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Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 2:22am

Cheney divides us

Former Vice President, Dick Cheney does not seem to know when to shut his mouth. Cheney is now inciting the right-wing fringe. He is blaming President Obama for failing to stop the so-called "crotch bomber" and failing at "restructuring American society."

According to the Los Angeles Times, Cheney is quoted as saying, "We are at war and when President Obama pretends we aren't, it makes us less safe. It doesn't fit with the view of the world he brought with him to the Oval Office. It doesn't fit with what seems to be the goal of his presidency — the restructuring of American society."

Cheney's strident criticism gives aid and comfort to our enemies, as it is dividing the nation rather than uniting it. Unlike the situation after 9/11, the nation is now more divided than it was before the crotch bomber's botched attack. If there had been deaths, the mood would be downright ugly.

If Cheney wanted to run things, he should have run for president.

James E. Knight, 14559

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By: dargent7 on 1/7/10 at 6:04

Thank God that fool is too sick to run for President.
That's all we need in the Oval Office, a warmonger who was the architect of the worst Presidency in US history and lied to create a useless war in Iraq. GW Bush wasn't smart enough to come up with the WMD's and immenent threat senarios.
It was Cheney all along. Now, sad as it is, nobody can shut him up.

By: Loner on 1/7/10 at 6:23

Good morning, Nashville!

The editors reversed the meaning of one key sentence in this LTE. First paragraph, third sentence. The editors, for some reason, inserted the phrase "failing at" and removed the word "for". Cheney is angry at Obama, because he thinks Obama is trying to restructure America, not because he thinks Obama is failing to restructure the nation.

The final zipper at the end was left out, here it is: "As Cheney says, we are at war, as a loyal American, he should support the Commander-in-Chief, not accuse him of dereliction of duty and attempting to destroy the American way."

And there you have it, folks.

By: dargent7 on 1/7/10 at 6:58

So, Loner, like Clark Kent before you, you are James E. Knight?

By: Kosh III on 1/7/10 at 7:08

Traditionally the previous administration does not go on the attack like this. They shut up and let the new administration have it's time to work.
I see nothing wrong with restructuring America. We need to get away from the corporatist/fascist state that Reagan/Bush/Clinton were creating.

By: Loner on 1/7/10 at 7:12

Yes, Paul, I am he.

By: Dragon on 1/7/10 at 7:23

Clinton/Gore did away with the tradition of the previous not criticizing the current White House. President Bush is observing that tradition.

Obama said there was no longer a war on terror last August. He has since tried to backtrack to say there is a war on Al Qaeda. His initial response to the panty bomber was to tell the country it was an isolated extremist. He deserves to be criticized, especially by someone with first-hand knowlege of the situation.

By: dargent7 on 1/7/10 at 7:30

King James: Well, you finally got in! You join the ranks of other fellow literary genius's...Clouse, Ames..., well Clouse.
The Nashville gene pool is expanding.
Maybe "House" will take his make up off (like KISS did) and write something?
Or at least expose himself.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 7:31

Hey Loner you made the Big Time. Congratulaions!!!

Good morning.

Cheney has been in such a ripped ever sence Bush wised up and stopped listening to his rants. Now three years later Cheney is still trying to pull the stringes of the right-wing fringe.

By: Hotshoe17 on 1/7/10 at 7:36

Ya;ll don't like Dick Cheney because he tells it like he sees it. That is why he could never run for President. As Obama has proven once again, if you are a smooth talker (even if you have no idea) and tell people what they want to hear (like "Elect Me, things will be better!") you can get elected.
For more truth, watch this short video. It's worth the time.
Thank you,

By: dargent7 on 1/7/10 at 7:38

Cheney is a bald faced liar. His mouth moves in an opposite direction as his words. The last person I knew that had the ability to do that was The Grinch and Count Dracula.
Obama has the intellect to tone down the rhetoric and not label countries, "The Axis of Evil". The USA has spent $1 trillion on "the war on terror" for the past 8 years.
And we still came within a hair of loosing a full airplane by a single nut with explosives sewn to his testicles. So now we're bombing Yemen in addition to Afghanistan and Iraq. I suggest we all erect shrines in our homes to Obama because he's all we got between complete madness and sanity.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 7:43

From yesterday

I ask sid if she could love a Muslim and she tries to beat me to death with a long winded post and she never is could love a Muslim. She is mastered the neo con side-step.

gdia wants to know if conservatives are suffering from damage brainds. The real conservatives have intelligent minds. What has taken place in the GOP is a dease call noe con take over. Will the real republics stand up and take their party back.

