Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 1:00am

Bush presidency ends democracy


George W. Bush's accession to the presidency of the United States will mark the date in history when our nation's experiment in republican democracy ended. With an ersatz election under his belt and an unauthorized war against a Third World country to dispose of a tinhorn dictator, the Constitution has become a dead letter and the Congress a confederacy of dunces.

Freedom of speech and association will be the next victims. Already those who do not support this cabal are being accused of treason. Soon, under the guise of homeland security and faith-based initiatives, government spies and infiltrators will be everywhere: in the workplace, in the churches, in the universities, all with the acquiescence and compliance of the media.

Some citizens will be silenced and then "re-educated." Others will simply disappear. Am I paranoid? You had better believe it! The bright shining light that was America has been extinguished. The Dark Ages have returned, and we shall all inherit the wind.



Anti-Saddam more than antiwar


I realize that in order to make a dubious point sometimes we have to conjure parallels where none exist. But I've not seen many as bogus as the analogy made in the March 17 letter

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