Letters To The Editor

Monday, July 7, 2003 at 1:00am

NES leaves public in dark


In response to Edward Ditterline's letter in the July 1 City Paper ("Arborists would do better trimming job"), I believe he has it all wrong.

Ditterline's closing questions regarding proper trimming by lumberjacks and whether or not Nashville Electric Service (NES) cares do not correctly reflect the situation. The arborists care about the paycheck and subcontract work that NES pays out to them. "They are following instructions," as one pointed out to me.

NES cares, but only in the customer relations department. The problem is it has no power over what really happens out in the community. In fact, when I tried to discover who was ultimately responsible for the mess in my front yard, I discovered no one is.

NES has become so large consisting of so many subcontracted employees who are beholden to no one that it pretty much can and does do whatever it needs to do to protect service. NES does not answer to any specific governmental organization. Our state elected officials have no power over NES. Metro Council has no power over NES, as I was informed when it buzz-sawed my tree in half.

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