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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 11:45pm

You’re doing a heck of a job, Obama

While watching President Obama addressing the nation on the progress of the Gulf oil spill, I couldn't help but think that never in my life have I seen a president face so much tragedy and obstruction in his first several months in office and handle it so well.

It made my skin crawl to think of how George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would have handled the Gulf oil spill.

I had thoughts of Hurricane Katrina and " You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie." The thoughts that they probably would have turned the oil spill and several trillion dollars over to Halliburton which in turn would hire BP to handle it. At the same time, they would be having the crew from the oil water boarded.

People you had better thank your lucky stars that Obama is our president.

C.W. Clouse
Nashville 37209

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By: bnakat on 6/16/10 at 2:09

When one is an ardent ideologue, or a strong partisan, perception is easily clouded. If ideology and partisanship are melded, actions and ideas are often viewed through a subjective prism. With such obscured vision, it is difficult to see the strengths in an opponent, or the frailty in a champion. Mr. Clouse apparently suffers from this very malady.

Our president, while quite adept at obfuscation, politics, and self aggrandizement, has proven to be inept at executive leadership. The debacle in the Gulf requires much more than assigning blame. (Until just recently, this was the only clear decisive action taken by President Obama.) This is an economic and environmental disaster. Some of the horrific effects are easily seen in the area, and numerous far-reaching ramifications will surface.

A less narcissistic person, realizing his own weaknesses, would have delegated responsibility, along with authority to someone who could actually work the massive
problem. All things considered, former President Clinton would have probably been a good candidate. His faults aside, he does know how to lead, including working WITH others to accomplish objectives. (Who knows, he might have even talked with the CEO of BP--six weeks ago!)

By: idgaf on 6/16/10 at 3:12

Dooley you really should lay off the Kool-aid

Do you have any idea how much help he turned down and how he obstructed our own efforts?

The guy at best is "playing" the playboy president.

Loved that line he gave about why he didn't meet with the CEO of BP, "it has been my experience" , he has no experience beyond community agitator and these dems that follow him like he is the messiah are crazier then he is.

By: dooley on 6/16/10 at 3:16

Nashville cat your comment was as twice as long as the letter with more twists and turns than the Appian Way . But instead of dazzeling us with brilliance it baffled us with BS . That should have been the crew from the oil rig water boarded.

By: dooley on 6/16/10 at 3:18

Time for your medicine idgaf.

By: idgaf on 6/16/10 at 3:19

Strange that the speech was at 7 and dooleys post was made at 10:45. Makes you wonder if he is on staff.

I don't recall such an instant letter before and I have been here a few years.

Add that to how many times his and 7's "letters" get posted. Did dooley blow his cover?

By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 5:02

You want crazy? Check out the cover of Newsweek, "Saint Sarah". It's a puff and fluff piece written by a woman for women.
Obama should of deployed the US military to the Gulf by the 5th day.
Spending $3. billion a week in two countries that hate us, blowing things up are are nothing but garbage to begin with.

By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 5:18

iD: Do let me know when I can call you, "Frank".

By: conservarage on 6/16/10 at 6:13

is this guy serious? does he really believe his own letters?

we have never, ever had a president that was so full of nothing but empty words. wonder why his speeches always ring so hollow? because they are.

By: govskeptic on 6/16/10 at 6:16

Just the letter expected this morning. Good campaign speeches and image builders always tickle us to the bone!

By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 6:17

You're confusing that hollow ringing and empty words, full of nothing, with Sarah Palin.

By: budlight on 6/16/10 at 6:30

You want crazy? Check out the cover of Newsweek, "Saint Sarah". It's a puff and fluff piece written by a woman for women.

D7, today's LTE was a puff and fluff piece written by a man for a man!

Obama is full of puff and fluff. He's a girly-man and his strings are pulled by some Gippetto from who knows where.

Bush had a crisis; he had he world trade center destruction and death. There is no comparison.

have a fun filled day! last night's speech was full of bull. He has not met with BP because the Brits don't like him.

By: AmyLiorate on 6/16/10 at 6:31

Good Morning Nashvegas!

D'Arg what would the military do about the huge oil leak?

I still haven't figured out why the Dutch ships were turned down on the 3rd day. That was probably someone acting stupidly, IMHO.

By: idgaf on 6/16/10 at 6:43

Hey 7 just like to have a thing for barry we know you have a thing against Sarah.

I would rather have her in charge then this guy. She would not have turned down the help he was offered.

Barry non experience in anything is showing loud and clear.

By: Funditto on 6/16/10 at 6:46

Yes, that's for sure - Palin has loads of experience with oil spills in the gulf of mexico...

By: Funditto on 6/16/10 at 6:51

why am I certain that if they dutch had been allowed to help, idgaf et all would have found fault with that was well....

By: house_of_pain on 6/16/10 at 7:01

They wear wooden shoes...how much help could the Dutch possibly provide?

By: Dragon on 6/16/10 at 7:05

They are finally getting waivers to the Jones Law.

By: AmyLiorate on 6/16/10 at 7:14

Nice Dragon,

"A viewer asked: "Did the government really review BP's contingency plan? And if so, shouldn't the officials who did be held accountable?"

