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Friday, June 13, 2008 at 3:33am

To the Editor:

Doing fine without us

We tried to force democracy in Viet Nam and the cost was high. We left and now people actually vacation in Viet Nam.

The [Vietnamese] have done fine without us. We try to push our beliefs on every nation.

How can we, when we cannot even care for ourselves properly?


Kathleen Polis

To the Editor:

Open hearts and minds

My husband and I attended PRIDE on June 1. We are two heterosexuals who have many GLBT friends and attend a church that is all affirming and welcomes everyone, no matter who you are or where you’re at on life’s journey.

What we experienced at PRIDE was a time where all GLBT’s come together no matter their race or sex to enjoy a day of music, food, friendship, economic information and vital community awareness. There were booths set up regarding public information. The Nashville Peace and Justice Center, the ACLU, the Nashville Equality Project, gay friendly real estate agents, vital health organizations and the American Chapter for Separation of Church and State are just to name a few.

There were also religious organizations that had taken the initiative to organize information and committees welcoming all, reminding everyone to “Love one another as I have loved you”.

Our decision to attend Pride was because we support and love our friends and because PRIDE is an important event to them, PRIDE has become an important event to us! While we weren’t too sure of what to expect, what we experienced was a time of love and friendship with no worries of criticism or gawking because you want to hold your partner’s hand.

What I witnessed last Saturday were a group of people who pay mortgages and worry about crime, are concerned about peace and global warming along with the rising prices of gas and food. A group of people who want the best education for their children and want every American to have health insurance. People who pay taxes and vote.

They even take their garbage out to the street, just like we do! People just like me, except for the fact that they are gay.

What I am saying is that no one should judge anyone until you actually get to know that person. Know who they are and how they think. Our GLBT friends are the most loving and welcoming group of people that we have the joy to know.

Open your minds and your heart about individuals who are gay and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.


Sheila A. Hobson

To the Editor:

Sitting this one out?

I attended the [John] McCain town hall meeting [on June 7] in Nashville, and two questions were asked of McCain by members of the general public that are noteworthy.

Senator McCain was first asked “what or who is the supreme authority in your life, and how will it be evident in your presidency?” McCain responded by telling a story of a sympathetic guard in the POW camp where he was imprisoned and finished with “that’s the one person I’ve always wanted to see again” before moving on to the next question.

The question about his faith was not directly answered but instead sidestepped by taking the audience on a journey of his experience as a POW.

Personally I don’t care what religion or faith McCain subscribes to, but he is a coward for not answering the question. If he didn’t want to respond then he should’ve said so and moved on to the next question.

Senator McCain also used similar tactics when asked about his stance on immigration. After jumping to the previous question, fumbling around, and then coming back to the immigration question he stated, “all of us are created equal.”

I think it’s pretty obvious that his answer shows he is pro-illegal immigration and has a desire for amnesty. Regardless of where you stand on that issue wouldn’t you rather be told upfront what the candidate stands for? Wouldn’t you rather be treated like a mature adult who can handle a difference of opinion?

McCain knows that both faith and illegal immigration are hot topics here and his response to these direct questions prove that he does not have respect for Nashvillians or he would’ve answered the questions head-on. It’s also ironic that Senator McCain uses the slogan “Straight Talk” when he doesn’t have enough resolve to answer simple questions like this. How can he function as President with this kind of disregard for the opinion of the average American?

Like many other disenfranchised Republicans I am still unsure if I will vote for the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, the Constitutional candidate Chuck Baldwin, write-in Congressman Ron Paul, or simply sit out the November election.

Matt Collins

To the Editor:

A cure for what ails us

I wanted to write to express my support for H.R. 676 that extends Medicare benefits to all U.S. citizens.

As a father of two and a committed husband struggling to pay for the basic essentials, now more than ever, we need a health plan that we can actually afford, and a health plan where we can actually afford to get sick and not go bankrupt.

After careful consideration of the real facts concerning the health insurance industry (I currently work in it), I have come to the conclusion that passage of H.R. 676 is the only way to accomplish affordable and dependable health care and health care reimbursement for myself, my family, and my fellow Americans.


Andrew Fornes

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By: idgaf on 12/31/69 at 6:00

McCain is a RINO and we have known that for years but unfortunately he is a choice between him and the anti-American Marxist.When are we/they going to give up the primary system that is not working as intended?

