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Monday, June 15, 2009 at 12:00am

Reconsider this

With as many active duty military personnel as we have in Tennessee, by what he said on the Senate Floor June 9, state Senator Jim Kyle — who is "moving in the direction" of a campaign for Governor — should reconsider.

A bill Kyle opposed permitted active duty military parents (merely) to petition a court to allow them while they are away on active duty, if they're under a court order to assign their parenting time (for their own child) over to a close relative or individual, if that person is included as part of the petition and is deemed by the Court to be in the child's best interest. But Jim Kyle's position, as stated on the Senate floor was, “these people need to learn to work out their own problems.”

This past month, Fort Campbell staged a general troop stand-down to investigate why active duty military personnel are experiencing abnormally high rates of suicide. Men already experience a death by suicide rate four times greater than women in Tennessee.

Despite his offensive diatribe, the bill passed the Senate but Sen. Kyle has failed to demonstrate that he has sufficient understanding of military morale to lead us when he dismissed the needs of those men and women risking their lives to protect our freedom.

Tony Gottlieb, 37202


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By: slacker on 6/15/09 at 2:25

No no chief, I'm a loyal brave.
My reputation, has always been in shambles, but fortunantly I'm incredibly handsome, and play the guitar.

By: Dragon on 6/15/09 at 2:39

Chief, the same thought crossed my mind. If they have no where to put the prisoners, after reading them their "rights", will they be more reluctant to take prisoners? And, since Afghanistan is a NATO operation, how do American Miranda rights even apply?

By: chiefpayne568 on 6/15/09 at 2:40


And not too conceited either.

But that's good...then you're invulnerable to the vicious comment that seem to abound here.

By: daKine7 on 6/15/09 at 2:49

Chief: FOX News polls? I'd rather follow the Haight -Ashbury polls on the legalization of marijuana.
What's Obama to do? We're bogged down in Iraq until 2010, onward into Afghanistan currently,....do what to N. Korea and say what to Iran?
Our own elections reek of voter fraud and malfeasance. (ask Loner what the hell "malfeasance" means, since I have no idea, but sounds good)
The USA is in melt-down, economically, and as a Capitalistic paradigm for the world, we flunked out....
We're becoming Socialist, and people are nit-picking over what the word means.
I watch FOX News for those babes they have on as anchors. They could be speaking Cantonese for all I care.
But I want to fire bomb my TV every time I see Karl Rove's mugg on.

By: slacker on 6/15/09 at 2:53

Chief, you know better than to take those comments personal.
The libs. don't actually comprehend how mean spirited they can get.

By: chiefpayne568 on 6/15/09 at 3:18


I don't take them personally...they just want me to. I could care less what they think.

I DO think that they are making a mistake in seeing what is being presented in front of them. The bill for all of this money being thrown around WILL come due...and ALL of us will suffer the consequences, whether we agreed with the policies or not.

The sad part is, no matter how many warnings we give them, WE will get the blame for the whole sad mess!

By: chiefpayne568 on 6/15/09 at 3:22


Malfeasance is basically corruption...and I agree. But if Obama doesn't at least put in an opinion, he'll be criticized anyway.

Oh we are MOST definitely becoming Socialistic...and what kills me is, no one (or darn few really) actually seem to give a good d@mn! I don't understand it! You would think they would be outraged...concerned...SOMETHING. But no, it's all good because Obama is leading the way!

It's like watching people smile all the way to the extermination chamber and your screaming that it will kill them...and they all refuse to listen.

By: EddieA on 6/15/09 at 3:30


The light at the end of the tunnel has been lit. In the year 2020, a third political party will form.