Letters To The Editor

Thursday, March 27, 2003 at 1:00am

Support equal pay for women


Forty years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the civil rights act, women continue to suffer the consequences of pay inequity. It's past time to remedy this.

As Equal Pay Day (Tuesday, April 15, 2003) approaches, Greater Nashville Business & Professional Women would like to recognize the efforts of State Rep. Mike Turner and State Sen. JoAnn Graves, who are sponsoring bills that will strengthen existing laws on equal pay in the State of Tennessee. We encourage all our legislators to add their support to House Bill-0189 and Senate Bill-1716 - the Equal Pay Remedies & Enforcement Act.



Don't compare Bush, Clinton


In response to Eleanor Barrett's comments (March 25, "U.S. image sullied in Dixie Chick bash," p. 3), I would like to respectfully respond: Please do not compare President Bush, an honorable man of high moral character, courage and faith, with Bill Clinton - at least, not unless he is found underneath his desk playing with an intern. Then, have at it!

I thank God every day that our nation is led by President Bush, who is doing everything within his power to keep this nation free and safe. Some people do not seem to realize that freedom isn't free. It is bought by brave men and women who are willing to pay the ultimate price and by leaders who are willing to make the tough decisions.

Our country is facing a danger such as we have never faced before. It is a new day. If our children and grandchildren are to live in freedom and safety, we must fight the enemy, be it on our home soil, in Afghanistan, Iraq, or the most remote corner of the world. Diplomacy, as already proven, will not do it.

And concerning the Dixie Chicks, such disrespectful and unpatriotic statements from American citizens give comfort and encouragement to the enemy during times such as these. And if I were ashamed that Al Gore is from Tennessee, I would have the grace to keep such comments to myself if I were on foreign soil.



Gill and ilk: anti-American


Steve Gill wants to cast suspicion on the peace movement just the way the Nazis cast suspicion on all progressive political people of their time (March 26, "Who's greasing the palms of the antiwar movement?" p. 2). The peace movement's funding is no secret - it comes from the people in the peace movement, very few of whom have very much money to give.

Gill, in his arrogant and snide style, includes the Green Party in his list. This party can't even afford a full-time staff person to maintain the office it is struggling to hold on to. I suggest rather than just looking at the Web sites and trying to judge a book by its cover, that people go talk to those volunteering for those organizations.

Yes, some of the volunteers may be angry at the way our nation has been commandeered by a bunch of fascists. That's because they love this nation. President Bush and company, along with Gill, have no respect for our Constitution and would like to trash it, and they have no respect for the principles on which this country was founded. They are people who think nothing of sending our children out to die so that some oil company owners can get richer. They are pro-war and use jingoist patriotism to hide the fact that they would put the entire nation at risk for their gluttonous appetites for power and wealth.

I believe Gill and company are morally bankrupt and deserve no respect whatsoever. It is very clear to this writer that it is Gill and all of his ilk who are truly anti-American.



Reasons for city's No. 24 dining rating


My wife and I laughed out loud at the March 26 editorial bewilderment over Nashville's sorry showing for dining in the recent Travel & Leisure magazine rankings ("Travel magazine poll boosts, baffles Nashville," p. 3). That the writer is perplexed as to how Nashville could rank below Minneapolis, Austin and Las Vegas in this category leads us to believe that he or she has never actually been to these cities.

Don't get us wrong. We love Nashville dearly, but as for dining, well, let's just say that 24 out of 25 is probably generous. We are still a dozen Caf

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