By: JohnWMcSame on 12/31/69 at 6:00

McCain left his crippled wife for a 25 year old rich girl. He knew her father's money could get him far in politics. John McCain has never had a paying job. He has never worked for a living like the rest of us have. He has been on the government teat since he graduated 5th from the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. These are the facts and they're why he is out of touch with what is going on in America. Obama is hardly a Marxist or even a liberal. He actually stands where most moderates stand on the issues. He simply wants people to get something in return for the taxes they pay and he wants to see American jobs created to help our economy. That's why I'm voting for him. I know he will surround himself with qualified people rather than lackeys the way McCain and Bush do.

By: Saveusall on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Right on, McSame! Why "sit this one out" when you can support a history-making African-American candidate who sincerely cares about our country and its people, and who has real and workable solutions to our many problems, many created by the Bush regime?

By: Saveusall on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Idgaf (Id gaffe?) clearly needs to study up on his/her history and/or political science before making such hare-brained remarks as referring to McCain's opponent as a Marxist. And please explain how in heaven's name you can call him anti-American! I submit that it is your ilk who are truly against this country -- defamation is not patriotic, especially when it's absurd.

By: Saveusall on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Sheila, your attitude and approach to life are truly refreshing. "Why can't we all just get along?"

By: CAH on 12/31/69 at 6:00

JohnWMcShame. If serving in the military is your idea of no job and on welfare, I would hope the whole country didn't have a job and was on welfare. Your post indicates you think serving in the military is something to be ashamed of. You, sir, are the one who needs to hide his face in shame.If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank a soldier.

By: bnakat on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Thank you, CAH, for your defense of the military. Many today seem to be ashamed of our sovereignty; you obviously are not among them. idgaf frequently enters this Liberal bulwark with conservative points. idgaf is often ferociously attacked, but his points are rarely successfully refuted.Concerning Senator McCain, he indeed should give a straight answer to questions, and not resort to talking points, or some other typical, political maneuver. As to values, he like most humans comes up short in some areas. However, he is decent enough to incur the wrath of Arianna Huffington (see NCP, May 29, 2008). If she is against his values, he cannot be all bad.Moving to Senator Obama, the "moderate." MJB, another staunch supporter, posted on 6.1.08 that the senator was conservative. Again we say that would be appropriate if he were in the old Soviet Union. Here, based on his announced plans, he would change this Republic into a socialist state. He had, as I recall, 21 debates with Senator Clinton. 20 were softball; the last one was a bit tougher, so he refused additional ones.Although his supporters would like to ignore it, he did sit at the feet of his mentor for over 15 years--some dispute the 20 year claim, and insist on 16. His mentor is on record as being vehemently anti-white and anti-America. He proudly embraces Black Liberation Theology, which contains a significant Marxist component. Did Senator Obama drink from that well for lo those many years, and not assimilate any of that doctrine? Are we actually to believe that that was not the Wright he knew? That strains credulity.We strongly suspect that his wife speaks what he dare not utter: hatred for this country. Then there are those domestic terrorists friends and the Chicago political machine.This is not defamation, but proclamation, based on what we we have thus far learned of this charismatic neophyte. (This is a partial list of his disqualifications.)

By: bnakat on 12/31/69 at 6:00

The Sheila Hobson letter, and Saveusall's approbation deserve a separate post. Attitude and approach to life truly refreshing the latter says. Disgusting and sad are appropriate terms. We fully realize that in this postmodern era, marked by pluralization, relativism, and secularization, that have given us "political correctness,"anything goes. To brand any behavior or practice as wrong is considered intolerance, and we must tolerate anyone, except those who disagree.The list of those with booths at the event speaks volumes. More radical, anti-mainstream religions, extreme far-left groups could hardly be assembled. The obligatory misuse of Scripture was also used. True love for another means wanting what is best for that one. A perverted way of life hardly fills that objective.The open, egregious behavior of debauchees, and the flaunting of their nefarious"lifestyles" is evidence of a decadent nation. Pedophilia is rampant, and doubtlessly will soon join the tolerated practices. The "consenting adults" sophistry still prevails for the moment, but including children will not be far behind.An "all affirming church" may well sound good to some, but it has zero basis in Scripture. Honesty would be better served by calling it an "anything goes, no questions asked, quasi-religious organization." If Islam becomes the state religion, all churches, synagogues, and temples will either go underground, or just go. This all affirming one would be high on the list for the chopping block.

