They had worn out all of the charitable patience of their family and all the other charitable organizations in Memphis and were living in a crack-hotel in a bad part of town because the campsites they'd been in and out of through the previous summer were closed for winter. My wife and I brought them up here because we feared their girls (8 and 11) would end up raped, killed or both. The agreement was that they could stay in the house and just pay utilities until they got on their feet (husband collecting unemployment insurance and family getting food stamps, etc. ) but they had to go by June (this was Christmas '09). I also peeled off about $500 to get them up here and I've spent at least twice that again in getting them settled... helping with car repairs, etc.

Since they've been here they have paid exactly $200 toward the agreed utilities (last April) and nothing else. The money really isn't that big of a deal because we'd planned to set it aside for them when they did move out so they'd have it for turning on utilities in their new place; but when the deadline to move out came there had been no progress toward getting a job as the free house, free utilities, food stamps and unemployment insurance seemed to provide a perfectly comfortable life for them. For the next 6 months we went through the "Jack's got a job", "Jack lost his job" , "Jack's got an interview", b.s. I know He was lying about applying for a job in at least one place because I had my buddy who is a shift foreman talked into giving him a shot and he never turned in an application. Plus there has been a long line of Munchausen's incidents on the backs of the Tennessee taxpayer for Tenncare (because they really have nothing better to do than go to the doctors and it makes a great excuse for not going to work).

I was going to evict them during the Christmas break from school but that seemed harsh so I've laid down the law for June again since the kids are in school now and are halfway stable. I really don't mind helping people but it's a fact that some people are simply users and are worthless and don't have any intention of contributing to society if they can get away with not contributing and living off the sweat of others. When I finally do kick these people out they'll give the next person the sob story about this @$$hole kicking them out on the street with their CHILDDDDRREN and then they'll take another family for thousands of dollars in lost rent and utilities. The thing is, I don't even think they bothered getting on the list for subsidized housing or anything. If they have they've kept it secret from us. I'll offer to take in the kids again too when I evict them; but they always turn that offer down (we've offered to take care of the kids several times in the past until they can get on their feet). It's because nobody will have any sympathy for them without the kids in tow. It's a really f*cked up situation but what can you do? Their tactic is to make their situation worse and worse until people just can stand around and let it happen to the kids anymore.

I'm sure they don't see it this way and every story has many sides but this is like Cousin Eddie in the Vacation movies; except without any of the humor.

By: brrrrk on 2/1/11 at 4:54

You know Ben, you did a good thing. And as life is, some things work out and some things don't.

Now the real question is, are you going to use this experience as a way of justifying a world view that automatically paints everyone that's down on their luck as a user, or you going to treat this as what it is.... something that just happened?

By: yogiman on 2/1/11 at 5:19

Your feeling about me is your choice, gdhafanti, and frankly, Sir (as I use that term loosely), I don't give a damn! And quite frankly, I'm not too impressed with you.

By: BenDover on 2/1/11 at 5:22

It happens to me all the time, brrrrrk, but I don't let it change who I am. I'm a really generous person. Where we differ is that when I complain about compulsery generosity imposed upon us by government a switch flips in many people's heads that paints me as some kind of scrooge. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's a principled (and I believe well defended) position I have about the role of Government; not that I'm some kind of miser.

This year I bought a homeless friend of mine dental work and false teeth, I put up a homeless family, Paid air-fare for friends so their families could be together for the holidays; I've picked up literally hundreds of tabs for lunchs, dinners, drinks, etc... when I've been out with friends who I know are struggling with unemployment or other hardships. I'm also the zero interest, pay me back when you can, bank for many people who got in a bind and couldn't get by otherwise. This in addition to helping support my adult kids who always seem to make the opposite decisions from the advice I give them and often find themselves in a pinch.

I'm not a miser... I have a huge heart; but my head is convinced that flushing money through an inefficient, often corrupt and politically motivated bureaucracy is not the best way to dispose of society's hard earned resource.

By: yogiman on 2/1/11 at 5:44


RE your 3:25 comment to Loner; I suggest we all make mistakes. I have never known of one person that didn't.

My thoughts are; if you knew before an incident what the outcome would be doing it the way you were then thinking, you know would have known how to do it correctly, wouldn't you?

By: yogiman on 2/1/11 at 5:48


I agree with you. After the LTE is posted you might get one or two comments about it then it's; hang in there, y'all. Here we go!

By: yogiman on 2/1/11 at 5:59

When was you in cell block "C" dargent7? I don't remember seeing you there.

By: yogiman on 2/1/11 at 6:05

re: my 5:44 post; I wrote that? Who was that looking over my shoulder? What I meant was:

My thoughts are; if you knew, before an incident, what the outcome would be when doing it the way you were originally thinking, you would have known how to do it correctly wouldn't you?

By: Captain Nemo on 2/1/11 at 6:37

Good grief, sigh .

By: Funditto on 2/2/11 at 9:20

By: revo-lou on 2/1/11 at 9:57

{By: Funditto on 2/1/11 at 9:51
So what about the guy with no arms and no legs? Or the woman who CHOSE to keep her six babies and is widowed or left by her husband? Or the blind guy? Or the mentally retarded guy? What's your plan for them?}

You looking for sympathy here fund? Money is king, everything else is BS."""

A day late here - some of us have to work ;-)

Hope you meant that to be sarcastic, revo-lou. Not seeking anything - thank God. Just ponderin'