CBS News correspondent Sharyl Atkisson answered: The government was supposed to review BP's, and all the other, plans. That's under the Department of the Interior Minerals Management Service. They approved the plans so either they didn't take a good look at them or they gave them a pass anyway. It's part of the reason why the head of MMS resigned and the agency is being shaken up. "

So if we had more planning and regulation then it too could get ignored. After all who wants to be wasting time with all that when they could be surfing porn like the other workers?

By: producer2 on 6/16/10 at 7:17

we are still paying for Bush's reaction to his "crisis" Weapons of Mass destruction and all.... oh yeah, Bin Laden is still going strong. Many folks act like our current President has some magic solution to this spill in the Gulf. What would deploying more troops do? Are they gonna dive down and stop the flow of oil? What we should have done is heed the warnings on our dependence of oil. Thank you Governor Bredeson for taking the lead in brining new power technology industry to our state. The article is clear and precise. Obama inherited the economic situation, he inherited TARP, he inherited the lack of regulation within the oil industry and offshore drilling,

Check your facts, the loans made by this administration are over 50% paid back with interest in less than 2 years. They are on pace to be repaid 5 years earlier than anticipated and with a nice profit to boot. The major auto companies are now moving forward instead of being out of business and they are designing new and more eco friendly ways of transportation which should have happened years before. This 24 hour news cycle make any leadership job almost impossible and the partisan sniping doesn't help. No one is perfect but this leader is not as bad as his critics want you to believe.

By: bfra on 6/16/10 at 7:27

producer2 - This is the first logical comment I have seen from you. Where was that logic when you, ballyhooed so much in favor of the white elephant MCC, during discussions? Even with the CMA awards, tourist trade is down, conventions are down and they are already talking about tapping the general tax funds.

By: budlight on 6/16/10 at 7:27

producer anyone can "cook" the books to reflect what they want us to see, especially the gov-ment.

"his critics"? I think I'm astute enough to make up my own mind. "THE 24 hour news cycle" is what keeps the public informed and the govment liars in line - to some degree. That's why it's called the press corps.

By: budlight on 6/16/10 at 7:29

AmyLiorate on 6/16/10 at 7:31
Good Morning Nashvegas!

D'Arg what would the military do about the huge oil leak?

I still haven't figured out why the Dutch ships were turned down on the 3rd day. That was probably someone acting stupidly, IMHO.

Correct, again, Amy.

By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 7:31

BudLT: Bush had 9/11, Katrina, and started two wars we cannot STOP. He started the "bailouts" in Oct. '08 before Obama won the election.
How anything occuring now is tracable back to Obama as incompetance, lack of leadership....show me.

By: Funditto on 6/16/10 at 7:34

budlight - which news cycle? the evil "mainstream media" or FAUX News?

By: bfra on 6/16/10 at 7:41

Fun - That means any news is good, if it bashes Obama!

By: AmyLiorate on 6/16/10 at 7:45

I haven't seen anything about bailout money that lead to auto companies building more eco friendly cars. Where does that come from?

By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 7:56

Where's GM's Volt? Honda had the LEAF out last year at $25,000.
The Prius (4th generation) is $25,000. The Volt (1st generation, good luck) is stickered at $40,000. GM's nuts.

By: gdiafante on 6/16/10 at 8:01

I would think that first they have to get the company back on track, then they can waste their money producing eco friendly vehicles that only the wealthy can afford.

By: gdiafante on 6/16/10 at 8:10

Darge, sometimes Obama gets that "deer in the headlights" look. He's smart, no doubt, but I have no idea what he's trying to do anymore. That speech last night was all over the place and didn't really reassure anyone that BP or the government knows what the hell they're doing.

Let's face it, our "leaders" suck.

By: BenDover on 6/16/10 at 8:11

The veil has been lifted for all but the most ardent supporters of this inexperienced Marx wannabe. When common sense is required we get more of a radical ideology instead. Now "Never waste a crisis" Rohm has queued up the next disaster for America, an arbitrary tax on energy consumption that cinches absolute control over everything we do; in our businesses, individually and in our state and local governments. Throw in more crushing capital gain and income tax increases and it's like the plot to a cheap apocalyptic sci-fi novel.

They are so uber-smart and uber-confident in their untested ill-informed social and economic theories even as they watch each of their acts wreak destruction upon the economy and society they cannot realize that their cures are the cause.

By: gdiafante on 6/16/10 at 8:13

Ben, you sure do talk prettier than a two dollar whore...

By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 8:20

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Bend-O, dnewton, and bnakat aren't in Congress, the Senate, or on board as Presidential advisors.

By: gdiafante on 6/16/10 at 8:23

They should be, they can copy and paste talking points with the best of them.

And that's all we really want from our politicians.

By: AmyLiorate on 6/16/10 at 8:30

I'm going to copy and paste this:

gdiafante on 6/16/10 at 9:10
Let's face it, our "leaders" suck.

More truth in fewer words may never have been spoken about the state of US!