By: gdiafante on 1/7/10 at 7:45

Congrats Loner on the LTE. I hope this puts to rest the idea that you're on the edge of banishment.

By the way, I agree with your statement.

At one point, many years ago, I admired Cheney. Not so much anymore, but I would not tell him to his face...he may shoot me in mine.

By: Kosh III on 1/7/10 at 7:48

"Will the real republics stand up and take their party back."

Yes, we need decent, intelligent people like Howard Baker or Everet Dirksen. Bob Dole would do in a pinch.

By: Hotshoe17 on 1/7/10 at 7:53

For those of you who love our current President. Read the following:
Here is who and what elected him.

Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul , Minnesota , points out some interesting facts concerning last November's Presidential election:

Number of States won by: Obama: 19 McCain: 29
Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 McCain: 2,427,000
Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million

McCain: 143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:

Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1

Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.

Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare..."

Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the "complacency and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation's population already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase.

If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegals and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 7:53

Dragon says, "Obama said there was no longer a war on terror last August."

The new wording is that, The US is at war with al Qaeda.

Oh dear!! Obama is not useing Bush cover-all term.

By: gdiafante on 1/7/10 at 7:55

Hotshoe, maybe you should read up on how you get elected...it's not by the number of states, but by electoral votes. Somehow methinks you had no problem with the system in 2000 or 2004...

By: dooley on 1/7/10 at 7:56

Good letter loner . I submitted one that was almost identicle to yours.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 7:57

I am starting to worry about Hotshoe. Maybe the heat?

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 8:05


I can remember when FDR was President they wanted to have term limits for President and it was then changed to 2 terms.

When Regan was President they wanted to do away with term limits.

A few years back they wanted to to do away with term limits for thr House and Senate. Now we hear nothing from them about that.

By: dargent7 on 1/7/10 at 8:06

HotShoe: "Number of people working currently as President in the Oval Office: ONE"
You sound like one of those scientists who tries to explain aerodynamically why a bumble bee cannot fly.

By: Kosh III on 1/7/10 at 8:06

There are no term limits for House and Senate.

By: dargent7 on 1/7/10 at 8:12

HotShoe: One more: The 2000 election, Gore had over 500,000 popular votes than GW Bush. But, it's Electoral votes, and it all came down to Florida. Then Bush's brother Jeb, and Kathrine Harris and the Supreme Court went to work and pulled a stunt that would make the Sopranos proud....

By: Dragon on 1/7/10 at 8:14

dargent, it's 2010. Let it go.

By: Loner on 1/7/10 at 8:14

I smelled the rubber burning....welcome to hell, Hotshoe....or maybe, for you, just purgatory.

Thank you Gd, Nemo, Dooley for the kind words. Apparently, my fears of a purge at the NCP were unfounded, that's a good thing.

Hotshoe's post is interesting, it illustrates that Mark Twain was right..."there are lies, there are damnable lies and then there are statistics". Prof Olson's study seems to be an exercise in connecting non sequiturs, coincidences and irrelevant data and then compiling the flawed findings for easy access by right-wing ideologues

Who sponsored Prof. Olson's "research"?

Hey, if rattlesnakes and gophers could vote, Sarah Palin would now be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

By: gdiafante on 1/7/10 at 8:21

Dragon, Dargent's statement is accurate and relevant in response to Hotshoe's nonsensical post. I know you're old, but try to keep up.

And change your damn diaper already...

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 8:23

By: Kosh III on 1/7/10 at 8:06
There are no term limits for House and Senate.

