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Tuesday, July 15, 2003 at 1:00am

Many disrespect blessing of nature


I spent the Fourth of July weekend at Center Hill Lake near Smithville, Tenn. It's just one of the many beautiful treasures with which Tennessee has been blessed. Unfortunately, it seems far too many people have no respect whatsoever for that blessing.

I was shocked and angered at the amount of soda cans, cigarette butts, and food wrappers I saw along the lake. It was obvious that some people simply left their trash sitting wherever they finished with it and made no effort whatsoever to dispose of it properly. That's appalling.

Sadly, I think many people have never considered how their one can or cigarette butt contributes to the overall blight of litter. They must assume someone else will pick it up for them. People need to be made aware of how they're ruining our natural areas when they litter. Other people who care about nature should do their part to bring that awareness.

I've always been a nature lover but have done nothing actively to help clean up litter and educate people. After this trip, I wanted to find a way to do something, and I found the International Coastal Cleanup Web site (www.coastalcleanup.org). Last year, volunteers around the world cleaned up 1.5 million cigarette butts and nearly 1 million cans and bottles from the shorelines. That makes a difference. I plan to participate in this year's cleanup on Sept. 20.



Mindful of what officers deal with


I, like most everyone else, know someone who is a policeman, deputy, or in law enforcement in some position. Most people aren't aware of what these officers have to contend with on the job. I have several friends who are officers in vice, traffic and detective departments, and I think about all of them, in particular when something of the magnitude of the terrible tragedy in Mt. Juliet on July 9 happens.

My heart goes out to all of them, along with my thanks. But for the life of me I don't see how they can do this day in and out, especially when the courts turn these criminals loose. If it weren't for the court system letting a 21-year-old attain a long career in crime, this tragedy most likely never would have happened.

Now this woman will have multiple murder charges added to her already much too long police record. Of course, with the right lawyer and the right court she will get out on "not being of sound mind." I sure hope she has her day in court and hope the jury puts an end to her lawlessness. I not only hope, but as the attorney on TV says, "I demand it!"



NES tree trimming keeps priorities


I would like to make the following comments in response to recent letters to the editor about Nashville Electric Service's (NES) vegetation management program.

Although it is true that NES is not legally required to notify customers prior to trimming trees, we make every attempt to let customers know well ahead of time. Open houses are held in neighborhoods; a letter is mailed to each homeowner; work planners go door-to-door to try to talk personally with homeowners. If the planners cannot contact a homeowner, a door hanger is left with a name and phone number for the customer to call so a time to meet can be arranged.

Because many areas have not been trimmed in seven to 10 years, the amount that must be trimmed is often drastic. However, we are committed to following industry standards and the Metro Tree Ordinance. NES has certified arborists on staff and has hired additional arborists to oversee trimming and ensure that the standards are followed. Unfortunately, there are instances when trimming will be so severe it is best that the tree be removed, and we have a tree replacement program for such occasions.

An independent firm found that NES' number of tree-caused outages is 10 times that indicated by best practice guidelines. And our customer surveys tell us that reliable power is second only to cost in importance to them. NES is committed to improving our reliability by bringing our tree trimming practices in line with industry standards.



Bad data doesn't undo Saddam's evil


Most of what President Bush cited about Iraq was nearly identical to former President Clinton's allegations in 1998. If the evidence was doctored, the vast majority of it happened under Clinton.

With all the genocide, warmongering, weapons of mass destruction, atrocities against women, the decade of U.N. resolutions authorizing force, and Saddam Hussein's constant, open sponsoring of Palestinian suicide bombers - which connects him to terrorism, in case nobody noticed - I think this one piece of bad British intelligence is far from invalidating the case for liberating Iraq.



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