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Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 1:44am

Keeping an eye out

On Jan. 11, the story I have been waiting for finally broke on the CBS Evening News! It detailed how several members of the U.S. Congress went to the Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009. None of them had any impact whatsoever, and they should have known ahead of time that they would have no impact.

But here is what is really funny to me. The radio talk-show hosts made a big deal out of the Climate Summit and, as always, lambasted Al Gore, Jr. for his views. While doing this, talk show hosts such as Michael DelGiorno profusely praised Rep. Marsha Blackburn for attending the summit, stating that she was there to "keep an eye on Al Gore."

Never mind the fact that she, like all of the others, wasted an enormous amount of taxpayer money attending said summit. By the way, who were all the others there to keep an eye on?

And this week all one could hear on talk radio was the same stupidity out of them, especially Phil Valentine. Every single time it gets cold, [we] will hear him howl that it is some kind of proof that global warming, or climate change, isn't real.

You know, it's wonderful how intelligent he and others like him are. He is able to grasp the concept that the little warming spell that occured during the Middle Ages might be the result of a volcanic eruption. But he can't fathom the concept that humans are regularly putting almost exactly that kind of stuff up into the atmosphere on a continuous basis and that, because of this, humans really are causing a negative impact upon our climate.

No, for him, nothing humans do has any impact whatsoever so we should all just keep on doing exactly what we are already doing — polluting as much as we want to.

John Mark Browder, 37211


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By: DustyU on 1/14/10 at 5:09

house - is that where the overflow from green acres live?

By: DustyU on 1/14/10 at 5:14

Capt - did you read d7 yesterday in top?

By: dargent7 on 1/14/10 at 5:21

Dusty: Thought it was:
Hell's Angels
The Mongols
....then the group Nemo and I belong to: El Frito Bandito's.
...House and gdia belong to our sworn enemies: El Cheeto's.

By: DustyU on 1/14/10 at 5:25

d7 - I met the banditos when I lived in ensanada for a while

By: DustyU on 1/14/10 at 5:30

d7 - when I was stationed at wright pat the Dayton Outlaws liked for me to ride with them - I had a 43 Indian Shadow that I bought from the original owner - had to sell it when my wife had open heart surgery.

By: sidneyames on 1/14/10 at 6:00

By: Kosh III on 1/14/10 at 10:02
This will sound cynical, but I'd like for the President to ask Bush43 to go to Haiti and assess and coordinate assistance.
That's what happened when the tsunami hit, Bush41 and Clinton went there.

I would fully expect Bush43 to decline. He probably thinks Haiti is in the Mediterranean.

Kosh, you got your wish; I just got home from work; report on radio (abc) said that obama called bush 43 last night and asked him to work with clinton on the Haiti issue. Bush, as a perfect gentleman and humanitarian, accepted.

D7 I have not been 48 for 15 years; I said husband is a yummy 50; I was born in 46; hard to be 48 when you were born in 46. Stop making up crap that you think I said. I'm proud of my age and NEVER LIE ABOUT IT.

Missed ya'll; worked all day; traffic is a witch!

By: sidneyames on 1/14/10 at 6:07

By: DustyU on 1/14/10 at 12:23
gdia - incontinence is no joke - my third wife had polio at 5 - was paralyzed on left side - wore attends all life - after her congestive heart failure had to take care of her like a baby for awhile.
DustyU, you are a prince; I mean that.

D7 said: so you thought about Christmas or naked pics of Sidney?
You know D7 you're always bringing me up; you are obsessed with me. Get a life, boy. Talk about some type of obsession; you are possessed and I think there is a voodoo curse on your head. ohhhh.

And by the way, the news said that there was only room for two (2) planes to land in haiti, so stop fussing over US not being there yet. The US has to rebuild their airport, radar, electronics, etc. before anyone can really land with supplies.

By: sidneyames on 1/14/10 at 6:10

: MamaG on 1/14/10 at 1:37
LOL, gdia! I believe it brother! I bet you caught it from a woman, too, didn't you?

Sedaka was (is?) a great songwriter. I think I prefer to listen to Diamond if I have to listen to either of them though.

MamaG if you're stillon: Didn't Sedaka have a hit with Oh Carol in 1958/59?

By: sidneyames on 1/14/10 at 6:15

Aw shucks. No one else is on the site; just mumbling to me-self!

Mama, you said you're a Scorpio; special.