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Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 1:00am

U.S. image sullied in Dixie Chick bash


All of these rabid right-wing disc jockeys and talk show hosts who are flagellating the Dixie Chicks over the comments of one of its members are demonstrating hypocrisy of the highest order. The very same freedom of speech these people enjoy allows them to spew their condemnation of anyone who dares to use that same freedom to express opinions that differ from theirs.

These are the same people who daily ranted and raved about our last president's faults. Where was their "Americans should show respect for the office of the presidency" then?

Worst of all, these people are possibly doing far more damage to our country's already tarnished image by openly attacking the Dixie Chicks. Those in other countries can easily see the hypocrisy of this situation and will judge it, rightfully, as Americans not practicing what they preach.

Finally, I have absolutely no doubt that, if Al Gore were president right now, these right-wingers would be saying loud and clear that they were ashamed Gore came from Tennessee.



Kudos to WSMV for pro-U.S. ads


After about a week of mulling this around, it's time to respond to your article on WSMV-TV's ad campaign, "Volunteer Pride" (March 12, "WSMV sells ad tributes," p. 1).

Let me first say that I am an American, a native New Yorker who's lived in Nashville since 1983. I am also an advertising executive with more years in media than I care to admit and a baby boomer who still has the flowers in my hair. All of that having been said, let me now say that I am offended on many levels by your article.

And here come the reasons why - not necessarily in order of importance: First, right off the bat you talk about the amount of money that Channel 4 is, "

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