Letters To The Editor

Monday, March 3, 2003 at 1:00am

Congrats on new Web design


A hearty well done on the graphic redesign and increased operating speed of The City Paper's online Web presence. The layout is friendlier in terms of typeface, colors and use of photos. It is also interesting to find that access to your archives includes issues available without charge as far back as January 2001 - almost as far back as your inaugural issue.

Thanks, too, for the editor's promise to update the site more frequently. I hope that means more breaking news, intraday.



U.S. should have international eyes


America is undoubtedly the greatest place on earth. If you don't believe that, ask any American. So why, many ask, after all we do for other countries, like protecting them and feeding them and manipulating their governments, are we not the most popular nation on the planet right now?

To paraphrase a famous poem: "If we only had the power given us to see ourselves as others see us," we might understand this. Some examples: We gather intelligence; they are involved in espionage. We are a Christian nation; they see us as infidels. We are the world's only superpower; they see arrogant, meddling bullies. We speak of weapons of mass destruction; they see our arsenal of sophisticated weapons. We call it collateral damage; they see "death of innocent children." They see aggression; we call it pre-emptive action. Our axis of evil is Iraq, Iran and North Korea; their axis of evil is George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Saddam Hussein is a self-appointed dictator; Bush is a Supreme Court-appointed leader who does what he thinks best even when the majority of citizens oppose it.

Webster's defines dictator as "one enjoying complete autocratic control or leadership

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