By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 8:32

I was wondering why Shell, Exxon, and Chevron aren't pitchin' in? I figure if they tried to help, made it worse, they'd be sued too. Or maybe they can tell by the volume of oil and depth that they're clueless too as how to cap it.
Or maybe are sitting back watching BP self destruct, increase their own production, and reap 10x the normal profits.

By: BenDover on 6/16/10 at 8:32

There will come a time when he cannot borrow anymore and who knows if Bernanke will crank up the presses. Congress has already been sniffing around the prospect of taking over the fed.

Social security has been a cash cow for them since the Reagan tax reform but now it's coming home to roost. Income was predicted to be in excess of expenditure until 2017 but, as I understand we went into the red last quarter... 7 years early. To understand how big this problem is you must understand that every dollar paid into social-security has been taken by congress for that current year's cash-flow and replaced with an IOU. Now the seasoned citizens are drawing down against that debt instead of the sum of current contributions. Understand... we don't have a big pile of money sitting there to pay them with; congress spent it.

Not only are we having to pay more interest for the new debt we must issue to replace the missing income from SS; we are also having to incur more debt at today's higher interest rate to pay promised benefits.

And they toss in another $10+ Trillion dollar entitlement on top of it. They don't live in reality and it is absolute malfeasance for the media to ignore it just because of their love affair with Obama and everything liberal.

By: gdiafante on 6/16/10 at 8:35

Darge, the others threw BP under the bus yesterday. Only Exxon indicated that they are probably as ill-prepared for a spill of this scale as BP.

By: BenDover on 6/16/10 at 8:35

More beans, gd?

By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 8:42

Bend: You could write a companion book to "The Joy of Sex" and when finished reading it, all you wanted to do was take a cold shower. That or turn gay.

By: house_of_pain on 6/16/10 at 8:42

Obama could have at least given us an update on Brett Favre.

By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 8:45

gD: Gotta be a liability issue. Their lawyers advised against helping since NONE know how to contain it and "trying" will only expose that fact. And providing assistence on the beaches just give all the workers who will suffer disability another target to sue blind.

By: idgaf on 6/16/10 at 8:45

BP was a founding memer/ bed partner of barry in the cap and trade scam


By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 8:46

I want to know why VY went off in the strip club at 3:30am. He's hinting the "story" goes real deep.

By: idgaf on 6/16/10 at 8:49

Here is a good speech by McConnell


By: idgaf on 6/16/10 at 8:51

yes 7 (try to) divert attention away from your messiah

By: Dragon on 6/16/10 at 9:03

By: dargent7 on 6/16/10 at 9:32
I was wondering why Shell, Exxon, and Chevron aren't pitchin' in?

The government has declared war on BP. The others think it is smarter to keep their heads down and their mouths shut.

By: localboy on 6/16/10 at 9:06

You go, C.W.

By: gdiafante on 6/16/10 at 9:07

That's what happens, Id, when you ruin the Gulf Of Mexico with the worst oil spill in modern history. You really are a tool.

By: producer2 on 6/16/10 at 9:19

Wow, the replies get further and further from reality. It is becoming commonplace to just make things up. Here are a few examples:

My post never said that the bailout money led to more eco friendly cars. It says that because they were helped they are still in business and they are now developing more eco-friendly cars. On that same note...

Nissan is building the Leaf, not Honda and a good portion of that work will be right here in Middle Tennessee. New technologies take time and R&D funding, they are always more expensive at start up.

In terms of cooking the books, let's look it up in Wikipedia:
The Troubled Asset Relief Program, commonly referred to as TARP or RCP, is a program of the United States government to purchase assets and equity from financial institutions to strengthen its financial sector. It is the largest component of the government's measures in 2008 to address the subprime mortgage crisis.
Originally expected to cost the U.S. Government $356 billion, the most recent estimates of the cost, as of April 12, 2010, is down to $89 billion, which is 42% less than the taxpayers' cost of the Savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s.[1] The cost of that crisis amounted to 3.2% of GDP during the Reagan/Bush era, while the GDP percentage of the current crisis' cost is estimated at less than 1%.[2] While it was once feared the government would be holding companies like GM, AIG and Citigroup for several years, those companies are preparing to buy back the Treasury's stake and emerge from TARP within a year.[3] Of the $245 billion invested in U.S. banks, over $169 billion has been paid back, including $13.7 billion in dividends, interest and other income, along with $4 billion in warrant proceeds as of April 2010. AIG is considered "on track" to pay back $51 billion from divestitures of two units and another $32 billion in securities.[4] In March 2010, GM repaid more than $2 billion to the U.S. and Canadian governments and on April 21 GM announced the entire loan portion of the U.S. and Canadian governments' investments had been paid back in full, with interest, for a total of $8.1 billion. [5] This was however subject to contention because it was argued that the automaker simply shuffled federal bailout funds to pay back taxpayers. [6]

I think they are pretty subjective on the issue....

On the subject of the MCC. YOur points are speculative at best. We are 2 months into construction and you already have it failing. Get back to me in 2015 when it have been open for at least 2 years and let me know where it stands. Or speculate, no one can really argue with you when there is nothing to back up either side of the equation.

By: AmyLiorate on 6/16/10 at 9:19

Why states with not just income tax, but tax burdens weighted on the "rich" can fail: