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Friday, April 11, 2003 at 1:00am

Sounds downtown is exciting plan


When I saw the plans for the new downtown Sounds baseball stadium, my heart leapt. Anything that makes Nashville a more enjoyable place to live is exciting to me. An upscale mall might be a more profitable choice for that area, but enjoying an evening of baseball with the Nashville skyline as a backdrop is far more enticing.

Life is measured in memorable experiences not material purchases. We replaced Opryland, a lovely tourist attraction where many great memories were made, with another mall for the shopping zombies. What's the point? So we have to walk a few blocks to get to the game. Good for us. The closest lot should be designated as handicapped parking, and let the rest of us earn our peanuts and crackerjacks.

The Sounds games are affordable entertainment for all ages, and having them in the downtown area makes Nashville that much more attractive to tourists and locals alike.



We assumed Iraqi guilt before proof


America's justice system assumes that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. What is most bothersome about the war we have waged on Iraq is that we have assumed guilt before all the evidence is in. We have also decided that the other "jurors" (the U.N. Security Council) didn't have a vote of any importance despite the fact that they had the same evidence we had.

I have trouble sleeping at night fearing that our government might impose the same criteria on U.S. citizens by disregarding the words in the pledge of allegiance: "liberty and justice for all."



Saddam will know where children are


Well, that's it. I've had enough. As I read Warren Denney's Tuesday letter ("Bush conducts coalition of killing"), I couldn't help but respond. I would like to ask him, "Where are these piles of dead children in Iraq?" I don't know. Maybe he should ask Saddam Hussein.

See, the problem is Denney doesn't have the full story. He walks around on unsubstantiated ground, throwing accusations at President Bush as if he is educated on the facts. Ask the Iraqi people why we're risking our military sons and daughters to fight for their liberation. It's the same reason why we risked them in World War II.

America, home of the free and blessed, cannot sit back and watch Sept. 11, 2001, happen again, nor can we continue to let Saddam rule as a dictator. Denney said that Bush sent the troops in not "to liberate the Iraqi people from a tyrant but to liberate them from the rest of their future." What planet is he living on? What future did the Iraqi people have under Saddam?

Denney really needs to consider listening to something other than his own gibberish. He should try listening to the people interviewed whose family members have been brutally tortured and killed under Saddam's rule. Bottom line, Denney really needs to get a clue.



Native Americans made big sacrifice


Lori Ann Piestewa will be remembered as the first woman to die in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Piestewa is a Native American from the Hopi Nation. In proportion to their numbers, more Native Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country during time of war than any other ethnic group.

Some might consider this ironic given the history of our government's dealings with indigenous people. Perhaps not - being conquered and giving up are two different concepts.

Despite the enormous wrongs visited upon them, Native Americans have a deep and abiding love for this land, the flag and those who serve in our armed forces. Attend most any Indian powwow in America and the opening procession of dancers includes veterans carrying the stars and stripes. The singers at the drum provide a flag song and a veterans song as the dancers enter the circle. By these traditions, they honor modern-day warriors as well as those who have gone before.

Indeed, a Native American Veterans' Society has formed in Tennessee, and its inaugural powwow is scheduled for April 19-20 in Sparta, Tenn. Details may be found at http://home.earthlink.net/~yonausdi/.

With a mixture of pride and sorrow we must all find our own way to express our reverence for the warriors among us. As the Iraqi people embrace the freedoms they have long been denied, we can rest assured that the world is a much better place because of those who still believe that there are ideas and traditions worth dying for.

To Lori Ann Piestewa, her family, the Hopi Nation and all veterans, thank you for your sacrifice and your service. To all who have lost their lives freeing Iraq, you honor us more than we can ever honor you.



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