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Monday, March 14, 2011 at 10:05pm

In reading the article “Pretty vacant” by correspondent Charles Maldonado (City Paper March 5-7 edition), I became concerned with a glaring omission over halfway through the piece.

Mr. Maldonado’s article addresses what the city's intentions might be for the vacant lot on the west bank of the Cumberland River at First Avenue between the Shelby Street Bridge and the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge, [a site that] was previously used to house the Nashville Thermal Transfer Plant. The author references a request for previous proposals by some council members to "redevelop it as a public amphitheater, green space, and a mixed-use residential development," but that this was voted down.

The author suggests that another option now may be to relocate the new Nashville Sounds stadium to a different location. He states that "the Dean administration has not thrown its weight behind the thermal property, and a site recommendation could just as easily be located elsewhere, such as the Sulphur Dell property north of downtown, home to a minor league park from 1870 to 1963, and now some parking lots."

I'm sure if the reporter had done some investigation or simply read the multiple signs on those parking lots, he would have seen that those lots are used for state workers employed in the downtown area. These workers are employed by a multitude of different departments and agencies for the state, which are vital to its daily functions. I would like to know where the reporter would suggest that these state employees park if the lots are used as the new site for the stadium. I don't believe that there are many available options in the limited space in downtown Nashville. 

One suggestion for the "necessary" change of the stadium and the vacant lot may be to renovate the existing Sounds stadium, including the entrances and exits to its surrounding parking lots and roadways, and also make another request for proposals to turn the vacant riverfront lot into "a public amphitheater, green space and a mixed-use residential development." Those sound like good ideas and perhaps a better way to help renovate and reinvigorate downtown Nashville.

Kevin Nunn

Nashville  37064

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By: Captain Nemo on 3/15/11 at 4:37

Good morning


By: Captain Nemo on 3/15/11 at 4:37

Now we have another reason not to build a ball park at the Old Sulphur Dell site.

By: Loner on 3/15/11 at 6:05

Good morning, Nashville!

Nashville's taxpayer-funded, minor league, baseball stadium project comes at a time when most cities are scrambling to meet basic services with diminished revenues.

Not Nashville. In Music City there is money to burn on goofy projects including nostalgic, throwback, traffic circles complete with expensive and gaudy "public art". Then there's the Governor's deluxe bunker, which cost the taxpayers plenty, but the Volunteer State is obviously loaded with cash.

Bread and circus for the citizens of Metro? Why not? Everybody just loves minor league baseball, right? And money is no object in Tennessee....one of America's wealthiest, best educated states.

As for the "guvmint" worker's parking lot; once they are all fired they won't need the parking lots. After those "parasites" are removed from the payroll, even more money will be available for more pet projects and sweetheart deals.

By: BigPapa on 3/15/11 at 6:54

Yes, some where TN politicans decided they were tired of doing the boring stuff, education, streets & roads, police & fire protection. Instead they dove into opening arenas, football stadiums, buying hockey franchises, opening hotels, managing convention centers and now building minor league baseball parks.
Im sure it's more fun but those are all areas best left up to the private sector but dont tell karl dean the cities Chief Hotel Clerk.

By: gdiafante on 3/15/11 at 6:59

Papa, please show where the state of TN purchased a hockey franchise.

And, if left alone, the private sector would not choose Nashville. Then you'd be complaining as to why the government keeps letting businesses go to surrounding states.

Some people are never happy.

By: Kosh III on 3/15/11 at 9:10

Didn't most of that area get flooded?

Won't there still be ample parking, the Sounds will need parking for their fans.

By: Kosh III on 3/15/11 at 9:11

Will the Sounds contribute any funds or is it all just government welfare checks?

By: Voice on 3/16/11 at 7:46

In response to Loner's post about the "guvmint" worker's parking lot, I just wanted to say thank you for such an educated and informed response. The fact that you lump all state worker's into one category, call them "parasites" and look forward to their inevitable removal from the payroll, shows that you have really done your homework about all the services provided by the State (your tax dollars).

Thanks again, Loner, we could really all use a page out of your notebook.