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Friday, April 4, 2003 at 1:00am

Elephant defense is evolutionary


To those who think it is folly and perhaps even un-American to prohibit elephants from performing in circuses, I would remind people that there was a time when it was considered appropriate and proper to put humans as well as animals in gladiator rings and enjoy the bloodshed that inevitably followed. It was also acceptable and appropriate to enslave certain races and classes of human beings.

Thankfully, we have evolved in the last few centuries to condemn these practices as cruel and heartless. Perhaps we should consider that dominion over animals may mean that we should treat them with kindness and respect rather than exploit and use them for our own selfish entertainment. Check out www.circuses.com and witness firsthand the brutality animals must endure.



Use riverfront land for better purpose


A riverfront baseball park is ridiculous (April 2, "Metro supports ballpark," p. 1). The only way the proposed baseball park can save Metro taxpayers money is not to build the park downtown with Metro bonds.

On a good night the Nashville Sounds have fewer than 2,000 paying patrons. I have gone to Sounds games with free tickets, and most of the seats were empty. That area by the river could be much better used by leasing it to a private developer for a high-rise apartment building with a fine rooftop restaurant or other venue where people could enjoy the river and appreciate the view. That scarce, valuable ground should be used for something that would enhance downtown and benefit taxpayers rather than just one small group that will just use it now and then.

One other thing to consider: There are people living near that area. Will they like the loud ballpark for a neighbor?

Nashville has so many sport and entertainment venues competing for our dollars that they are all suffering along with the poor taxpayers that are funding the venues. The hockey fan attendance, for example, is slight most of the time. Their ice palace is costing taxpayers a bundle. The football stadium agreement is a disgrace. Government has no business being financially involved with entertainment or sports. It doesn't pay off.

Let the Sounds build their park themselves somewhere else if it is such a good investment. How about out on Interstate 24 West, where a site was first suggested? They could have good parking, and it would be easy to get to and would not further clog downtown streets with traffic.



Enjoy freedoms more thoughtfully


I have been reading both sides of the debate on the war in Iraq since it was first announced. People feel that their freedoms are being violated.

I am actually concerned that as Americans we take our freedoms for granted, even so far as to abuse them. I am all for the freedoms guaranteed us by our Constitution, but it doesn't come without a price.

Every day I hear people use profane language or talk about women as objects rather than human beings. Don't people have a right not to hear these things?

I also hear people complain about having to go outside and smoke. If I make the conscience decision not to smoke, then why would I want to inhale second-hand cigarette smoke?

Anyway, my main point is that we could put a little more thought into what we say and do around others out of love and respect. Basically, what comes around goes around. Think about it, and love your neighbor. God bless.



U.S. is the new bully on the block


The United States is quickly becoming the new bully on the block. How can war supporters justify today's repeat of Desert Storm while President Bush robs our children's school systems blind?

Throughout his presidential campaign Bush preached of the growing need for more money in educational institutions. But now that he is president, the need, I guess, has suddenly disappeared.

In his little world this may be the case, but for those of us who live in the real world, the need only grows larger every day. It is almost comical that our president is comfortable spending billions of U.S. dollars thousands of miles away to the benefit of a culture that is largely anti-American.

If you do your research and reject the grossly manipulated pro-war propaganda, you might find that Americans are being forced to spill their blood for reasons not so gallant and noble. It's hard for me to believe that Bush has such an humanitarian interest in the Iraqi people while thousands of homeless Americans go hungry every day.

So let me leave you with this question: Are you pro-war or pro-American? The two are very different.



End of Iraq war will calm cynics


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