By: revo-lou on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Ah, the “uncoolcat” shaking in his boots, doubting his own faith and beliefs. How refreshing that at least he is letting his honest opinion and fears shine thru. Of course the irony is lost on him, as it always is. Best spend your time preparing little one, as your time is near. But I am sure you know the way to get some “divine intervention”, don’t you? Oh please don’t tell me all your effort over the years was for naught!? Surely you have the connection and the power in the “right” way and can bring it to bare the fruit you so seek!!

By: bnakat on 12/31/69 at 6:00

revo-lou: I have never hidden my concerns, fears, or other views as appropriate to the topic at hand. Once again, I must confess that I find myself in the company of Mr. D'Argent, with whom I disagree on about 90% of the issues addressed. But one thing we do have in common: Difficulty in understanding what you mean in most of your posts. Oh, the derision is obvious, but the convoluted message is composed of irrational statements that defy comprehension.Actually, irony and sarcasm are usually easily detected in ones writing. Your post reeks with sarcasm, but irony--the stronger term--is less evident. You definitely do not offer Socratic irony. If you merely mean to state the opposite of what is intended, where do you start and stop?Alas, if your intent was to bewilder, you can go into another of your victory dances. I am going to guess that communications is not your field of expertise.

By: revo-lou on 12/31/69 at 6:00

The irony is yours dimwit. Your own professions about your abstract beliefs, and yet you can’t adhere to them, see them for what they are, or even propagate them. And you are very much like Paulie, blinded by your own inabilities to see what is and what is not. That, and your ego driven arrogance is just the damn funniest thing on the ‘net. Note too, uncool, that you are the only one that seems to have any trouble understanding anything, from anybody. I think thine troubles hast a name, and ‘tis “urine”.

By: dargent7 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Knitting Circle: It's Sat., so old news...why do you The Advocate detainees hurl grammatical slurs at each other? Can't we stay on track, doing the people's business?

By: monitorman on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Kathleen: We don't fight to spread Democracy, we fight to spread and protect Markets. In fact, under Eisenhower we called off free elections in Viet Nam when it became obvious that Ho would win.CAH: I have nothing but respect for those who serve in the military. However, blind service is not patriotism. Correcting one's country when it is following the wrong path is patriotism.The state is the child of the people, not the parent.

By: BenDover on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Karl Marx himself defined Communism with the following quote: "From each according to his means, to each according to his needs". If this does not exemplify Obama's fiscal and social policy for this country where he is trying to make a highly progressive tax system even more progressive then I don't know what does.Socialist, Marxist, Populist, Liberal... choose your moniker... he wants to further redistribute wealth in a system where the top 10% of earners already pick up over 50% of the total tax burden; and where the top 50% of earners pay over 90% of the total tax burden; and where the bottom 10% of earners reap a substantial net benefit in both income qualified 'services' and in hard dollars in the form of credits and the like.The problem isn't so much the unfairness of stealing from one group of people to buy favor with another group of people. The larger problem is that we are at a tipping point in this country where the majority of voters pay a smaller and smaller minority of the taxes. That's check-mate where there's no popular political resistance to increased government sector spending. The result is that it chokes the life out of the golden goose because insolence is rewarded and risk, innovation and hard work is punished.Any fool can see that flushing society's resource through an inefficient, often corrupt and politically motivated bureaucracy is folly to begin with; but for some reason this idea of treating the property and earnings of others as the commons, to be shared with everyone, persists without regard to the collective damage it does to those who are producing.The problem with his plan is that the top earners don't have to work. In a typical two earner professional couple half the second income is already eaten by taxes in one form or another. By the time FICA, the highest marginal rates, and sales tax on the extra dollars spent is considered half the work-day belongs to Uncle Sam. Untold numbers of productive professionals have already opted off this crazy gerbil-wheel economy with many, many more to follow as the tax system continues to encroach upon the productive to the benefit of the less productive. They find they can fire the baby sitter, the lawn service, the car wash… they find they can clip coupons, bargain shop and generally play defense with the family budget and easily make up the half of their income Uncle Sam was letting them keep in favor of an improved family lifestyle. This is why wealth redistribution always fails… particularly in a country where government cannot, yet, compel us to work.