Not this year, but if the Democrates remine in power for to long, the Republicans will bring up term limits again.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 8:23

By: Dragon on 1/7/10 at 8:14
dargent, it's 2010. Let it go.

Went right over is head.

By: Loner on 1/7/10 at 8:27

Anyone who needs another Bingo card to play with, besides this one, please join the discussion here:


We are discussing Rahm Emanuel's future. I post as new_york_loner on Rosner's Domain (JPost blog).

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 8:28

I apologize to all that will have to endure a long winded post from sid, aimed at me. All other long winded post I have nothing to do with.

Take over dargent. lol

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 8:31

I think if we did setp back, that the two parties just might find away to peace.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 8:32

s/h/b step

By: DustyU on 1/7/10 at 8:32

Howdy all;
May I join this gang of the usual intellectual giants?
I don't know who the biggest threat to the future of the R party is - Cheney, Rush or Palin but they all scare the H@#@ out of me.


By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 8:35

Morning Dusty. What intellectual giants are you talking about. lol

By: Dragon on 1/7/10 at 8:36

Welcome, Dusty. Always room for more.

By: dargent7 on 1/7/10 at 8:36

Cpt. "N": I think you're in the "safe zone" today.
Sid went after gdia yesterday. Loner was the day before. You were last week.
I know it's diffilcult to know who's she's pissed at, but it keeps us on our toes.
Just don't bring up the fact Obama won the US Presidency. Not to "hotshoe" either. Reading his nit-wit posts, he may become a problem.

By: DustyU on 1/7/10 at 8:38

Hi Capt
A poor old country boy like me just stands in awe when loner and hotshoe get started!


By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/7/10 at 8:38

Hiya, Dusty. How were your holidays?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/7/10 at 8:39

True republicans/conservatives are fine. I'm a centrist myself. However, the lunatics that control the GOP these days are down right scary.

By: gdiafante on 1/7/10 at 8:39

Did she really, Dargent? I didn't notice. It's hard to decipher her rants.

By: DustyU on 1/7/10 at 8:40

Hi Dragon

Happy new year everyone.


By: gdiafante on 1/7/10 at 8:40

The lunatics that control both parties are scary. So are the lunatics that complain about everything. And you know who you are...

By: house_of_pain on 1/7/10 at 8:41

I'm still trying to dig myself out of all this d@mn snow...

By: Loner on 1/7/10 at 8:41

Bush and Cheney entered the WH under a cloud of suspicion, that cloud still lingers, it always will.

Junior Bush and his trigger-happy acomplice left the WH after starting (but not finishing) two wars, turning a surplus into record deficits and overseeing the worst US financial meltdown since the Great Depression.

Those Iraqi loafers, famously thrown at Jr. Bush, were a fitting metaphor for how history will judge his presidency.

The Bush-Cheney Administration was a major disaster, it's as simple as that.

By: DustyU on 1/7/10 at 8:42

Hi blanket
My family scattered around the world - spent Christmas quietly alone and on New Years had a drink with a grandson and his girlfriend then went to bed.


By: gdiafante on 1/7/10 at 8:43

House, I've never seen so much snow. And the accuracy of weather forecasting in 2010 is scary. The cure for cancer cannot be far away.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/7/10 at 8:43

She still has not answer my question about if she does not agree with Islam, but does she love the people. She did not have a hard time with other religons she disagreed with, but love the people anyway. I think she just can get untangled from the mulitued of words in her rantins.

By: DustyU on 1/7/10 at 8:44

Hi house


By: DustyU on 1/7/10 at 8:45


mulitued? Define plz?


By: dargent7 on 1/7/10 at 8:46

Yeah, gdia...you made a reference to the Republicans being somewhat "brain damaged".. She said her husband was "brain damaged" and didn't appreciate the reference. (by the way, I learned to spell "reference" correctly, thanks to you).
However, "Domino's" pizza doesn't have an "e". So, we're tied.

By: Loner on 1/7/10 at 8:46

Welcome back, Dusty. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm waiting for the other (hot)shoe to drop.....I'm prepared to dodge it, if it comes flying at me.