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Monday, August 3, 2009 at 12:00am

Don’t pay for abortions with our taxes

Like many families across the country, my own family is struggling to make ends meet, pay the bills and fill up the car with gas. Now President Obama wants to tax my family even more to pay for the trillion-dollar health care bill.

But that’s not the worst of it. He is mandating that abortion be covered under the health care plan, meaning that my family will be paying for abortions, whether we want to or not.

Whether or not I am pro-life or pro-choice is irrelevant. Abortion does not fall under the guise of health care and is not a right. I believe it is my choice to decide whether or not I should be funding abortion and whether or not I should be forced to fund it under bureaucrat-run health care.

Tell Congress to vote against any proposal that forces Americans to pay for abortion.

Michelle Sanders Brinson, 37203

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By: house_of_pain on 8/3/09 at 3:59

Okay, d7, what is the preferred method for restraining a non-fractious canine?

By: pswindle on 8/3/09 at 4:32

Let's get real with abortion. What about the poor soul who is not carryihg a viable fetus, and the doctor said that she must have an abortion,. She does not have the money for one,? Are you willing to take care of it? This happened to someone that I know, and believe me you do not know what heartbreak is. Get off of the abortion kick until you know what the hell you are talkling about..